What is ASPD? (Anti Social Personality Disorder)

hey everyone its iris and I'm going to talk to you about antisocial personality disorder which is my diagnosis along with bipolar one and an anxiety disorder so there's a lot of misconceptions about antisocial personality disorder and I'm going to talk about those I'm going to talk about the symptoms and I'm going to talk about my personal experience with the disorder so the symptoms I'm also going to explain what the symptoms actually look like in real life and not just on paper so the first symptom is failure to conform to social norms that sounds really vague but in the DSM it is very specific and I'm going off with the dsm-5 which is typically the one that is used to diagnose these disorders which this is in the cluster B personality disorders which is dramatic emotionally unstable etc in that cluster there is borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic Personality Disorder so failure to conform to social norms what that means is that you do illegal things that could possibly get you arrested now those legal things could range from smoking pot I'm not kidding that that could qualify you smoking pot owning illegal knives getting into fights sealing and it could go as far as murder so it's anything that puts you on the grounds for arrest you do not have to be incarcerated or arrested to qualify for diagnosis so the next one is deceitfulness which typically is lying manipulation for personal gain or just because we're bored one of the worse symptoms of antisocial personality disorder is the chronic boredom I could go I could make a whole separate video about chronic boredom because it is absolutely terrible it is not fun at all and it's not just like oh my god I'm so bored like there's no one around like oh whatever I'm just going to like read a book or something it's like you're so bored that you would do anything to relieve like the tension of the boredom which it could be it could be self-harm it could be engaging in illegal activities reckless sex reckless driving and then it could go as far as murder but in this video I'm going to talk about high functioning people with a SPD because I am a high functioning person with a SPD and I can't speak for low functioning people so I'm just disclaimer the next one is impulsivity people with a SPD are very very impulsive and that usually is just explained as a failure to plan ahead so that could range anything from impulsively engaging in self-destructive behaviors which could be cutting binge drinking doing drugs doing something completely crazy and again it could go as far as murder but it usually doesn't so it's just you're very very very impulsive you don't think before you act the next one is reckless disregard for safety of self or others this is the one that if you search on YouTube antisocial personality disorder a lot of even therapists don't mention the fact that it is you have a disregard for yourself when you have a SPD you do not care about what happens to you at all and you don't care about what happens to other people so let's say that I was really bored one night and I was going to do something completely reckless and crazy and probably dangerous I would not care what happened to myself or the people around me so let's say the thing was so extreme that it could possibly result in death I would not care if I died so a lot of people just completely brush over that which it's part of the diagnostic criteria you do have to have that reckless disregard for yourself and other people the next one is consistent your responsibility which I don't really feel like I need to explain that because it's pretty self-explanatory but I'll just give a couple examples it could be something as simple as never turning in your assignments on time for school it could be so bad that you get fired from your job the next one is lack of guilt or remorse so this one is a little tricky and it's another one that even psychiatrists get really really really wrong about a SPD so you don't like let's say I had an acquaintance that I said some shitty thing too and they got really upset about it I can acknowledge the fact that they are upset but I don't care that's what that is most people with a SPD can experience cognitive empathy which is that you understand the emotions the other person is feeling and you might understand why they are upset you just don't care at all so the issue with the empathy is usually it's a lack of emotional empathy most people that I've spoken to you that have this diagnosis can kind of turn their emotional empathy on and off like a switch so how I view emotional empathy is if someone is in pain or upset emotional empathy would be I would be able to feel the pain that that person is feeling cognitive empathy I'd understand why they were feeling that but I wouldn't feel their pain so that is the difference because they're a multiple different type there are a lot of types of empathy it's not just a catch-all term and there are certain people that I can feel empathy for and I can feel guilt or remorse for that's very typical in a SPD that they might have very very close friends who understand their disorder and understand why they do the things that they do and those people you don't want to fuck with because if you take away someone's friends and they of a SPD the person with a SPD is not going to be very happy with you and that's not a good situation to be in like for example I am engaged and I am in a very very healthy relationship with my fiancee and she can even out for that I'm like if someone did anything juror that person should run and hide and then the last symptom is evidence of conduct disorder so conduct disorder is diagnosed in childhood or adolescence and it is the precursor to antisocial personality disorder conduct disorder is has basically the same exact symptoms you just cannot diagnose a SPD until someone turns 18 because you know you're crazy when you're a candidate and teenager like you're not you don't even have an integrated personality until your time so um I was not diagnosed with conduct disorder as a child but when I spoke to my therapist about my concerns about having a SPD there was evidence in my childhood of me having conduct disorder so that was enough to qualify me for the diagnosis so a lot of there's a lot of confusion about the words sociopathy and psychopathy and they are both synonyms for a SPD but they are two very different things so sociopathy is what I have I am a diagnosed sociopath and what that means is that I have a SPD and I had childhood trauma and that is probably the reason why I have a SPD and sociopathy when you are a psychopath typically there is no childhood trauma you showed very very early signs of no empathy and lack of guilt or remorse that could be you know make being a bully making fun of peers hurting peers hurting animals even as far as killing animals so a psychopath has actually a completely different brain structure than a non psychopath they have a smaller amygdala which controls your fear response and stress response and typically they have less frontal lobe tissue so basically their fight-or-flight response is not there so a psychopath would be calm in any situation no matter how drastic that situation is or stressful so that is bad as the difference like my personal experience with aspe is that it's very different from what people think that it is um I'm not an abusive monster I am NOT going to lie or manipulate you unless you give me a damn good reason to do it like let's say I you know I desperately needed money I would manipulate someone to get me that money so that I can survive I personally don't really manipulate people out of boredom I do different things when I'm bored some people with aspe do I do lie all the time but like I don't lie to my fiance and I don't lie to my two very close friends because they again understand me and don't give me reasons to manipulate them or lie to them and I'm sure some people are watching this in their lights there's never ever a reason to manipulate people or lie to someone that's deceitful that's one of the symptoms so um and then the last point I want to make is that we are not all abusive monsters or serial killers I don't like it just I was watching some videos on YouTube just to get an idea on how to structure this about a SPD and they all wrote a SPD offs as people being abusive monsters and people that you need to avoid and yes there are people with a SPD that are dangerous and will hurt you that you should avoid typically those people are unaware of the fact that they have a SPD and they are typically lower functioning and they might be in prison just like that um if the person is aware that they have a SPD and you're still seeing some red flags and they're not in treatment and they're not trying to better themselves they're not trying to make like kind of shape their systems and things that can be healthy run one way as fast as you can because those people will hurt you and there is kind of going to be almost a part two of this video about cluster B disorders and how not everyone with a cluster B disorder is abusive or monster because especially with NPD and a SPD a lot of us are just completely written off as abusive and even BPD – um you know a lot of people just think they're completely manipulative and crazy but that's that's another story for another time I'm going to do a video about red flags like in an abusive situation and then red flags with a cluster V person so I hope you enjoy my video about a SPD if you have any questions please leave them in the comments

