What Would Jesus Do? – Donate Your Organs (Full Clip)

Excuse me, down here. Hey, can I ask you a question? Yes, my son. I am here for you, literally. Have you thought about maybe becoming an organ donor? Is this really the best time to bring this up? Oh, we get it. You know, no-one wants to talk about death. Ugh… But, you know, not all of us are going to the eternal paradise, and uh…your organs could save the lives of up to six people…. Seven. Seven people. Not to mention, how your bones and soft tissue and ligaments could change the lives of many others. And corneas. You'll help blind people see. What a miracle! Obviously, I would do it. I'm Jesus. Yes, yes, you're Jesus. You know, you've helped the lepers. But this is very specific. How? Well, have you gone online and signed the organ donor registry? The organ what? The organ donor registry! Isn't it on my license? Oh, it used to be. Now you gotta go online, but it's very simple. Common misconception. Except in South Australia, that's uh, still on the license. Have you got a smart phone? Of course we have a smart phone, and we've taken the liberty of pre-filling the form, so all you've gotta do is press the little button. Bring it here… Just strech that little finger… Oh, nice. Thank you, Jesus. You're a good guy. Is that it then? Oh, sorry, there's one more little thing. What… Your family has to be on board for this. Really?! We've also anticipated this bit, and we have a surprise for you! Here's your Mum and Dad! Oh! Hello Mother, hello Earthly Father! Did you follow all this? Yeah! We got the general gist of it. You want to be an organ donor. We think that's awesome! Happy now? We are so proud of the work that you've done today. You're going to change the lives of so many people… Do you mind if i get a selfie? Why not… Oh, yes, thanks so much! 3…2…1…Organ donors! Yeah, nice! Hashtag Register! Hashtag Dying to Live! Hashtag Blessed! Haha! Hashtag Blessed you said. Nailed it! See you, Jesus. Thanks again.

25 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Do? – Donate Your Organs (Full Clip)

  1. That’s definitely in poor taste. That’s depicting my God on that cross.He should not be used as the butt of jokes.

  2. I'm a Christian and this is fine, I think its a fun little joke that doesn't say anything bad about my faith. Hey other Christians, chill out a bit ok?

  3. Reading some of the atrocious comments by "Good Christians" helps me to understand that Christianity is at least as dangerous as Islam, if not worse.

  4. Mocking the death of our God, Jesus Christ, is not the best way to inspire millions of Christians to save a life by donating parts of their body that they gave to Christ in the first place.

  5. So DISGRACEFUL! But of course, since the media has been hijacked by communist/Luciferian pedos, it shouldn't be surprising. For anyone who doesn't understand, please consider the very real possibility that you are completely brainwashed. If you watch mainstream news, the chances are very very high. Detox your mind and come back to your senses. These criminals need to be thrust into the pits of hell from whence they came.

  6. I am an organ recipient and of no particular faith, however I am disappointed in this ad because I can understand why people would be offended and how it would alienate a large proportion of the population we are trying to encourage to donate. I am also disappointed that such a serious matter is treated so flippantly. People’s lives are at stake after all! I would ask people look beyond this advert to the larger picture and discuss with their families about donating. To those who are offended I would ask you also look beyond it and understand this does not speak for all recipients or donors and that people of all faiths are waiting for a transplant.

  7. *You are not Jesus! None of you can save humanity.
    But you can save several lives.

    Why are people so stupid and do not understand the meaning of the video?

  8. This is priceless! 💕 In these times, such an advert plays upon our propensities to be generous and to be humanitarians. Believers and nonbelievers do fill out their donor registration cards/online entries. May this thoughtfully playful advert press people from all walks of life to help to lessen the suffering of others. 🌻

  9. Me pregunto si la gente que se queja tanto por la blasfemia, estaría tan dispuesta a dar su vida (una forma podría ser donar sus órganos) para salvar a otras personas. El VERDADERO respeto y adoración a Jesús se muestra por medio de la OBEDIENCIA, no la palabrería (Lucas 6;31, 46).

  10. Wait a minute…

    I thought you guys said that people need to be more thick-skinned, and it's perfectly fine to joke about religion?

    What changed?

  11. He has already, as the legends have it, donated his flesh and blood for us to eat and drink.
    He would probably be glad to donate his organs as well.

    Upd for the guy who commented below:
    I added as the legends have it later.

  12. Only reason you wouldn't go to eternal paradise is if you do what these romans did and live like a Roman which most of todays world lives just as rome did back in the day.
    I bet you wouldnt put Krishna, Buddha, jezebel, on there what about the romans God Zues or what about Cescar
    You sure as hell would never put baphomet on their now would you?

  13. That's in really poor taste, even if it wasn't centering on Jesus. Government officials making deals with people while they are being executed? Yeah, that's great. I really want o support something like that.

  14. Then if jesus comes back from the dead, would he have new organs? Or would he still be missing the old ones? Awesome! 😛

  15. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."1 Corinthians 1:18 (NKJV)

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