White House Escalates Its Fight Against Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “White House Escalates Its Fight Against Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Baby trump tower meeting was about adopting Russian kids, remember. Putin has (Hush Payment Video) of trump an kids. Putin will show if trump is (Dead Asset) It's Do-Die-or Prison for Lying don the Con. He is all in for Russia to the Death. Lock him up today.

  2. National Disgrace , USA Elementary school kids are betting money. On how many lies the President of the United States of America will tell during his speeches. Lock him up today.


  4. Trump is such a beta male. He's a weak, little man trying so very hard to look big. He needs a leader, so he is Putin's little dog. He is a traitor to our country.

  5. Democraps want to impeach my president for trying to expose a crime, and then elect the person who committed the crime! The Bluffimpeachment ! Hate! No facts!

  6. Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung Receives Nobel Peace Prize. Korean media continued to broadcast for months, saying that the Korean President paid the Nobel Prize officials for the Nobel Peace Prize.This ridiculous lie is what people believe after months of media coverage. The reason is that both Korean broadcasters and newspapers are given support from Japan. Half of South Korean politicians make Korean financial law special for Japanese spies

  7. Article I (vote, 27 July 1974)
    Obstruction of Justice.
    Adopted 27–11
    ■ Democrats: 21 yes, 0 no
    ■ Republicans: 6 yes, 11 no

    Article II (vote, 29 July 1974)
    Abuse of Power.
    Adopted 28–10
    ■ Democrats: 21 yes, 0 no
    ■ Republicans: 7 yes, 10 no

    Article III (vote, 30 July 1974)
    Contempt of Congress.
    Adopted 21–17
    ■ Democrats: 19 yes, 2 no
    ■ Republicans: 2 yes, 15 no

    Article IV (vote, 30 July 1974)
    Usurping the powers of Congress.
    Rejected 12–26
    ■ Democrats: 12 yes, 9 no
    ■ Republicans: 0 yes, 17 no

    Article V (vote, 30 July 1974)
    Tax fraud.
    Rejected 12–26
    ■ Democrats: 12 yes, 9 no
    ■ Republicans: 0 yes, 17 no

    Even back in 1974 Republikkkans put Party over Country.

  8. Re:Kurds. Trump has long sought to abandon Kurdish allies. He didn't abandon them on a whim because of a call with Erdogan. Pompeo and the Trump administration made changes to existing policy which laid the groundwork for this.

  9. Right… look Americans I will make you. bet. The day there is any real justice in your country, whether not giving life to people of colour for having 0.1 grams of whatever on them. or giving life to a rich white man for breaking the law. Or a white politician for deep corruption and self-serving interest abuse of power. ANYTHING of that sort I will eat my chair-.-

  10. I am a Turkish American and I have sources in Turkey that have made it clear in my research today that the phone call between Erdogan and Trump was much more then just the Syrian invasion there is a lot more to this relationship then is on the surface this was a strategic and sinister plan that involves more leaders.
    Erdogan is criminal and dictator that the Majority of Turks have been trying to get out of office for a very long time but Russia continues to negate that process .
    My hope is that this tyrant is finally exposed
    And That Trump is finally removed because according to my sources this was nothing short of treason!

  11. These whistleblowers will be remembered as super patriots, like the American revolutionary war soldiers who martyred themselves on the prison scow, Jersey, refusing British offer to take up arms against Americans…Loyal unto death!!!!!.


  13. Turkey, AND Russia are allies and Dump just did exactly what both wanted to happen…Anyone surprised?..Dump has shown many times over his that he is willing to throw any friend under the bus and then just walk away…

  14. God Republicans are shameless..
    How is it possible that Republican's tongues don't curdle from their spewing of hypocrisy?

  15. Just checked out Fox's channel. Sarah Huckabee Sanders giving the rationale for Trump's betrayal of the Kurds. I couldn't bring myself to listen.

