What makes sharia law so dangerous to Western society?

>>Ankerberg: What is it that makes sharia
law so dangerous to Western society?>>Emir Caner: I think the greatest thing,
the entire base of Western society, I think, is based on four freedoms, but the greatest
of the freedoms is religious freedom. And we hold it dear, and not simply being in the
American Constitution, but being biblical from Matthew 13. In Islam, though, Muhammad
said in Bukhari�s Hadith, volume 9, number 57, if a Muslim changes his Islamic religion,
kill him. And so you have, in places across the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, where,
if someone denies Islam who was a Muslim, he or she is put to death. It is so not only
anti-Western, but it is against everything that the United Nations itself has held. And
that�s why Muslims no longer hold to the United Nation�s Geneva, but holds to their
own Cairo Declaration that denies the issues and what we hold most dear in our own hearts.>>Ankerberg: Yeah, 57 countries at the United
Nation�s OIC [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] has actually opted out of the human rights
declaration of the UN and has instituted, they want sharia law, and they�ve just said
that�s what we�re going to do.>>Ergun Caner: That�s why most of us see
the advent of, or the spread of sharia law as one of the most dangerous things we�ve
faced. And it is fraught with landmines and problems all the way through it. There is
no individual rights. It�s a one stop shop. Whatever�s the edict, whatever comes out
of it, it�s carried out within 24 hours. There�s no appeal. The one who is found
to be guilty of the Pakistan 295c, if you�ve violated, or blasphemed the prophet, within
24 hours you are put to death. The appeals process is nil.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up will spread this around as much as I can good info thanks(sharia law ,a law for people who have no brain).

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