Who should pay for the opioid crisis?

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  1. The professional drug dealers (doctors) that prescribed them. DUH
    A doctor is fully aware of the consequences for writing all those prescriptions.. they got compensated for being the doctor that wrote the most in their districts.
    How can you ask such a ignorant question? Make everyone involved pay.. make them all pay and make them go the extra mile.
    This is like police turning out to be murderers and thieves.. doctors killed my ex wife. You can only pay forever.

  2. The people that use the product are responsible. I've used them when I broke my neck and back,
    for a couple of weeks. I used them for 2 days after a heart issue.
    A root canal one time for 2 days.
    I guess you're either a addict or you're not.
    I would never use anything for any extended time that might be addictive.
    Personal responsibility is my personal power.
    Without personal responsibility, I forfeit my choice.

  3. The pharmaceutical industry, and the us military who guarded the opium fields in the middle east. Opium that now fuels most of the world's opiate addictions

  4. People have the choice of taking them or stopping.
    I hurt my neck bad in 2010. The pain was so bad I went to the doc and he prescribed oxy. I was on them every day for 2 months. When my neck finally was past the point where it hurt so bad I quit the oxy and for another month just took some aspirin. Then I quit those. Did I want some Oxy. Yes but I said no. Also 32 years ago my moms six kids, me included asked her at the supper table to quit smoking because they were bad for her and we wanted her to be around forever. She said ok. She was smoking a pack a day from age 17 till 50 or so. She is now 82 and has not had one since. She quit cold turkey. Will power.

  5. I would love to see the ratio of people saying anybody but the actual user is the guilty one in relation to political party.
    I am a republican and the only person I blame are the users.

  6. Doctors, write the subscription. Ultimately, it's the Doctors who over subscribe.
    Also, can anybody say "kick back" or "payola".. From pharms back to Doctors.

  7. How about we get a decent healthcare system that everyone can afford and covers treatment for substance abuse and passing laws that force treatment centers to accept insurance instead of the way it is now where doctors run their own treatment centers and only accept cash from their patients? There are about 10 substance abuse treatment centers within 15 miles of my house and they are all cash only. Some of them charge up to $400/month just for a 10 minute doctor visit where they collect a urine sample and write you a prescription.

    That's not counting the medication which for opiate abuse treatment drugs such as Suboxone can cost up to $500/month for people without insurance. It's easier for some people to keep doing illegal drugs than it is to get treatment because they can't afford to pay for the treatment.

  8. I remember a particular drug crisis from the early 1980-90s and the government cracked down (no pun intended) on drugs and crime. They also told us, "Just Say No!"

    So… Just say no.

  9. The individual made the choice, nobody else. Not the manufacturer, not the doctor, the individual. Same with the drunks and the potheads. I never got into all that crap, so how is it anybody else's fault either way? Let 'em keep going, natural selection. They're not doing society any good, anyway. No sympathy.

  10. There’s people dying from illegal fentanyl so let’s cut end stage cancer patients off from being treated for pain, that should fix it right 😡😡😡

  11. I believe both big pharma & addicts. Not everyone that takes them are addicts. To me addicts take them to get high but have no reason to be precribed them. It happened alot in the pill mills. But then you have vets injured in war, cancer patients and major vehicle collision patients who do need them. I am one of these patients. I do not ever abuse my meds and always have some left by my next appointment. But after a few months of taking them as precribed, a persons body becomes dependant on them. There is just no way out of that. I learned the hard way going on vacation that I was delayed a few days coming back home and only taking enough with me to cover the innitial trip.

    The withdrawals are indeed terrible I must say. This does not make me a addict as I get surgeries every month but it does make my body dependant. In my case, big pharma is clearly to blame. But addicts who do not have a reason to legitimately be on them, has the right to refuse from taking them theirselves too. Unfortunately this has effected people from all walks of life and legitimate patients have been cut off and some reduced to 3 and 7 day scripts so the doctors can monitor the use better. I have noticed my own doctor has purposely placed patients on 3 and 7 days scripts only when he expected abuse going on. That is a great thing in my opinion. But I also know former injured vets with life changing injuries who are now refused treatments. That is wrong so of course they complain. Unfortunately many addicts play like they are victims along the side of those really in need so these new laws will never change while hurting those in need. Here is what I think should happen.

    Doctors need to volunteer a certain numbers of hours every year on a volunteer basis. If each city has a three panel doctor board per 8 hour shifts do their volunteer hours to go over each past and new patients medical then hold a vote on approval or not, they can most likely decide each case which should average a case every 10 minutes average to vote on. If doctors from each town and city did this and yes it would still take years to complete, those in need can still get treated while the addicts get elliminated. Certain patients would need further test as well. The idea is not to let these meds go into the wrong hands and do quantity monitoring at the same time to elliminate those illegally selling their pills or abusing the narcotics. But don't take away from those in need like injured vets and so on.

