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On this episode of China Uncensored, What is Falun Gong, and Why is it Persecuted? Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your
host, Chris Chappell. July 20 is the 15 year anniversary of the
Chinese regime’s persecution of Falun Gong. To mark it, I’ve decided to compile everything
I’ve said previously about Falun Gong in one episode. So what is Falun Gong? Why, just the gravest threat facing China! Look at them there, standing still! Or here, sitting still! Can’t someone do something about this menace?! Yes, good. Okay. Oh, wow. Okay okay I get the idea. Wow. So what is Falun Gong and why is this happening
to them? Now, there’s nothing I’d like more, than to
treat this issue the way most Western media have– ignore it and hope that it goes away. I mean, do you know how hard it is to report
on this stuff? The Communist Party gets a little touchy about
Western media reporting on Falun Gong. Even if the Western journalists want to report
on it, that puts media companies in a tight spot. Are these companies going to risk getting
kicked out of China? Are they expected to risk losing all that
money for a poorly understood spiritual group, just because it’s the right thing to do? I mean just the other day I heard about this
crazy group of people who believe in drinking some poor guy’s blood and eating his flesh. Sounds like those sickos should be fed to
lions for sport. I mean, I’m sure there’s no way people might
have some misunderstandings about a heavily persecuted and suppressed underground spiritual
movement. When there’s a massive regime trying to spread
misinformation about it. Ah, if only there was an Ancient Rome Uncensored But, since this is China Uncensored, I guess
I’ll have to try and clear up some of the misunderstandings about Falun Gong, myself. Have you heard of qigong? Qigong is a broad term for movements meant
to exercise the flow of qi, or energy, through the body, that’s supposed to be good for the
health. Think of Taichi as an example. Falun Gong, which is also called Falun Dafa,
includes 5 qigong exercises. I think we can all clearly see why this is
a threat to the Party. Falun Gong also has roots in Buddhist and
Taoist philosophy and thought, so you get talk about things like karma and reincarnation,
tranquility, giving up anger and jealousy, trying to be
less selfish. Now, Li Hongzhi, the man who first taught
Falun Gong publicly in 1992, claims that he was taught a version of Falun Gong from a
master when he was young. And that the practice had been passed down
from a single master to a single disciple for a very long time. But, just because there are hundreds of traditional
Chinese practices like Falun Gong, passed down through the generations in exactly
the same way, does that mean it’s true? I mean, look at the symbol of Falun Gong,
the Falun or Law Wheel. That’s a swastika, a symbol of pure evil,
no matter how many thousands of years people have been using it before Hitler. Really? This is from 10,000 BC? But it gets worse. Whereas qigong usually is just about doing
exercises to keep fit and healthy, Falun Gong goes beyond that, and requires its practitioners to live their
lives based on three dangerous, subversive principles: Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. Luckily, there are those willing to stand
up to this madness. After the Communist Party started persecuting
Falun Gong in 1999, state-run Xinhua News Agency wrote, “The so-called ‘truth, kindness and forbearance’
principle preached by Li has nothing in common with the socialist ethical and cultural progress
we are striving to achieve.” Thank you, Xinhua. Now there is the voice of the people. I mean, Truth, Compassion, Tolerance? If everyone followed that, China wouldn’t
have the kind of systemic corruption that has made China great. Corruption is why people the world over know
the reputation of Chinese baby formula. And you know what they say, there’s no such
thing as bad publicity. So, obviously, the only people who would be
interested in this kind of thing would be a few, probably poor, elderly, uneducated
women from the countryside. I mean, the facts speak for themselves! When Li Hongzhi gave his first seminar in
’92, it was to a little over a hundred people in
a middle school in Changchun, Jilin Province. 7 years later, according to surveys taken
by the government, there were 100 million people practicing it? Wait, is that right?! That would have been one out of every 12 people
in China practicing Falun Gong. Huh. I don’t think, poor, uneducated peasant
women can really cover that. Actually, it even seems like some pretty high-ranking
people in the Communist Party were practicing. And in every park in China, you could see
more people practicing Falun Gong than even Taichi. It was also spreading overseas pretty rapidly. Man, Li Hongzhi must have been making a fortune! On all of the…free public workshops…and…free
online books…and especially when people were going around teaching their friends and
family the exercises…for free. So why was this becoming such a big thing? Well, China, as you may know, is not exactly,
well, it’s a sludge-coated wasteland. People tend to get sick, and healthcare was
becoming a problem. But apparently, one of the big draws of Falun
Gong was that people were reporting a lot of health benefits–even some rather miraculous
ones. People with cancer, tuberculosis, paralysis,
all kinds of nasty stuff, were getting better. So many people were getting healthier from
the practice, that government organizations started calling Falun Gong a beneficial public
health activity, and it was praised in state-run media and
by Chinese officials. If you took a walk in the park this morning,
you can see that the recent hard work the government has put into public health activities
has not been wasted. Every morning starting from 5 to 6 am the
city’s green grass, parks, and public squares become a morning exercise heaven. Wait, a minute! Isn’t state run media always telling me how
evil Falun Gong is?! Oh my, if you can’t trust state-run media,
who can you trust?! So for years, the government was actually
promoting Falun Gong because of all the health benefits people were experiencing. But more than that, China researchers tend
to point out that Falun Gong filled a spiritual vacuum that had been left in China after the
Cultural Revolution. Falun Gong was a traditional, Chinese kind
of spirituality that appealed to Chinese people. At a time when making money was the only thing
considered important, and getting rich was glorious, people liked something that taught them life
was bigger than the size of your bank account. And Falun Gong really must have meant a lot
to people, considering anyone’s practicing it after how hard the Chinese regime has been
trying to crush them. In 1999, then Chinese leader Jiang Zemin declared
the Party had to eradicate Falun Gong. The people’s daily reports that Falun Gong
is an evil cult. Falun Dafa is an illegal organization and
the decision is to outlaw it. Since then, Falun Gong practitioners have
disappeared, been tortured, raped, and killed in labor camps and prisons, sent to mental
institutions, even become the cornerstone of China’s organ
“donation” system, as they, have their, organs, ripped out and sold. And in the 15 years this persecution, genocide,
has been going on, Falun Gong practitioners have never fought back with violence. They have, however, been trying to tell people
about all of the stuff that’s happening to them in China. Which, really, is almost as bad. Why are Falun Gong practitioners always trying
to give China a bad name? I mean, they claim they’re a peaceful meditation
qigong practice or whatever, but they’re clearly getting political. That’s what I often hear Chinese people complain
about is political; that Falun Gong is political. No, the way you’re supposed to handle it,
when Chinese authorities do something bad to you, is…well, definitely don’t question
why they’re doing that. Just keep your head down and try not to think
about it. Definitely don’t talk about it, ever. It’s worked in the past, right? That way, the Party can keep all those horrible
