What Would You Do: Child abused by foster mother

There are almost half a million children in the foster care system with more than 18,000 living here in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona has one of the highest rates of coster kids in the country But sometimes the family sees a foster kid as a way to cash in Taking the money the State provides to care for that child and spending it on themselves or their biological kids Okay, what does everybody want I’m going to get this top out sundae and a root beer float. I wanted to get that too Oh, no, you can’t But why can he order anything he wants? Because he’s my real son in your mouth foster kid if you saw a woman Mistreating her foster child. I only get a certain amount of money from the government, and I’m not spending it on you What would you do? Bring him in bring him in here. We go here bill. We’re rolling at the sugar Bowl and almost 60 year Institution in Old Town Scottsdale What would you do doctor? This first pair has been listening in I don’t understand why he could get anything you want Because he’s my real son, you’re my foster kid, okay? I can’t spend all the money on you or Justin Junuh, but I’m still part of the family you’re a foster care Technically you’re not a part of a very active Okay, once we send Emma away from the table. Just let her everything she wants we can buy you two I pack okay finally he has no problem telling angela what he thinks calmly and quietly All right I’m spending it on my son Well, I just spend it on her. There’s a certain moment. I Don’t think about a job this is how I make money you need taking care of a family that’s reference period With that they’re up and out We hustled and catch up with them, sir. Hi. It’s part of a TV show called. What would you do well? Certainly glad it’s not true. Why is it important to speak up for a stranger? I would seem to be self-evident We live in a civilized society where we have to have for each other but knowing how to wade in on a parent’s treatment of a foster child Can be difficult so what are you thinking about the topics from this really good hot pot Sunday? Yeah, can I get that – no? Sweetie, you’re going to get the potato salad, but maybe can I order something else? We’re so hungry, if you don’t stop arguing with me. I’m going to put you back in the foster care system Do you want that can I at least get the best cereal Sunday? I told you to 95 potato salad that’ll be enough. She calls over the waitress My Lord. Thank you protector. Hi ladies. How are you my look at elephant ear? What did you think we didn’t want to hear that conversation? Decided not today is entry we don’t retaliation against the kids and if he had said something Maybe she would have taken it out on the child get in the car Yes, our family now settles in at the counter but from her table this customer has no problem paying close attention To what’s happening? Okay? Who’s this for? Jenny please save your canela those two that we’ve already been through this you’re my foster child He’s my real child just see one to her she wants one, but you can’t have on earth. I keep telling her I only get a certain amount of money And I’m not spending it all on her right now and when mom and xavier step away don’t order anything, okay? And don’t touch it Sunday okay? She calls the waitress over It whatever you want a dinner What do you want better creation? To get you laid screams, especially whatever you want to do while she got Okay, emma. Thanks, sir. Thank you so much awesome. He’s Gonna give you a And we say hello, hi there, how are you? You were so kind because of a girl Someone would say why are you helping a stranger? You don’t know that she’s the keys I had foster kids growing up you know in my house, and you dude my mom had two foster kids that were four kids and two foster kids and No, no would be treated like that ever Choose something under four dollars, okay, Angela is at it again Then why does he gonna get it and this father’s face says it all if he could ask you mate with which beckoning system Okay, he sits he watches he seems to struggle to hold back what he’s thinking give a roof over your head makes me happy about that and Finally he can’t hold back any longer Can I buy her whatever she wants poor honey go to everything? We’re actually on a budget. We have some money I just it doesn’t matter okay for you know you should I don’t let me again, Bob. I’m not gonna read well I know. I’m gonna buy whatever you want to get organized I do whatever I apologize okay Angela leaves and this generous man steps back up and offers even more Get whatever If I think they deal with me updated Thank you so much And we’ve got to thank him too or much more than just the money either, sir. Oh My God, you know, what would you do you? Think it misses day before were you thinking I could ever talking to her like that It’s not right Why are you so touched by this? Then surprise you that except Anna what a wonderful example of a darling I would never want Anybody to feel you told her if I could take you home. I would mulches should have a home People that love them you handed her a $50 bill that was for her to Get whatever. She wanted by having dollars off you and without my last dollar I was giving it to

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  1. I hate when people refer to a biological kid as a "real child". As if foster children aren't real and some sort of simulation lmao.

  2. I don’t think John’s crew could move fast enough and let me know it was a WWYD before I slapped her lipstick off.

  3. Omg this makes me legit so upset I have 3 foster siblings and they were abused by there bio parents abused them and their last foster family did to and this makes me sick

