What Software & Apps To Use For Social Media Marketing

hey guys Jordan here today we're going to be going through all of the software that I use for my social media marketing agency so we're going to jump on the Mac but two things before we do number one quick hair transplant update for you guys as you can see it's growing through thick and fast at the moment I don't know how well cameras gonna pick that up but I'm dead happy it's growing a little bit sprouty at the minute when you first when it first starts to grow through it grows like bolt upright which is happening at the minute a little bit untamable so apologies for this frailty look and but over the next couple of weeks it's gonna start forming more naturally I'll be able to pull it forward which I'm looking forward to I'm about five or six months in for those of you who are interested and I'm over the moon and number two is a little bit of Student Success to ship I've been meaning to upload this video or share this on my youtube channel for a couple of weeks now one of my students sent me a video and just wanted to let me know about how he was getting on it's always really great to hear about my students success and about their progress obviously I heard about it in the group world of time but it's nice to receive personal videos of how they're getting on and so instead of talking about it I'll just show you the video he sent to me said a really good job I think he signed up to the course in early October quit his job by the end of October and I think he's now on like five or six thousand a month I think at this stage of this video he just signed up I cannot another client for three thousand pounder map so really really great work his name is Luis and let me just show you this hi Jordan I just wanted to make this quick video really just to say thank you I bought your course at the start of October really because I was interested in social media and I really didn't want to work a night until five anymore moving forward at the end of October I now own my own social media marketing company called social individuals I can't really put into words how much how much your course and you have helped me throughout this time really I left my job at the end of October as soon as I started my company with one client on a thousand pound I've now just signed a new client today worth three thousand pounds so my monthly retail is at the moment is on four files on par no what am I done oh yeah it's just a quick video really just to say to say thank you to you and to say to anyone watching that you can't achieve what you want to achieve if you put the hard work in and the dedication you will get that so yeah thanks Jordan okay cool apologies for the autofocus there I could see that it's really struggling to keep up with that I've as you've bought another lens for that as that drazen which is coming tomorrow anyway yeah really good work Louis and you're killing it you're absolutely killing it if you're watching this you're doing a really great job to just continue what you're doing and if any other students watching this and you want to share some success that you've been doing in a minute I know we always put it in the group just send me a personal message as well and you want to get showcase on the YouTube channel more than happy to chuck them up on here anyway let's get into the bulk of the video what we're actually here to do today is go through the software that I use for my social media marketing agency this is also crushed cross over into my personal brand as well so use a loss of the same stuff that but yeah I yeah I get asked this a lot and I get messages on Instagram all the time about asking kind of what software I use or schedulers i use what payment processors are use so I thought I'd make a video just to combine the whole lot I'm not going to be going in depth into each bit of software giving you toriel's because I could make a video for each of these bits of software but I am going to cover exactly what it is I'm using so without further ado let's hop on to the map first of all one one Google Chrome maybe just wonder what it says I actually forget what its app is it's just like some some weird app but not some weird app but it's just some app for when I open up a new tab gives me a time and a quote or whatever right so starting off with productivity I've done a video on this before I an app that I use or a bit of software that I use to keep me productive is Trello now I have a whole video of this on my youtube channel so go check it out if you don't what Trello is now Trello is what I use to keep on track of one of my daily tasks to keep on track of my client tasks to keep on track of my team and about projects that I'm working on at the moment it's just my productivity to a well I keep absolutely everything and it keeps me on track now just very quickly I'll just show you this so on Trello you have a number of I think they're called cards and you can completely personalize this it can be however you want it to be so I've got a notes area I have my projects here I have today's tasks got future tasks ago built a sort of waiting for input and I've got a complete folder as well and you can create cards at any points that if I've got a project right now so create ads for Brewers Steakhouse I don't actually work with a Brewers Steakhouse for the way and I can create that task for there and you can keep it I can add labels again this is not an in-depth video I do have a full video of this on YouTube and I actually have the whole template that I use so my to-do list template on that video so go check that out if you are interested in it but Trello is what I use for all of my productivity needs and to keep me on track I then use Dropbox now Dropbox is what I use and for files and for both file storage for myself and for files take getting files over to my team and also from my clients to me so the actual Dropbox account I've got live now is my team account so I've got Mary about mark or Gary and these are all people within my team and and I send them over content and they need they send me over content and it's just a way for us to all share content and