What Does Lyme Disease Do To Your Body?

When you think about Lyme disease you probably
think of this, a tick. Or maybe more specifically, a tick bite. Which is not wrong, you should. But what exactly is it about a tick bite that
makes us sick? This is Borrelia burgdorferi, one of many
bacteria that ticks can pass onto humans and the one responsible for Lyme disease. It causes an array of symptoms, which can
be anything from fatigue, arthritis, facial palsy and occasionally a bulls-eye rash. (Erythema
migrans, if you want to get technical). We’ve only known about the pathogen since
the early 1980’s, but it’s been around for much longer than that…potentially for
thousands of years longer. Traces of its effects were even found in Otzi
the Iceman, the 5,300-year old hunter found mummified in the Italian Alps. But while we’re not sure exactly where and
when Borrelia originated, we do know a lot about how the disease works and how it’s
spread. My name is Raphael Stricker. I’m a medical doctor. I practice in San Francisco. I have more than 4000 Lyme disease patients in my
practice. And I’ve written more than 200 papers about Lyme disease. Ticks have been called sewers of infection. Anything that they feed on they can pick up
and transmit to you. These “sewers of infection” need blood
to survive. Sometimes that’s bird blood, sometimes that’s
reptile blood, but a lot of the time its mammal blood, like mice and deer. If a tick feeds on one of those animals and
they are infected with the bacteria, the tick will carry it and then spread it to other
animals, who then spread it to other ticks, and so on. Occasionally, those ticks spread the disease
to us, and they do that by passing the pathogen through the tick’s saliva, which some people
call a pretty fascinating substance. Tick saliva is really a pretty fascinating
substance. It has several components. One is it has an anesthetic that numbs the
bite site so that the person doesn’t know that he or she is being infected. It also has an anticoagulant that keeps the
blood from clotting so that the tick can feed continuously at that site. And then it also
has this immunosuppressive substance that suppresses the immune response at the bite
site so that the host can’t fight off the infection. And it’s been shown that a tick bite can inject
about 70,000 bacteria with the lyme bacteria, so you’re getting a pretty hefty dose of this spirochete, it’s called a spirochete, with a tick bite. So, what does Borrelia burgdorferi actually
do to your body? Technically….nothing. The bacteria itself doesn’t harm your cells,
but your body knows the pathogen shouldn’t be there, so it launches an all-out assault. Your immune system will first try to fight
off disease by targeting proteins on the bacteria’s cell walls, but the spirochete can just change
which proteins it expresses and evade detection. So, so much for that idea. Then, as the pathogen moves through your bloodstream
to other parts of your body, your immune system continues to fight it by producing cytokines,
which work to regulate your immune system and produce inflammation.This inflammation
then occurs in the areas that the bacteria travels to, which, depending on the strain
of Borrelia, can occur in the joints, muscles, heart and even the brain. But due to the bacteria’s ability to evade
detection, this inflammation does nothing to destroy it and everything to make you feel
sick. So that’s what really causes the symptoms. It’s not the bacteria per say it’s the body’s
response to the bacteria that causes a lot of these symptoms. Basically, Borrelia burgdorferi isn’t doing
much of anything other than trying to survive in its host. Well my medical school teacher told me not
to anthropomorphize you know bacteria, basically I mean the goal is to survive. The goal of any bacteria or any organism is
to survive. So Borelia has evolved a way to do that that’s very efficient. Of course, we’re doing whatever we can to make sure the disease can’t survive. Currently lyme disease is treated with antibiotics. And while a vaccine was created around 16
years ago, it’s no longer being produced due to low usage and potential side effects. But there is interest in developing a new
vaccine in two different ways. One idea is to target the proteins expressed
by the Borrelia itself, which fights lyme disease, while the other idea would involve
fighting the compounds in tick saliva, which would fight lyme as well as a number of tickborne
diseases. Because ticks are, after all, Sewers of infection. So, if ticks, mice, deer and any other number
of animals can be infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, why don’t they also get Lyme disease? So deer have a kind of protein in their blood
that kills the Lyme bacteria. And the question always comes up well why
don’t why can’t we put that into humans? And the answer is because humans aren’t deer. So there you go, humans aren’t deer.