  4. My newborn daughter was in the foster care system for 4 months because I had severe postpartum depression and our little girl had colic. We had no family support except for my husbands elderly parents, and they were very understanding of our situation. With the lack of sleep, trying to heal from a c-section, and dealing with depression, I couldn't do it anymore and needed time to heal, sleep, and allow my hormones to settle so that my depression hopefully goes away. After 4 months, I was feeling loads better and we easily got our baby girl back. Not all children in foster care are there because they are unwanted or their parents are bad people. Foster care is used for so many reasons but people always straight away think of worse case scenarios and let their imaginations run wild. Yes there are a percentage that are in the system because their parents are suffering and are not currently good for raising children. Many others however, use the system because they have little to no support from family and friends, or a parent just died, or became disabled, or surgery, there are numerous reasons and many children return back to their parents once the home is stable again and all people are healed, available, and present for the well-being of their child(ren). I just wanted to say that the foster care system we used was amazing. They placed our daughter in the home of a retired pediatric doctor, who had 3 sons living at home who were all going into the medical field, two of them wanted to be pediatricians, and one a pharmacist. Many homes are investigated prior to allowing people become foster parents, and every home is looked into again and again during renewal periods. At one point we discussed that instead of having a second, we could foster for a while, kind of like a pay it forward thing and for appreciating the tremendous support we received from their agency. If an agency is hosting families that are not thinking of the betterment of the child they are fostering, then report the family and also the agency. This agency I worked with really strive to have the best families host the foster care system. Don't think that foster care or CPS means something "bad", it could mean a million things, but honestly, call them and ask them for information on all childcare services, including family help, midwives, etc. they have all the connections and will happily help you get connected to the right service. After we took back our daughter, they are still a big part of our lives as they help us locate every service we are looking for and need. They can find all the right doctors, schools, and any special services like for children with disabilities. I was so shocked due to my own prejudices, things that I had "heard" about foster care, that I honestly thought it meant only bad things. I couldn't have been wronger. So I hope this helps someone understand that the foster care system can be amazing, just browse through their website or visit them in person and ask for information on the services they offer. Since they are a state run program, most services are free or require a very low fee. Our monthly childcare cost is only 248 bucks for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, and our daughter is in a nice childcare community where they have several play areas, sandbox, large playground, meal time is covered, and every person working there is a specialist in different areas of a child's learning life: a specialist in discovery (for children ages 9-12 months), physical therapist (children ages 12months to 3 years), ok now I'm bragging lol… but I was really feeling bad that the only information I received about foster care was from ill-informed individuals at best. More information on the good things need to circulate.

  5. Before the first 60 seconds my ads was done. Had I have heard her say that id have come unglued. "Because hes my real son and your my foster child, I only get a certain amount from gov and NOT spending it on you"

    Bitch YOU chose to foster that child and that money is literally FOR spending on her. If you weren't going to treat her the same as your own then you should never have gotten a child to foster like bitch the fuck?!

  6. This is The first what would you do episode I ever watched. Ever since then I’ve been binge watching every single episode. It’s so cool to look back on the first episode and see how much they have succeeded

  7. I’ve watched both WWYD videos about foster parents mistreating there foster kids. Though watching both videos made me decide that when I’m old enough and on my own two feet that I want to be a foster parent

  8. It's a really sad reality in the foster care system to find homes for that many kids. Foster homes get filled up quickly and the leftover foster kids are either left in group homes or the mental hospital for housing. It's either a hit or miss with a good foster parent. My first foster home was horrible. The woman claims herself as a pastor and always claims every dollar that she makes is for her bills only. I was always accused of racking up the light bills for studying after 7pm and damaging their property for closing the door, what they considered slamming the door. Social service caught wind of it after they found out I still had no school supplies or fitted clothings on. I didn't mind wearing donated oversized clothes from church. I'm use to not get anything from my parents in the first place so I never ask for anything because I already knew it's never going to happen. At least I was transferred to a new place with a very well educated and patient lady who has helped me become the independent woman that I am today.

  9. She lowkey like low key looks a bit like ariana bec of the glass and skin color and face shape and hair😂😍

  10. That last man has the heart that only a man with a young daughter will understand. To protect her and never let her get hurt. My daughter died 3 years ago. I miss her everyday. And the pain never goes away….

  11. i can take that foster, and raise her like a pop princess like Ariana and sings like Xtina, and buy her anything, eventually she reciprocate love id given , so shut you fuckin mom,

  12. I bawled when he said he was sorry. He knew that girl was going to go home to a shit situation and if it were real, that would have ate at him for a long time.

  13. I was a foster kid and I went through this feeling. Fostering me was my foster parents only job so all the money they got was from fostering me. Once my foster family even went to Disney land (using the money from fostering ME) but they went WITHOUT me and just dumped me one some other foster parents (they were nicer tbh). They even went as far as sending me post card everyday for a week bragging about how much fun they were all having and that they “missed me” HAH! Yeah right! Yeah, I cried every night that week 😔🤧

  14. I was a foster parent it’s hard and it made me sick to here this but the system makes it hard on you to treat them like your own I did but there are so many rules that people don’t know about as far as money I got them every thing that they wanted you would be surprised that a lot of them haven’t ever been able to go to a store and buy what ever they want to eat

  15. No offence to the girl but to me it seemed like she was putting on crocodile tears bc she was all happy and cheery when the cameras weren’t there but when they are and she sees that it’s part of a tv show then she starts “crying” and causing a scene

  16. Try to find the different emoji


  17. My Lord, that last man had a heart of gold! You can see just by his daughters reaction what a great dad he is. We need more fathers like this in the world.

  18. As a foster parent, this made my blood boil, but knowing there's people out there that will speak up and do care is awesome. Being a foster parent is a blessing, not only to the parents bit for the child needing somebody to love them.

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