What To Do When A Family Member Is In A MLM Scam

Friends and Internet neighbors multi-level marketing scams use many
different methods of influence to keep people involved in the business opportunities
as long as possible. Some of the common techniques
that are used are reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, and Authority. Many people view these
methods as cult-like. One of the common questions that I receive from family members that have a
person under the influence of a multi-level marketing scam is the following: My sister has been a distributor for a multi-level marketing scam for almost 2 years now. It is like she is in a cult. I really do not want to
lose my relationship with her but her whole life revolves around the multi-level marketing scam. She has tried to get me involved, and I have declined multiple times. I also have only tried the products she has giving me for free. I refuse to waste my money on it. The products never work
and her excuse is that they don’t work the
same for everyone. I just do not know how to
carry on a relationship with her anymore because she’s been
taken over by someone I do not even know anymore. If I say anything
even slightly critical, I am being unsupportive. Please help. First of all, do not panic, do not overreact, and do not say anything that you will regret later. What you want to do first is you want to educate yourself about the scam your family member
is involved with. I have a link on my website that will give you 10 of the top scam busting websites that are out there, and they can help
you find information on the scam your family
member is involved with. Once you have educated yourself, you will be able to talk
with your family member very intelligently about the scam that
they are involved with. This is some of the most important information, so please hear me. When you do speak
with your family member, you can quickly become
known as a “hater” and they will stop listening to you. So please be considerate and do not attack them. Anytime you do talk to your family member about their involvement in an MLM scam, remain calm. It will be best to have other family members there that are not involved in the MLM scam, and it may be useful for you to have a friend of the family that has been involved
in an MLM scam before there so they can answer some questions about their experience with an MLM scam. Ongoing communication with your family member is very important. This will allow you to reach them when they start developing doubts about their brand new road to success. Family members who are not hostile and remain calm will not be viewed as a threat and communication will be allowed. Demonstrate love and commitment, no matter what MLM scam
they are involved with. MLM scams use catch phrases to keep their members
from thinking critically about the business opportunity
that they are involved with. They will say things like, “The only way that
you can fail is to quit.” “A job is Just Over Broke.” They get you to view jobs as evil and people outside of the multi-level marketing scam as “Outsiders”. Whenever you are dealing with these folks, you want to remain positive, and you want to find things that you can mutually talk about… a mutual interest that you both have. Don’t be confrontational. Ask general questions
about their daily life. Like, “How are things
going for you this week?” Ask simple questions like, “How are you doing?” Do not ask pointed questions, where you sound like you are accusing them of something, and of course, do not
use the word “scam” in any of your conversations. In any conversation with
your family member, it is crucial for you to make
a connection with the past. A past where they were not involved with the multi-level marketing scam. It is important to demonstrate to them that past life had value,
happiness, and meaning. Life is often hard for
people in an MLM scam, and it is important for your
family member to know that there are friends and family on the outside who care
and will support them. It is a good idea to
encourage family and friends to communicate with your family member, but please keep in mind the things we have talked about previously on how to communicate with them. If your family member tries to recruit you into the business opportunity, just let them know that
their business opportunity is really not a good fit for you. If they persist,
they keep coming after you, just let them know that you
just do not want to argue, you do not want to talk about it now and let’s talk about something else. And you really want to
spend time with them and enjoy it. People in MLM scams can develop a different personality. That personality is based on the qualities and
values of the group and the leader of the
multi-level marketing scam. Members are taught
that they are the product of the people that are around them, and they are taught focus on the qualities of the people that are at the level of success that they want to achieve. The personalities that develop are usually not consistent with their past personality. There may come a time when your
family member expresses doubts about the MLM scam
they are involved with. Please keep in mind,
this just may be temporary. So, do not respond too quickly and tell them how horrible the
multi-level marketing scam is. Because it may make it very
difficult for you to have communication with them in the future. The best first response when your family member
expresses doubts is to just be a good listener and do not take a position. If they ask more and more questions, you can ask some
more direct questions. Eventually, as their doubts are repeated, and maybe expressed
a little bit more deeply, you can share information with them. But please preface it by saying, “You know, some people
gave me this information and I want to share it with you.” If they do not want the information, do not be aggressive. Just let them know that
the information is here and it is available for them whenever they want it. Sometimes it is much easier for a family member to see the flaws in a separate MLM scam. So what you can do is
you can share information that does not list the MLM scam that they are involved with, but points out very similar problems. And this can help them make that leap to leaving the MLM scam that they are involved with. Most MLM scam victims will leave within the first year of joining the MLM scam. 60 to 90% of people do. It is a very important when they do leave, do not tell them, “I told you so.” Be supportive and share unconditional love with them. Remember that even an
MLM scam experience is usually not totally negative. They may have learned
some very positive things while they were part of the MLM scam and they may go on to create a legitimate business in the future. So again, be positive and be a good listener as they leave the MLM scam. Once a person leaves an MLM scam, there are quite a few common
problems they experience. They can have guilt… they can have anxiety… depression. They have been
taught to blindly believe, and it can take some
time for them to redevelop their critical thinking. So, do not expect an
overnight transformation once someone leaves an MLM scam. One of the things
that can be very helpful is they can find a support group online of people that have been
involved with that same type of experience
that they have had. They can also help other people that have the same
experience they have had. So definitely that is something
you can encourage them to do once they feel a little bit more
secure in what they are doing. So I hope you guys have
found this information helpful and will help you deal
with a family member that is involved with an MLM.

