What is Denmark!? (Danish People and Danes Culture)

you might be wondering why I'm sitting with all this cloth when I'm inside and you'll just be like yes of course everybody knows it's cold in Denmark when it's winter no it's called 85% of the year hello unicorn and to all you new people so during my time here on YouTube I have been asked several questions about how it is to live in Denmark what they mike is like and if I could tell about the culture but first the thing we should start with some simple facts so that you know a little bit about Denmark first of all Denmark is a country located in the north from Europe Denmark is a part of Scandinavia and it's actually a kingdom yes you heard right one of the last surviving actually and it's currently under the headship of the chain-smoking mcgrath ii yes we do have a queen then like a small population with only 5.7 million people and i know you're like that is such small country but nonetheless we are a huge influence to the rest of the world I'll tell you why later Denmark is also the first happiest country in the world which in my opinion is kinda Roenick because we also are on the second place in amount of anti-depression consumed only beaten by Iceland so yes Iceland we're coming to you know really all jokes aside I do believe it's because we have such a good support in Denmark we have free health care we have paid education the government is paying for our school and once we get the college and university we can pay for going to school isn't that great but of course this comes out of cut nothing is free in this world so we do have to pay a lot of money to the government in order to get these great opportunities because Denmark is also one of the highest tax country in the world and I've said before even though Denmark always takes a small part of the world we still have great influence on the rest of the world did you for example know that companies like mask Laco tall's birth and allay all up Danes founded companies bonus at the best restaurants in the entire world Noma a Danish restaurant located in Quebec hands Christian Andersen piece – and what about the hot guy Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones he sings – we also have the famous Laughlin trio the man behind mem for mania basically a four-hour long for a movie but telly speaking of foreign Denmark was also the first country to legalize pornography so proud of being a we have such a rich and proud culture so as you probably can hear there's a lot of benefits to Denmark there is also the Danes language sounds like a man with a potato in his mouth and no I'm not kidding you try to say the world miss Lou will quote me through and try this for example the else Kazuki else Kazuki a whole potato filling your entire mouth that is Spanish in a nutshell oh my god now I will never visit them are too difficult don't worry 80% of the Danish people have been taught English most of their lives since our education system provides English lessons at an early age even though Denmark is just a small country Denmark has definitely left its mark all right so now that you have some knowledge about Denmark let's get to the questions all right these are not exactly questions it's more like statements about Denmark because I've combined all the questions I've gotten through the years during YouTube Danish people drink too much yes that also has something to do with the Danish sounds accompanied Carlsberg we drink a lot of beer we also want to see most hard drinking countries things people can drink a lot but yes if you want to go to a party way that Danish person you're probably going to be underneath the table at the end of the night we are drinking your vows everyone in Denmark is good-looking people don't date in Denmark now that is completely true people don't feel like they have to be awkward and ask each other out on dates in order to get a conversation started now not really most of the relationships that we have here in Denmark has been started by some kind of events so not like a date so let's say I attended at an acting workshop I might meet a sweet girl there and we might show interest for each other but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will ask her out on a date I will just be like okay let's make this Hollywood movie where we sit in a high tower with a beautiful table have some wine and talk about our lives no that's not how it works if it's meant to be then we will need another event that will be like hey I know you yeah I know you too okay let's make out no no that was just a joke those just do but it is unusual that we will just ask each other ultimately like to do an American for example it's just not a common way here in Denmark I don't know maybe that's why we only have 5.7 million people maybe if we started dating we would have more Danes we're a lot how dare you fucking say that we don't fucking swear I have never heard some Danish peoples we're retard cuz dammit man you fucking dick cyclists are killers in Denmark and you are so right on that one I'm in character then really happens here in Denmark too but it's more common that a bike would bump into you whenever you are walking on the road because lack there are so many cyclists in Denmark I don't know why these people just don't like riding in cars but wherever you go in Denmark watch out for the bikes they are definitely going to hit you if you don't watch out Thailand a nice new favor boy killed by bike the Danes only eat hot dogs I wouldn't agree 100% but I definitely see where you're coming from if you travel to Denmark you will find a lot of