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  1. Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying our new series, SICK. Each episode will take a deep dive into a different disease, so let us know your suggestions on what we should do next.

  2. I've never tried to buy a human but I would think a human would be quite dear!.. Also, human trafficking is illegal! 😉

  3. Lyme Disease can be very debilitating. Here in British Columbia the medical community wouldn't acknowledge its existence, so people that contracted it would not be treated and suffered terribly. Only one doctor would treat affected people, and his medical license was revoked for doing so.

    If you become infected, get treatment right away and make sure they give high doses of antibiotics. Failure to do so can cause the disease to become chronic.

  4. It's kind of too simplified if you state the reasoning not injecting humans with the protein is because humans aren't deer. Humans aren't cows either yet one of the earliest vaccines (which was against smallpox) was derived from smallpox in cows and yes I know that vaccines and protein injection are not similar but that is not the point here, the point is here simply that explaining it in this way may leave out some essential information.

  5. If I can suggest another illness for this series it would be Ehlers-Danlos, which along with Lime disease is an invisible illness.

  6. I got bitten by ticks more than 10 times. i have no idea if I got Lyme as there's no symptoms. Should I be worried or relieved?

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  8. Humans aren't deer of course not, but I would think the Pharma Companies could make some kind of vaccine for infected people with Lyme Disease that would kill the bacteria.

  9. "So there you go! Humans aren't deer"…what a wonderful explanation! Stop. Treating. People. Like. 3 year-olds.

  10. I was on the trial for the first vaccine I still deal with it. Never again. I think Lyme never goes away no matter what they say

  11. As a child, between 5 and 7, I was always fooling around in my grandparents garden. Playing with muck, exploring trees, getting dirty, stirring up ants nests and so on. Every little bug was something wonderful. During the summer when I wanted to play in the high grass or in the more “wild” part of the huge garden I was made to wear long trousers and have my socks put over the underside of the pants. Off course I was also constant surrounded by the neighbourhoods cats, which were mostly carrying ticks and or flees. (I fed them my sandwich 😉)This was in the 70 ‘s so people didn’t have much to get the vermin off their pets. My granny used some kind of powder and put a flee collar on our cats but they still came home with ticks.. My parents and grandparents were so cautious in making me wear clothing that was mostly tick proof. As a child can you imagine wearing pants and socks and boots if it is really warm? Well I couldn’t either. Once I was out off sight, off came the clothes. Running around barefoot in my undies and t-shirt was a lot cooler but I got a lot of ticks stuck to my body… it was so bad that I was forbidden to go out playing without adult supervision. My poor parents had to go so many times with me to the doctor… Luckily I never got infected.

  12. Ooooo looks like america has conjured up a lab made killer , suddenly loads of pep talk for lyme desease ? Nice . If you know so much about it , its because you tested the shit out of it .

  13. Hey tick bourne illness sufferer here, so I was made allergic to mammal meat by a swarm of baby ticks. The term for what I contracted is Alpha Gal. What's being done about these late-term allergens? Anything at all?

    Also, can I still donate blood at blood drives? I'd hate to know I gave some poor soul an incurable case of veganism.

  14. well the same concept goes for producing anti-venom, if deer blood can create the anti-bacteria protein then sure enough it can put into use

  15. I am no doctor or scientist but I have read that lyme disease are not just bacterial infection. Lyme disease gives you TBE viral infection too. And another artical wrote that person can get fungal infection as well. You must take antiviral and antifungal medicine too, to get rid of your symptoms. That why inflammation persist in persons body after antibiotic treatment.

  16. Humans aren't deer but understanding how the protein in deer actually kill the bacteria would certainly seem helpful in coming up with treatment or vaccines

  17. I've been living with Lyme's disease for a little over a year now… Got bit by a tick in the park with my dog, had a huge bullseye, no idea what it was until a colleague urged me to see a doctor. I wasn't worried as I heard most of the time nothing happens and antibiotics do the job. 3 weeks of antibiotics didn't do the job. I'm officially chronic now and it's slowly getting worst. I get sick with awful flu like symptoms every single time I travel or am a bit stressed or cold or anything, get migraines, lose focus, sometimes wakeup with extreme weakness. It has made me very depressed, I used to be so healthy and now feel like ive aged 20 years… And there is nothing I can do about it. 🙁

  18. #Lymedisease #Lyme #Bartonella

    You can't cure Lyme/Bartonella by treating the infections. You have to turn the immune system back on that the "Lyme" infections have turned off so they can survive, then the immune system will kick it out.


