What The World Doesn’t Know About Christopher Walken

Everyone knows actors can be a little peculiar,
but few are quite as bizarre and fascinating as the legendary Christopher Walken. Here are a few things you may not know about
this beloved film icon. In 2010, Walken told The Independent about
a phone call he once received from Marlon Brando. Apparently, Brando had seen him dance in Pennies
from Heaven and wanted to get in touch with his choreographer, in the hopes of setting
up a musical variety show set in his own home. Brando himself would play the piano, and everyone
including Brando would dance. This all came on the heels of his claim that
he had lost around 100 pounds on a crackers-and-milk diet. Sadly, The Marlon Brando Variety Show never
quite came to pass. “But that’s something we all missed, I
think… that show.” Walken’s real-life public persona is somewhat
inseparable from those of the dark, bizarre characters he plays and his ability to pull
off scary and threatening comes from a very real place. “I’ll make gravy out of your little girl.” In an interview with Total Film, Walken said
of his youth in New York: “[It was] like living in a horror museum
because there are so many strange people walking the streets and riding the subways.” The tough attitude he developed was a survival
skill meant to make sure no one would mess with him on the streets. He also admitted, however, that he could never
really make it as a villain, since he considers himself a serious pacifist. Walken has more than 130 acting credits to
his name, and it’s no secret that most of those characters tend to be oddballs, villains
or both. “Shhhh.” But there are some villains even Walken won’t
play. He told The Independent that he has turned
down roles playing characters with no morals whatsoever, saying, “I have always refused to do something that
has offended me. I have been offered potential roles that are
totally vulgar.” Walken also told Vanity Fair in 2012 that
he’d be open to playing other kinds of roles, too. In particular, there’s one character type
he wants a shot at playing. He told the magazine: “I haven’t played a regular guy. You know, a dad with kids. But I’m not sure I’ll ever get that part.” There are two kinds of people in the world:
those who love animals, and those who just kind of acknowledge they exist. Walken falls into that first category, and
once told Parade that one of his favorite things to do is just watch the wildlife outside
the window of his Connecticut country home. Walken is also an outspoken proponent for
animal rights. Join me and create the peaceful coexistence
with our wild neighbors.” He’s no fan of captive animals despite having
once worked as a lion tamer when he was 16 and wishes the world would do away with zoos
and circuses. He’s also done some work with the Best Friends
Animal Society celebrity campaign, and is a huge believer in animal adoption. Walken thinks of his own cats as his children,
telling Parade: “Frankly, if there’s such a thing as reincarnation,
it would be wonderful to come back as my cat. […] I’m not sure you could do better than
that.” Cooking is something that Walken almost takes
as seriously as acting. According to The Observer, he comes from a
family of bakers, and, thanks to his immigrant parents, grew up on a combination of German
and Scottish foods such as head cheese and oxtail soup. Walken himself is a little more mainstream
in his tastes and loves cooking everything from Mexican to Thai. He said he prefers cooking at home to eating
out, and almost always skips dessert. His dislike of sweet things is a holdover
from a youth spent surrounded by cakes, pastries, and vats of chocolate. Walken even almost had his own cooking show,
but nobody could agree on the format. Walken said the networks wanted something
carefully scripted, and when that didn’t sync with what he had in mind, he gave it a pass. He has, however, considered going another
route. He told The Observer: “I thought I’d get a couple of those cameras
and put them in my kitchen in Connecticut and just, you know, turn it on whenever I
felt like it. […] I thought I would have a hotline you
know, a red telephone. And [viewers] could call and I could give
them advice about their love life.” We’re sold. In an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
Walken revealed that, despite his often-violent on-screen nature, he’s never fired a real
gun. He said: “There are too many guns in the real world. I know people with guns, and they always say
the same thing. ‘If somebody breaks into my house, I have
to be able to defend myself.’ But what they’re really saying is, ‘I hope
somebody breaks into my house so I can use this thing.'” Walken also spoke out against sport hunting. He called the Hunters Channel the most obscene
thing he’d ever seen, both because of the nature of hunting itself and the hunters’
gleeful reactions at killing beautiful, living creatures. Finally, he warned: “Guns are out of control.”

100 thoughts on “What The World Doesn’t Know About Christopher Walken

  1. He was great in Sarah Plain and Tall as a regular guy with kids. Though that role was as a regular guy from over100 years ago, as opposed to a modern day regular guy.

  2. Spoken like a true leftist. Let’s take all the guns away so we can become victims of people like Christopher Walken and all his communist friends. You can tell him from me, that when he and his Hollyweird bolshevik buddies give up their cushy lifestyles and their private security personnel and come down from their ivory towers and live amongst the real Americans that’s when I’ll talk to them. Less than that…..they can go pound sand…..Christopher Walken …..a true Hollyweird idiot savant.