  12. Either so many people don't understand how chemically dependent this type of opiate addiction makes you, or the pharmaceuticals paid for a bunch of fake comments

  13. Us patients with chronic pain are already paying for it having our quality of life overlooked/ignored being under medicated nowdays🤬 have multiple spinal problems that are irreversable that effect me from my neck all the way down to my feet. Im not able to take NSAIDs due to a stomach condition and yet my doctor doesnt even "feel comfortable" giving me Tramadol which is one of the only meds that actually helps (that is much better to take daily than stronger stuff like morphine, duiladid or fentanyl) and it is longer acting than other weaker pain meds- hydrocodone (too short acting requiring more frequent doses), tyl3 (cant take it either-stomach)

  14. I just think that life is hard and some people like being on drugs. There is so much that can be said to blame the pharma companies and I agree with most of it, but humans are human. It's easy to be addicted to something and when a pill can make you feel good, well, who doesnt want to feel good? I'm not saying abusing them is a good thing and that there isn't a problem, I just have a hard time pointing a finger at anyone.

  15. Now this is my opinion!
    The United States government should pay for the opioid crisis. An should make health care free for it's citizens point blank period. I've seen what pharmaceutical drugs can do to people. But in the same hand they can also save lives. So our government needs to learn and regulate when a drug should and shouldn't be given to a individual. Some individuals need more others need less 100% it's a two way street. For an example I'm a 32yo male. In the 90s in florida I had the worst recorded case of A.D.H.D. an now how very bad depression an allergies & that's not including my 3 herniated discs in my back and 2 bulging discs in my back. I'm living in a poverty lvl financial. Trying to get back on my feet after losing everything. An I am not getting the health care or meds I need for my depression, allergies, or, my severe A.D.H
    D. from state health care. Until I can afford health insurance after I get back on my feet. Notice I didn't mention I'm focusing my pain meds that are also needed. My whole focus is on state health care is in serious need of readjustment. An needs to focus on getting there crap together. So they can actually get the medical care to both those that live in poverty lvls an those even with health insurance not living in a poverty lvl. Because to be honest even those with health insurance and aren't living in a poverty lvl. Are still having a very hard time getting the medical help they need.

  16. The drug manufacturer should be financially responsible. It would set an example for all pharmaceutical company's, and hold them accountable for the addictions the initiate in their products. Since the Pharmaceutical companies profit and benefit with astronomical wealth. They are the ones who gained the most, financially speaking, and should pay for their crime in accordance with the ludicrous sums of money they have accumulated by preying upon those who were affected by this plague.

  17. 😀😀😀😀 ISN'T seeing DOCTOR a FAD in America????
    Oh.. go ..go for your doctor's appointment. Only he can make you feel better…😀😀😀😀

  18. The US government for allowing it to happen. I am in horrible need of pain relief, I have had 2 back surgeries in need of a third. But I have seen dozens of people who are abusing opioids, buying and selling opioids. My kids are addicted to drugs so I made a choice to take myself of of opioids and lead by example. I had no issues with withdrawals after being on opioids for 30+ years. I never sold my pills nor took more than I was supplied. But my quality of life has substantially suffered since my choice to stop opioid treatment. I should be the poster boy for opioid treatment instead of the poster boy of a failed family. I know I made the wrong choice but my family at the time meant more and we have a huge drug issue in our country. Our government is responsible for all drug issues but are naive or on the take. Two of my kids can't get into drug rehab because of insurance issues. Now who is responsible?

  19. I don't get it.. why are we wasting so much time and energy trying to find who to blame? What good does that do? Why don't we put that time, money and effort into finding the cure for addiction? I don't have a clue what the answer is to the epidemic but I do know that pointing the finger and worrying about who's fault it is does nothing to help the problem. The American "blame culture" is so ridiculous..

  20. More & more people are suffering everyday from chronic pain because they actually have to work for a living or they have some illness that leaves them in a bad way. Nevertheless, the Con artists in Washington DC are making up the rules for the rest of us.

  21. How about one of you msm outlets do a story on those of us suffering legit pain are now killing ourselves because our meds have been taken from us? I'm a 49 year old invalid now. I broke my neck 29 years ago. I can no longer do anything but lay in bed except to crawl to the bathroom. The weight of my own head causes me excruciating pain. My fracture was in an "unfixable spot" so hardware can't help. I'm almost ready to take that long walk off a short pier. I just want to see snow one more time.