share files that we need to trade between us instead of and email them over individually and everything getting messy you can just be nice and organized and we can create subfolders within that now I think it's like ten pounds a month so it's very cost effective and it's a really easy way to do file sharing excuse me now I also use this for my clients as well so I have a Dropbox account for my clients monthly not going to get it up now but my client sent me over all their content as you guys will know I have my clients are responsible for the content that we use on their pages I'm not responsible for their content so they send me over they upload all of their content into a Dropbox folder every single month I have one folder for each of my clients and they just content in there my team will go on there and take that content off and then schedule it in so that's Dropbox now talking about scheduling the scheduling software that I use is called buffer and so I think there's like HootSuite and loads of other scheduling software's buffers the one I use it's very very easy to use again very very cost effective again this is my personal branding page up at the moment is my personal branding account so you can upload any of your social channels or all of your clients social channels so here I have my Instagram and I have my Facebook and very very simply you can schedule all of your content just using this one piece of software they've got a really good mobile app as well and which I have on my mobile phone and so you can schedule on the go and you can keep track of things on the go I'm sorry I haven't tickler my phone and so yeah I mean just showing you very very quickly again I'm not going through all this software individually but if I wanted to share something on my Facebook page I would just very simply put in here what you want to share I can type of state to survey guys and I can add an image or a video of any sort I can then tick face them Instagram so easy so I can just have it sharing on both platforms and then I can add this secure now I haven't actually written any content in there I need to include some kind of image let's see what I've got we're all thinking no no my share that okay I'm just got some random image here so if I want to share this image come on come on come on it's gonna finish up okay I'm gonna fast forward this to when this is actually done okay so I'm not sure what went on there I mean it's playing up in a minute and sort of the image uploaded and you can then customize it for each network if you want so you can choose further content to be different on different platforms and then we can add it to the queue so you can set your queue so you can set the days and times that you want to post and automatically add those those images or content into that schedule for you so if you want to you can upload like ten images or ten videos with their captions hit add to queue and it automatically set them in designated date and times that you've assigned one buffer or you can put it manually so you can share now or we can share next or we can schedule the post for a date and the time and we can just hit schedule I'm not going to do so because I don't want that to post randomly on my page now one thing I also really like is what I do with my team on here is I have posted we have scheduled and my team have to basically send me post to approve so when I am using a quite an anal person when I'm posting on Instagram when I'm posting on Facebook I want to make sure that my posts are perfect so I give my team full rein of my personal channels so my Instagram and my Facebook but they can schedule posts and I have to approve them until they actually get posted so as you can see here this tab of a waiting approval these are a few posts that I haven't got around to yet that meri and one of my team members has scheduled in for me she's written the content she's uploaded the picture and all I need to do now it's going to edit the content his approve and it's going to go straight into my queue so that's an reason I really really like buffer and it's very very easy to use so buffer is what I use for all of my clients and all of my personal branding needs and all of my posting on Instagram and Facebook and any other social channels that you want to use so that's my scheduler we didn't have a content creation tool and that is canva.com it's a really really great free online content creator and whether that's infographics for the next advert I mean it's everything and you can see here on the template there are tons or hundreds if not thousands of templates which you can use to create online graphics and just really really really good tour with free version is way the pro version is even better but it's not massive difference between the two and so for instance if you logging on to canva you can click on find template to say we want to make a Facebook post I mean this tool is so so good so let's just find something here we've got a Facebook post with a charity bake sale so here we go I mean it's already coming up with scenarios for you we can then use this template and edit this template as it is we can change the text we can change the font we can move everything around I'll see if I can show you the slide I mean it just does away with the need to teach yourself Adobe Photoshop and unless you want to go kind of more in depth and you want to really kind of dive into content creation but when you're first starting out this is such a good tool and so charity bake sale and we can change this here to Hardee's caf I don't know a Hardee's cap but just to show you how easy this is to use I mean this background image you can change you can change the color of this text you can you can change everything we can move everything around we can scale it we can change add graphics we can change the layout if we want to so it just really it's just a really good tool and it's a really great content creator so if you are first starting out on your journey or you've got clients already you're looking for ways to create dynamic add interesting engaging ads and you're running out of ideas get on can burgers you go the amount of