Whatcome Humane Society Mini Tour with Carly Brewer

Hi, I’m Carly Brewer. I’m the Volunteer and
Outreach Services Manager here at the Whatcome Humane Society. This is our cage free cat colony room, cats that can live with other cats and get along well with them, like these guys are, hang out in here until they get adopted. Then we clean up the room and start all over again with the next batch of cats that come in. Usually adult cats will be spayed or neutered and they must obviously get along, they just get to hang out in here. The public isn’t allowed in this room. Volunteers come in and spend time with the cats to keep everybody happy and make sure everything stays clean. We also have two rooms of available cats that are in condos where they live by themselves instead of the group setting. Here at the Whatcome Humane Society we see close to 5000 animals
every year between our shelter facility, our farm facility and our wildlife center.
So this is just a very small sample of what we saw this past year. The Wildlife
Center has seen, 13 oops, 1300 animals so far this year and more upwards of 3,000
right now here. So it’s been a very busy. I know, do you want to come
say hi? Come say hi on the camera? This is Snicker her sister is Doodle,
they’ve been with us for almost a month You need a good-size clean cage
with lots of good bedding and some toys to play with. Things to chew on to keep
their teeth down and a good diet. Rats don’t live a real long time so it’s good
to keep them nice and healthy.

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