What Is A YouTube Channel Membership?

YouTube now has channel memberships. So,
you can make money by people becoming a member of your channel. One of my
channels is huge. It definitely qualifies for this program. So, we’re going to go in
I’m going to take you through real-time of what it takes to set it up and I’ll
give you a tour and I’ll show you what it’s like. There are several ways to make money on
YouTube. One of them is advertising revenue. Now, my strategy was never really
to focus on ad revenue. And I didn’t know that it becomes significant because I
knew that my videos would not go viral and get millions of views. Or so I
thought. Now, I still haven’t had a video go viral but I’ve had you to promote my
content for me and I’ve gotten millions of views that way. In fact, I had one
video that’s paid me 42,000 dollars in revenue just from filming one video. I
made another episode to go into detail on that specific strategy. So, I’ll link
to that right there. It’s my video on how I made $42,000 with
one episode. Another way that you can generate revenue from YouTube is by
using YouTube as a lead generation tool. So, if you have a business. you have
products or services that you sell, then you give value on YouTube. And when
people have received value they then want to go to your website and they buy
what you have. Now, this is real. One of my channels is bringing in between 5 and
6 hundred thousand dollars every single month just from YouTube leads.
Just from YouTube leads. This is awesome. So, now there’s a new way. People can
become a member of your channel. But wait, doesn’t that sound a lot like patreon?
Now patreon is very very similar. And if you don’t know what patreon is, it’s a
separate website. It’s a separate company that allows you to get contributions
from your fans. It’s kind of like crowdsourcing for creators. So, whether
you’ve got a YouTube channel or a podcast or you’re an artist of some sort,
people can go to patreon and become a patreon of you and your channel and your
content. And so for example, you might say I will pay you $1 for every episode that
you upload to YouTube. Or I’m just going to pay you $10 a month. Or I feel like
really contributing. I want to pay you $100 every episode that you make. Now, in
patreon and the same thing applies in channel membership now on YouTube, you
can give different levels of perks. So, if you pay this amount per month or this
amount per video, you get a sticker. This amount, you guys get a t-shirt. This
amount, you can come and travel with me on my private yacht. Yeah, I’ve seen that.
That’s actually a channel called Sailing La
Vegabonde. If you want to go travel with them on their yacht become a patron and
they might draw your name to come join them on their yacht. Now, there is a
minimum requirement. To qualify to have a channel membership program on your
channel, you need to have 30,000 subscribers. So the Nate Woodbury,
channel I’m almost there. I’m almost there. I’m almost at 29,000. So pretty
soon I’ll be at 30. At the end of this video, I’m going to do a poll and ask you a
question if you think I should do a channel membership. But let’s dive into
my computer. We’ll open up the Kris Krohn channel and we’ll set up a channel
membership there. Okay, I’m signed into the analytics on the Kris Krohn channel.
I’m going to come over here to monetization. Now, right here, there’s this option that
says memberships. So, if I click that, “see more” a few screens here join other
successful creators who are an extra income from memberships. Your fans pay
for special perks. Get inspired. Alright, you can learn about different types of
perks. You can see examples. There’s a few channels there that they feature. Your
members come first. So, you can also give them special badges and emojis that they
can use in your comments to make them stand out from other people’s comments.
That’s kind of cool. So, let’s see what happens when I hit and get started. Alright. So, I’ve got a little progress bar here it says that I’m 0% complete. But I
can start… Looks like there’s some trainings and some steps to go through.
So step one is to add a levels and perks. I can create a single membership level
or offer multiple levels and prices. Then I can do badges and emoji and it says
that “This is all about personal connection.” So, that it just really helps
as it says here. Your biggest fans stand out from the crowd, in comments and in
live chat. Then I can put out a video that encourages people to join the
program and then you can post to welcome new members. Okay. Well, here’s the thing:
You can give exclusive perks and content just to your members. So, there’s some
videos that you can send public but then there’s other videos that you can make
and only send to your members. You can give them behind-the-scenes content or
do live Q&A sessions with people for a membership. Okay, when I come in here and
click on step one hit start, there’s more videos here for training. So, I recommend
you watch those. But it wants you to offer 3
different levels of prices, it says that that’ll boost your revenue. These are
just suggestions here. You can set your own prices and I don’t know what the
limits are. But I know you can go higher than the $50 membership. Alright. Now, I
wanted to show you this one about uploading videos. Says, you can upload
videos which only our members can watch. But be aware that if one of your members
reshares this video, it may become visible to other members as well. I
wouldn’t be too worried about that. So, if I want to set level one, I give it
a name I could call it, this is the “Hero level membership.” You know, and I could
set a price point and it does look like they set a max. So, you can’t type in a
manual dollar amount. It looks like you do have to have a max of $50.
