What is Nioh? Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello guys and welcome so in today’s
video I wanted to answer the question what is Nioh with Nioh 2 around the corner
I thought that I would delve into this game is a game I finished in the past
and I fought why not let’s revisit the game let me explain to you how it is and
so on so the easiest way to describe neo is imagine a samurai Dark Souls which of
course you might think samurai Dark Souls Sakura
but neo came out first so simple as that so neo was released in February 2017 it
was made by team ninja it was published worldwide by Sony Interactive and it was
published in Japan by KO techmo and since then it has had a PC
release so originally it was on PlayStation 4 but then it came out on PC
so you can get it on steam you can get it on PlayStation 4 now the game itself
is based in fictionalized 1600’s Japan and you play as a character called
William Adams now William Adams if you actually look him up on Google he looks
very much like Gerald Rivia which is ironic because we just covered that
yesterday now he is actually based on a real person in in history so he was a
western guy he went over to Japan and he ended up being trained as a samurai and
he became famous for being such a good samurai I don’t know more I’m not a
historian but that’s that’s all I heard and but the world of neo is completely
fictional right there’s demons there’s magic
there’s ghosts as like vampires there’s a whole bunch of different weird and
wonderful things in the game and what you have on this little shrine behind me
these little guys are called kodamas so the way it works in this game is you can
collect the kodamas if you collect all of them in a certain level then you can
get blessings from them which will make you more powerful for the level every
level you do you can do them as many time as you like if you want to go back
you want a farm and so on now you have something in the game called Amrita
which is a Evelyn soles so you kill monsters you
gather Amrita you then use them to level up simple as that
and along the way while you’re killing monsters or the corpses of other players
or anything like that you can then get item drops which you then need to make
yourself stronger there are items you can use you can throw bombs you can heal
yourself you can slow down time you can invigorate your weapons with an
elemental boost and so on now the thing is with a game like this Souls type
games is that you can attack the monster the boss whoever hundreds of times and
they won’t die they can attack you twice and kill you so the odds are very much
stacked against you it’s now to you to actually dodge and avoid the attacks
learn the mechanics of the fight nearly every fight you do the first time whoop
your ass a boss will probably kill you in the first 10 seconds but that’s just
how these games are designed and but eventually you will always be able to
work out that these fights are scripted so you can learn your way through the
fights it is actually really fun to watch live streams of games like neo and
Sakura and so on especially when you have hilarious deaths like I can’t state
how many times I’ve died to gravity more than anything else not even monsters lie
and the levels can be designed to be really annoying so like this level for
example you see here this is a sheer cliff so the first time I came into this
level I ran off this way for my diet so whoops now you do have different styles
of weapons you can have old arms you can have you can have samurai swords you can
have one-handed swords you have the weapon I’m using now and it’s down to
you and which style you go for also every weapon you use you can have you
can have different stances so you can see right now I’m in the high stance
which is my I’m holding my weapon up high because it is what worked for me
but I could do medium stance which I’ve selected you send so I said
for a style of attacking or I can even do low stance which is like you see it’s
again different it’s about finding what works well for
you and you might switch dance through different fights depending on the
situation you might use more than one stance further fight and that’s
something that is taught to you during the tutorial mode of the game now the
thing is with this sort of game is that the response time of the controller is
pretty much instant there is no delay you’re not going to be suffering from
animation locks and stuff like that because you need to be able to dodge in
the last second in order to survive different fights now the odds will vary
much all the time be stacked against you so it might be hard to defeat one
monster and then they’ll throw three of them at you at the same time and there’s
nothing you can do about it so you simply have to like get a thick skin or
take your time pull one back at a time if you can you
have ranged you see I have a bow and arrow and so on and you see these swords
it’s what I was saying before about fighting the corpses of other players
I’m obviously not gonna do that here because simply like there’s no room to
maneuver I will most likely fall off the edge if I do it now what your self in
this game you have these Hot Springs you can see which you can use to fully heal
yourself I cannot explain how relieved you might be sometimes to see these
because you might be absolutely struggling beyond your last bit of
health have no healing I’ve known nothing then you find a hot spring and
you lie all thank God now the thing again with a game like this graphically
I think it looks good you know so it’s not the most amazing unbelievable
graphical game ever but it’s it’s enough and also as well the the point of a game
like this is a something faster cliff have the point of a game like this is
that it the game has to run smoothly it has to run quickly it has to respond to
your controller as quickly as possible so to allow you to have the freedom to
dodge the attacks and so on so a game like this is a hundred percent based on
combat and your skills in combat by you have to learn your way you have to be
patient you cannot muscle in games like this you
can’t force your way through bosses through mobs if you do you’ll die
simple as that they will count or attack you and then they will kill you you
always in a lot of cases especially with some bosses the boss might throw ten
attacks to you before you can even attack at once you have to be patient as
simple as that so patience is the key to get through a game like neo or any Souls
type game and but like I said you can’t learn your way through these games so
you effectively have to be patient you have to learn your way through but when
you have mastered your way through a fight and give yourself up and so on it
can feel very very satisfying and there are different ways you can approach the
game as well so you could approach it however from a point of very very high
skill so you go in with no gear and just hope they have enough skill and not
dodging ability enough whatever to be able to take down a boss which is even
infinitely harder because you don’t have enough power to take it down or you can
take the easier route which is just the farm levels over and over and over again
get as much levels as much gear as humanly possible and then go forward as
this was my first Souls type game that’s basically what I did
I basically farmed the farm to farm to farm to farms but then I did eventually
take down the hardest bosses in the game so one of the bosses in the game he’s a
general and his attack power and his speed is incredible and unbelievable but
then to add to make it even more like brutal later on they have another
version of the fight where you fight two generals at the same time they’re not
the same guy that won they have different fighting styles so you have to
be able to talk both while also attacking both and they defend each
other so that game through that fight that that probably took me 10 hours plus
but then I eventually managed to get through it so now this game originally
it was actually supposed to be a PlayStation free game but unfortunately
what happens with some games it fell into development hell so it was
originally started to be created in 2004 but like I said it didn’t come out until
2017 so but these things happen the end result I would say it was worth
it you know it sold two and a half million copies neo2 is on the way I am
looking forward to neo 2 and so on now we have a game like this guys like I
said you will be able to find at this point given that the games been out for
a couple of years now you’ll be able to find speedrunners you’ll be able to find
people with amazing skills who have covered the game and so on and you’ll be
able to really get a glimpse of this game before you decide if you want to
buy it or not now I was actually tempted by this game with what they had was a
last-chance trial which you can find on my youtube channel which I will link in
the description what the last-chance trial said is that ok here is the first
couple of bosses of the game you have this weekend only if you can defeat
these two bosses then you will get DLC of download items which you can never
get ever again you can’t even buy them you can only get them if you defeat the
bosses during this weekend period so I was like ooh that sounds like an
interesting challenge let me let me try because I never tried something like
that before and I absolutely loved it I really
enjoyed myself for that whole weekend and I felt very very satisfied when I
got that boss down and then I was able to then I just you know got the game
when it came out and the rest is history as they say so anyway guys tell me have
you always been interested in neo are you looking forward to neo – I hope that
I am doing an okay job at least to explain what these games are you know
where in this what is series so thank you for supporting it so far really
appreciate your guys feedback so anyway guys that’s it for this episode if you
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