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  1. if your income is based how many people you recruit horizontal or vertical its not for me. I just want to earn money online by selling goods or services. I don't want to build any team whatsoever !!!!

  2. Have you heard of PFA? My aunt tried to rope me into it, I politely declined and told her not to contact me about it ever again.

  3. Thanks Ethan. Great advice, I think. I'm dealing with this now with a family member. Watching them shift their priorities away from their basic duties as a family member is sad. It's hard to speak in a calm manner over this with them. I hope that works…

  4. if you are actually capable of math.
    you will see that this business
    is designed to have 1% in the top
    and 99% are suckers who makes you money and makes more money for Amway cause we only have a certain amount of population.
    its a pyramid but of course you guys will keep telling them false

    promises give them a dependency on your little circle of cult make them read books and listen to speech audio that supports network marketing for dependency and habit forming for maximum effectiveness so you can have your own human livestock.
    human sheeps I should say.

  5. this channel needs more recognition. i was a victim too and lost a lot of money i hope no one goes through what i have been through

  6. I worked an MLM job last year, and it was full of lies and deceit. They tell you sad stories to get your sympathy, then they tell you success stories creating false hopes of getting rich and owning your own business when very few people make it that far. In reality you're just minions working or the big guys at the top.

  7. My dad is 73 and has fallen victim to a Nigerian love scam. I dont know what to do. Long story short, hes my dad and i know he loves me dearly so i pulled a very desprate move because simply talking wasnt working very well. So, i threw a fit and threatened to kill myself if he continued. He stopped but i suspect hell fall into the trap again. Hes a puppet. My poor dad i love him so much.

  8. I have personally observed a MLM group hidden in a non-profit organization. They use that as a cover to attract college students joining them. What is seriously unethical is that they don't tell them about MLM in the first place until the students have devoted tremendous time and energy into this fake intern. At the end, some students want to hold the intern experience so they pay something to WFG. others really got seriously brainwash.

  9. These blood suckers will show up at your job begging you to get in on a special promotion 😂😂. If you don't get in they don't call you anymore.

  10. This has inspired me to do a story time video about how I lost my best friend to the aloe Vera cult several years ago … it was so stressful and upsetting to see her destroy herself and continue spending money and chasing a dream

  11. My sister tried making me shell out a lot of money into her MLM, I’m glad I wasn’t convinced but she wasn’t happy and it’s caused some tension and awkwardness between us. It also makes me sad because that’s all she talks about and still tries to convince me to buy into her stuff.

  12. The words "Fuck Off" are powerful, unambiguous, plain, and understood by all. True, a little harsh and hostile but it works.

    Someone is going to tell said family member it's a scam, ruins families and similar relationships. Its best to tell said family member like it is, no sugar coating, no nothing. If they feel that statement is unsupportive, it is. Refuse to support a scammer or be party to a scam or scammers.