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  1. I don't have aspd. I just avoid dipshits at all costs. Just so happens that most of the population is steeped in dipshittery.

  2. The person who hurts your girlfriend…

    What if they crush you and force you to beg to be released?

    It's foolish to medicalise shitty attitudes that have always existed.

    If the answer to a Sociopath is a bigger badder Sociopath then there isn't a medical issue or mental health issue.

    What people describe as ASPD just sounds like the most soft core criminals that are ten a penny where I live and have been ten a penny throughout human history.

    God doesn't see Sociopaths He just see's unrepentant sinners that are headed for a burn unless they repent and believe on The Son, Jesus.

    Telling God you had Sociopathy and that why you are a sinner wont run. We are all sinners Sociopaths are not special.

    In fact, society is run by narcissists and Sociopaths and all must be psychopaths.

    The only ones who will survive the Judgement seat of Christ are His people the Christians.

    The Bible was written by mass murderer's.

  3. You should make a video on mid to low functioning people with ASPD, both abusive and none abusive, and how they mesh with romantic relationships. I think my ex has low to mid functioning ASPD because he meets most if not all the symptoms (this is also referenced with Dr. Todd Grande's videos on ASPD).

  4. For 5 years I searched for what I have suffered for, and guess I found it.

    Yes, I have ASPD, Sociopath. For about a while, I realized many people I encountered my whole life never trusted me, even my parents. It took me many years to realize I didn't feel guilt, pain or remorse, and how I like to control people to their own doing.

    I can easily turn off and on my emotions and make up big, fake stories.

    So…. How would it feel like to have this condition?

    For starters, it felt like a curse. My body is out of self-control, and I feel lost.

    I never felt a single guilt my entire life. It's like, I would want to care, but I couldn't. Everyday you have to make a perfect impression to everyone without fail. And you have to be fast at multitasking and doing things.

    I want to consult to a therapist, but I guess I'm not ready yet. It hurts to have this condition. It gave me depression through the past years.

  5. Wait a minute so BC I smoke pot stole some stuff when I was a kid and used to binge drink and never did my homework that means I am sociapath!? 😓 Doesn't everyone do stuff like this?

  6. If they show their face the angle is to minimize. If they go by a pseudonym and never show their face the angle is to maximize the psycho aspect.