  22. There is no crisis!
    Denied Pain Patients Their Medications!
    They Seek Relief For The Pain Using Whatever Drugs They Can Find.
    If All The Medications Are Addictive?
    Why Most The Addicts, Overdoses Are Heroin?
    Doctors don't prescribe heroin.
    Fentanyl And Oxycontin Are Not Dispensed And Prescribed At Levels Reported.
    If Those Drugs Are The Problem?
    Why Have Those Of Us That Have Chronic Pain Been Cut Off Of Our Medications And We're Not Prescribed Any Of Those Drugs And Have Never Had Any Drug Overdoses Or Drug Arrest?
    Who's the blame?
    With all the conspiracies created by the conservatives of this country?
    *WTH Would Anyone Believe There's This Enormous Drug Addict Pain Pill Problem?
    A conspiracy to eliminate disability payments!
    Started With The Elimination Of Tylenol Prescriptions Dispensed!
    Then Requirements For Patients To Take Drug Test!
    Now They've Take Our Damned Medications Totally Away! AND THE LIES CONTINUE!

  23. the patient is paying for it. the Drs and the greedy government started all this. now people that actually need it for real chronic illnesses can't get anything from there DR anymore because there afraid the government will step in and say something to them or have them brainwashed into thinking everyone is just drug seeking. so they tell the patient now to take some Tylenol or Aleve and good luck. So instead of being in a controlled environment where the DR proscribed it. if they want ANY kind of relief they have to now do it illegally and get it off the street or just suck it up and suffer. and now if the media wants to blame the world problems on something it's either #1 trump or #2 the opioid crisis. and don't even get me started on these pain clinics who are the biggest drug dealers around. I'm just going to shut up now. just had to vent. sorry.

  24. These executives drove up and down the streets and didnt see the people hooked on it? Right lock every one that was part of it

  25. Just a friendly reminder that addicts lie, a lot. Especially about their afflictions. So don't be getting all mushy on all these "oh I'm in so much pain" stories.

    That is normal addict behavior.

  26. The killing is caused by the super strong synthetic heroin. A tiny bit is deadly and illegal dealers add it to the real stuff. If they don't do it right the user dies. This is what is causing the mass deaths. As bad as the opioid pills and real heroin are it's a mistake to confuse the issue with the label "opioid" crises. It's due to Fentanyl a synthetic (man-made) opioid 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

  27. We know who the democrats want to pay for it. You, that’s who they want to pay for it, like illegals benefits. Liberal media hasn’t even approached Trump plan on the epidemic, because Trump plan didn’t put any money in their pockets.

  28. F*** every one of you lying coward scumbags.
    Hey Bernie why don't you go suck the Pope's dick again you papal Jew fagget.

  29. I think the individuals taking them…can’t be blaming everyone else for this…it’s a drug!! Take responsibility for your own actions

  30. I'm astonished that this is even a question. Someone who is abusing drugs, someone who is no longer using medication as medication, someone who is now intentional using drugs to commit suicide or to abuse them in to break the law, is responsible for their own actions. It's that simple. Once you have ceased to use it as a pain reliever to use it as a recreational narcotic, you have ceased to be a patient and become a criminal. This is not an epidemic, this is a parade of idiocy. People are overdosing, but these people intentionally took the medication, more than it was supposed to be, to get high! I have no sympathy for them. I feel bad for the families, but the people who died, we're committing suicide anyway

  31. The goverment they started itit gives people jobs a states sue on the backs the addicted. It was all planned. All I here is cheap talk no action.

  32. The US government,CIA and legal criminal drug mafia pharmaceutical industry is responsible for this freak show. They function as a unit in this corruption and opioid crisis.


  34. All profits should be removed from any company that made money that includes all the advertisers any hospitals everybody should pay for it everybody that made money

  35. It’s the individuals choice to buy and use. I say let them die. To mentally weak. And to the sellers. Just take all there money if caught. Sorry not sorry for your mentally weak friend who OD’d. Be strong and only do Baja blast.

  36. Let them overdose, I am sick of the bullshit that comes with the people who use it. Legalize marijuana and maybe people will go for CBD products that actually work and don't make you sick like pills do, if you take pills, you are worthless.

  37. Drug addicts?
    They choose to do it, and people who think is a disease and not a choice just enables them.
    Addicts are a bane to society anyway, I don't know why we allow these sub human drug fetishists to continue to exist. The vast majority refuse to get help, the rest are a public annoyance and wasting perfectly good air.
    Why don't we just start exterminating these pests?

  38. Probably the people that hold people down and force the pills down. Oh wait.
    The government making money taxing stupidity again. It's Okay, it's not your fault, we will make them pay if you vote for us. Have some more pills.

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