What will trigger The Dollar Collapse on August 5, 2019

the US economy it's looking like it's completely falling apart I mean if you look at the real economic indicators like shipping manufacturing retail real estate what we're seeing it's all heading down is is this what you're seeing are we heading are we in a downward trend right now absolutely we are in a downward trend and as I've often said there's really no correlation at this point in history between the financial system or financial markets and the physical economy I mean the talking heads that have a one-way attitude toward the financial markets will point at numbers that are increasing in size of course we know that there's been major Corrections and all the major stock markets worldwide I'm not trying to discount that and of course that is reflective you know does the realities do catch up with each other eventually so the point I'm making is that we are in a large downtrend if you look at just a couple the headlines here as of today and Dave I just want to editorialize the comment a little bit it's so difficult now with so much happening so quickly it seems like time is accelerating if that makes any sense because what I used to get from news items and let's say a week's time will probably be in a 24 hour time frame now I mean there's just so much happening so much being reported on you have instant news with the press of a button with the internet and smartphones etc but moving on out but we got a couple here one is from Xero hedge which is kind of become the go-to website my view for the alternative news and they really usually get a lot of articles on her spot on this one talks markets at risk tepid uninspiring g20 power excuse me g20 proves investor hopes were pure fantasy they go on to talk about you know their model of the Keynesian economic system and why you know pretty money isn't working that's you know my interpretation it shows a picture of the g20 and almost everyone in the photo is smiling except Janet Yellen and underneath it says Janus not amused and I don't consider here to her to be the sharpest tool in the shed but she's far dumb and even if she doesn't see it on an intellectual basis I think she feels that an emotional basis these people are doomed the economy is under extreme stress and they don't have a clue on what to do the idea that investor hopes the coordinated policy actions proved to be pure fantasy said T CW's and I can pronounce this nasty last name David long amber a former China specialist with the US Treasury it's every country for themselves quote unquote this is kind of what happens during a break up phenomena which we're having now I mean the world is all interdependent we're interconnected we need the ebb and flow we need a a currency system we need a financial system that's honest is what we need but in the current paradigm we need the you know the US dollar the reserve currency to have some stability which it has had at the expense of everyone else and now everyone else is you know well aware of the game and so it's starting to unravel and unfortunately as I probably said before but I think it's so important it bears repeating when I read the book collapse of complex societies the whole idea that I got out of the whole book going through Mesopotamian Byzantine and all the empires that have collapsed is once it starts down it's really not that important in the why oh it was a monetary system know it was agriculture's know it was war and is it's a combination by the way but was it starts down he really can't push it back up and that's the problem we're unwinding Dave and we're not going to push it back up it's yes it'll Edmund flow and Marcus will go up and down and prices will change and all of that it's not a one-way street to go straight one direction but the overall trend has changed dramatically probably from 2008 and we're in a system now that as this US Treasury official said it's every country for themselves what you might take that from the macro schedule to the micro schedule and it's every man for himself I don't want to be that bleak but I want to produce that idea to get all of our listeners to think about that statement you don't have to agree with that statement but take it to heart and pause and think about where it really is and what it really means certainly we need each other we need community but we need a meta SOC level it's what cliff hires as core in a self-organizing community you need each other at a very local level and just you know let the powers that be you know run around with their heads cut off they're absolutely useless to us like you said it seems like it's every country for themselves if we look at Europe they went to negative rates Japan decided to go to negative rates the u.s. increased the interest rates and then they started talking about negative rates and a cashless society does this make any sense whatsoever why all these different areas are doing so many different things no it absolutely amplifies what you and I are discussing which means they don't know what to do so if something doesn't work you know try more of it so if you know adding the debt problem is the problem let's create more debt and if zero interest rate policy doesn't work well let's take it negative I miss shows the absolute complete total insanity of the powers that be and yet they don't even see it I mean some may but very few and any that do see it won't speak out because they don't want to lose their pension or their status or whatever they they covet and so this is the time for truth I mean this is the time or we really need you know individuals and it happens I mean it happens every day it happens on the x-22 report every rapport I mean I I listen to you a great deal not everyone but believe me since you started I've listened to a great deal of reports it's a great way for me to save time and you don't mince words you just you know kind of like me bullet point bullet bullet point you try not to editorialize too much although you can and you're certainly welcome your opinion I think it's a very studied opinion I value your opinion but regardless you know you give a lot of information so that helps people like me that are overwhelmed trying to keep up with the markets and I focus just on the commodity when I focus on everything but don't focus on individual equities all over the board I focused primarily on