What It Takes to Be the World’s Fastest Marathon Runner

(bouncy piano music) – [Narrator] Kenenisa
Bekele is one of the world’s fastest marathon runners. He runs the 26.2 miles in half the time it takes the average runner. – [Narrator] He has
explored the boundaries of human potential and
pushed his body to places that only few could ever dream of. Every year, the world’s
top marathon runners come to the Berlin Marathon
with hopes of breaking the world record, running a marathon under two hours, two
minutes, and 57 seconds, and in 2016, Kenenisa almost beat it. – [Narrator] While other cities
host marathons each year, the world’s leading runners
have their sights set on this particular track. – [Narrator] The human body
is not built to run marathons at Kenenisa’s desired speed,
so for the last 15 years, Kenenisa has been
putting in the hard work, training twice a day, every day. But pushing his body to unthinkable limits means the possibilities
of getting hurt are high. – [Narrator] And Kenenisa
shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to explore his body’s limits in the hopes of achieving
his ultimate goal. (lively, bouncy music)
(audience cheering) (bell chiming)

100 thoughts on “What It Takes to Be the World’s Fastest Marathon Runner

  1. And those dislikes from some 9 years old thicc boys who only plays video games and eat and doesnt show respect to their hardwork

  2. I am 13 now but when I was 11 years old I finish mile 6:35 is that fast plus I am a Somali and Somalia people Eastern Africa people are the fastest because it is part of survival

  3. That’s amazing I ran in Los Angeles marathon which was 26 miles (42km) and I ran it in 4:30:00 imagine someone being able to run that in half the time! Amazing. Also if someone thinks 4:30:00 is slow I’ve been trying to be a runner for a long time but my BMI is my problem, I’m 6’3 and weight almost 200lbs

  4. My half marathon time is 2 hours and 10 minutes. He finishes a marathon before I can finish a half marathon

  5. No he is not the fastest marathon runner please change the tittle.yes he is one off the greatest 10 and 5 k runner but the fastest marathon runner no

  6. I want to be the fastest person but that takes a lot of tanning and to be an Olympic it takes a 1 person life

  7. The first time I took notice of him was when he broke the 5k world record. Still mindblown by that, 15 years later!

  8. Didnt knew he his PB was a worldrecord with 2hr 2min 3 sec
    Before kipchoges WR the record was held by dennis kimetto with 2:02:57
    Bekeles personal Record is 2:03:03!

  9. I’m a big fan of Bekele’s and Kipchoge’s but I do think it is hard to compare their times – Kipchoge’s Marathon time for London and Berlin improved by nearly 2 minutes after advancements in Nike’s trainers and them having carbon fibre plates integrated allowing a runner to be 4% more economical….Bekele didn’t have this advantage. After suffering injuries and set backs Bekele is no longer in contention with Kipchoge anymore. Both fantastic runners but there’s no doubt Kipchoge’s jump in marathon pb times had a lot to do with the Nike Trainers. I for one though, will be hoping Kipchoge breaks 2 hours in his attempt this October 👍👍👍

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