Which Riott Squad member needs driving lessons?: WWE Network Pick of the Week, Nov. 16, 2018

Do you know what our
WWE Network Pick of the Week is?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Finally, our ride along.>>Yes.>>Yes.>>Cuz we are joking, joking.>>What?>>What is scarier than Liv’s driving?>>Ruby.>>I’m drawing a blank here.>>Don’t even. I got us there safe.>>Nothing, she’s nothing.>>You got us there.>>Brah, I got us there. Y’ll always do this to me.>>She barely got us there safe. Tune in to find out.>>Danger.>>Your merging is-
>>[LAUGH]>>Well, if ya’ll let me drive more, I’d probably be a little bit better.>>So this our fault?>>It’s not.>>It’s our fault.>>It’s not. If I need to practice, let me practice. [MUSIC]>>We’re good, we’re good, we’re literally good,but you guys
make me nervous when you do that. [MUSIC]>>If we can stop swerving.>>The whole road just swirved, bro.>>[LAUGH]
>>What do you want?>>My God, the Morgan.>>That was an accident,
that was an accident.>>Y’all are just getting
me all worked up.>>How?>>You’re getting me worked up so
at least we’re->>Get over, get over!>>I see it Ruby, I see it.>>My God.>>I see y’all are bugging.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>I see it! Am I going east or west?>>Go east.>>East, okay.>>East, east, there’s a- east, east, east
>>Bro, you’re bugging me out. That’s how I was going, and you were like-
>>There’s a thing, we can’t go now.>>I was gonna to go and I was going
to merge, brah, and you were like. Sorry, I was comming in hot, but I saw it.>>[COUGH]
>>All right, let’s not hump and bump. [LAUGH]
>>3 2 N, that was our exit.>>Right here.>>Yeah, the one we’re!>>Ever again! [LAUGH] Never again in your car
do you ever do that, ever again.>>Are you kidding me?>>Dude, I was, honestly, not gonna lie. There was a 2% of me that I’m like,
my God, we’re tipping.>>Well, we didn’t.>>[LAUGH] Okay.

100 thoughts on “Which Riott Squad member needs driving lessons?: WWE Network Pick of the Week, Nov. 16, 2018

  1. Who cares if Liv can't drive? Any Man on the planet will be more than willing to drive her around town and make sure she doesn't have to worry about her driving skill at all!

  2. Liv Morgan needs to be put on smackdown. Turn Face and be on a tag team with carmella. I know they have differences but they would be awesome especially with the IIconics being on smackdown.

  3. I like how they are really friends . I swear the makeup they wear when these divas perform is too much. These girls look naturally gorgeous even Ruby looks great. Don’t know why WWE thinks these women look better with the hair extensions, fake eyelashes, heavy mascara, etc 😖

  4. All three women have potential to be someone, just hopefully they fix the Riott Squad arch soon, all they are at the moment are just villains for heroes to beat up.

    Ruby Riott – the rebellious woman who has a pretty big utility belt

    Sarah Logan – the muscle of the group who has some pretty awesome explosive moves, like that one where she throws the other in the air and than head butts them, I think that’s pretty sick.

    Liv Morgan – the charismatic and playful wrestler who is quite athletic and has a lot of spirit. She is my favourite since she has a lot of character and fun in her performance. Like that move when the other goes to hit her but she goes back into a bridge, that’s quite neat also I love that taunt she has when she lies down in front of her opponent and kinda pokes fun also with the blue tongue, that’s a cool gimmick I find.

  5. So Liv Morgan is the person who ran over Steve Austin back in 1999 and Teddy Long in WWE svr 2006 season mode so blame her for it

  6. 1:40 this happens when Vince only use them as Jobbers. Allways beat up knowing it will continue I would probaly be also a bad driver xD

  7. Can't believe the Riott Squad has officially ended because of the 2019 Superstar Shakeup! They were a very good tag team. Just like the IICONICS! 😢

  8. Ruby Riott is sooo incredibly HOTT,SUPER SEXY,ADORABLE, & TALENTED.ALL RIOTT SQUAD is hilarious & cute.RIOTT SQUAD FAN FOREVER!

  9. The riot squad is not that have bad attitude I think if there is no fight the WWE girls where friend s and love each other

  10. It's sucks Charlotte always get pushed, title matches, storylines, etc… Yet the Riott Squad made it into NXT and WWE all on their own without wrestling family connections… Theyve worked a 1000 x harder to make it yet charoltte always the top dog in WWE….

  11. 😂 Liv was furious when Ruby and Sarah verbally punked her out in the beginning of this clip, hahaha !!!!!!!!

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