resources that are undervalued that can help people build and maintain wealth through the paradigm shift I mean that's what I'm looking for I'm looking now and more at the solution than the problem I've talked about the problem for years and I think most people listen the extra into report are well acquainted with the problem and problems and how they're developing and what trends the trends are that we're discussing and they know that financial preparation is important and it is but there's so much more to it than just financial preparation I mean this emotional charge that goes along with a huge dislocation is extremely difficult for humans humans want to be in a safe secure and known certain environment and there's more uncertainty almost by the minute nowadays and this is why Marcus moves so rapidly up and down the volatility increases because that's a reflection of the uncertainty that people hold for what's good what's bad what's going to happen in the future and the answers they don't know and it's obvious that the powers that be have no clue not only what's going to take place for how to correct it you're talking about solutions what type of solutions are are you talking about give us like some examples well I'm piggybacking on the work of Chris Martenson mainly and there was this conference that I tried to get going in Las Vegas last month called and you can look at it the website still ups called solutions conference taught us and Chris and Adam Taggart wrote a book called prosper which looks at the forms of capital but one that they stress is the emotional capital and that means you need to be able to have enough let's say inner strength to be able to navigate through what's coming at us because you know there's so much out there I mean the you know I mean we could drill down whatever you want but I mean the food crisis is going to be happening more and more people really don't talk too much about that I interviewed one of a leading commodity guys that I've known for years on my special report that I have on the on the website and he we drilled down on the food crisis but first of all you know this GMO thing is pretty severe and there's mandates for certain countries coming out of our Congress the US Congress that says you know you can get this aid but they'll have a rider on that aid bill that says but you have to accept GM foods in your country and this is the way the game is played at this time there's you know the court opera see the fascism the corporate world those real powers that are basically dictating mandating and controlling what takes place to all the plebs all the little people all the little nation-states and how they do business and what they do how they do it what they can buy what they can sell what they can say I mean they take the labeling off now so you don't even know what you're buying when you're at the food store I mean I'm drilling down too far but I want to make I'm gonna go to this really deep but if you look at the McDonald's hamburger I mean it's not a You Tube channel somewhere and I didn't know this a friend of mine that's in the mining business so I'm digressing very far he has small kids went to McDonald's and they left a hamburger underneath the seat of their van and he doesn't clean his van every day it had been a couple months and he looks under the seat and there's this McDonald's hamburger and it's perfectly intact after two months I mean what's going on here I mean these are questions that we need to ask and I know we're way off the markets but this is just one part of the problem and so this is so if you're putting that kind of stuff into your body what do you think it's doing your mind what do you think it's doing their cognitive ability what do you think it's doing to your ability to actually critically think which none of us are taught to do it's a self-taught mechanism that I encourage everyone to try I shouldn't say try to apply and so again down the rabbit hole day but you always let me go and this is where we need to go we need to look at not just ourselves to be self-sufficient but to be more self-sufficient and ask the question you know that Kennedy asks ask not what you can do for your country or you kind of can do for you ask what you need for your country ask what you can do for yourself and how you can apply that to others around you in a scenario where you're going to have to be more self-reliant that's the direction that we're going to go and this is something that you're not get from the political class which is absolutely meaningless as far as I'm concerned it's all theater it's all trying to give the meme that somebody at the top actually one has your interests at heart are you kidding me or can do something about it which is even more important to understand because if you understood that you wouldn't waste your time looking at the political theater you'd realize it's more important to increase your skill set increase your moat your emotional capacity the deal with us come in at and certainly and most important of all is to teach your children well to be able to pass on the real values and real substance I mean trust you know I said as a thought experiment try thinking that you're living in the 1880s and and what kind of lifestyle that would be like and what would be important in that timeframe not saying we're going there but we certainly may be you know just one point before I talk about precious metals of what you said about the food and things like that I'm kind of a health nut myself and it's funny because when they don't want to put labels on food or tell you that it's you know genetically modified people think in this country that we're free but when you don't have the freedom to choose what you're putting in your body are you truly free at this point you're not because you don't know what's in the food the establishment is telling you you know this is good for you so just believe us you don't need to know what's in there and you don't have the freedom of choice at this point to say well wait a minute why do I want to eat this look what's in here and you're absolutely right with everything that you said is coming down from the central bank coming down from corporations basically what they're doing is they're controlling what we do and no one is using their brains to think or to analyze or to look at and say you know something maybe we shouldn't do