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we must listen to survivors and everyday
we must seek to stop the criminal behavior that has hurt so many that’s
Susan Collins a deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh a u.s. senator from
Maine and a beacon of moderation until she’s not which is often Susan Margaret
Collins was born in Caribou Maine to an upper-middle-class family deeply
involved in state politics both her parents served as mayor of the town and
her father was also a state senator Collins attended Caribou High School
where she participated in the Senate youth program and 71 the program flew a
17 year old Collins out to Washington to meet with Maine’s two senators ed muskie
and Margaret chase Smith the latter of whom would have a huge impact on a young
impressionable Collins after a nearly two-hour meeting with chase Smith
Collins was motivated I left her office that day thinking that a woman could do
anything from Caribou Collins went to st. Lawrence University where she
graduated magna cum laude with a BA in 1975 after college Collins interned for
Bill Cohen the first Republican in the House to vote for the impeachment of
Richard Nixon she was hired on and moved to Washington where she’d spend the next
12 years working as a congressional staffer for
the moderate congressman Cohen’s former chief of staff said Susan was doing
pretty serious stuff high-level Senate hearings at 26 or 27 after her long
stint with Cohen a politically seasoned Collins returned to Maine for the
lobster lock first grade AHA just kidding she worked as a business
commissioner and governor mckernon scab met for five years and then in 1994 she
ran for governor unsuccessfully receiving just 23% of the vote still
better off than that lobster any time of day
I could eat at breakfast lunch dinner midnight to 6 a.m. in 1996 she won the
Senate seat left open by her former boss bill Cohen where she’d be for the next
few decades after winning re-election three times which is longer than she
said she’d be there I have pledged that if I’m elected I will only serve two
terms regardless of whether term limits law a constitutional amendment passes or
not 12 years is long enough to be in public service make a contribution and
then come home and let someone else take your place
Collins 12 years were up over a decade ago but who’s counting in the Senate
Collins has championed the moderate label I’m consistently sought out by
both sides for co-sponsorship of bills I have a lot of power I like that and in
the past she did reach across the aisle collins voted against convicting bill
clinton during his impeachment trial she has voted against efforts to define
marriage as between a man and a woman and from 1997 to 2016 she voted with her
party on party line votes only 59% of the time when the average senator during
that time voted with their party roughly 90 percent of the time but ever since a
former stake salesman narrowly won the presidency Collins has for the most part
been in lockstep with the stake man in 2017 Collin sided with the Republicans
in 87 percent of party line votes the highest percent in her time in the
Senate she voted for the passage of a massive tax cut for the richest families
and biggest corporations she voted to confirm Neal Gorsuch she was one of the
earliest supporters of Jeff Sessions bid to become Attorney General a guy who
said he thought the KKK were okay until he found out they smoked pot she voted
against Betsy DeVos perhaps knowing pence would break the tie in the Senate
while allowing Collins to maintain her moderate label who knows and then there
was a super beer fan an accused sexual assault her Supreme Court nominee Brett
Kavanaugh at first Collins appeared undecided
after hearing Christine for this very compelling and painful testimony I
thought oh my goodness he perhaps needs to withdraw but after Collins heard
Cavanaugh scream at Amy Klobuchar about beer she believed there was no way
Cavanaugh did this I do believe that she was assaulted I don’t know by whom so
what you were telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity
absolutely not although there is no evidence supporting
this claim of mistaken identity Collins thinks that her support for an accused
sexual assault er over the survivor will somehow result in more women coming
forward the one silver lining that I hope will come from this is that more
women will press charges now when they are assaulted Collins was accused by
critics of acting undecided on the vote to appease the Democrats in her state
their evidence just a week after dr. Blasi Ford testified in an air-tight
well thought-out written speech Collins spoke for 45 minutes on why she was
backing Kavanagh therefore I do not believe that these charges can barely
prevent judge Kavanagh from serving on the court collins is up for reelection
in 2020 and it won’t be an easy race considering she has received more
donations from Texas fossil fuel industries than by human people in her
state of Maine in the first quarter of 2019 only 13 Maine residents gave
Collins $200 or more if Collins a moderate Republican wasn’t already
vulnerable enough her opponent who doesn’t yet exist has over three million
dollars waiting for them thanks to donations raised by not fossil fuel
industries but actual people it’s unclear if Collins will put on one last
face and reach across the aisle to grab money that isn’t hers you

99 thoughts on “Who Is Susan Collins? Narrated by Miss USA Cheslie Kryst | NowThis

  1. She is a fraud of a congresswoman who is likely gong to be voted out for her inconsistency that is likely going to lead to Roe v Wade being challenged in the Supreme Court. Hope you had a good time in power type scumbag grifter.