  16. I wouldn't even put Nixon together with Trump Nixon was a crook but he did have some honor and he didn't do the things that Trump is doing and he was impeached but that was a long time ago you have a new government now that doesn't have to do these things anymore because they know they're dealing with sheeple

  17. If Trump gets over this hurdle he knows that he can do anything now and that's what he's doing is testing the waters to see if he could get away with this and I think he is getting away with it he is above the law only small people go to jail

  18. At the end of the day I think with out agent orange as the president we would have no news.impeach him already…dam what more do you need??

  19. 43% Oppose? You must be kidding me! Wait, it must be the Russians meddling and opposing impeachment. Their trying to skew it a little so it does not look bad. Ha! Ha! HA!

  20. GOP has been the manifest of Hypocrisy and Double Standards for a very long time. You know, one of the land marks of Narcissistic Psychopathy is "It's not ok for you, but it's ok for me" (and vice versa).

  21. Hi Nicolle great show l just want to mention that it is exactly as you said: 45 is just like the teenager who checks out the borders of how far he can go and that's why the call happened exactly after Mueller's witness. I just want to add that Steve Bannon predicted exactly that. He said it and Rudi Giuliani started off with his open admission of the fact that he was going to Ukraine to bring them to find dirt on Biden. After the outcry they decided to do it secretly.

  22. It was already predicted by various dignitaries that he would not go down easy. The issue with the Kurds and Turkey is part of his plan to tear it up. We thought it would be Iran first but it is this. He knows what he is doing. He has pulled the world into the Third World War. He threw a rock now he will hide his hand like he had nothing to do with it. Oh, now the infamous threat to hit Turkey's economy and he just might betray them too. But he will let Congress and the Senate do that. Of course they will be pointed out as the aggressors, not him, the ones that will have caused what ever arises from that. Here is a man who cages children and then says he feels sorry for the parents of fallen soldiers. Its moving fast but the worse is yet to come. In the meantime his daughter just acquired copyrights to a new voting machine from China.

  23. Most of you forget we live in a. Country where we are reminded OF our emotion keeping safe example buckle seatbelts another no cell phone.at the dinner table so if you are wondering how Trump got to this point.look at our culture. Like yang said Mata:MAKE AMERICA THINK AGAIN.

  24. This issue with Turkey is another way of getting to Iran. Today Israel is saying they are ready to hit Iran without help.

  25. The Trump legal team? I felt sure the Gowdy/Gomert Tag Team of Imbecility was booked for wrasslin' dates all through the South.

  26. the longer the house acts on Trump's inaction and reactions, the stronger the will of his people in the Supreme Court will be to help subvert the constitution.

  27. How is it possible the "stable genius" can possibly believe he can get away with all he has been involved in??? Someone please put a gag order on him.

  28. Why isn’t anybody reporting about whats happening to the Kurds in northern Syria. They are fleeing from Erdogan’s bombs!!!!

  29. look at them down votes. I geuss its starting to sink in to some trumpys that maybe they did a boobooo. Yes I know many of your pastors probably said Jesus like Trump ohhh it was a conspiracy theory u said to the Meuller report. Deep state ohh yess must be that. Trump couldnt have done a crime or anything? Ohh dear naive friend he didnt do a crime it appears he is doing all the crimes. Dont think Jesus is gonna be there for him on this one. Ohh and now he is leaving our allies against ISIS to be slaughter by Turkey and geuuuussss who the Russians. Funny how they keep popping up.

  30. The real problem is how many of Trump's well armed, unhinged, Deep State, Pizzagate, Seth Rich murder, conspiracy believing supporters are going to go off the deep end and go on shooting rampages across the country? If Trump's impeached and thrown out of office, he'll have to be dragged out, that'll be a trigger, if he's still in office by the time of the election and loses, another trigger, they'll say it was rigged, millions of illegal voters, election interference from Norway. Trump will never concede the election and will refuse to leave the White House, he'll have to be dragged out, kicking and screaming like Julian Assange. No matter what happens it's going to end very badly for the country.