    Sometimes tough love is needed

  13. Yes. MLMs are a cult. I was involved in one that had conventions and rallies. The sponsors and "mentors" are deceivers who are only interested in pursuing their goals by the use and "commitment" of your duty to serve the "business." They really want you to
    "invest" in this so-called "business opportunity" so that you can develop financial freedom/independence. However, they are more focused on using the manipulative tools they've already been subject to for many years, so you may not even notice these tactics being performed on you!
    You have the FREE WILL to get out of these organizations. I can see right through their lies and deception. Though some followers probably really do truly believe in this dream and are so devoted (like in a cult) they are willing to convince you otherwise. For instance, they get really defensive and nasty when you confront them about their wrongdoing.
    All tactics to persuade newcomers into the " business opportunity" are with the use of getting you to do the talking first because they want to know what you are passionate about so they can manipulate you into buying into the "business."
    Ugh, it's a shame these types of schemes are still around today. I can't tell you how many people have lost their marriages and families because of these types of devious people out there selling the dream (it's usually not about the products, it's about selling people the dream/vision of being wealthy).

  14. Anyone who "demonstrates love" and "remains calm"… Will still be shunned and blocked – it's not your fault. It's the business cult programming that works much like religious cult programming.

  15. My parents pushed the sentiment that Quixstar later Amway were some of the best.

    To this day, we still use some of their products, and my parents, my father especially love their energy drinks and food products (not going to lie, XS Energy drinks and some of the food products are really damn good). Hell, I'll even take a can of XS or two to work overnights so I don't have to spend money on Red Bull.

    My mother is more so into their facial care, body care, and cleaning products which I never really cared about. She'll even drive around door-to-door and sell some of their products. Most of my parents' friends and even some extended family members like my aunt use some Amway products.

    Hell, the toothpaste, mouthwash, even breath spray I use comes from Amway, and the vitamins oh man the vitamins they use are what they would really push and up until now, didn't think twice about the type of company Amway really is due to my parents talking them up throughout my life.

    That and the business trips we'd take to different states so my father could make huge demonstrations to crowds of people, but the last trip my parents ever took is when I was in high school, and I'm in college now.

    Seriously hard to believe now as an adult that your parents played into a scam and promoted it at the same time, but I guess that's what childhood brainwashing does to a person.

    I knew there was a reason I thought about my parents when Vector Marketing over the summer offered me a position, because it's the exact same thing they do, but they never told me, which also definitely explained why they also said that it would've been a great job to work.

    I also knew that there was a reason as a child why I questioned what was so special about Amway products that my parents pushed, especially in comparison to other products, because I now realized that they really aren't special at all.

    My father plans on retiring from his union construction job in a few years, but both my mother and father say that they'll never retire from Amway as they view it as a family oriented business and such.

    Speaking of which, I never understood this as a child either. If Amway was so great and led to great opportunities and wealth, why the hell was my father working a construction job as his main source of income instead of living up to what Amway claims to offer you?

    The indoctrination is real, and I'm glad I broke out of the Quixtar later Amway craze when I did even though it was only just recently as an adult.

  16. A problem a lot of concerned family and friends have is a inability to separate their loved ones from the pyramid. Don't ever ridicule or belittle ur friends that have joined MLMs. They are not fools, they are people just like u that are looking for a way 5 exit the rat race.Nobody wants a 9 to 5 unless they are retiring. Show them u care about them whether they succeed or fail

  17. I wish I had been able to get info from you back in 1995 when I got sucked into Mary Kay. info just wasn't out there that I could find and when I went to try and evaluate if it was legit, I just drew a blank. X( lost a lot of money …. but at least I learned and never did mlm again!

  18. My brother is in this and it's changed him. He's a little robot and listens to nothing but motivational speeches and talks down to me because I got a degree. I have a steady job with excellent pay and he is 18. I feel like he's become this brainwashed person and it's scary. I don't recognize him.

  19. Excellent advice. Thank you for taking the time to create this video. I hope it helps a lot of people.

  20. Some people succeed and make money but most people don’t. It’s a personal choice anyway. If I could turn back the clock I wish I never touched MLM which nearly made me lost all my family and friends.