hot dog shots because we have those small cars driving around on the street and saying like hey come and buy a hot dog or they don't say that but people will just walk over to them and buy a hot dog so if you are tourists in Denmark you will probably see a lot of people buy hot dogs we also need a lot of other food you can also buy hot dogs in a shop called 7-eleven and they are open 24/7 appliance things t will always reach their goals now this is interesting this has a lot to do with the lower of the ante as you have this boy who really wants to become a doctor and whatever he's saying I want to be the best doctor in Denmark then people will eventually come to him and say no that's not going to happen you should become a lawyer people might say it's not possible people say no you should have probably think about something else it's really difficult and that's simply because we have this philosophy or mindset saying that you are not better than the ground and that's why people saying that we are reaching our goals better than other countries because statistically we are actually having a better chance of reaching our goal because at the start we are setting our goals lower than other countries personally I'm not following that because I want to become an actor people know that it's very difficult but again I'm not really like other things people because I don't really care what people think about me no one ever crosses the red line in Denmark even though there's no cars in my opinion that's not true I see a lot of things people crossing the red line but I can see why some people are not crossing the red line of course it's breaking the law and also what shouts for the cycle by killers it's dangerous out there the traffic you know people are quiet in the public transportation system in Denmark now this is very interesting as well because ooh oh sorry about that because if you for example compare Spain and Denmark you will probably notice that in Spain people would always come and ask questions and talk about themselves and be happy and talk with everybody because they have so good damn much to talk about so when they finally get home they have nothing to talk about again in my belief it's about the mindset people in Denmark don't want to bother each other that much why would you talk to another person just because you want to talk with another person we all simply want to get along and you know move on with our daily life so wouldn't waste time on just talking to strangers and speaking randomly through everybody where you want to meet you're sitting in the train and you randomly walk over to a stranger and then start talking with that person he would think that you are either crazy or you are not from here but of course not all people are like this but people just want to mind their own business yes babies are less alone in cars and carriages yes because why would you steal a baby in America people might be crazy and running around with guns nothing is ever happening in Denmark some people don't even lock their doors because we don't have many seeds yes there is of course people who are stealing stuff but I have never heard about a guy who would steal a baby so you're saying that other countries than Denmark people's doing incomes baby you can ask us some serious problems then alright there's still a lot of questions that I haven't been answering but I don't have time for more and I just thought that this was the most common asked one and also something interesting that you might want to hear if you do have more questions as you want to start a debate then please leave a comment down below because I want to hear what have you heard about Denmark and are you marry a Danish person that can discuss these things with me or do you have some other things that you have noticed when you weren't Denmark please let me know in the comment section down below so yes I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did then please give a little thumbs up also subscribe to becoming unicorn today comment that you have some with us about ice and once may come and as always I love you neutrons see you in the next video and bye unit on pieces

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  1. Danes colonized a large area of Britain, formerly called the Danelaw. Giving a lot of language, culture and blood/ dna to them. As well as a lot of Americans whose families were from Great Britain, have this ancestry too. And, Denmark owns GREENLAND. who knew! you guys are in North America.

  2. Ya college is free in Denmark I'm a Dane myself and it's a peaceful place and every kid gets to go anywhere in Denmark because nobody breaks the law

  3. Just returned from a visit to Denmark (only 2 days). The Danish people I met were without exception pleasant, welcoming, sociable, and intelligent. Lovely clean country.

    It is cold in February. I guess having Northern seas on 3 sides of a small country contributes to that.

  4. I like talking to strangers, to me is kind of fun finding so many personalities by a brief interaction, but then again i'm Mexican, saludos 🙂

  5. When I click on your avatar and go to "about" I see that you wrote everything in English and not Danish. I also see that you list your country as United States.

  6. You want to know why I searched this video because my gf live in Denmark and. I have to go to meet him, and you first 5 min you afraid me ha

  7. One difference between Denmark and USA.
    Denmark; You are not better then everyone else.
    USA; They are better then everyone else

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