crimes against humanity behind the scenes. Then, they can put on some nice shows like
the Olympics opening ceremony, or get placed on the UN Human Rights council, and then everyone in the world thinks China’s
great! And that’s what really benefits the Chinese people. Because the Party says so. But so why did Jiang Zemin launch the persecution
against Falun Gong? To understand what really happened, you need
to understand how Jiang Zemin came to power. Now, in case you didn’t know, politics in
China is a fairly dangerous game In China, you’re either rising in power, or
getting purged. And when you’re at the top, that just means
everyone else is gunning for you. Case in point, these two guys, Hu Yaobang
and Zhao Ziyang. China was just emerging from the decade of
horror that was the Cultural Revolution. Deng Xiaoping, the guy in charge at the time,
began a policy of reform and opening up. In other words, China was allowed to have
an economy again. If you ever have trouble remembering his name,
just think, with economic reforms, this guy didn’t want Chinese people to ever be done
shopping. Now Deng called Hu and Zhao his “left and
right hands.” Together, they implemented Deng’s economic
reforms. But they had their eye on some political reforms
as well. They proposed an increase in government transparency,
and pushed for greater accountability from officials, Hu believed in more freedom of
speech and of the press. They also launched an anti-corruption campaign
that even targeted the children of top-ranking Party elders. Hu Yaobang apologized for the misrule of Tibet
by the Party and pushed for greater Tibetan autonomy. What happened?! Why can’t we have that China?! Well, that’s where the Party hardliners, or
“conservatives” come in. They weren’t too fond of that whole, let’s
loosen the reins of power and let’s investigate our children thing Zhao and Hu were proposing. Ultimately Hu alienated a lot of people and
was forced to resign. Sorry Tibet! Problem is, even though he made a lot of enemies
in the Party, he was really, really popular with the people. And so when he died in April 1989, 50,000
students came to Tiananmen Square to participate in his memorial service. Then they figured, well, while we’re here,
might as well hold some protests. And the hardliners thought, eh, not so much. The Tiananmen Square Massacre marked the end
of the hope for political reform. Li Peng, the premier at the time, pushed for
getting the students out of the Square by force declared martial law on May 20 and he and other hardliners blamed Zhao Ziyang
for the protests and got him stripped of all power. Zhao Ziyang spent the next 15 years under
house arrest until his death in 2005. But now there was a problem. I mean, besides the piles of corpses in the
streets of Beijing. Zhao was supposed to be Deng’s successor. Who would replace Deng as the “Paramount leader?” They needed to find a compromise, someone
conservative enough to please the hardliners, but not so conservative that they would stop
Deng’s economic reforms. And that man in the end was Jiang Zemin, the
Party Chief of Shanghai. He had quickly supported the hardliners’ decision
to use force against the students, which they liked, and he had taken care of a little problem
for Deng, which he liked. The thing is, no one really liked Jiang. Nowadays, the Chinese youth today lovingly
refer to Jiang as haha. That’s because he kind of looks like a toad,
which in Chinese is hama. So they just changed a letter and turned him
into a living joke. And that’s about as much respect people had
for him back then too. Since he was from Shanghai, he had a very
small powerbase in Beijing. The Beijing clique, as it came to be known,
was led by Beijing mayor Chen Xitong, who became Jiang’s political rival. It was even believed that prominent a military
general and his brother, the President of China, were plotting a coup against him. That was only stopped when Deng Xiaoping,
who still was wielding real power behind the scenes, forced the president to retire, and
gave the position to Jiang, making him both the head of the Communist
Party and the quote un quote president of China, a tradition that carries on to this
day. That’s not to say Deng liked Jiang either. During his famous Southern Tour in 1992, he
specifically stopped by Shanghai, Jiang’s powerbase, and said the pace of economic reform wasn’t
fast enough, and that “central leadership,” in other words Jiang, was to blame. That was also right around the time Deng appointed
Jiang’s successor, Hu Jintao, who would replace Jiang at the 2002 National People’s Congress. Hu Jintao was the man Deng really wanted to
carry on his policies. So Jiang had until Hu came to power to create
for himself a powerbase, or else possibly face the kind of political purge that befell
so many others. So he started purging all the other jerks
that got in his way. First up was Chen Xitong, who was thrown out
of office in 1995 after a corruption investigation, and then sentenced to 16 years in jail. His son was also sentenced. By the way, you’ll want to remember that whole,
corruption investigation as a ploy to take out your political rivals. It happens kind of a lot. However, because Jiang focused all his energy
on internal political struggles, China wasn’t in such great shape. Systemic government corruption, a surge in
organized crime, unemployment, environmental destruction, and an ever-growing wealth gap threatened
the regime’s grip on the country. Whoa, I’m getting déjà vu. So what did Jiang do? He began a massive propaganda campaign to
show how great he was. Starting sometime after 1996, he made sure
state-run People’s Daily and the 7pm CCTV national news always carried stories about
him as the top news. That was a policy that would remain in effect
until 2006; four years after Jiang officially stepped down. At the same time state-run media was praising
him, he was also using it to crush his political opponents, like Chen Xitong. That didn’t sit too well with other Party
leaders. Using the media to smash political rivals
and promote a personality cult was something that fell out of favor after Mao Zedong kind of used it to ignite
the chaos of the Cultural Revolution, so it was pretty frowned upon in the Deng
Xiaoping era. And when Deng died in 97, Jiang lost the closest
thing he had to support. So as the 1990’s were coming to a close, Jiang’s
position looked shakier than ever. Jiang needed something that would cement his
power after retirement. And in China, there’s one way for that to
happen: Control the police, control the army. But how was he going to do that? On April 25, 1999, Jiang got his answer. Now as someone trying desperately to stay
on top, why won’t any of those jerks just like him? It must have been frustrating Jiang Zemin
to see how incredibly popular Falun Gong, and its founder Li Hongzhi, were becoming,
seemingly without even trying. Li was even invited to speak at government-sponsored
events, like this event hosted by the Ministry of Public Security. And after that event, the People’s Public
Security Daily wrote an article praising Li for his contributions “in promoting the traditional crime-fighting
virtues of the Chinese people, in safeguarding social order and security, and in promoting
rectitude in society.” Come on, People’s Public Security Daily,
what about Jiang Zemin’s contributions to “safeguarding social order and security?” Now wouldn’t it be great, if Jiang could take
Falun Gong down a peg, while at the same time cementing his own power base in the Party? Remember, Jiang rose to power by supporting
the Tiananmen Square Massacre. He knew what kind of fears mass movements
could inspire in the Party and he learned his lesson from that. So for the later half of the 90s, Jiang tried
repeatedly to make Falun Gong seem like a threat. China has a history of rebellions being started
by mystics and religious leaders, so if he could make Falun Gong look dangerous, he could convince the other Party officials
that they needed to fight the threat by beefing up the security apparatus, which he could
then control. So Jiang could be the valiant savior of China. But Jiang’s greatest enemy stood in his way–facts. Jiang launched a nationwide investigation