  21. The "big elephant in the room" is that people in MLMs are all liars! No one says it, but that's the core problem. They have to lie to propegate the ruse. So, I troll the comment sections of YouTube videos where individuals push their MLM scams. I just go down the line and respond truthfully to people's questions and comments. I call this a form of vigilantism–and its not a lie.

  22. I have family and inlaws that have gone into many different mlms and lost thousands every time. Every time they try to rope us in and get really offended when we say no. they are narcissists also. Narcs are quite susceptible to get rich scams.

  23. I'm newly employed by a company like this. They told me they saw something special in me and before I even began training invited me to a regional leadership meeting. After the meeting I was elated, full of piss and vinegar and ready to grind for the shot at being an owner. Then I overheard the name of the parent company. Smart Circle… hmm. A Google search led me to this video and others. Thank you for putting things like this out, these companies are virtually identical. Fortunately I'm able to bs my way through all the cultish nonsense without falling victim to the brainwashing. I plan to get a bit of sales experience and gtfo!

  24. Another thing to be aware of regarding MLM scams – when you google things like "Is company XYZ a MLM scam?" the results that are returned are often fake websites purchased by company XYZ in order to make their scam look more legit…recently I researched a diet pill MLM scam company, and the first result was a site called "dietpillswatchdog.com"…guess what? That site RAVED about the MLM scam company and said they were legit when in fact "dietpillswatchdog.com" is part of the scam! The scammers are relentless in their attempt to quash any online criticism of their scams and they prop of tens of thousands of fake sites that are all part of the con. It really is unreal the extent to which these MLM fraudsters go to steal your money.

  25. I almost bought into the beachbody MLM, but one thing stuck out at me in their “business opportunity” vid. She keep saying if you don’t want their life don’t take their advice. And don’t go to family members and ask them about the MLM ask me or the person that referee you to this video. Like what the hell chick, you are making no sense whatsoever. So you saying I shouldn’t consult my husband? I don’t want his life and I shouldn’t. Absolute foolishness. Thanks for this video🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  26. The irony is I was given a 40 sec mlm ad before this video started I hope people didn't fall for it and push it before you started to talk

  27. I was in Amway when it was called 'Quixtar' in 1999. There was so much hype back because of the internet boom. I left a year later once I saw their deception. Too many religious nuts and my up line didn't like my metal clothing.

  28. 2 People have targeted me. Luckily I have common sense. Now, when people say there is a seminar/conference for a 'business' opportunity, I just say good luck, but no thanks.

  29. Get them to a psychiatrist. Omg I remember you. Well I do thrifting and I know that sports is rigged and predetermined. Someone I know bet three teams $50 and won over $500

  30. I would tell a loved one "I told you so" to make sure the point is well taken and driven home so they won't repeat that mistake. Yes, its hurtful, annoying and harsh but it will save them in the long run and they will never do it again with constant reminders.

  31. These scams are so manipulating you’re mind people.. developing and starting your own business needs to come from your own mind.. not the mind of another man’s “success” don’t fall for the illusion of other people’s IDEA of what success looks like.. be your own fucking boss babyyyy!! 💋💕

  32. A Friend of mine tried to get me into an MLM once, I don't really remember the name, it was years ago. I was surprised he even thought of me, I am not rich or anything, but I had an income I can live from and can even save up for bad times.
    I work in a technical field so when he talked to me I asked him if we could do the Math together, I asked him how much product he thought someone could reasonably sell in one hour and he agreed that any sustainable Business worth investing in – even if one would aspire to be higher up the hierarchy – had to provide a livable income even to those whithout a downline (no people under them). I thought his estimates were much too high. But I didn't want to give him the impression that I didn't have an open mind and just wanted to talk him out of it.The interesting thing is that the payment structure was deliberately opaque. But we figured out the Math and even with his high estimates a salesperson wouldn't even make minimum wage (not even close) if you include business related expenses like gasoline etc.
    He immediatelly began to defend the company and said that you could propably sell even more in an hour once you had established customers. You get the Point. He did everything to invalidate the math we did with the figures he provided. I didn't speak to him for a while after that event, what didn't surprise me since I was a little bit pissed and called him an idiot (which was propably neither the nicest nor the most effective thing to do).
    A few months later he called me and said that he got out of it a while ago and that he lost money, but that he would've lost more if he didn't have to think about our calculation. I think that showing anecdotal evidence is futile with these cult like structures. But if you provide someone with hard numbers he may deny it for a while, but the seed of distrust has been sown.

