what is up guys Alec here and today I'm going to be talking about what influencer marketing actually is and how you can use it in 2019 now with influencer marketing you have to understand that you don't directly advertise to your specific audience you pinpoint key leaders in your niche and drive your message through them the reason this works is because these key leaders have earned the trust of your target audience influencer marketing is becoming bigger and bigger thanks to social media and all its influencers with large followings when influencer marketing has done well most of the audience and buyers don't even realize that they're being advertised to not that they care anyway because it didn't ruin their Instagram scrolling experience now what do I mean by this when you scroll through Instagram you only want to see content from people that you follow when you see an ad it's often a relevant content that you skip past however that fashion blogger that you follow who posts all of her daily outfits actually advertised a dress to you through an influencer marketing campaign without you even knowing it if anything that influences audience is happier because they got more content from their favorite fashion bloggers now that's how powerful influencer marketing can be at the moment for every $1 spent on influencer marketing campaigns companies are earning $7 65 on average some companies even earning more than $20 for every dollar they spend however this isn't going to last long due to the fact that influencer marketing is growing in popularity with brands and companies so they're going to be making more marketing campaigns and there are influencers available so the prices will go up and the revenue margins will decrease for an influencer campaign to work you need to let the influencer be themselves and advertise the product as they see best this helps the message come across as authentic to their audience so how do you leverage influencer marketing to grow your business first of all the best platforms for influencer marketing in my opinion are in the following order YouTube Instagram and Facebook you move so you snapchat but I don't think it's doing as well the key factor to how well your influencer marketing campaign will do is how relevant the audience actually is it's not about the size of the audience but how relevant the fans are and how much they care about the creator's content now successful influencer marketing campaign takes time after the first few posts you should see results in revenue increase and brand awareness however it's after a good few months that your campaign really starts to show the big results when it comes to a few influencers mostly micro influencers they'll often be willing to do it for free in exchange for your product or service however it's not always the case when paying them always try negotiate but don't be too cheeky with your prices you want to build a long-lasting relationship with them that will benefit you in the future offering too little might offend them try and get in contact with influence directly avoid going through an agency because that often mark up the price so they can make more profit to do so I highly suggest just sending them a private message on Instagram or Facebook if not reaching out to one of their emails they have on the Instagram business profile or on another platform so hopefully now you understand what influencer marketing is if you do have any more questions about it let me know in the comments section below I really appreciate you guys watching don't forget to hit the like button if this video actually helped you again guys thanks for watching don't forget subscribe

8 thoughts on “What is INFLUENCER MARKETING and HOW TO USE IT in 2019?

  1. How to use it? Simple
    1.) Find influencers via search platforms like influencer auditor if needed
    2.) Collaborate with said influencer/s
    3.) Profit from shoutouts

  2. You are awesome! Please keep it up, keep posting fresh content because your content quality is over 100%.

  3. Hi Alec, how is it that my post is ranked #1 for a ~1 milion hashtag, and like #40 on a ~25k posts hashtag? Cant think of any logical reason

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