it doesn't feel like though even though there is so much stuff you feel like there's still something missing that we need to take what doesn't miss in one thing it's a pretty big thing hello and good morning everyone we are heading out for a seven day cruise and then we are going to stay a few extra days at the port where we leave which is Puerto Rico down in San Juan it's gonna be beautiful it's going to be amazing and I want to make sure our family is 150 percent prepared hundred fifty percent an understatement I think are 183 percent prepared this is just the boy stuff guys buckle up we're a packing vlog of epic proportions might be a lot of me talking to those of you that are traveling any big getaway I have read several blogs I've got on my Instagram account I've asked for people to give me tips and hints and anything I can have to make this a completely successful trip where I'm not having to buy stuff on the boat because for instance we were in Lake Las Vegas our kids got burnt I want to show you this hefty price tag $17.99 I bought this at the hotel eighteen dollars to buy this how much is that a Walmart for example II like three dollars okay maybe like five or six this is why you go prepared people this is why you go prepared if I have it I won't need it so let's just have it ahead of time but I want to show you guys some of the things that I have found through reading several blog posts several hours of doing research of what it takes to take a family on a trip specifically for a cruise where do we even begin first of all I want to tell you guys we're gonna gun for seven days and then extending that trip so we're actually we got a total of eleven days what I have done is I have packed the kids their clothes I have got eight complete outfits with swimming suits and shirts some of theirs to make suits they might be able to are twice I've also packed five pairs of shorts for each of them because some days they're gonna not wear the shirts we're gonna be swimming they compared that shirt with a pair of shorts and if I need to do laundry on the boat I know there's facilities I could do that also sometimes you might be staying at a timeshare whatever that there's laundry facilities in your place we had that in Hawaii and that was awesome so I did laundry there are 12 pairs of underwears packed for the kids because some of their swimming suits require them to wear underwear under their suit we've got five pairs of pajamas they'll wear those twice I don't even think we're packing socks because we just don't need them I'm doing a pair of flip-flops and a pair of Tevas they'll probably where they're like fans or something on the boat to also what is unique to this trip that we've never done before is you're going to have a formal night I have packed their church clothes with their dress shoes slacks white shirts and ties so they're going to look very very nice they've got everything here laid out and a second white shirt that's a short sleeve for the semi-formal night that will be nice for them to look a little jazzed up for the actual staterooms that we will be in I read several people say bring all of these things it's not possible to bring every single thing that I've read so I have to look at our family and go what are things we're going to actually use we have a couple of these we'll probably bring three of these they don't allow power strips on some cruise lines so I'm avoiding the power strip but you can do these they plug into an outlet and then you have four USB and you have six outlet so you can put into one thing this is what we will be using also for the staterooms this has been one thing I had been told to get an over-the-door organizer hang this in the bathroom but you need to get magnets to attach it to the door you can't hang things over the door this can hold like 20 Latrese toothbrushes if you really want to but their shoes in like the last two rows so you don't have shoes wandering everywhere I know people have said they lose a lot of flip-flops on vacations also be a place to put your flip-flops this is like what my 6/7 cruise I'm like those you have not been on a cruisee rooms are not very big like even the big big nice rooms are not big balcony rooms not that big we got a junior suite for our room still not that big the bathrooms above all are nothing there is like you might as well go potty in the shower because of all one thing in fact they have stand-up comedians on the ships that do like entertainment and most of their jokes are about the bathroom and the staterooms so that is why these things like organizers are so helpful you can hang it from the door you can load things in there because otherwise there really is no place to post up there's not like a nice closet no counter space at all that's just how they do cruises they pack them really tight so I know is that's why that kind of a thing is a really good idea because we are a family of seven we can't fit in one room my shoes aren't big enough so we've got one room before Madison and the older boys and bran and I will take the little kids I do have two of these one for each room also another thing Brandon thinks this is ridiculous that's okay my mom and I know more about the pop-up mesh hampers I wish I have this in Washington DC because the kids take off their clothes and they fling up we can just keep laundry in one place that would really help packing up very smart maybe they will have like a thin claws that we can put that in there kids can just throw stuff in there every single day you'll get like a paper dinner area my kid itinerary and I was told bring highlighters you can highlight the stuff that's important that you want to do cruise on even yeah see today's they're doing activities at the pool there's stuff on every deck of the ship there's so much going on that you've got to say I want to hit this show I want to go to this ice carving thing so there's so much Monson