  2. She voted the way she did because there was no evidence to support the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the Justice System in the United States presumes innocence until guilt can proven with evidence.

  3. "Her future opponent has 3 million dollars waiting for him/her not from Fossil fuel industries but from regular people" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Naw, boo, that 3 million dollars came from activist organizations, which happen to be non-profit. They didn't come from "regular people." Next time be more honest in your video's.

  4. Susan Collins is one of those "moderates" who would agree with Trump that there were "fine people" on both sides in Charlottesville.

  5. More women will press charges and speak out?! Internalized misogyny is real and dangerous and this lady sure embodies it for everyone to see.

  6. I think you are too biased against her. Maybe she has been threatened by some Tea Party… I was very disappointed after her vote on Kavanaugh, though. I believe the best option for her ia to retire, as a consequence republicans have a 0% chance of keeping the seat😀

  7. Collins said that que hoped morte women will come forward about being assaulted. Right, considering Dr Ford was publicly mocked by a worthless president, that she and her family received death threats to a the point that they had to move and Collins still rewarded her agressor, How could Collins say such things ?

  8. Vote her out, Maine!!
    She backed a Supreme Court nominee, who clearly has temperament issues, is religiously biased, thinks his high school calendar party schedule exonerates him as an alibi and with so much controversy surrounding him, didn’t think it’d be intelligent to just put someone else in the Supreme Court who is far more qualified. Yeah, she is a major fraud.

  9. Buh bye, Susie. Margaret Chase Smith is rolling over in her grave. While beer bong Brett is stripping women’s rights, you’ll go down in history as the woman who gave him the leg up. Disgusting

  10. Bought out by the rich!
    Another Republican, give me new news. Everyone knows Republicans are in someone's pocket just as much as Democrats. Miss Collins is a feckless c*** tho.

  11. Now-a-days her mind is as shaky as her head shakes while she talks. Senility is catching up on her. Cavanaugh support is an indication of that. She should be voted out. Maine will be better served without her.

  12. Susan "checks in the mail" Collins. She'll play all reasonable untill she gets what she wants, then throw everybody under the bus.

  13. My heart sank when she gave her long winded "Opinion" that Kavanaugh was not guilty.. She is one of the most dangerous Senators to represent Womens right in office! Pretending to be a moderate while profiting from far right donors discusts me.. I hope she looses her seat by a landslide in 2020..

  14. Thank you Susan! You saw through the most vicious form of gutter politics and false claiming for political gain in modern American political history. Democratic dirty tricks failed and now Kavanaugh will shape judicial history for generations to come 🙂

  15. More neutral, unbiased and balanced news from Now This. Do you have to put your opinion in what should be a purely factual video?

  16. I certainly enjoy videos like this and the narrator did a great job, but the story recounted is from a very biased perspective. It leaves out that without Senator Collins, the ACA would have been repealed. Sen. Collins worked overtime to keep Senators Murkowski and McCain working with her to preserve the ACA and access to health care. She also helped Democrats block efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and she voted for both of President Obama's Supreme Court confirmed nominees.