into Falun Gong trying to dig something up he could use against them. And since this is China after all, investigations
usually involved tapping phone lines, spying on people, and raiding homes. No expense was spared. And the investigation, well, let’s just say,
they didn’t turn up anything. In 1997, China’s Public Security Bureau launched
an investigation to determine whether Falun Gong should be labeled a “heretical organization” They determined, “No evidence has appeared
thus far.” In 98, an investigation by the National Sports
Commission of China concluded, “We’re convinced the exercises and effects of Falun Gong are
excellent. It has done an extraordinary amount to improve
society’s stability and ethics.” An extremely influential retired general in
the People’s Liberation Army, with impeccable Party credentials, Li Qihua, who said he began fighting the communist cause
when he was 10, wrote an article saying China’s leaders should look kindly on Falun Gong, and that they should actually start practicing
because it would improve their physical and mental health. And an investigation by Qiao Shi, Chairman
of the National People’s Congress, third most powerful person in the Communist Party, and biggest political rival of Jiang Zemin
at the time, found, “Falun Gong has hundreds of benefits for the
Chinese people and nation, and does not a bit of harm.” It’s like these idiots have something against
launching a baseless political campaign against harmless people! Don’t worry though, that would actually be
one of the last things Qiao Shi did as a public official. With the help of Bo Yibo, father
of Bo Xilai, Jiang defeated Qiao Shi in a power struggle
and forced him into retirement. So the investigations weren’t really working
out, but gosh darn it, that wouldn’t stop Jiang Zemin from trying to discredit Falun
Gong. In 1996, the Falun Gong books, which were
bestsellers, were banned from official publication. In 98, articles attacking Falun Gong start
appearing in state-run media. Police began stopping people from exercising
in parks, and started searching people’s homes. And on April 25, 1999, Jiang Ze Min finally
got what he was looking for. 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners assembled
outside the Central Appeals Office, right next to Zhongnanhai, the leadership compound
of the Communist Party. They were petitioning in response to the arrest
and beating of 45 practitioners in Tianjin the previous day. They lined up, appealed for official recognition
and an end to escalating harassment, and hours later, left as quickly and quietly as they
came. It was the largest demonstration in Beijing
since the 1989 Tiananmen Protests. Jackpot! So what, if the premier, Zhu Rongji, met with
the Falun Gong practitioners, and the issue was peacefully resolved. Jiang Zemin was there to stoke the flames. He argued that if they didn’t act quickly,
the Party would lose control of China! Don’t worry though! Jiang said he could wipe out Falun Gong and
in just three months. The only problem is, Jiang said, since there
were 70-100 million Falun Gong practitioners, they had “infiltrated” all levels of the
Party, even the highest ranks of the military and security bureaus. So it would be necessary for him to create
a security force that had unlimited power and existed outside the law, and outside the control of any other government
body and answered only to him or someone appointed by him. And that was how Jiang Zemin created the 610
Office, named after the day it was created, June 10, 1999–almost a decade to the day
of the Tiananmen massacre. And the 610 Office sprang into action on July
20. Journalist Ian Johnson, who won a Pulitzer
Prize for his coverage of the crackdown on Falun Gong, describes the purpose of the 610
Office was, “to crush Falun Gong, no measures too excessive. Within days a wave of arrests swept China. By the end of 1999, Falun Gong adherents were
dying in custody.” Now giving this kind of unlimited power to
Jiang Zemin, that didn’t sound too appealing to the other 6 members of the Politburo Standing
Committee, the highest echelon of power in China. Especially Hu Jintao. But Jiang bought off Li Lanqing by making
him the first head of the ultra powerful 610 Office. Li Peng didn’t have too much of a problem,
because, well, he did push for the Tiananmen Square Massacre, so he didn’t mind bloodshed. But also because Jiang had already made his
protégé Luo Gan the head of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee. Which controls all of China’s internal security
forces and wink wink was about to see a major expansion, and promised him control of the
610 office after Li Lanqing stepped down. As for the other three they didn’t really
support the persecution. And, funny thing, they didn’t have careers
after 2002. That was during the 16th National People’s
Congress. Not only did Jiang knock out his rivals, as
the final kicker, he upped the number of Standing Committee Members to 9, filling the extra
spaces with his people Man, Luo Gan really had a lot of power. Jiang Ze Min had finally fixed his game. He was able to retire in 2002 and control
things from behind the scenes just as his predecessor Deng Xiao Ping had done. And maybe now everyone will love him! So even though Hu Jintao officially became
China’s top leader that year, he and his premier Wen Jiabao had next to no power. That’s why Jiang, technically retired, would
always sit right next to Hu at important meetings and meet personally with important world leaders. Wow, look at those two. The political future that Deng Xiaoping had
given Hu Jintao had been stolen by Jiang Zemin. That’s how Hu went from this happy go lucky
guy, to wood face, as some Chinese started calling him. Meanwhile, the 610 Office, along with the
number of police and secret police, kept growing in size and power. Officials were using eliminating Falun Gong
as the main excuse to amass personal fortunes. The message was clear: if you want to move
up in the Communist Party, help persecute Falun Gong. No one took that to heart quite like this
guy, Zhou Yongkang. He used to be the Party Secretary of Sichuan
Province from 2001-2002. But then he made a very important life decision. Some people, like his own son, think he had
his first wife murdered. That way, he was able to marry Jiang Zemin’s
niece. And suddenly he went from an official in way
out Sichuan, to being hand selected by Jiang as head of the Ministry of Public Security, even though he had no experience with police
work. Then, in 2007, he got on the Politburo Standing
Committee, and replaced Luo Gan, becoming the head of both the PLAC. That’s the organization that controls all
those police, secret police, paramilitary police, and pretty much the entire legal system,
plus, the 610 Office. No one has ever made it into top leadership
by working for the security forces. Until Zhou Yongkang. Zhou grip on power grew by massively expanding
China’s labor camp system. At its peak, half of all those detained in
China’s labor camps were Falun Gong practitioners. Not only that, but for a few years he was
able to get a budget for China’s internal security forces worth billions more than the
army’s budget. He also had a staff of 10 million, while there
were only 2.5 million in the army! But while Jiang and his allies used persecuting
Falun Gong to glut their power, there was one tiny little problem. Instead of being wiped out, Falun Gong grew
and spread around the world. And one thing they seemed pretty fond of doing
was exposing everything Jiang and his cronies were doing. Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong was becoming
a huge liability and an international embarrassment for China. The end result was a political stalemate between
Jiang’s faction, and Hu Jintao’s. And that’s why up until 2012, no significant
political changes and decisions were made in China. The Communist Party was in deadlock. The very power that Jiang’s side had gained
through persecuting Falun Gong became the biggest weapon of their rivals. And it was about to all come crashing down. If we’ve learned anything from the Communist
Party, it’s that the power struggle isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Even though Jiang retired and moved his people