this why is this and I think you're absolutely right and as they continually move down this path we lose our freedoms every single day by them making decisions for us and I think we're heading in a terrible direction if this continues I couldn't agree more and well said now I want to just get back to precious metals for a second what was it like maybe a month ago we saw a precious metals surge to about twelve and change and everyone started to get nervous oh is this it is precious metals is it is it's you know going to skyrocket at this point and then all of a sudden we saw up precious metals come down once again and then it's funny because I made a little prediction that they were going to suppress precious metals right after this and all of a sudden we saw this huge drop of about 30 to 35 dollars and they brought it right back down and I noticed they like to keep it around the $1,200 mark why do you think this is happening at this point well there's a lot to be said I'm gonna try to keep a kind of top level and you know not gonna you know make it simple because it's all these markets very complicated as we know because there's so much interplay between high-frequency trading the banking system what's at stake and all of that in a place of course but what's happening on a short-term basis is one you know I said in my work that you I expect to see a strong rally in January and if you go to the the economists that put out an article late last week they talked about the gold has gotten off to its best start in 35 years the safety play that calls up 15% in a year-to-date basis as of Friday that was Friday of last week so gold certainly doing this job here but specifically on the 1200 question oh that's a breakout point it's the way I look at it and they're gonna let it probably fiddle around there right now I'm being excuse me I'm seeing a lot of over sentiment meaning there's too many gold bulls out there even in the mainstream which means we probably could rally even further I mean the most important thing about any market is not only price which is critical because no matter how the price got there or not and you know I cared that it's me but if I am objective its that price regardless of what your idea is of the manipulation story it's there you can't argue that and the other thing that's critical is volume is there a lot or a little I mean if everyone's running into a market there's a lot of volume that means you've got some sustainability well what did I just say said the it's got enough to the best start in 35 years so that's a price mechanism but what are the volumes been and that's what you really need to ask and what you've seen is that precious metals funds have seen their biggest 3-week inflows in investor money since June 2009 mmm look at that's pause there for a minute since when well basically since the first market to rock it up after in the financial crisis of 2008 too cold and everyone regardless of their position on the planet had to acknowledge the fact that something very very scary had taken place the financial system almost went off the cliff and what was the first markets or market to rebound and say you know this is a place to be financially well it was the precious metals markets and what happened was huge volumes started that market back up from that point well what this article says in economists is that we have those kind of volumes again so my idea is this Dave I think the 1200 could hold for quite some time I am different than you know Marty Armstrong and Clyde mana and some of these guys that say that we're gonna see a new low do I know that for a fact no is it possible yes but you know forty years in this market when I see the kind of volumes that we've seen from the beginning of the year the ability to get a new low with that much buying pressure that's taken place since the beginning of the year it's a lot to overcome and I don't think it can be overcome now on a more you know short-term basis talking out the other side of my mouth when I'd be very succinct and I want trying to be sitting is that we will not see much more of a rally I think you could probably see it into the summer I think you might see you know March April like we saw in 2011 because of a lot of reasons I'm not going to be too concerned about the why for now I'm just going to say watch prices go higher and then I think you'll get some kind of a correction going on but you know buying at these levels is safe but it could go lower in fact I think it probably will but not new lows I disagree with then I'm not trying to point names address trying to point out that you know I read others work I look at what they say against stuff you know and I like to acknowledge other people I mean there's some really good thinkers out there and that helps me I mean you're one of them I mean you do you know kind of the whole you know you do the whole enchilada I don't have time because my work requires that I look you know markets only kind of thing although the geopolitical thing is certainly a you know key one important question I wanted to ask you China is going to start the yuan base gold price fix in April is this gonna be a game changer is this going to affect the gold market yes and no the answer is yes eventually it will in April no the real thing you need to look at is what is going on the currency markets I mean we need you know gold is the gold is like it's like the old maid game I mean the game ends when you know someone's left holding the old maid as an adjunct to that and turn it around doing the reciprocal of it the game ends when whoever owns the physical gold ends up with that and everything else is blown away so I hope I made that analogy clear it wasn't a great one but it's the idea that it's the end of the end of the end so having said that what you really need to look at is what a what's going on the currency markets prior to you know that end where only gold standing and silver is a subset if you want to think of it in those terms so we need to look at what takes place I think it's September 30th Dave where the SDR includes deewan that's the key place and that's where I'm looking to see what happens in there gold trading at that point in time so April May June July that August that sort of warming it out tuning it up you know doing their their manipulations their way of you know hot sake controlling or agitating or testing