remember we went to like an auction one day it was really yeah just random but it's just one ball so also another thing I'm gonna keep inside the staterooms is I have a bag full of snack sandwich storage and gallon sized bags because there's gonna be time so we're gonna be off about the entire day so what we'll do is we'll grab some extra breakfast items or have stuff sent to our room put it in zip locks and that will be snacks for the kids during the day that's another thing I've got for the room so that's some of my organization tips for keeping the room organized well-managed making the most out of minimal not as minimal is what I would say you job like I told you we have two separate rooms I've packed the older boys toiletries the little kids toiletries one thing I wanted to tell you from my toiletries I pack everything into these like it's like a plasticy material I put it in here and look what happened when we went to DC you could use a ziplock I particularly like these that have a zipper and everything so my shampoo actually opened up and got everywhere inside of this now imagine if that was all over your laundry yeah so it's important to use Ziploc for these are just little things I got from buying other stuff one thing I forgot to mention with the staterooms our boys are in an inside room it is very dark which is great for sleeping in but I got them a nightlight for them to put in their room just so it's not so dark and scary I also bring along with me all the kids hair products I put everything in zipbooks I do bring the water bottle I use that a lot but I bring it empty otherwise I have learned don't get water everywhere I keep a package of wipes in each state room and I'll probably carry one in my backpack just because you never know if you're gonna have sticky fingers we need those constant we use them all the time I use them all the time at home I have one of these little bags for all of the things I hope you never need here's a few things that I'm gonna keep on hand some of these are specific to a cruise tums hand sanitizer I have several of these first aid kit Dramamine for kids Dramamine for adults these are wristbands they go and your wrist and you put them right on your pressure point that helps with motion sickness then you're not having to take the drugs but we've got both just in case we just don't know what our kids are gonna be like we've never traveled on a cruise with them tied to go pin pepto-bismol for adults and children eyedrops and ibuprofen for the kids I feel like we are prepared this is the one that will probably stay with me more in my backpack of things I need if we're off the boat or whatever but also in this bigger one I'm taking Andriy detergent in case I do end up having to do some laundry waterproof band-aids I did stick in here about lots of antibacterial ten pairs of the wristband just in case container once again a lot of this stuff is very crews specific because if we were just going to like Hawaii for example we would need to bring this much stuff because you can just go to the grocery store and get it when you're on a Kruse and you're only in a poor person amount of time we have activities that are already pre scheduled to shore excursions it's not gonna be a lot of like a go to the convenience store we're not gonna really know how to get around to any of those things really this is why there is so much what feels like excessive packing of every last thing that you might possibly need because you just might be caught in a situation where you don't know where or how to go get whatever that thing is and like Minnie said at the very beginning of this you can always find it for about five times the price if you want to do that if you got it at home anyway why not pack it up bring it buy it you can buy the store brand so it's cheaper more affordable making this like a very crew specific packing vlog which I kind of like because we've done these for like road trips we've done it for our Hawaii trip was kind of like a long flight tropical vacation thing and this is more like a cruise specific and it just feels like you know with the formal nights and the different organizing things you need and the medicines like there's just more to it feel like yeah it's a lot more to take you I think you need to be a lot more prepared so now that we've talked about keeping everything inside of us healthy and strong we need to talk about keeping the outer side of us healthy and strong which means one thing sunscreen lots of sunscreen I have several different types of sunscreen several different SPF some for your face some for your body you got lotions Stix sprays literally got everything great tonight just do this one joke everything under the Sun I also stuck in here some goggles and dive toys a backup pair of floaties but I will be bringing Hazel's Coast guard-approved floaties that she wears this little zip lock right here full of sunscreen this is the one that will be going with me everywhere we go several different kinds it's important to care your skin and wear sunscreen as much as you can 11 days in the hot Caribbean Sun and if you get burnt on the first date it's going to make the rest amount miserable we're gonna take care of our body sunscreen it up that's almost wraps up everything we have you guys last thing I want to tell you about is this pretty little fan I got we don't normally carry cash when we travel never but I feel like every single time we've traveled I'm like oh I wish I had five bucks to tip that guy when you go onto the islands some of them don't accept credit cards we brought lots of bills especially like the street vendors that kind of walk through with a car braiding your hair or selling you snow cones whatever it is you got to have cash for those yes so what I did this time I ended up getting $200 in cash they did $50 and $100 and 5s and $50 and ten it's important to know I wouldn't ever take more