into position, they’re not safe. Now that they’ve amassed all this power
by persecuting Falun Gong, they’ve got a giant target on their backs. So now it’s time to play Communist Party
Takedown™. That’s a registered trademark. Who’s our lucky first contestant? Looks like it’s everybody’s least favorite
princeling, Bo Xilai! Bo is the son of prominent Party elder, Bo
Yibo. You might remember him from the last episode,
when he helped Jiang get rid of a little problem named Qiao Shi in 1998. In return, Jiang made Bo Xilai one of his
people, and helped him move up the Communist ladder. Now let’s meet contestant number two! Bo Xilai’s right hand man, Wang Lijun. When Bo and Wang were in Liaoning province,
they both persecuted Falun Gong practitioners with gusto. Bo expanded the labor camp system, and more
Falun Gong adherents were sent to labor camps there than in any other province. There’s also evidence that Wang Lijun personally
oversaw forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. So for taking part in his benefactor’s genocide,
lets see what they won, folks! Promotion after promotion! Now he could stop there, or risk it all for
whatever’s behind these doors. Behind door number 1, is a fabulous promotion
to the position of Vice Premier, followed by membership in the 9-member Politburo Standing
Committee, The inner, inner circle of the Party–possibly
by taking over the seat of fellow Jiang faction member and persecution buddy, Zhou Yongkang,
when Zhou retired. That would make him the heir of the Jiang
faction. And maybe even someday…the supreme leader. Instead he choose what’s behind door number
2. Purged, sorry Bo. That’s how things go sometimes. You see, then leaders Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao
started fighting back against Jiang’s faction. So Wen said that Bo was too much of a liability
to become vice-premier, because Falun Gong practitioners kept bringing lawsuits against
Bo whenever he went overseas on state business. And not too many people argued. So instead of becoming vice-premier, Bo Xilai
was sent off to become Party chief of Chongqing, a huge, troubled provincial-level city in
southwest China. Chongqing was supposed to be the dead end
to Bo’s career. The thing is, Bo was ruthless and a flamboyant
self-promoter and he wasn’t going down without a fight. He brought Wang Lijun in as police chief,
and together they struck terror into the hearts of anyone who opposed Bo in Chongqing. Bo also started the “Chongqing model,” a mix
of populism and economic development that directly challenged the leadership. And got him a lot of good press. Behind the scenes, Bo was still working with
Zhou Yongkang. And doing things like wiretapping Hu Jintao’s
phone calls. I’m gonna say, he overreached himself there. Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao decided to take Bo
down, and they start by investigating Wang Lijun. You see, in a traditional Communist takedown,
you don’t go directly for the guy, you start with his associates. Wang and Bo both knew how Communist takedowns
work, so they both freak out. Bo refuses to protect Wang, so Wang, afraid
that Bo will kill him, flees to the US consulate. Setting in motion the most interesting year
that China journalists have ever had. Luckily, Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai, has also
possibly murdered a British man named Neil Heywood. So that whole thing massively distracts everyone
and partially conceals the takedown and ongoing power struggle. So at the end of 2013, Wang, Gu, and Bo are
all in prison for corruption, murder, and corruption. Hu Jintao steps down, and instead of a rising
starlet in Jiang’s camp, the new leader of China becomes Xi Jinping. But the power struggle isn’t over. So who’s next? It’s Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai’s persecution
buddy, and the next highest person in Jiang Zemin’s chain of command. I’ve talked before about how Xi Jinping
has tried to cut out Zhou’s powerbase, by doing things like reducing the influence of
his former position, ending the labor camp system Zhou expanded
to persecute Falun Gong, and investigating Zhou’s cronies in the oil industry for,
14.5 billion dollars worth of corruption. Surprisingly, by which I mean, completely
unsurprisingly, people who are willing to beat peaceful meditators to death in order
to gain power, are also the same kind of people who dabble
in massive amounts of corruption on the side. They used the persecution to get the power,
and they used the power to get the money. But Xi Jinping can just use his anti-corruption
campaign to take all of them down, so he can become supreme leader. And there are already signs that it’s not
going to end with Zhou. Li Dongsheng, the former head of the 610 Office,
is already being investigated. And there are reports that Zeng Qinghong,
who was Jiang Zemin’s right hand man, is next. So where has Jiang Zemin been through all
of this? As his people get knocked down, Jiang has
tried to “stay above the fray.” There were reports that he supported the removal
of Bo Xilai, so he’s willing to sacrifice people in the hopes that it will end there. But according to the Financial Times, Jiang
recently warned Xi Jinping that “the footprint of this anti-corruption campaign
cannot get too big.” Sounds like someone’s getting a bit nervous. And with rumors that his son and grandson
are being investigated, it sounds like he should be. The power struggle is still ongoing though,
because Jiang’s faction is still fighting back. They need to stay in power, so that they can
make sure the things they did to get power stay under wraps. So, I know what you’re thinking. Chris, if Jiang and his cronies gained power
through persecuting Falun Gong, and many of the Party leadership never supported the persecution
in the first place. Why doesn’t Xi Jinping just stop persecuting
Falun Gong and use that to take down Jiang’s faction, instead of using an anti-corruption
campaign? First of all, don’t question me. Secondly, it’s complicated. The Falun Gong issue touches on a key issue
for the Communist Party–freedom of belief. The Party has never allowed religious freedom; if you want to attend church or go to a temple,
you have to go to the church or the temple that are directly sanctioned and controlled
by the Communist Party. So reversing that position and letting people
practice Falun Gong freely would be difficult. And stopping the persecution would mean admitting
that doing it was wrong in the first place. The Party has never admitted wrongdoing for
anything, except the Cultural Revolution, which they only did because it directly threatened
the Party, and they managed to blame it all on Mao’s wife. How could they redress the Falun Gong issue? Wouldn’t the people who were imprisoned, or
those whose friends and family died, demand justice? They also have to admit that everything in
state-run media about Falun Gong for the past 15 years was just something they made up. So bringing up Falun Gong would be a huge
political risk for Xi Jinping, especially since he doesn’t have unlimited power yet. So could he just, quietly stop putting Falun
Gong people in jail, and just not address it publicly? That’s also impossible, because of all the
different powerbases that Jiang set up for the persecution, like the 610 office and all
of the security departments that were under Zhou Yongkang. There would have to be a direct order from
the top of the Politburo Standing Committee to stop the persecution; there’s no way to
do it quietly. So where does that leave us? The power struggle will continue, but as long
as the persecution of Falun Gong remains unresolved, it will be a problem for the Communist Party. But resolving it is also a problem for the
Communist Party. A decade and a half ago, Jiang Zemin said
Falun Gong would destroy the Communist Party. But ironically, as Xi Jinping deals with the
consequences of decades of abuse by Jiang’s faction, could Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong
be what destroys the Party in the end? Thanks for watching this special episode of
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100 thoughts on “What is Falun Gong and Why is it Persecuted? | China Uncensored