  17. She committed treason for decade's privatizing our democracy and our schools our hospitals and prison and insurance lobbiest bribed her and all others on capital hill and MUST march n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and our planet and humanity hostage remember WOE TO YOU WHO CREATE A CITY IN BLOODSHED FOR I THE LORD CANNOT BE THERE no such thing as settlers and puritans or service men and women but paid mass murderers no such thing as public servants only lying conartists who became wealthy selling our seats of government to the highest bidder committing TREASON. MUST march n revolt and reinstate the guillotine n separate them from their treasonous heads and treasonous careered lives down to lowest hometown judge lawyers jailers procecuters mayors govenors landlords hospital administrator's and all others who profit from Mark of the BEASTonome monitary slavery community untill we've purged our planet of these www666ville careered traitors and their demonically created families and institutions holding EARTH hostage before to late

  18. Susan has spent her entire life suppressing minority votes and funding corporate interest she MUST NOT be re elected

  19. As a person who was actually molested as a child when I was barely 5 years old, I can't DEFINITIVELY with 100% certainty say WHO it was? No, because I'd be lying. But! I'm absolutely sure and convinced with at LEAST 85% certainty who my monster was? Yes. Do to specific horrifying details about my monster and the circumstantial evidence that prove so. The fact that she believes an even older 15 year old teenager may have had 'mistaken' and claims to be an independent fighter for woman is beyond words. We may sometimes forget the small insignificant details such as the color of the lamp or specific time, but never the monster. I hate her. VOTE HER OUT!

  20. Were those "real people" donors to the anti-Collins cause also permanent residents of Maine?

    (If so, then why wasn't that detail made explicit?)

  21. Thank god this women used her brain when the judge was being railroaded. That will be the benchmark of her career. The people of Maine were more conservative in the northern part than lower liberal part when she first was elected. Maine has always been divided that way.

  22. I'm sorry, after Blasey-Ford's testimony and Kavanaugh getting the seat, I don't think I would be able to tell anyone if I was ever sexually assaulted. If they didn't believe her (very credible) to me they would never believe. It's always going to be a he said she said and the "he's" usually win, look what we have and are paying for on our Supreme Court. Collins saying I hope more come out, to what? All that pain for nothing? ………..what happened to our # 1 country?

  23. Collins is nothing but joke and will be remembered for voting for Beer Kavanaugh and toeing the Trump line.

  24. Susan Collins is not a "moderate" shes a right-wing extremist and always has been – just like Anthony Kennedy.  The media built her up into this "reasonable deal maker," but that was just branding for her re-election campaign. She lies just as effortlessly as Trump does, but furrows her brow to make her look like a respectable statesman.

    She is the archetype for 2019 viche republican. Traitorous, selfish, with a smug sense of elitist entitlement.

  25. This is BS I’m sorry she is a moderate. majority of conservatives Republicans can’t stand her. This puff opinion piece

  26. 4:05. About Kavanaugh… "Although there was no evidence supporting his claim of mistaken identity…" Wow….

  27. @Now This News

    Please do a clip on John Hickenlooper. While he was behind the wheel when The Pot was legalized in CO, he was against the proposition. It was only after he found out how lucrative the MJ industry could be that he backed the bill.

    The Hick also signed into law a bill that would make a 4th DUI punishable by felony and up to six years in prison, with a three-year tail, even if it was nothing more than a traffic stop. The alternative to going to prison is to complete a private, three-year course in highly ineffective group talk therapy that can be revoked at any time if the company doesn't feel you are participating enough. In the right scenario, you could end up in the system for 12 years for a "victimless crime."

    Dude isn't progressive. He should start the ulterior motives party.

  28. Air tight? The people who she said who was there said it didn't happened. Her own friend said t didn't happen

  29. What Do You Think The "R" Stands For In Republican? coRRuption. Thats All Republicans KNOW. They Will BEG, BORROW, STEAL, LIE, CHEAT, KILL…… All In The Name Of Their Office AND NOT UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS ~~ U.S.A. Do Not TREAD On ME.

  30. scratching my head.

    what is the goal here? to highlight she is a politician? or something else? I'm confused bc all I heard was that she makes decisions that she hopes result in her remaining in power and getting financially compensated (like pretty much ALL politicians)

  31. This woman is garbage, much like the rest of her colleagues. Must be nice to get paid hundreds of thousands dollars to have no morals or spine!

  32. This video is slanderous BS Collins did not vote for Trump and has voted with him 70 percent of the time not 87 percent

  33. This woman has gone long, and as far as she possibly can. The clock is running out of time for her. She has proved herself to be a complete phony. It worked for so long, but Trump has been the demise of so many politicians and business associates. Susan Collins is nothing special here. She made her bed, now sleep tight in it.

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