  31. Americans have paid over 34 billion year half in tariffs
    Info from money insider
    And the trump administration us suppose to increase more soon
    You tired of winning yet
    The paychecks are getting smaller
    It's bad enough this tariff isn't working .
    When is trump gonna start paying up

  32. What I want to know is, when he is no longer president will he be investigated and be held responsible for all the laws he broke???🤨

  33. one by one the fools do fall

    amidst the chaos of government brawls,

    from abusive stains so long imbued

    within earth's soils of reddened hues.

    and in this sadness has Gaia labored

    to bring a sense of hope and favor

    from those who's minds and hearts are sparked

    by arrogant corruption from their dark arts

    but wipe away all tears from pain

    brought about from abusive gain

    for ancient spirits from near and far

    have gathered round who've heard our call

    to help us choose a new earth song –

    one of healing and love so wronged

    for all to dance and loudly sing
    until at last our freedom rings

    as creation's format is washed anew

    with honor, equality and compassion true

    rest assured this very night

    that Arae's warriors have taken flight!

  34. I vote dem but I support having a republican party just not these Republicans. The Republicans of Reagan, Goldwater, McCain.

  35. Trumputin facial expression looks like he's in pain–
    or maybe he's constipated. Getting grumpier and uglier
    as his impeachment is getting close. Hope he gets nightmares.

  36. Trump sold out our Allies to preserve his Trump Tower in Istanbul by releasing the Turks to slaughter the Kurds who have fought with our military against ISIS. OMG, get this lunatic out of power asap. Trump is pure evil. May God bless those Allies and their families and the people of the world including Americans who will die as a result of the release of ISIS terrorists currently imprisoned. Trump sold out America for money … again.

  37. "it's not your job to tell us what we need. It's your job to comply with the things we need to provide oversight over you": Lindsey Graham. Come on Dems, can't you grow a pair and say this??

  38. All the evidence is in plain sight. All the witnesses are uneeded as trimp already self described his crime.
    Congress is scared.

  39. put him on air force one, tell him they've landed, open the door, game over. America can get back to running our country, which they did before trump. now we are fighting Saudi Arabia war, pouring troops in, yet letting the Kurds be slaughtered and issis regroup.Its all about trumps wallet,who can give him the most is who he is besties with.hes drained America dry, time to move on..prison is where he and his followers need to be.isn't Alcatraz empty?

  40. I like how at the beginning she had that creepy stare and says "this is the story" all stern. The story, the story, the story over and over and over. MSNBC just pounds this crap in your head! These people eat it up! I feel like if I had the glasses in that movie "They Live" she'd definitely be an alien.

  41. Whistleblower /SPY Reportedly Worked for Biden, Could Have Even Spent Time in Ukraine with Him and also  has ties with SHIFTY 

    Well it was JOE  who admitted to EXTORTING  /Shaking down / Bribing UKRAINE  thus loosing his   Political Immunity and  Implicating  Obama and his son as an accessory ??? Thats the crime  ??? and all that happened April 2014 ????

    The protestors  on the out side of Minnesota  all chanted HATE and wanted to fight 

    The Minneapolis rally  played purple rain ,chanted  lock Hunter up and estimated  that it took in  7 million  in one night while  Louisiana   rally took in another   2 million 

    Bring on impeachment  if you can ??

  42. A question for one or more of you political junkies — after the House has received the testimony and then voted on the issue, then it goes to the Senate. They vote.
    Now, before the Senate votes they will need to have heard the testimony: how do they? Do they sit in on the House's testamony they have received? Does the whole process start all over with the witnesses providing the testimony all over again?
    Thanks in advance for your information.

  43. There is legislation on Moscow Mitch's desk written to prevent more attacks on our elections. Mitch McConnell refuses to bring it up for a vote.

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