    P.S.: I find it very interesting that so many people think MLM's are sooo amazing. Why the f… don't we buy groceries from MLM sales people? Because it is inconvenient. So why would anyone think that MLM's could be legit. If they had such a great product they would just go to whatever Stores there are in your country and they would put in on their shelves. There is no business reason for MLM's besides worker exploitation and money extraction.

    I postet this before on another MLM video… But I think this approach is far more effective than just use anecdotes.

  33. My sister started this crap a few years ago and it didn't last too long luckily. She tried to sell me stuff for weight loss and I politely declined and she only asked me again once or twice after that. She quietly ended her "business." If my dumbass naive sister (who tried paying 5k to go to a nursing program in Africa for a semester from an non-accredited college) can manage to remove herself from an mlm, anyone can!

  34. I sell on amazon. You don't know what you will find in thrift stores. I have two websites and my friend does this mailing piece where he is helping companies out for better mailing. We say the same thing about these scams. How do people really feel and get involved with.

  35. Two friends nerv me with their try to scam me. They are like Insects to me now. Brainwash young boys that think the are big in business gross

  36. What was the company? Omg I literally can’t. How did this become such a thing ? Do people just not care they are a scam when they join???

  37. Words of Wisdom, Sir!
    Unfortunately, the Cult-Assimilated mindset is immune to reason and logic.
    Amway have had 60+ years to fine-tune their methodology to perpetuate their Scam.
    Not unlike the cognitive dissonance exhibited by Creationists. Try telling these people Planet Earth is 4.9 Billion years old, not 6,000 years.
    Same Rules Apply.

  38. "OK, so I must be one of the people this product doesn't work for. I tried but it isn't for me so I won't buy any more."

    "It's not that I don't support you but that I won't support this company/this type of company. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the kind of business. Please do not bring this up to me again because I do not want to talk about it any more."

  39. The MLM's aren't all scams if they make money off the products instead off of recruiting people. You can be successful but it will take more than 5-10 years of hard work

  40. Someone once tried to sign me into World Ventures. I watched a video about 20 minutes long filled with people laughing and smiling and traveling a million times a year and paying almost no money. It seemed to be selling a way to travel that required a monthly payment. So you pay monthly and get to travel for really cheap. But I noticed the video said *does not include plane ticket*. I was like -isn't that the most expensive part of a trip? And I started thinking, what would I be getting a discount on? Can't I just search online for deals on hotels or packages to other countries? If you go to other countries in off seasons, of course it will be cheap. Then the lady that was trying to recruit me said there was a business seminar the next day that was almost full and she needed to sign up 1 more person. Oh, and you paid a couple hundred dollars up front too. But I would "miss this opportunity" if I didn't go tomorrow. She was a nurse and was telling me she was "about to retire from nursing" because of this program. The whole thing screamed of a scam, so to get out of it (I'm not good at confrontation) I said "let me go home and pray about it, and I'll get back to you on this later." We were at a Starbucks. She then said "do you want to go to the bathroom and pray and then let me know? I can wait". I was shocked. I left after that.

    I watched this video because my smart, but naive older brother is deep into Amway. I wrote about World Ventures in case anyone was thinking about joining. But with my brother, so far his wife has left him, his kids don't talk to him, and he's renting a room in someone's house and works at whole foods. But he's convinced he will be a millionaire. And will literally only talk about this business opportunity and way of life to all of us. He's been in it for 2 years now. And only about 1 month ago did we all find out (by accident) that it was Amway. We found it so weird that he never once told us what the company was. Not one detail. Now we know why. And now he won't talk to us because we all know it's a scam. It breaks my heart that he can't see what this decision has done to his life. His kids are all under the age of 8 and they barely know he exists. It's heartbreaking. Makes me want to take down Amway. But even if Jesus Christ showed up in his room and said "Amway is a scam", he would find a way to defend it and try to get Jesus to change his mind. It's sad. This video was very helpful though. I showed it to my other brothers. We need a lot of patience with him. It's hard because he's super super arrogant and talks down to all of us even though his life is falling apart.

