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Welcome to Sync Mind. Please Use Headphones and Listen Carefully. What is the goal of human life? What is the purpose of human life? Or in other words, why life? That’s the question. When it comes to life and existence, you never ask why. When it comes to fundamental
existence you never ask why because if you ask why then I have to tell you a story. When I say a story, even if it’s a real story, you know, a real story, whatever I speak if it
is not in your experience it is just a story. The only option that you have is either you believe me
or you disbelieve me. Yes? If you believe me it doesn’t
get you any closer to truth If you disbelieve me, it doesn’t get you at all. So, you never ask why. Right now, you are here with life. Why such a question has come,
‘what is the goal of life?’ Because the process is not
enough, isn’t it? Yes? The process of life is not enough somehow. Suppose you were bursting with
ecstasy every moment of your life, such a question
would never come, what is the goal of life? Because to live is the goal of life, to live and to live totally. To live totally does not
mean party every night. To live totally means, when you are here you must experience all
aspects of life and go. Whatever this is, every aspect of what this is must come into your experience
before you fall dead. Isn’t it so? Yes? This must happen, isn’t it
so, for every human being? Or do you want to just experience
10% of you and go away? You must experience what this life
is, totally, isn’t it? Before you go you must experience this.
If you do experience that then such questions will
never arise in your mind because that’s not the way existence is. Logically your question is very correct, ‘Ok, I’m living here,
what is the goal of my life?’ If I tell you, the goal of your life
is, ‘you must attain to God.’ So, we are making lots of
assumptions, isn”t it? We are assumption…
We are making assumptions about various things which are not
yet in our experience, isn’t it? The moment you make assumptions about
things which are not in your experience, you will become hallucinatory. 99% of the world’s religion is hallucinatory, please see. Because you are assuming things that are not in your experience and
working with that which you have assumed. The moment you give power to things that you have assumed, your mind will just fly off into all types of imagination and it will be more real than real. See, your imagination can be
more real than real. Isn’t it so? You go and sit in a cinema, it is just two dimensional, just play of light and sound, but its impact is much more than the life itself. Isn’t it so? Yes? You went and sat in an IMAX theater? Its impact is bigger than life, isn’t it? But is it bigger than life, do you think so? Is it really bigger than life? Not at all. It is just that imagination has such power. Imagination, thought, emotion… all these things are a way to pave the way. Now, I have a thought: ‘I want to go to New York.’ This paves the way. Once I say, ‘I want to go to New York,’ now, ok, ‘how to go?
Shall I buy the ticket, shall I walk it, what shall I do,
shall I drive?’ It’s paving the way. But if I sit here and go on thinking New York, I’ll never make it. Thought is not a reality that takes you there. It only paves the way, it makes you willing, that’s all. Yes? Thought and emotion only makes you willing. It’s never the real thing. But once you start giving too much significance to your thought and emotion, it starts… seeming like as if it’s the real thing, more real than the real. What you’re thinking in your head is more real then what’s around you.
Isn’t it so? Yes? That’s the whole problem with life right now, that… your thought and emotion has become
a bigger reality then reality itself. Now, this is like, you know, if you go probably in the countryside, there will be… what do you call them? We call them hand post. What do you call them here? You know? A hand post? What do you call it,
something – a marker? A sign post, Ok… So, these are called hand post usually because
they used to be made like hands at one time, you know, like this it used to be.
[Gesture] Have you seen them? Like this, it says, ‘this way to New York.’ So, you go and sit on this and you think you are in New York. That”s not New York, isn”t it? So, thought is only a sign post. It points you in the
direction you want to go but it never takes you there.
It cannot take you there. But people who think it is taking them there have become hallucinatory in such a way that even reality cannot get them out. Even if you… poke them with a knife, they will not know. They are somewhere else. Their thought and
emotion is far more important than that. This is a scourge which has taken humanity in such a big way, such a big way and of all the type of thoughts
and emotions that we generate, the religious thought and religious emotion
or spiritual thought and spiritual emotion are most dangerous because they are
powerful, empowered by the other worldly. Because of that kind of power, it just rules people. It just rules people so deeply and we can always see that some other religion that you don’t belong to, what stupidity, what nonsense they are doing but what you are doing is
just never visible, isn’t it? Yes? Isn’t it so?
Isn”t it happening every day? Because once the thought
and emotion becomes powerful you start believing it. Once you start believing something which is not yet in your experience, you are a dangerous human being. Because… all the conflict on the planet,
even today what’s happening, though people try to project it as, ‘it is good versus evil,’ though people are trying to
project it as good versus evil, it is not about good and evil. It is always about one man”s belief
versus another man”s belief. Isn’t it so? Hum? Always, between one man’s
belief and another man’s belief. Why can’t we be sincere enough to simply see, whatever we do not know as we do not know? What is the problem? This is the biggest human problem. They can’t see that
they don’t know. They have to bullshit themselves all the time. And this is not a joke. This is a terrible tragedy
on the planet, isn’t it? This is not a joke.
This is not a simple thing. It has cost phenomenally for
human life on this planet, phenomenally and still continuing to cost. But, what we think and feel is so
important, isn’t it? So, what is the goal? What if there is no goal?
What will you do? Will you die, tomorrow? Suppose there is no goal, what to do? You want to die? Isn’t it wonderful,
there’s nowhere to go? Yes? Isn’t it really great, there’s (no way) nowhere to go? You don’t have to work your way to
heaven, you can just live here happily! ‘No, no, no, we are going to heaven.’ If you are so sure you are going
to heaven what are you waiting for? If you are so dead sure,
you are anyway going to heaven, what are you waiting for?
I can’t understand the logic. [Questioner] Waiting for the ticket. [laughter] [Sadhguru] Waiting for the ticket! [laughter] All you have to do is, go and cut your throat in front of the temple, you understand? Whichever is your favorite temple, it will happen. People 100% believe,
‘after I die I will go to the lap of God.’ If you are going to the lap of
God you should not delay it. Really. Isn’t it so? Such a sacred duty
can you delay it? You must go, today, not even tomorrow. No, you want to live long. So, why are you postponing
such a wonderful opportunity? That’s because you are full of bull. You tell yourself things which are not yet a reality for you. I’m not questioning whether
these things exist, not exist. But it’s not yet a reality for you. If you talk about things which
are not yet a reality for you to put it very bluntly, it just amounts to lying. This lying has cost phenomenally, for individual human beings and for the whole humanity in a big way.

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  2. Although I enjoyed the first part I disagree with the encouragement for people of faith to take it upon themselves to get on with going to Heaven, Not very Christian

  3. i will learn u more logic…getlost…learn about goal of life from all books…and enquire is that right or wrong…then make u video…ok

  4. This slave labor reality is NOT REAL!!
    Truth will have the last laugh ..
    Lighten up guru. You sound a bit stressed. Dying's easy, Ascending is mastery!! Doesn't require Talk..

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