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my name is on him what's your name I mean mano a mano from where is this is that Samoa it my name is Anya mawa suni angelahr from where ya alpha my name is Ari Emanuel I'm also David maybe G says hello mister girl Oh to the edge to the a to the M to the double a on your mom before I start I want to tell you guys something change the world with your smile don't let the world change your smile relax and enjoy today's episode of the street peace I'm out what is culture cha cha cha cha cha cha is the way people live can you tell me your ethnic group like you the Godsey language thank you for the were so sweet kocha is something like deadbeats and the don'ts of some what is culture the way of life of people exactly what is culture kwacha is African culture is dancing oh I mean you know hey Chi neck so Donna here we are culture is this grammar now Wow if you tell short row is gonna coach ah cocada is gonna coach ah right this shoe does Eduardo Porcha that is the court you don't add one yes okay culture culture a way of life we have live in know give me example of a culture we have food that different sheets culture right let's say we have the new young festival piece I see what is culture life of a giving people of a given society give me example example of culture oh you have material culture and non material culture that the types of cultures and also material quite high ratings let me see the other drums and other things that can be seen and touched or see that can be performed it's very small and not much our culture and beliefs intelligence we talked about superstitions believed and other things [Applause] and as part of what is culture the way of life of a group of people thank you how is the way of life of people can't give me examples of examples of culture using two different countries our dressing in Ghana varies from the dressing of that of those in America we have a way we eat our food see it's very small what is culture oke watch is like tradition live maybe tradition drama drama spray and then contagion and I want that I know what is culture Oh culture is someone who's eating well someone is eating mean Scouter [Applause] gotcha is a way of life don't give examples when I was come here some people powerful foo in a different way some people pump for just one which one think about where I'm coming from we probably 206 okay so you can say that yeah my culture I can use to stick to pound of the ganya coach I can use one sec too powerful so what can you hold without touching it you can't without touching it okay how possible are you asking me the same me touching so if you ask me would and touching at least a BDC okay you can open your tab a you can't touch it yeah you cannot be what a true packaging deal but if you know packet biota you can touch by what you understand me know if the water if you know package' you can't touch it okay I guess yeah I say that wait what like it I such is what's a light is you can't hold it by you can't touches so illustrates see you know that is why we have packages so it is easy to go damn cookie but if it feel like this how can I touch it you could flu you understand what you go through you can't touch it that's my mind okay alright so what can you hold without touching it there is something you can hold it but you can't touch it tell me no there's nothing you can hold that touchin it unless the something that is inside you you cannot touch it but you are holding it you give me example of such things like the things you can't keep inside you now you hold inside you dreams can what your dreams unless it comes to reality before you can touch it to you maybe you want to buy a car if you buy it then it's real okay you can touch the car that means your virgin has come to reality what can you hold without touching it what can you hold without touching needs you hood why you can't touch grudges how less is that like you have a beef with someone you can't hold it by you can't touch it this is some logic it's not medica so what can you hold without touching it hatred girl you make me so proud eli streets like all things like like a whole things it might make my can't touch it my body needs inside thank you you go through something before without no touching breath how do they see that one before why is it booth I will seek touchable sky at our noble feet touch when you cry what you say does it make sense to you what can you hold without touching it my heart's held inside Wow I can't touch my hearts I can't hold it inside okay all right what can you hold without touching it what can you do are you asking me how's it I sure how explain it love let me say love is emotion it goes with emotions and emotions are not to be explained guys my understanding to you what can you hold without touching it substance is as this you can wood you can't touch it I'm disappointing you every do you want to you want to touch this oh all that attorney says this biking what you can't touch today I've never seen my life Oh what can you hurt without touching it I don't know sir what don't get how you can hold it to somebody cannot sachets Wow so what can you hold without touching it I don't know what you say I don't know hey she made what can you hold without touching it what can you who'll and then you can only divert what's not you hold without touching it oh I told you hon are the same time I kind of attach it I want to go home I don't want to what's going to hold without touching it I don't I don't know I don't know I don't know what I can hold without our teammates clasp it down so what can you hold to without touching it what's God I would without touching water yeah yeah because when you put your hands in water you can feel it in your hands but when you you can see nothing in it [Applause] shoutout to you rock rock gonna rock gonna yeah I love the way you guys are doing questions and stuff it's cool I want to see shoutouts to my phrasing oh yeah – and shout out to my parents my moment that is shoutouts my friends in chaos school and whom are willing to watch rock Ghana ok shout out to my friends my managers are to wake honorable senem baby do my little girl ice I know you drama and I this I love you I think you have to subscribe to rock Ghana on Facebook Twitter YouTube and that is so you keep on following us but I still thank you although I gotta thank you very much us of rock TV enjoy TV you know we gotta watch right TV yeah I gotta say hello to my wife about dance wah tunnels to Kumasi you know my boy Miki Nana guru of ksps you know Mexican boy Malad and Millar's bah bah bah bah bah thank you very much all of you are included Nana I love you Wow hello my face in Ghana and my first ninja and she was dragged on every day

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  2. I'm your biggest fan but tbh, I really miss Iman. where is he????
    Ohemaa, this is constructive criticism coming from one presenter to another….you have been doing this for a while now but it's like you lack confidence or you don't know how to react in front of the camera. I feel like you are trying to hard to please the viewers and you are forgetting to be natural for instance: the quote from the beginning of the video, yes you are saying it but you are not convincing. From that part the video just becomes dull but then the people who answer thee questions make it lively and funny or should I rather the content of the video brings everything to light

  3. Wheezing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Heading to GHπŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ next week, I NEED to meet RAKGHANA πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜­. Greetings from Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

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