  41. Can you do one on Grant Cardone. Thanks … he looks legit yet I have doubts in investing in his products especially his Cardone University (ie Trump University) What really get me is programs like this teaches people to become excellent sales person but devoid of any knowledge in a trade. If everyone became salesmen what will they sell when the majority of these gurus disdain college education where actual skills are learned.

  42. I have completely cut connections with my mom after she got involved with MONAT and until she gets out of it I will not contact her.

  43. Ethan, that is great advice!! I would like to add reporting the MLM scam to the local Authorities. In Australia we have https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam. I'm sure USA, Canada, UK have similar Government Departments.

  44. A friend got sucked into amway years ago. He was like a robot repeating all the garbage he was told. Took a long time but he finally realised it wasn't happening. We don't bring the subject up now.

  45. Its nice you have made these videos, however I disagree on a key point. You need to tell these people right away they are wrong and tell them why its a scam. This whole video you tell viewers not to ruffle feathers, yet in another video you are passionate about gun control and have no problem telling people why. You need that type of passion here too. Im not for gun control but I think we want same/similar results which is less gun injuries & deaths. Anyways, with that preface out of the way 🙂 heres my own story unfolding rapidly over the past few months. My dad is in his 80s. Great guy, watches a lot of "live until 100" youtube vids lately and other supplement products. He orders stuff often and can afford to do so. Seems harmless until… here comes my sister in law I will call "E". Ten years ago she was signing my dad up to "Melaluca" supplement products. He had a heck of a time canceling. After that MLM failed about 4 years ago she started up with WFG. We all know its an MLM scam but shes slowly transitioned out of a great medical field career into this financial product MLM. Even my dad felt it was a scam back then. Well, forward to today and he is very forgetful and my sister in law is changing all of his life insurance policies (so she makes commission) as well as changing his will and even the family trust (with a multi million dollar corp involved). So much is going on right now its disgusting. Im getting my attorneys involved with a second set of eyes but who knows whats been changed. My sister in law has coupled this WFG MLM scam with religion and thats the real hook, line and sinker IMO. She preys on family and friends within her church community. When that community is exhausted, she and my brother move their kids to another private school and they focus a year or two on that community until its exhausted. Absolutely disgusting. Whatever happens with the family business Im not concerned as I have my own business which does well financially. What gets me though is I have a sister who unfortunately didnt do so well in life and another brother who is on the verge of foreclosure and he has 5 mouths to feed. Whatever is in my parents will and family trust would be life changing for them, and now because of this whole WFG MLM scheme everything is upside down. I could care less if my sister in law E reads this. Let her understand what shes done to the family with her lust and greed.

  46. My brother joined Amway several months ago. He's in so deep that he can't be reasoned with. He didn't just drink the koolaid, he's bathing in it.

  47. Very helpful information, thank you! I have a friend who's just joined one and I'm hoping to support them as best I can.

  48. Hi I need help.

    I joined an MLM here in the Philippines thru my officemate. She said she's setting up a business and needs a partner. I quickly said yes. Right after our "coach" discussed how it works, I second guessed myself. I am forced to message my friends, relatives and other officemates to join as well. That's not me. I went to their office to get an insight and see if I could change my mind. But it's still a no for me.

    How can I leave this MLM scheme?

  49. My parents were involved in this for years and still not making a penny. Idk how to get them out. I tried so hard to get them out. But my parents don’t want to listen to me.

  50. You know it's bad when a family member lies and says "Mom is sick,get here fast" show up and mom just has a headache and there are 4 other people there waiting for me to show up so the MLM meeting can start. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  51. I hate these MLM scams! I lost friends to this mess. It’s ruining lives and relationships. Why aren’t they made illegal?

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