When Membership runs out

Are you sure you don’t want me to buy you a bond? I’ll be fine! It’ll take a few hours to make the money myself. It’ll be fun! I just think you’re putting yourself through unnecessary work Will you be all right? Of course I will what’s the worst thing that can happen in free to play? There’s… people Some people come here with no other choice their mom stops paying… their card goes invalid They jumped on the anti-sliske’s endgame band wagon, but you came here all by yourself You don’t know what you’ve signed up for… Well… how long have you been here? For six years No, no, give me a.. Booooooooooooooond You don’t pay.. You don’t say.. Come join us in free to play…

100 thoughts on “When Membership runs out

  1. F2P isnt even that bad. Look at all the bosses you have there with unique mechanics, like the giant mole and the QBD. And after all theyre great money per hour too, theyre almost 400k/hour!
    I mean how outrageous is that!


  2. But, it really does only take a few hours to make the 12m or whatever it is for a bond — just do it in P2P a day before it runs out. O life, so sad.

  3. actually i miss those days when i was f2p and started playing and that feeling when i first bought memebership :)) i was so dub i wasted whole month on killing green dragons and doing some agility xddd

  4. hahaha, good old days, b4 i'm afford to pay for it by myself, i've spent 2 years on f2p. Quite terrible though, but it's challenging as the privileges are minimized

  5. Still don't have ENet at the house Will so I been pretty much MIA. 🙁 But I really like this video. Your spooky ones are the best. And I am looking forward to your Thrones of Gielinor Part 2.

  6. You need to help me get my account back 🙁 jagex doesn't want to help me get it back. They think I'm a hacker. My account is "Sebamessi10"

  7. Y'all are just bitches if you can't handle F2P. It's easy. And you're fucking stupid if you don't save backup cash…

  8. Now that is some quality content right here!
    What a shame Willmissit is so underrated :/
    Comrades we need to push this even though it is not slavic video.

  9. I im f2p rn but im earning my way toards a bond. By my calculations flipping fire runes for 10k profit i get around 300k per day making my cash stack bugger and biger i should be able to flip some better items soon and get miself a bond. also buyig feathers for a quick 100k and farming berries and bones from goblins. il try to lvl up to pick up zammy wine tho. wish me luck…

  10. A good portion of my teens was free to play, where Team capes were the s***, gold gloves were godley – then I got scammed out of my first 20K for a Rune long sword; then 32 quest points for the Champions guild.
    Even paying for this game now, is nothing compared to the old F2P.

  11. I've had like 3 bonds worth of membership in total xD.
    I've been using this account for like 7 years, and skill in for parents since I was 3, so 15 years on almost entirely f2p

  12. i still dont get why people use bonds for membership. membership costs less than your coffee and it lasts 30 days.

  13. lolz at the video. the smart thing to do is get max free to play then calc how much stuff you need such as resources etc. then, you will have a good time enjoying the content like quests etc instead of first thing to do is grind to get a bond.

  14. my member ship ran out a few days ago. now ic cant use my ags 🙁
    YAY I GOT NEW 3 MMONTH MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. f2p since 2009, never max anything, never buy membership. oh yeah, bought cosmetic items that worth same as 3 month membership, so fk me right?

  16. This is why I use Prepaid cards. Even though you have to go to the store to get them, it makes going back on Runescape 10x more relieving. That is, for me at least.

  17. I mean, f2p isn't that bad! There's still plenty to do and tonnes of people to do it with! So no, you don't NEED membership. But it would be nice to have…

  18. Always keep 20m in the bank. Even if it's the only 20m you have. It'll be much easier to earn it on a member's world than a free one.

  19. Watched this after I got home drunk at night, after watching tons of creepypasta and real horror stories.

    This video kinda fitting even though it's runescape.

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