times that this thing has saved me on kind of inspiration so yeah that is my content creator we then have my payment processes so are you used stripe and I use PayPal both of them for the same and different reason stripe I use generally to to manage all of my client payment so I've got a video again on YouTube going through how to set up automatic payments you can set up automatic payments on stripe the fees are really low and it's just a really easy way to to process payment and reoccurring payments with clients and you can just very easily will automatically actually do this it will automatically transfer that money from stripe into your business bank account I then have PayPal and which I use for things like coaching calls it's integrated on my website and some people pay for my course via PayPal some of them do pay by stripe as well very rarely do I take client payments through PayPal because PayPal has much larger fee so generally it's just things like coaching a personal branding stuff which go through PayPal and also I pay lots of my staff by PayPal as well my team members because my team members doing International and paper house easiest way to get money over to them without paying astronomical fee so PayPal values for that and they just send me over invoices every month and I then pay them invoices very very easy to use then finally I use free agent now free agent is a bit of accounting software software that I use to keep track of all of my accounts now if you're new in business and you like this new world of expenses and receipts in the minute of so many just just in my drawers everywhere and if you're new to business accounting can get very very daunting and paying an accountant to do absolutely every forward everything for you can be quite expensive and so me being me I wanted to keep track of everything myself I do have an accountant but I wanted to keep track of all of my expenses I wanted to keep track of all of my taxes and free-agent is a very very easy bit of software for you to use web software to keep track of all of your account with your expenses all of your receipts all of your taxes and even your invoicing to clients if you're doing kind of manual invoicing it's just a really really great bit of software and you can keep track of all of the money you've got in your bank account and your combined accounts as well so basically a free agent can link in let's say you've got a Barclays business account you can link your Buckley's business account to free agent and you can actually see kind of live how much money you've got in your account and you can link all of your accounts like your PayPal stripe and all of that and just keep track of everything all in one place straight from the mobile app you can be eating business lunch and you can take a picture of your receipt straight from lunch and upload it onto your accounting software and it will automatically link in with your government's over a child Revenue and Customs in the UK or don't know who it is in the US and you can sort out all your payroll and everything on there as well so how I pay myself my dividend and all of that fun stuff and that is what I use free agent for and that is in a nutshell all of the software that I use the main pieces of software that I use for my social media marketing agency I hope that this has been useful as I said I mean I cannot go into I mean this video will be hours long if I went into each of these individual pieces of software and really kind of ran into them I'm sure there's and loads of videos about these individual bits of software all over YouTube if you do want me to make video about individual parts of this video let me know I'd be more than happy to do so but yeah I hope you got value from this video I'm gonna put links down below of every single one the softwares and I don't actually think that any of them have affiliate program so none of them will be affiliate links and unfortunately but I'll just gonna put them down there anyway and hopefully you can it value from now I'm actually going to do a video on my hardware hopefully next week so I've done my software I'll do my hardware like my camera I'm using my tripod my microphone my map my what I use when I go to meetings my lighting setup my lenses I'll go through all of my hardware so hopefully you can get tons of value from that as well and if you've got any questions as usual drop them down in the comments smash that like button make sure that you make sure you subscribe with your notifications bell turned on and it yeah I'll be back again next week cheers guys

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  1. Jordan Platten , where is the link to your course ? The software apps to stay highly organized are Trelo.com for to do list, dropbox for files for team , personal and individual clients, Buffer scheduling for file sharing , free agent app for accounting software and strip app/pay pal for accepting payments but you do not take payments from clients on paypal. Taking Notes. Thank you

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  3. Hey Jordan, nice video! 😀

    Just pointing out – eClincher has an integrated Canva feature, and it also has more total features than all other tools. Surely it's worth checking out. Do you have any thoughts on it?

  4. What would be your thoughts about managing apps like eClincher? I've used it for a while and it's proven quite beyond useful.

  5. Wow, thank you for such a valuable video Jordan. I think I’ll be using all of these when I start my agency

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope this is very helpful to know more details on it then full information is here:-

  7. I love trello I just started using it about a month ago and it's user friendly and keeps you on track for sure!

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  9. Great video. Do you use any funnel building software, e.g. Clickfunnels?And any email automation software e.g. Active campaign?
    Do you charge clients extra for using the software such as buffer or get them to set their own accounts up and give you admin access?

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