  1. You guys left out the fact every head of state at the highest levels is a devote satan worshipper, and they use black magic against the masses.

  2. Great video. Very informative. Vefy clear. Great sarcasm. I had no idea China had such contemporary genocide ( I knew about the girls genocide and christianity being outlawed but not about this ) definitely makes me want to learn more about Falun Gong.

  3. Lord knows there is nothing more reliable than a religious person's promise to be honest, kind, and stoic.
    Can we trust China's state-run media? No. Can we trust religious claims about actual behavior? No. You sound like Harvey Milk defending Jim Jones.

  4. Sounds like the Gestapos back in town, yellow peril, …. The innocent scapegoats of evil overloads, look out world there coming for YOU!!

  5. 中国人!你无视中国共产党对法轮功的迫害。当心你们国家现在最大的罪行!你的共产党警察镇压,监禁,杀害法轮功学员,收获他们的身体器官进行商业移植。我们越南法轮大法在越南时不耐烦地向游客发出警告。

  6. we should all support a Party that sees all others as useful labor (slaves) and/or body parts. buy China today, they need your support, your a big help…..

  7. Swastika is an ancient symbol in Hinduism Jainism and Buddhism. An American Historian btw I forget his fuckin name wrote a book call The Rise of the White Race mention the swastika as the Aryan symbol. Hitler after reading his book took the swastika as Nazi Aryan symbol.