  3. sarah plain and tall

    it starred glenn close and chris walken. he was a single dad all little house on the prairie style

  4. I took the guns away from the people for their safety. I then loaded them on to trains cars. They died of starvation and dysentery in my camps. I am a liberal.

  5. So to be clear, what the "world doesn't know" about Christopher Walken is everything he's told every major magazine with global circulation.

  6. hes gay read were natalie wood went back to the boat caught him an robert wagner in an uncompromising position whatever position that is its known in hollyweird roberts gay your sins will find u out!!!!

  7. Walken's age must be getting to him, cause he played the dad in Blast From the Past…soo…yeah…that's dumb.lol

  8. i guess mister walken don't know how many guns it takes to keep him living his free life.?? but, all this actors are wack jobs.

  9. I’m surprised they didn’t touch base on the fact that he was on boat in Catalina a long time ago and some actress died. She went overboard and the death is fishy

  10. Even with his stance on hunting and guns I still like watching this guy. Would love to see him do a cooking show. Keep it to YouTube channel.

  11. Claims to love animals . . . boils octopus while lecturing hunters.

    Claims to be a strict pacifist . . . plays many mobster characters and kills countless people on the big screen, as well as hires bodyguards to use violence on his behalf.

    Claims to hate guns . . . has no doubt hired armed guards when he goes out in public and has been protected countless times at Hollywood events by armed guards.

    . . . seems legit.

  12. Such a shame…I used to LOVE Walken, but his "people want guns so they hope to shoot someone, someday," (paraphrased) is way off the mark and a real jumping of the shark. Sorry Mr. Walken. I have a house full of guns and ammo and I NEVER want to use them against a human. One's life is turned upside down by having to shoot someone, even if 100% justified. My guns are cause I love them, I like to shoot and if EVER NEEDED, they are a tool you will sorely wish you had at your disposal. Sorry, Chris, but we are thru Brother….

  13. "Guns are put of control."

    I really like the parts I've seen him in. I would have emensly enjoyed his cooking show. I'm happy to hear about his stance on animals. His view on guns is sad to me. It sucks that you ended this video with that.

    I think most people don't want to hurt anyone. More than the desire to never hurt someone, is the desire to never be hurt by someone. There is nothing unnatural about this.

  14. Yes, going to the zoo, and seeing the animals born and bred in captivity for the amusement of humans makes me feel sad as well- particularly the larger primates. The unhappiness shows on their faces, and it’s hard to ignore

  15. He played a father in "Catch me if you can". Not a "leave it Beaver" example, but still a dad. And I love the anti exuberant hunter take. As I can't stand excitement about killing for sport… But, I will submit that without hunting, certain animals would over populate a given area and starvation would be a worse demise than being hunted. Always enjoyed Mr Walken's performances.

  16. What a crock of shit lmao He's nothing but a grocery store hunter. Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense. Hunting is cruel and wrong that's why I buy my meat from the store cause I'm to much of a pansy to kill my own food. Get of your high horse CW you're no better, in fact you are worse. At least my food died free rather than in a cage loaded with disease's and pumped full of antibiotics. If you really cared about wildlife you would educate yourself to the importance of regulated hunting and how hunters are the biggest contributors to conservation.

  17. Purports to love animals but wants to do away with zoos? Really??? Sounds like another Hollywood type that doesn't understand what going on but loves to say all the buzz words.

  18. This is why I like Grunge over WatchMojo. All of their videos are short but straight to the point. If mojo did this, this would've been a 15 min pointless video

  19. I’m with him on the elimination of zoos and circuses. Both are criminal. I am not against hunting for food; I support Ted Nugents’ philosophy.

  20. Yes Joseph Rosen I did and it was telling. I couldn't agree with you more. The love of money is the root of all evil!

  21. Loved him in The Deer Hunter when he was shooting pool & dancing to "Can't take my eyes off of you" so handsome!

  22. It is none of our Bussiness …but he is allegedly and most likely a closet gay man.
    Why would the search lights not be turned on to help find Natale Woods body when she died.
    Did she really catch them in the act and did she know about an affair between Wagner….most younger people may not care…it was like an O jay situation that is highly unresolved…….they did not want to be exposed…..your true character shows on your face after around 50 …..have they aged well?….

  23. I have always liked this man and now I have even more respect and love for him. He knows how precious animals really are.

  24. He's wrong. People who own guns aren't hoping "someone breaks in so I can use this thing"

    That's absurd. Leftist bullshit.

    Trust me, gun owners are hoping they never have to shoot anyone. At least the ones I know

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