When did I start playing guitar? My music taste evolution? & More! Q&A #1 | Noelle dos Anjos

100 thoughts on “When did I start playing guitar? My music taste evolution? & More! Q&A #1 | Noelle dos Anjos

  1. Muito legal o video, parabens!! voce poderia falar sobre como voce aprendeu ingles? o seu ingles eh otimo. Parabens mais uma vez!!

  2. You should check Oceans of Slumber. They've got a female singer and they're progressive, diverse and talented in an unique way. Really! Check them out!

    You can thank me later. 😁

  3. Your determination, accomplishments and willingness to challenge yourself by learning new music are very impressive. Your attitude is very refreshing. You're a great positive role model for young people everywhere…never lose that! I hope to see you dominating the music industry one day. Good luck and thank you for making this video!

  4. Holy Shit ….. we see us on the Open Air Mintraching 21.Juli 2018 … with Scarlet Circle ! We are sooooooo happy .. Let`s Rock !
    Greetings from me and the Open Air Team !

  5. That is so true: there is no such thing as being too old to start playing an instrument. All you need is passion and dedication. Keep on rocking!

  6. Cacete, eu não esperava que vc fosse mais velha que eu 1 ano, me assustei agora… achava que tinha uns 23… seus cachos estão perfeitos… to deixando os meus crescerem, os seus estão entre as inspirações

  7. I strongly disagree that you need to start on acoustic guitar. If electric guitar motivates you to play then that's all that matters.

  8. Hey there young lady. You are truly inspiring. I have two daughters who've always been into metal but we could never afford to buy them the instruments. We love what you do!

  9. Did you take lessons or are you self taught? I'm trying to figure out what path I should take. You have been such an inspiration for me and so many other girls to pursue playing guitar, especially electric! Thank you so much Noelle 🙂

  10. Maravilhoso seu inglês hein! E manda demais na guitarra também, weeeeell done!! Toma minha inscrição e like aí!

  11. If you want to play realy fast and you like thrash metal, you should to hear to Vektor, the y are my favorite band 😀

  12. All the guitarlists and would-be guitarlists adore you, and be very proud to have you as a queen of guitarlists, as a wonder guitar woman, maybe♡チャオ^-^

  13. I know I have asked this before lol, but do you think you could ever do The Crow rooftop solo with your twist to it? Pretty Please??? 🙂

  14. The same for me. I started playing guitar at 17, quite late, and I was very down-hearted because all the musicians I knew started to play when they were 14, 15 at least and they were way better than me. I only have to thank my passion for heavy metal, and metallica music If I improved so quickly and had the possibility to play in a band. The moral is: it's never too late to start something.

  15. OMGGGGGGGGGG eu sempre assisto teus videos quando o Youtube me recomenda, e dessa vez ele me recomenda esse Q&A maravilhoso kkkkkkkkkkk eu estou completamente chocado que aquela badass girl que via de vez em quando no YT é brasileira KKKKKKKKKK e de JP!!! (Eu sou de Campina hkdlksjdslk), parabéns pelo que você faz e que Deus abençoe seus futuras realizações! sucesso!!

  16. why you living in germany ( wich "bundesland?" ') and how do you like the country? ( check suidakra im sure you like this german band ), but my major question is, whats about black metal? you dont listen?
    sry4my bad english 🙁 ^^

  17. You inspire me! I'm 19 and want to learn how to play the guitar. I've been really insecure about it because I feel like I'm too old.

  18. This chick is stealing my heart. Why can't all girls be like you. My inspiration for playing guitar is Metallica (Kirk) and Flea and Burton are my favorite Bassists . You rock girl!!!!!!!

  19. I think you are right about you are never too old to learn guitar. I started at 40….. now I have my own channel as well! Keep rock’n

  20. Hey! Just to say I like your guitar covers :).
    + 1 subscriber from Belgium 😀
    I also play guitar. I uploaded 3 covers on my YouTube. So cool to see other female guitar players 🙂

  21. Hey. Could you please tell me more about your Dean Dime o Flame model?
    I am planning to buy one. How does the bridge hold up? And how comfortable are the frets??

  22. Be sure to check out Ayreon. Most amazing music journeys ever. Awesome composer with a fantastic variety of well known artists.

  23. I will say no crowd is as wild n crazy as south american fans. Just watch any rock show anywhere in south america n youll see thats true.

  24. Noelle amei os seus videos, espero que continue postando aqui no canal, me tornei um fã seu até porque também tenho uma banda e todas as inspirações que você mencionou eu também tive rs rs. Quem sabe um dia eu vá para Berlim pra fazer um som!! rs rs
    Noelle I loved your videos, I hope you keep posting here on the channel, I became your fan. I also have a band and all the inspirations you mentioned I also had too! rs rs. Who knows someday I'll go to Berlin to make a sound! rs rs

  25. You’re well versed Noelle, you mentioned classical. It kinda reminded of King Dimond , if I remember correctly he sang classical and opera when he was young. Amazing style unique. Either way you’re an amazing talent Noelle 😉.

  26. Wow you're just a total rock and roll that's great I love all that rock music on I love that stuff is great have a nice New Year

  27. Yeah the Dime Flame guitar of yours is my favorite also. I think the 1st video I ever watched of you, was The 4 Horsemen and I fell in love with your version. Been hooked on you ever since 😍🤘!!!

  28. Vc está linda como sempre! 😍😍😍😍 Oooooh amor demais por essa menina! 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 🤘🤘🤘

  29. beautiful t-shirt!

    really want to look at the cover versions of Slayer 🙂 Pantera also)
    Do you plan that?

  30. Parabéns seu inglês é MT bom😍vc aprendeu sozinha? demorou MT?
    👋👋 És muito esforçada e talentosa☘️🙂 ❤️ Sou sua fã😍

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