than $100 off the boat with you you have to whatever you take off are you willing to not come back yeah so you've someone steals my backpack and at least I only had $100 and there I'll be like okay it was $100 it could have been more money than that so you know when you go to the airport check your bags the skycap whatever you're always looking for fives or one keep somebody handy you keep it available I'm like oh no bring cash with small denominations and never all of it all at one time well I think we're all set I feel like we could use some really cool new merch to take on our boat I mean these clothes are cool but we need to swag it up a little just a little okay we figured we needed some new stuff to take with us see you guys we have ordered up very very limited quantities of a few things we are gonna start it off with a really cool vise guys you might have seen her I guys sport in this vlog just kind of teach you guys let you know that something's coming he has not taken it off every one of his friends did begging for it everything this one's gonna go over big where you guys thanks Ultra limited quantities we ordered very few of these visors every single person on our trip is taking one Michelle and Daniel included another thing is is we know that we needed liner it's to carry our key cards so we bought these and you guys are gonna see as we're gonna use it on the trip this hashtag hashtag ABCA 2019 that's the hashtag we're gonna be using on our whole trip I also got the Bingham logo and TI h WB you guys remember we're going to the ABC islands of the Southern Caribbean that is the ABC ABC but we're gonna be doing 2019 cruise specific language we do have a few of these that we're gonna be putting up as well I feel like we need to wear something cool yeah yeah yeah I mean we got our T's our kids but we do have them in adult so you ended up getting logo two tank tops for us to wear on the cruise they're really awesome on the back again it has our cruise specific hashtag ABCA 2019 so you guys to check these out I mean when I say limited quantities I mean I think we found the tanks we only got like I think we have know some of them we have like five of each size these are like super ultra limited edition and so mad props whoever snags them up we apologize for those who aren't able to it just posted kind of a fun almost like souvenir from us to you guys on the trip it's awesome little bit darker gray than any soft this is an OG Oh brand pink top these are very these were a nice one that we chose and on the back it has these cute slits and then again the hashtag on the back so we made the hashtag small if it's not something you want very bold it's a little bit hidden again we're so excited about these visors lanyards and tank tops available for purchase head on over to this is how we being I'm calm slash swag and get yourself some I think this almost wraps up our entire hacking vlogs well that wraps up pretty much all of the packing needs that's just the box oh my gosh that looks amazing boy that's not mom that's not me hey Z's over here but that's a lot of stuff guys and then as you guys know lots of vlog gear goes into this I got my backpack full of GoPros drones batteries vlog cameras all of that goodness the laptops now we are a little concerned you guys we have the best a lot like terrified we have the best internet package that Royal Caribbean provides it is their highest top and one in hopes that we can edit and upload vlogs you guys there is a chance that the internet might not be strong enough to get vlogs uploaded while we're at sea we don't know we've never done this we're like do we go off the boat and find a place on the island to upload a vlog you will find a way to when you guys make sure you are following us at this is how I think I'm on Instagram because I am confident that we'll be able to at least do stories using their Wi-Fi while there so we will be doing stories all day every day we will still be shooting editing vlog and attempting upload them if you don't see them it's because we are without internet but we are trying and we will upload them as soon as we are able to even if that means getting off the poor going to some internet cafe whatever it is we will bring you the action from the cruise I feel like this is pretty much it we've just got to get it into suitcases into bag does feel like though even though there is so much stuff do you feel like there's still something missing that we need to take with us missing one thing it's a pretty big thing now we can officially go pack up we've got everything we want and need Matt are you ready to go to Puerto Rico I'm so ready oh let's go with Maddie here we've got literally everything we need for the screws we are ready to rock or packed up we haven't done the carry ons yet we might do that in tomorrow's blog stay tuned kind of the last piece that we need to do we're gonna clean the house ice up mom's foot get her arrested get her better make sure she can walk and do all the fun things run on the beach all the stuff that we want to do while we're out there on our cruise so great having Maddie here it is one step closer to cruise time it's feeling real it's happening that's going down Mary I just feel like we're so excited you guys I mean it's about go time make sure you head over to this is a compact check out that exclusive mark that we flying off shelf say there's alter limited edition so we were super sorry if you don't get your hands on wine I enjoy it for those of you who do come back tomorrow I just pack some carry-ons get ready to head out we love you thank you thank you so much thanks for being a part of our family see ya you guys are gonna see as we're gonna use it on the trip this hashtag ABC yah 2019 yeah everyone's ABCA oh my ABC yeah now with Maddie and I don't know what I'm gonna say I'm gonna do it again here we go ready

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