What is WordPress? And How Does It Work? | Explained for Beginners

what's up guys so if you're watching this video it's probably because you've heard of the name WordPress because you're looking to start your first website if that's the case then I highly recommend sticking around to the end of the video but first let's answer the question of what is WordPress simply put WordPress is just a software that you use to build your very own website or blog and publish it on the Internet it is also called a content management system or CMS for you tech whizzes out there that like the lingo it was created back in 2003 and since then it has become one of the most popular website publishing programs in the world in fact WordPress powers 30% of the Internet that's a lot of freaking websites and guess what the best part is it's free why because WordPress is an open source software meaning that there's thousands of software engineers out there that are working on it every day to make it better and better so shout out to those silent Guardians watchful protectors those this is a Batman quote the beauty of WordPress is that you're able to choose from eleven thousand different themes which are just template layouts that determine the look and style of your website you're able to tweak all of the text including fonts and font sizes you can create buttons you can upload your images and videos and much more you can also choose from over 55,000 plugins and widgets to help optimize the functionality of your website so this is for people that want to maybe start a store or open up a gallery or whatever it is on their website there's endless opportunity oh and building your website with WordPress is all online so you can build your website from anywhere that you are as long as you have an internet connection so how does WordPress work well back when the internet was still somewhat of a new thing the only way to make a website was to use code in HTML or PHP format and your web browser would just interpret this code into colors and text and spaces that would form your website well WordPress works exactly like this except no coding basically it takes any change that you make on your website and up the code for you and then updates your website so never touching coding thank God because that stuff is like Japanese to me I'm American now if you're looking to make your first website you may or may not have noticed that there's a wordpress.com and a wordpress.org so you might be wondering well which one should I choose well wordpress.com is where you can go to make a free website with their web hosting but there's a catch actually there's several catches first your website could be deleted at any time if WordPress feels that you have violated their Terms of Service for any reason this is because number two you can't use ads to make money with your website number three you can't upload any plugins which help you optimize the functionality of your website number four you can't upload a customizable theme you only have their limited options number five you do not own your domain name so it will say something like your domain name dot wordpress.com and you're likely here because you want to make your first website with your very own unique domain name and no limitations if that's the case you're gonna want to be self hosted and use WordPress org which is just where you can download their free software let me explain by being self hosted you have access to thousands of plugins you have a unique domain name that you own yourself you have the ability to monetize your website with ads if you're trying to make those dolla dolla bills you have the option to create an online store and you have complete customization over your website so how do you create a self hosted website with WordPress if you go over to create a pro website com I created a completely free step-by-step guide that walks you through the whole process of creating your first website with WordPress and you can do it in under 30 minutes I walk you through getting your hosting selecting your domain name and customizing your website so check it out I'll stick a link in the description for you and before you go every new subscriber and liked that I get on this video helps my humble channel grow so if you wouldn't mind smash that red subscribe button give this video a like I will see you on the next video

41 thoughts on “What is WordPress? And How Does It Work? | Explained for Beginners

  1. Please ans
    Q. If it's so easy to create website through WordPress … Y should a person learn code….
    Make a video on advantages and disadvantages please!!!!

  2. Hello I just want to ask how do you make your video crisp when uploading to youtube? I tried to upload mine but it's not crisp, and whats the resolution of our computer screen?

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    At https://WPNoise.com we give you a lot of perks so you don't lose time with repetitive and basic WordPress stuff.

  5. So let me ask
    I free lance and about 80% of my clients ask me to do something word press related, i normally just tell them i can hard code it and reasons why

    Whats your thoughts

    Coding Vs. wordpress?

    I've always seen word press something for people that didn't know how to code, like Adobe Muse for web dev.

  6. Hi I'm looking for adding functionality/plugin in my WordPress website that will help me get me to assign customers to members of my team who can individually text chat/audio chat/video chat with the customers who have been assigned to them. Once customers register, I should be able to assign them to my team member. And Customers will be able to chat in their private space. My team member should be able to see all customers assigned to them.

  7. I just went to attend a short courses for online business/marketing where they informed me about WordPress.com creating your own website / Blog. And here I am learning a lot with your information. Thank you! 🙌😂

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