What's In A Holistic Nutritionist's Grocer

good day everybody join McCarthy here registered Holistic Nutritionist so I am just back from grocery shopping I went to 4life natural foods in Kensington Market which is my go-to place when I don't go to a farmers market so I just wanted to show you what I bought today and hopefully it will inspire you to do some healthy shopping of yourself so the first thing I thought and it's hard to show you these because duh nothing's in plastic in at this particular store they don't use plastic which is great so everything is in paper bag so I bought hopefully you can see in here okay there I bought a pint of wild blue berets the wild blueberries in Ontario right now are amazing they're so so sweet and delicious so I'm going to use these to to sprinkle on my morning quinoa or my granola and I also got some of these beautiful little Tomatoes they are so sweet they are actually sweeter than cherry tomatoes as you can see they're orange I just can't remember what they're actually called but um I like to eat them just like that and snap because they're so nice I bought a cucumber and I bought a yellow zucchini so this I could easily stir-fry or chop it up and Grill it my cucumber I'm going to use just as a snack so to cut it up dip it in some hummus or put it into a salad and cucumbers are really great this time of year too because these really caught their a cooling food and trying these medicines they really help to actually cool down and I got some kale a beautiful green lush kale there's many many different varieties of kale and I encourage you to experiment with a different kind this I might just chop up and saute it or I might put it in my juicer or put it develop so there's various things you can do with it really rich in b-vitamins and make me 'i'm in calcium so lots of good minerals iron so it's an energizing food and it is great for your skin really good for your skin I also bought some crushed walnuts hopefully you can see those and whenever you buy walnuts you want to make sure that there is no little black fits on the walnuts because that means they've actually gone rancid so with all nuts and seeds you want to make sure that if you don't eat them right away and I'm hoping you're not going to eat this big huge bag right away you actually want to store it in the freezer or in your fridge so it prevents the good fat from going rancid and also it prevents that the walnuts from getting that a bitter rented black stuff I also bought some pumpkin cane as you can see here pumpkin seeds are a really good source of zinc and a good source of tryptophan and tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin so this is this is a food that promotes happiness feelings of well-being helps you with sleep um so again similar to the walnuts keep these in your fridge or keep them in your freezer spring them on us sprinkle them on a salad sprinkle them on your morning granola or just eat a small handful with that a some dried apricot now and the last thing I bought was a little basket of beautiful smelling and I know they're going to taste delicious peaches so these are Ontario local peaches and they are from a organic farmer so even better because peaches are really highly sprayed they're on the list of the dirtiest one of the dirtiest foods so this is something even if you're buying local I still recommend that you try and get it organic and that's about everything that I bought today so I hope you have enjoyed seeing what's in my grocery bag and I hope that you have a wonderful joyous day

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