might be a better word testing markets and see what the ebbs and flows are enough they throw in this kind of a demand what happens in their market and that type of thing but the real changer to my view and it's a pretty studied one is what happens when they're included in the SDR what kind of influence that has in the global currency markets and if it is my words not theirs necessary to start getting a better handle on the gold fix from au one perspective or not so that's how I see it I guess back in August of 2015 the stock market started to fluctuate we saw the stock market come down and it was brought back up it came down again and we through we saw this all throughout 2015 the later part of 2015 and then we saw it January February the market absolutely terrible it's fluctuating once again we're seeing highs we're seeing very you know big lows and we're continually seeing this it seems like everything is all over the place at this point is this the beginning is this a sign that there are major problems coming yeah absolutely I mean I forget the gentleman's name but one of the best books ever at a markets and I've read on a hundreds talked about you know generally speaking how markets work from undervalued to the and the acute and the professionals accumulation markup and distribution so it's like undervalued they move a market up and then they distribute it cuz you're not gonna get a profit until you have bought something low moved it up too high and now it's high now who do you sell it to you gotta sell it to the unwearying you know the unwashed the public the pension fund some money managers to whatever's so what we're seeing now is the distribution phase in the general equity markets take the SPX as an example has taken place for the most part now the markdown is starting to happen and so during these markdown phases you'll see these counter rallies that are pretty significant and of course the talking heads will say look you know long term stocks are the only place to be well depends what you mean by long term if you mean you know in a lifetime that could be a very bad move I mean you could be in the 30s you know and bought and you know you wouldn't really recover for you know a couple decades so yeah you know you need a better metric than that to make money in the markets so yes Dave to answer your question we're gonna law here and you're probably gonna see some kind of a counter train rally but the overall trends are significant and the major trends are a a ongoing global contraction ah in the physical economy to be reflected more and more in the financial markets on a global basis more uncertainty in the markets people not understanding or wanting wanting to have an answer where to go what's safe and if you look at the John extra model where people cherish cash because if I have cash I'm safe and certainly the paradigm that's pervasive throughout its ubiquitous everyone in every country almost not so much India and China but most of the world thinks that if I have a physical piece of paper that that's the best thing I can have them outside of the banking system and I'm safe because this will purchase something until it doesn't and that's that's the problem so what happens as the the fine the finality going back to the old maid analogy where those cards are taken you know from the three players in the game and there's less and less cards the last card to be played of course is the gold card and that's the last one standing and that means that there has to be a you know giving up of the currency system and that of course in my view isn't going to take place for a few more years because as I outlined earlier you've got the SDR situation with China to try to keep them in the game now my view on China and Russia is a little different than many of my compadres and I'm not saying I'm right because the answer is I don't know I really think it's legitimate I don't think that they are really you know pawns in the game of the global elite and they're just playing this game to the final ends of the carve up the world between stem although that could be the case I disagree I think they really are a counter for us I think the AIB is real I think they have you know I hate to say this but I'll say it I believe it I really think they have a bigger heart than the anglo-american Empire I think that the AIB really does want to build infrastructure and things for mankind that makes society better at large I really do think that there's some semblance of power that wants to do good but I digress again we need to look from the ground up we need to work from the ground up we need to be better than we are now and we need to be able to provide something for our friends and neighbors that's the bottom line we need to treat we need to act in a way that you can be assured that that children watching you in public your own children your grandchildren whatever have something to strive to be and it's a way of being it's not a way of you know what car you have or what kind of clothes designs labels you wear it has to do with the essence of humanity and we've lost that almost completely I mean it's and I'm guilty of it too but you know I try I you know really try to keep my phone in my pocket during the last dream even anything like that but just walking on the street I mean these people run into each other looking at their cell phones crossing the street is it's Garnon the whole world's gone mad it definitely looks like the zombie apocalypse when you're walking around and no one is paying attention and they're just bumping into things and they're staring at their phone and I know exactly what you're saying because I discuss this with my wife many many times when we're walking around and we watch people and they're just you're right they're just on their phones they're not paying attention and society is is it looks like when an empire reaches a certain point and it's based on consumerism and no one is producing anything of real value we've reached a point where everyone's just they don't know what to do with themselves and usually at this point we see like Rome and all the other empires completely collapse and it seems that's where we are at this point we're at that point where we're at the end here and it's cut and it's starting to look like that even in society not just with the financial not with geopolitical but just looking inward and