What is an IPI (CAE) number and how to find it at ASCAP / BMI?

What is an IPI (CAE) Number and how to find it? The IPI number is an international identification
number assigned by the CISAC database to songwriters and publishers to uniquely identify rights
holders. It is used worldwide by more than 120 countries
and three million right holders. IPI stands for: Interested Parties Information
The IPI Number is composed of eleven numeric digits. Previously IPI was called CAE which stands
for: Composer, Author and Publisher. There is often confusion why the letter “E”
in CAE stands for Publisher, it is because the acronym “CAE” was introduced by the national
society of Switzerland, and consisted of the French words Compositeur, Auteur and Editeur. CAE numbers were 9 digits long. The IPI system and database are administered
by the Swiss PRO, SUISA in accordance with the CIS guidelines and standards established
by CISAC. IPI numbers are connected with ISWC numbers
which we discussed in another video. For example, one of the songs called Ernie,
which has an ISWC number of T 010 171 314 7 has just one interested party, that of
Benny Hill whose IPI number is 00014107338. This IPI number can then be used to find all
other registered works by him. Your PRO membership number is NOT the same
as your CAE/IPI number. This number is critical for you to get paid,
so please make sure it is accurate. Do not simply paste in a random number just
to get through a song registration process. How would you find an IPI number for member
of a PRO in the United States? If you want to find someone’s IPI number
in ASCAP, you will need to go to ascap.com. Click on “Repertory” on the menu on the
left side and change the search bar to “Writer”. Then you type the first and last name of the
writer you are searching for, for example John Smith. The results will show everyone with that name,
their IPI number and PRO affiliation, you just need to check the correct one. When it comes to BMI, you should go to bmi.com. In the upper right corner click “Search
Site or Repertoire”, and then on the pop up window click “Search BMI Repertoire”. You should change the search bar to “Songwriter/Composer” and type in the first and last name of the person you are looking for. The results will show everyone with that name,
their CAE/IPI number and PRO affiliation; from there you can find the one you are searching
for. Note that BMI search bar is sensitive to first
and last name order, so the results will be of members that have the exact order of first
and last name. You can try changing the order or search only
by the last name until you find your search. Thank you for watching. Connect with us by subscribing to The Modern
Musician. And remember to check the links in the description
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