So, let’s say for this first level, I’ll have $10 a month. I wonder if I go up to
level 3. It still shows for level 3, a maximum of fifty dollars a month.
So, hmm… That’s interesting. I would have expected there to be another option. So,
this is much different than patreon. Because on patreon, you can offer some
pretty big perks and you can go much higher than 50. Now, how many people are
going to do that? It’s just going to be a rare few. So, maybe the people that are willing
to do something like that, you do it outside of our membership site. Now,
here’s one big thing: Pay attention to this fine print right here, it’s really
small. They do… I say fine print they. Do publish this everywhere. YouTube keeps 30% of your revenue. Ouch! Ouch! I wasn’t expecting it to be so high. I
really like it. I think that this is great that it’s right on YouTube and
there’s going to be a lot more people that will subscribe right within YouTube and
the fact that there’s interactive features right on YouTube is really good.
30%, that is pretty steep. So, I’m betting that that’ll improve over time.
That’s just my bet. After you set it up, they’re going to have somebody review it.
You come down here and submit for review on which I’ll does to cancel. I mean
YouTube wants you to succeed. The more memberships you get, they get 30% of that
revenue. So, your… This is another way of becoming a partner with YouTube. Now,
here’s another reason why I’m actually in favor of this program. They already
have a partner program where they share ad revenue with me. And when I
decided to take on the mindset, “You know what? If I make a video that makes
YouTube money, they will promote that video.” And then I get 55%
of that ad revenue. They are so generous with that. They have promoted so many of
my videos. I’ve made so much revenue in return and it’s really grown my channel
that I know YouTube has my best interests at heart. Our interests are
aligned. We are partners. And by becoming partners with YouTube on this YouTube
monetization, I feel that if I really focus on this strategy and want to
monetize my channel through membership, YouTube’s going to help promote that and
really encourage that because we have a vest vested interest. We are partners.
That’s something that can’t exist on patreon. Because patreon is not the
promotion engine for my channel. YouTube is the promotion engine and yet my
memberships would be over at patreon. But if my memberships are right here on
YouTube, now I have a partner. If my memberships are successful because
they’re getting 30% of that membership revenue, don’t you think that they would
promote my channel? It’s really worked for their partner program in ad revenue
share. I believe it’s going to work here too. So, I’ve got a serious question for you.
I’m going to put it up here as a poll. When I hit 30,000 subscribers on my
Nate Woodbury channel, would you value being a part of a membership program on
my channel? And at what level would you value it? This is not signing you up this
is just a poll. So, I’m going to put different options there like, I’ll put $1
I’ll put $5 a month. I’ll put $10 a month,
I’ll put $25 a month and I’ll put that highest one to $49 a month. Some of
the perks that I’m thinking of providing in my membership is that you can submit
questions to me and I will respond in video form and send that video privately
to the membership. So, you’ll be able to get coaching from me. Now, just to put
that in perspective, when people hire me for hourly consulting, the real rate that
I charge is a thousand dollars per hour. In fact, earlier this week I just did
consulting with a client that hired me four hours of consulting for $4,000. So,
this isn’t a sales pitch yet. I’m considering doing it. And I just want
some feedback if you would value it. Would you value having access to me
through questions through a level of a membership? And what would that be worth
to? Again, I’m not signing you up. I won’t get your information. They’re not going to
send me in this poll who clicked on this. They’re just going to tell me the
percentages. So, would you value something like that at a $1 a month level?
At $5, at $10? At 25? At $49 a month? That would be
really helpful feedback. you

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