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we've got some new developments in just the last few minutes regarding the Gilroy Garlic Festival mass shooting that took place in California federal law enforcement has officially ID'd the suspected gunman as santino William Legum he was only 19 years old he was shot dead at the scene by authorities after he killed three people including two children ages 6 and 13 and injuring 12 others joining me now NBC's Ben Collins then what have you learned so what we know is that there's an Instagram account that we have been able to tie to this shooter the suspected shooter in that Instagram account lit says to read a specific white Nationals manifesto called might is right might is right that's right so it's it's from 1890 it's by a pseudonymous author it's very old but the important part of this manifesto is that it's all the way it's it's around every other manifesto on the internet it's been posted on 4chan which is a white nationalist political message board it's opposed to hundreds of times just a PDF to this 95 in the heart of it is what in the heart of it is combat that basically you that it's self-determination what you do as a person in your race to defend yourself is what helps you survive it's social Darwinism basically and it's tied it's always posted next to things like Ted Kaczynski's manifesto or mine comp or things like that on these pages it's always posted around extremist literature on the Internet that's what we know about it he posted it along with a message about rape like racial slurs about hordes of people coming in and this is all allowed to be on Instagram no problem all set it isn't actually that's the they found this shortly afterwards these are all these posts happened in the last four days there were only three posts and how long was it up there it was up there again it was up there for about the last one was up for about 14 hours and the account was up for about four days okay so if the account was up for four days but you're saying it wasn't allowed where's the disconnect I've mentioned this to you before when I think about other platforms the Bloomberg terminal for example if I try to type any profanity or target word I can't even press send it won't go through so how is it that something is not allowed but lo and behold it's up there and shared and shared and share this is a thing that would be hard for an algorithm to figure out right read this thing that otherwise has you know a pretty banal might is right like what is that that's not a slur by itself that's the thing is that they it's hard to track these things in real time and then the other thing is he posted a photo of of the actual Fairgrounds right before it appears he started shooting so it's a very scary thing scary and devastating yeah three lives were lost two of them are children a garlic festival it's like a Country Fair Ben Collins thank you so much hey MSNBC fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down there and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and highlights you can get more MSNBC for free every day with our newsletters just visit msnbc.com slash newsletters to sign up now

46 thoughts on “What We Know About Shooting Suspect’s Social Media Footprint | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Statistics show that whites are the least likely to commit interracial murder yet somehow "toxic white males" are the problem. This is another hoax. This Iranian is not a white supremacist. That;s a joke.

  2. There we go Donald Trump, now you can be happy about what you been promoting! HATE!
    Stupid racist, all this is because of the president of the United States.

  3. DEAR FBI, you recently group domestic crimes in one category. You must track and report White Supremacists domestic crimes separately. Trump are you listening. Remember these people also hate Jewish people.

  4. I've never read a manifesto before, but I'd bet $10,000 that it's not at all about what this nut sucker being interviewed just claimed it was about. He just called 4chan a white supremacist website. ,o he's clearly just a propaganda pushing weasel. These media demons will never blame the monster who did the evil act — they'll just blame the gun, Trump, and his supposed white skin, even though I doubt "Santino" is very white…

  5. People killed by Antifa in last 10 years: 0
    People killed by male white supremacist terrorists in past 10 years: 313 (oops, now it's 316)

  6. So where are all the proud MAGAtard trolls that have been infesting (yea, I said it) the msnbc and cnn channels? Got something cute to say about "liberals"? The blood is on you.

  7. Another Trump worshipping White Nationalist inspired by the President and the GOP war on diversity and immigration. As usual, these cowards only attack unarmed people/children and then their supporters call it Fake news…..

  8. so, will ALL white Senators and House Reps denounce this or are only Muslim congresspeople expected to condemn violence from people of color? <crickets>

  9. This is not going to get better anytime soon. I, for one, fully expect there will be serious violence in the 2020 elections. America has way, way too many people that think like the racist pig that did this thing, and they tend to be gun nuts.
    your stupid big headed racist president is the reason for the rise in hate crimes and this sort or domestic terrorism.
    Eventually, America will have to recognize that it does have a problem with terrorists, but most, the great majority, are home grown. Will America be burning in a bloody civil war, before figuring it out???
    One suspects that will be the case.

  10. If it’s shown that the shooter was a white supremacist it will not be long until trump and republicans label him a lone sick individual. They’ll never address the increasing amount of white nationalist terrorism or how more Americans die in the US from white nationalist terrorism than any other form of terrorism.

  11. People don't understand the degree that Trump's words mirrors these "manifestos". The average person see's his words as being offense, (which they are), but beneath the surface, heis speaking directly to a particular demographic. Go read some white nationalist literature, then re-read Trump's speeches and tweets.

  12. DHS also known at the Dept of Homeland Propaganda. May have been the 3 letter agency who staged this psy-op. The One World Order does approve.
    Psyopper's are gonna psy-op, and that they do around the clock, seven days a week.

  13. These are the trumpee nuts trump will cater to more and more as we get closer to the election Incase he loses. He will rule them up with it was rigged and they (Dems deep state, liberals) are trying to take their country so these violent tendency trumpee sycophant will wage a terrorist type war of violence against Dems, liberals, people of color and nonevengelical, anti trump politicians, reporters, networks etc. and AG Barr will do nothing about but claim it is just some “individual’ nut not a loosely organized group of trump terrorists

  14. Makes you scared to attend any public function for fear these white national nuts
    It's Trumps fault time to charge him for exciting violence .

  15. United States is now so crime permeated that its citizens are forced to carry guns whenever they leave their home.
    The best way to fight this is to allow open carry permits of fire arms in every state.

  16. Spin it any way you want, but, as long as people support Tramp, this will keep happening. Every Tramp supporter is responsible for this! All of them! Tramp and every vestige of his "kind" needs to be purged from the government.

  17. He called the festival goers “white twats.” More msm propaganda. Why can they just tell us the truth?!

  18. 4chan is a white nationalist message board … lololol … wonder if he hangs out with the hacker known as 4chinz?

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