What Is National School Choice Week?

Every year in January,
millions of people wear these yellow fleece scarves and celebrate National
School Choice Week. But what’s it all about? Here’s what you need to know about National School Choice Week. First, the goal of the week is simple, shining a spotlight on effective education options
for children. And that means all options… traditional public schools, public
charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and
homeschooling. For families, National School Choice Week is the time to start
looking around for a new or different school if you want to make a change for
the next school year. Or, if you love your school use the week as an opportunity to
celebrate what makes it great. For schools and homeschool groups School
Choice Week is a time to bring positive attention to what makes them unique.
And for everyone in our country, School Choice Week is a chance to have a
conversation about why every student deserves a great education and explain
that when parents have choices for their children’s education, today’s students
can discover learning environments where they can be inspired, successful, and
happy. There’s something for everyone during School Choice Week and that’s why
there are tens of thousands of activities and events. All of those
celebrations are independently planned and they’re all unique, because every
school is unique and every student is unique too. so regardless of what brings you to
School Choice Week we hope you’ll participate, celebrate, learn and have fun.

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