  8. Nice informative video but my head start spinning with many ding dong mao tong ding ding dong dong xi xi ji bao … OMG.

  9. Fuck them all! A person can't be free to practice a non violent religion in China? They need to be careful here as there is over 1 billion here, no army will stop them when they come for the government!

  10. a Taiwanese man whose brother had traveled to Tianjin, on the north-eastern coast of China, for a kidney transplant. “Since he was aware of Falun Gong situation, he asked his surgeon not to have an organ from a Falun Gong practitioner. His surgeon assured him that: now, all organs are coming from Xinjiang!”
    The checks involved collecting biometric data from all Uyghurs in Xinjiang which has fueled his suspicion that this was in order to build a national database for the organ trade. “According to the Chinese media, the number of samples have been collected has exceeded 17 million,” he reported. (Human Rights Watch report of December 13, 2017. This report cites the Xinjiang Daily Newspaper report of 2017-11-02 which published the conclusions of the State ‘Physicals for all’ push to harvest biometric data from Xinjiang citizens between 12-65 from September 2016.)

  11. As we can see all the cruelty of chinese are horrific and scary, but when it comes to Falun Gong, you all can condem China,
    but when it comes to Uighurs, who live in Eastern Turkistan aka Xinjiang (indigenous &ancient people), you all approve this crime against humanity, without knowing what is the reality.The reality is ,that chinese invaded Uighur land-Eastern Turkistan in 1949, since they loot our land and commit silent genocide of Uighur people. In 1995 there were only 3% chinese, today 60% chinese-they took our jobs,schools, homes, farms, destroy our culture, historical and national heritage, cities and buildings! China always worry about losing this land, therefore they are trying to extinguish locals by assimilation, killing. Now China using the global trend against terrorism as an excuse for cracking down Uighurs.
    All Uighur man age 14-50 are taken into camps, where they exposed to torture and organ harvesting!
    The checks involved collecting biometric data from all Uyghurs in Xinjiang which has fueled his suspicion that this was in order to build a national database for the organ trade. “According to the Chinese media, the number of samples have been collected has exceeded 17 million,” he reported. (Human Rights Watch report of December 13, 2017. This report cites the Xinjiang Daily Newspaper report of 2017-11-02 which published the conclusions of the State ‘Physicals for all’ push to harvest biometric data from Xinjiang citizens between 12-65 from September 2016.)
    Taiwanese man whose brother had traveled to Tianjin, on the north-eastern coast of China, for a kidney transplant. “Since he was aware of Falun Gong situation, he asked his surgeon not to have an organ from a Falun Gong practitioner. His surgeon assured him that: now, all organs are coming from Xinjiang!”

  12. The CCP are committing genocide of the Falun Gong practitioners, that is disgusting, they harvest organs of the prisoners while they are still alive and awake as they are gradually killed one organ at a time.

  13. This is like a gay retarded version of John Oliver. Your video was barely informational and I could've learned more of you spent less time making lame jokes because non of them where funny I got 5 minutes in and had to click off the video.

  14. Falun Gong is a cult period and there’s evidence this channel is directly linked to their propaganda machine…. UNSUBSCRIBE YOU PEOPLE!!!!

  15. Do you know what is Falun Gong? It is not kung fu or qigong. Originally, it is a religion (an evil religion). I was once approached by a Falun Gong priest who told me the story of their god who was actually a normal person. The priest told me that the god can fly in the sky and can do miracle. He said I must sacrifice myself for the god and the god would give me eternal life. Do you believe in this? I called the police and he ran away. That's why China bans Falun Gong. After they left China, they turn to be a qigong thing and hide their original state. The West just uses all those that are banned in China to act against China. I do think that one day the West would suffer. It's because they hold all evils in their countries.

  16. I wanted to show my girlfriend this video to educate her but she couldn't get through your obnoxious, try-hard, sarcastic, Jon Oliver-wannabe act

  17. Wow. You know  sometimes I miss this China uncensored that was true investigative reporting (or archive digging) as opposed to the random China bashing it's kinda become. This is so much more potent. So much more critical to dismantling the illusion than most of the newer videos. it shows the political system itself as one of courtship intrigue rather than anything remotely republican or even marxist leninist and thus shatters the illusion of the partys infallible nature, exposing it as a hypocritical, ad hoc structure of nepotists and sociopaths used to gain power over any idealist or even ideologue.

    You don't take down this corrupt entity by applying liberal notions to China but by exposing the leaderships hypocricy to even their own.

    It's the same thing but different with how Vice news turned into crap by Corporate hipster version of their original gusto gonzo journalism or how the Simpsons became the family sitcom they were parodying.

  18. Well now i wonder if it just the government's alibi to get good organs for harvest. After falun gong, there is muslim community in xinjiang as next target of organ harvesting. Of course with a different alibi, just to get healthy organ to trade to the rich and sick. Whatta strategy, china

  19. Even though these people are persecuted, you have to remember that this is an extremist cult, who think that race mixing, homosexuality, and medicine are impure. The leader says he is from another dimension and that those who are impure will die. Despite what western media will tell you, this is a cult, not a spiritual movement.

  20. Well, I am Chinese. I can not verify whether the contents you said is true or not. But I am sure you deliberately did not say the harmful part of fagonglun to people.

  21. tried fallun gong , for 10-15 days i gotten in a rabbit hole really wicked stuff happened in that time , seems i had/have lots of karma to pay off , couldnt make it through it was all too tough , its freakin real and thats the bad thing especially if u do it alone without any guidance , my chi energy was through the roof but man it was wicked , i was in advanced calisthenics one arm pullups , finger planches and such , the first 2 exercises where excrusiating to do … yeah i know wicked stuff , master lee has gone in places no man of our time has gone u can tell it by the way he speaks , i just try to be a bit more true , compationate and try to find something to sympathise with everyone

  22. Under two minutes in and I already love your ironic humor.
    Sweet, this is going to be a wild ride 😀

  23. Your Excellency, President D. TRUMP,
    In China, over the past decades, the former Chinese  president Jiang Zemin 江澤民 and the Chinese communists have brutally repressed Falun Gong, a peaceful practice for health and moral improvement, not harmful to anyone. They arrest, torture, imprison, kill and harvest their body organs for commercialized transplantation. Their crimes are unmaginable in our civilized world. Please use your power to intervene and stop the Chinese barbaric action immediately . Thank you very much!