  7. Can you have both depression and aspd? I believe I have both but I can't be sure because people keep telling me I might just be numb from depression. I have every single one of the traits you described in the video. I'm currently 17 so idk if I can be diagnosed yet, but when I went to the psychologist they said I showed signs of aspd. What would you recommend doing to find out if I have aspd for sure?

  8. Of course you feel the way you do being hurt abused by people you thought you could trust i have ptsd and bpd because of family abuse and systematic no friends yup so i isolate you are protective of your friends and fiance because they love you unconditionally wich you did not get as a child so you protect your territory because you dont want them to be taken and used by ass holes that dont care like the abusers that hurt and violated you i think your brave honest strong and a good kind person and a survivor and inspirational love this video please do more and thanks i wish you love joy peace and happiness in your future and life and success

  9. Thankyou for the video. It is really interesting to hear from a sufferer of such a stigmatized diagnosis. It is one that I even stigmatised against. All ASPD invidivuals are dangerous etc. Thankyou for showing that it can also be highly protective, e.g you and your fiance.

  10. Thank you so much! I have never researched this. My entire life i have felt like "what the fuck is wrong with me" i hate human interaction. Every time someone calls me, before i even look who is calling me, in my mind i think "what the fuck do you want!?" Im the most anti social person i know and how do i cope with it. I drink alcohol everyday because alcohol makes me social. Its the only way i feel i fit in.

  11. It's within my personal morality to love and accept everyone, as long as they don't senselessly kill, rape, and/or torture others. In that case, you have to change your ways entirely to even remotely deserve those things, at least from people who don't have the same ailment.

  12. Sounds like everyone else, on a strict personal level. You got seriously hurt for life, in the end it's a coping mechanism 😼

  13. Your`re very beautiful woman –regardless of your condition ; you`re a woman that free – spirited and carefree doing her own thing ( makes my heart melt <3 )

  14. Nice vid I thoroughly enjoyed it,even though I feel like u r talking down on me cuz of the position of camera lol, but I am literally all these n some but I'm just your average heroin junkie

  15. Okay so like idrk i feel like I might have aspd (sociopath) but I obviously don’t want to self diagnose myself bc it’s not like I have a degree in what this is but I have every single one of the things that you explained in this video and some more things I’ve seen in other videos?

  16. All my emotion is selfish and functions as a light switch does for me. My anxiety isn't as awesome. Anxiety, in my opinion, is a byproduct of logic not an emotion.

  17. If your expertise on the illness strictly involves your own diagnosis then this video is pointless. Someone isnt diagnosed with Antisocial Personality disorder due to owning knives or smoking pot and if they are it's a misdiagnosis. Antisocial Personality Disorder is a complete lack of empathy for other people. Anti social doesn't mean you dont like to be social. It's that you dont care about other peoples well beings anymore then your own or you even enjoy inflicting harm upon people. DONT GET MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WITH 5 MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS. See a fucking doctor.

  18. You are a monster and given the circumstances will hurt others!
    There is madness in your eyes and your huge bloated ego is what gives you boredom ….. don’t be so cocky and take stock before it’s too lat, your evil karma will cut you down in the end!

  19. im sorry but do you really think its a coincidence she has been diagnosed with ASPD and is also married to a woman?

  20. Can I ask how you deal with anger? I don't think I am ASPD, I never had it tested. However when I go mad, I kind of see red and become really crazy and impulsive and want to hit other people in rage. I don't know how to better control it.

  21. Hello my spouse has aspd, explosive disorder, anxiety, severe depression & myself I have bipolar 1 severe mix with mood congruent what's psychotic features, schizoaffective disorder, paranoia, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, severe trust issues with other people, concrete thought process. one thing I have learned about my husband is when he is extremely pissed best thing to do if I can't keep him from driving if I could I would I'm stopping once though but I took a chance of getting really hurt but it's better than him getting hurt or someone else but I have learnt when he is extremely pissed and he is getting in the vehicle is the best thing to do is to not get in the vehicle with him at all either hitch a ride or walk or stay where you're at and is hope and pray he will be fine. And I know what I've read and what I watched and he didn't used to be the way he is and they started being this away about a year-and-a-half ago I don't care what it says he can feel and yes like you said he has the ability to just turn his feelings off just like a switch like it never existed and the people that is extremely close to him like me yes he is capable of feeling love and showing love back in return. and his daddy was a complete assholes to him throwing up and after he got grown and same to me and I hate to say I'm glad the SOB is gone I also didn't like every time I turn around his daddy threatened to kill me every time I turned around when Scott was not around me and why I see it kasius ain't here no more and he can't do a damn thing to me no more and I don't have to put up with his ass no more alone with my husband don't have to put up with his sorry ass Daddy no longer

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