our country and the way people are today it really does look like that absolutely and well said I mean I would urge the listeners to go watch the movie and you can watch it for free on YouTube the official version you want to see it's the official version that's called four horsemen film and I'm in it it's not about me I have a very small place but it's about the age of empire and how it gets the age of empire and what happens that during the collapse of the empire at the end of the movie it does shine some light on some solutions and again coming back to my my mean with you day which is you know I'm looking more and more at solutions I want to talk that's a much positive and you know the you know correct thinking or positive thinking which you know does work but that's not it I mean can't think your way out of a problem or you can I'm out of trouble my own brain this morning the point being is that watch that movie you'll get a lot of good ideas and all it takes is one good idea that you can implement to helps yourself and someone else we talked about solutions and you know what people can do and they have to know about the problems too because a lot of people don't know there's a problem than if there's they don't know there's a problem they don't think there's a there's a need for a solution but that's why I think we're all out here telling people look we have major problems here and we need to work on these problems and we need to basically dissect what the real problem is because when you go to the corporate media you listening to the government you're not hearing the truth you're not hearing what's really going on and basically you myself many other people have been dissecting looking at the problems and I know a lot of people have been hearing us for many many years and they're saying okay yes we know it's these major problems what do we need to do and we need to look at everything and figure out as a country as a world what we want what do we want just like the founding fathers to the United States what they saw problems they knew what the problem was and they had to come up with a solution so they created the Constitution the Bill of Rights we need to do the same exact thing once again we need and I think one of our founding father thing was Thomas Jefferson that said you know I've given you this these freedoms this country for what like a hundred years and you're gonna have to fight for this again while we lasted a little bit longer than that but I see we're at that point once again where we're all gonna have to come together as a people not as a government not as a central bank not as neocons not as any of these other things but as a people and say you know something we need to do something at this point we need to take back what we had we need to make the country great we need to make the world peaceful and I think that's where we need to go but to get there we have these problems we have people government in the way we have certain groups in the way and if we don't shine a light on these groups people individuals will never change anything and I'm looking for a big change I'm looking for bringing us back to the way things you know started out and I'm hoping from where we're headed right now which I do believe is a complete collapse of the system maybe even more that we can change this at this point and that's been my message all along I do you still see us heading into a period of collapse at this point well I know as many have said we are collapsing it is a process it's not like an overnight situation unless you know you know there's like a bank closure and they you know reissue a new currency or whatever which certainly could happen but that alone would just be an event that everyone would mark as the collapse but really until that point in time you know look at what the food supply did look at what the Baltic Dry Index is doing look at what the people's in a migration problem in the Europe is done and all this so it's collapsing right before our eyes I agree with you I think I would add on to it a little more even that you know big big honor of Gandhi you know be the change you want to be I mean if you look at well when Franklin said and ladies this is all hearsay who knows could happen the places what have you given us he says every public man if you can keep it you know it's the rule of law we're all equal under the law but at that time you have one two things were really required I say required it was a must and that was a high moral structure in the society didn't have to be Christian although many were but you had to have a high moral state and you had to have the citizenry understand the law which now is so convoluted you know I mean there's so many laws on the book who knows what what you can do but or not according to you know the rulers certainly not leaders rulers but coming back I tell ya the movie is good the four horsemen film that will give people an idea of you know the kind of a total picture of where we are and what's collapsing and why and then there are some solutions at the end and the film was specific to your comment Dave the let the change begin with me what can I do I mean that's kind of been the theme throughout our conversation today is that you know if you're not bettering yourself how can you have a better world David tell us a little bit about your website and how people can reach you and what's coming up I'll be putting our press release here in the next couple of weeks basically the press release says look I look at a lot more than just the precious metals markets we look at you know a lot of things that we discussed on your show thank you for giving me the time I'm trying to focus more and more in the Morgan report not only on the current system and where it's going and I can protect yourself financially but beyond that what the next bit mean will be I'm looking at FinTech the financial technologies there are people like you Dave out there that are making a difference and they're coming up with not only Bitcoin would circumvent the system but other methodologies so wouldn't it be nice if there was I'll call it subculture for now that had an alternative payment system and that wasn't held by the overlords Wow what a concept and guess what it's taking place so that's one of the areas I'm going to focus more of my time in the

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