    阁下,总统D. TRUMP,
    在中国,过去几十年来,Jiang Zemin 江澤民 残酷镇压法轮功,这是一种健康和道德改善的和平实践,对任何人都无害。他们逮捕,惩罚,监禁,杀害和收获他们的身体器官进行商业化移植。他们的罪行在我们的文明世界是不可想象的。请立即用你的力量介入并制止这种中国野蛮行为。非常感谢你!

  24. Imagine coming up with the healthiest thing for both physical and mental health as well as world peace…. but you're stuck in China where anything good is destroyed :/

  25. 来龙去脉讲的很清楚,作为一个一直对中国政治云里雾里的中国人,感觉中国人太可怜了

  26. Im guessing they dont want the development of energy cultivation, but the majority will say its because theyll eventually overthrow governemtn (balance of power)

  27. I don't have any grudge against chinese ppl, they are good ppl but CCP is the worst organisation and pain in the ass for world.

  28. Definitely not a fan of Falun Gong, but one thing I have to specify. The golden “swastika” had been the sign for Buddhism for hundreds of years way beyond the existence of fascism, it just happened to be a coincidence for the Nazis to use the almost identical symbol for their inhumane party. The small differences are that the Buddhism symbol is always gold and the Nazis symbol is facing more diagonal in position, whereas the Buddhism sign is parallel.

  29. falun gong was part of a lyric in guns 'n roses chinese democracy, which caused the song to be banned in china

  30. Falun Gong cult During the Wenchuan earthquake, had New York parade claimed that it was retribution to the Chinese government. Blocking people who were trying to donate to the earthquake, replace the case to 9.11. what the fuck you gonna think about. Falun gong is fucking disgusting. In my opinion, I don't give a shit about any government, but any group or organization trying to use a disaster to Smearing even to counter the government,it doesn't make any fucking sense. They are not worthy of being called human. Consider why China don't ban Christianity, Islam, etc.

  31. Wow! What an amazing introduction to Falun Gong. I'd only heard about it in passing. I never expected to hear such a fascinating story. I certainly never expected to know this much about the cutthroat politics of China! Thank you!

  32. Weirdly we have a Falun Gong community in Peterborough. It’s scary to think how no one knows about these. Makes you wonder what else has just been cleansed whilst no one was watching

  33. a        d        v        e        r        t        i        s        e        m         e        n        t

    Did you booze your liver into a bad condition? Or how about your kidneys?

    No worries, Falun Gong Internal Organs® FOR SALE fresh directly from the slaughtering department of the Communist Party of China

  34. Zero tolerance to any religion like Christianity,Muslim or any other organisation including Falun Gong. Why is the Communist Party so insecure to persecute worshippers? Are they a threat to the Communist religion?

  35. Such a great video Chris! It has covered everything! Thank you so much for letting the whole world know the truth! 🙏🏻

  36. i cant thank you enough. im a young hongkonger and ive been lied to my whole life that falun gong was a cult. it's all over in our education and i feel ashamed to had been fooled by ccp for 20 years.

  37. Thanks a lot for all of what you did, Chris. The world needs more people who dare to tell the truth and speak up for those who can't speak up , under the Chinese Communist party control and persecution like this.
    I really appreciate your nonstop efforts to allow people to get some real news in this complicated world that full of black and white mixed up things . Wish you all the best to keep doing this meaningful job.
    From a Falun Gong practitioner in Vietnam with respect 🙂

  38. I hope every western people should join falun gong to practice. make your country great again. If you join Falun gong,you don't need to go for a doctor and just practice at home. you will be fine!

  39. Li Hongzhi's Nonsense about Armageddon, and the Universe

    Male Commentator: An important premise and foundation of Li Hongzhi's Falun Dafa is that the Earth we are living on has undergone many times of destructions, and inescapably will be destroyed again. Here is a passage from a video.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: Of course, we investigate with the supernatural power, we found that the human race had eighty-one such destructive strikes, only a few survived; the strike was not partial, I say the whole human society is under such a state; to look further, the images are not clear, only eight-one times could be checked.
    Female Commentator: It is quite unexpected that Li Hongzhi was so modest, admitting his own power could reveal only eighty-one past destructions.
    Male Commentator: But when I look it up in the "Explanation of Zhuan Falun," a student asked him, why you taught this Gong Fa only nine times? These words rushed out of the mouth of Master Li's: Our Universe has been destroyed nine times, (Showing the relevant passages of Li Hongzhi's book)
    Female Commentator: Let us see how Li Hongzhi made up this story in another Fa-lecture,
    Video of Li Hongzhi: At this moment, humans on this earth may have an apocalypse, whether this will come or not, I won't tell you. for this matter, I won't say so, and I won't say not so, but there is one sure thing that I can tell everyone: this earth was destroyed eight times in the past.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: In this very position of our Earth, on the position of this Earth before that, there was an Earth. And then on that position of the that Earth, there was another Eerth, that Earth is definitely destroyed, that is, exploded, Yeah, many times, and this number is very great, that is there have been many times of explosions.
    Male Commentator; Li Hongzhi is definitely speaking nonsense. Whether the human race had been destroyed eighty-one times, or the Universe had undergone nine destructions, or the Earth was exploded eight times or numerous times; they are all about the past. This time, Li Hongzhi is implicating warnings of impending dangers, prophesying that the human race is facing new Armageddon,
    Female Commentator: Let us listen to a passage of his tape. Audio of Li Hongzhi: Exploded to the vold ! Originally this Earth should have been exploded last year. Ah, that should not be told, because one layer does not understand another layer's affairs,
    Female Commentator: This was what Li Hongzhi said five years ago. Then, this Earth should have been destroyed six years ago. Why it did not explode? He boastfully told his disciples many times: It was due to his total effort, and tried all his might, that the Earth explosion was postponed by thirty-years.
    Male Commentator: Then, why the Earth should explode, and who makes the destiny that the Earth should explode? Let us listen to Li Hongzhi's explanations.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: The human society is the garbage disposal station of the Universe, everyone should know, all not-good things drop down here, It seems to be, the Earth is the center of the Universe, everything that falls down, falls down to the center.
    Female Commentator: Cursing the Earth as the garbage station of the Universe has become the standard issue of Li Hongzhi's nonsense. We also discover many of Li's parodies of the Earth.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: I said yesterday, the human society is the excretion of the higher life forms, the humus of that. Human living in this dirty environment is like human jumping into a septic tank, all lives in the septic tank. Liking a comfortable spot, and complaining another discomforting area. What are you pursuing, you are in the septic tank. Male Commentator: Li Hongzhi, without refraining, dared to speak of the Earth as a big septic tank, and all human races are living in gods excretion,
    Female Commentator; This crazy man used such dirty language to disgrace the Earth, and to humiliate human races. that is a rare display, But his venomous languages do not stop here.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: A rotten apple, the Earth is what we see a rotten apple in this huge Universe, It is totally rotten. The molecules inside that apple are like the human of ours. Every molecule is like every person, thoroughly rotten, Then, should not this apple be destroyed, thrown out, and disposed of? Inside a clean room, an apple infested with worms, why should you keep it here? Aren't you committing a bad act? This is like this Universe. This Earth has changed into such a state. If not destroying it, whoever not destroying it, then, Is the god doing a bad thing?
    Male Commentator: A garbage station, a septic tank, a rotten apple. Li Hongzhi curses the Earth through his seething teeth.
    Female Commentator: According to the horrid description of Li Hongzhi's, the Earth is the evil abyss of the Universe, Therefore, the destruction of the Earth to purify the Universe is the logical outcome. He is thus openly hostile to the human race.
    Male Commentator. Should we continue to 1ist more examples? The Destruction of the Earth is the Li Hongzhi's favorite basic paint in every Fa-gathering. Scientific research has shown, since the birth of the earth about 4,6 billion years ago, It has gone through significant changes, but there was never any explosion of total obliteration of human race, At this peak of age, the earth should endure for many more billions of years without destruction. Li Hongzhi obviously intended to create fear, scare the people, with his devious armageddon, so as to create social upheavals and chaos.
    Female Commentator. Then, according to Li Hongzhi's logic, where should human who are burdened with such sins seek salvation in the face of the impending destruction of the Earth? Let us listen to Li Hongzhi's answer,
    Video of Li Hongzhi: About the End of Fa Period, everyone has seen, human race is rotten to such a degree, It is totally chaotic, No one cares about it, all have given up, because human race has been corrupted to such a degree, If here is anyone doing the salvation, l say, I am the only one.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: I say, I am doing an unprecedented thing. I said, I open a wide door to modern humanity.
    Video of Li Hongzhi: All over the country, I am the only one who is bring the people up to higher levels, passing the Dafa. This is positively true. There is not a second person doing this thing.
    Male commentator: It is very clear Li Hongzhi is making up a big lie. According to his saying, the deeply sinful human race is facing a disaster, having reached the end, the only salvation comes from sitting cross-legged under the halos of Li Hongzhi, fallowing him In the cultivation of Dafa, thus to open an exit door, for a ticket of escape. From this we can see how much hatred Li Hongzhi has carried toward humanity, and the earth of our inhabitation. His crazy desires and ambition to portray himself as the savior is very revealing.
    Female commentator: At this point, humanity is the only known intelligent life form in the universe, The Earth is the mother of all human races, When astronauts looked down to earth from space, they exclaimed, this beautiful blue planet will have anyone's heart.
    Male commentator: We have only one earth. Though there are poverty, and evils on this planet, she is the only loving home that we can have. Today we are cleansing the corruption of Li Hongzhi's and his garbage, exactly for a healthier and better human society.

  40. Swastik in western world is thought as evil becuz some murderer used as his sign..but what people dont know is that the Swastika has been a pure divine sign before nazis and hitler.. Sanatan Dharm,Vedic Dharm or Hindus are using this sign from time immemorable….
    People has always used this sign as good fortune to start any business or print on any house they newly built.
    you just can't go tell this as evil because you don't know the history or tradition of society where it came from
    your ignorance used by hitler to hate something doesn't mean you are right..you should do research on it more before calling it evil.. what happens to you if somebody calls signs of bible the evil??

  41. I have heard the propaganda video of "ntdtv" (propaganda channel of falun gong on youtube) about the so-called apocalyptic event and the innocent individual can completely perish only because he doesn't practice falun gong !!!! and the practice of falun gong can prevent tsunami because made god in heaven Calm down !! ….. and finally I have to realize that there are many dumb level people who are passive in herds like all you

  42. I personally don't enjoy the sarcastic comedic approach to delivering opinion. I believe it is counter to what you are trying to do.

  43. What is Falun Gong and why is it persecuted? Let me try to explain to you. In Chinese perspective, to cultivate your spirit, you find a quiet place and stay away from so-called worldly red-dust. The members of Falun Gong seems to favour performing on the streets to prevail their politic influence. It is categorised as a politic cult which may threaten the sovereignty. This kind of groups has happened many, many times in Chinese history.

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