  19. Forty to 90 percent of white-footed mice carry Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme disease, and they provide the first blood meals for blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks, which can transmit the disease to humans. White-footed mice are typically considered outdoor animals

  20. I know Hank Green has already visited the Alpha Gal protein which is another lifelong infection like Lyme Disease but it is still so misunderstood among the public that I feel it needs a similar video.

    If Lyme disease is caught early enough the symptoms can be treated relatively easily even if it truly never leaves your body but one bite from an infected Lonestar tick and you can become severely allergic to red meat for the rest of your life.
    That means No beef, no Lamb and I don’t care what lies the pork industry will tell Pork is still red meat that means NO BACON EVER.
    And beef products are in everything from Turkey SlimJim’s to medication capsules.

  21. Request: Could we get -6dB on the drums to improve the intelligibility of speech please? It's cluttering up the critical 1-4 kHz band.

  22. I hope I'll not be angering or offending dog (or cat owners), but "If you lie down with dogs, you gc gc diseases from their petset up with fleas". A quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. I have seen and heard of a number of cases where such pet owners caught entomologic or parasitic diseases. Babies and old folks are at particular risk.

  23. The music seems bizarre for the topic. No music at all would've done the presentation more justice

  24. American 1980s pop singer Debbie Gibson had Lyme disease and recovered a few years back. She lost a lot of weight, felt pain in every joint, had no energy, and had to be treated for her heart weakening due to the disease.

  25. There is also BIOFILM which may protects it, needing antibiotics to be up to 1,000x too 50,000x stronger. Furthermore a NAZI Scientist altered it of Lyme, Connecticut on Plum Island Fuk illuminati and instead of tax dollars helping people with the ailment tax dollars are used to gaslight and drug people with extremely damaging psychiatric drugs

  26. The last 5 ticks I found on me that already was stuck they died by the it I knew they was on me. I been wondering why for years and still am

  27. We eat to much food with antibiotics and pesticides like round up which are an antibiotic by nature. This kills good bacteria in our bodies making us susceptible to bad bacteria. Also we have weak immune systems because of junk food and unhealthy lifes. Stay away from these antibiotics filled foods and build a healthy microbiome.

  28. There's a herb you can take in capsule form to get rid of lyme disease. It's called cats claw. It cured me.

  29. Can’t we produce some sort of gene therapy so that humans could produce minimal amounts of that same proteins that deer do?

  30. A misleading comment that borrelia is harmless.. Thats absolute rubbish .If it was harmless then we wouldn't be all losing our cartilage and needing joint replacements .

  31. I got bit by a tic over 10 years ago. I had lyme meningitis. Wasnt a pleasant experience. Luckily was treated early. Bad headaches, fatigue, and half my face was numb.

  32. Oh hey I've gotten Lyme disease before
    It scared me when I got it because I had no idea what it was beforehand

  33. Sick playlist is awesome plz make more videos ….I am a medical student it's very helpful to me and for medical student …. thanks

  34. Also, a deeper look into the vaccine gonna tell you that it was based on a genetic profile of the organism that wasn’t accurate. It was based on a patent held by the scientist, so it became a moneymaking motivation for him. Now do you see why profit perverts medicine?

  35. Make a note of the fact that someone claimed they found evidence of its affects in the 5000-year-old mummy. LYME EFFECTS ARE IDENTICAL TO SYPHILIS sooo……

  36. If I could get rid of any animal on the planet, I'd pick ticks. Even over mosquitoes. Even though mosquitoes carry malaria, they also are a food source for a lot of animals, and are pollinators (the males at least). Ticks on the other hand…their only purpose seems to be to be an unsightly parasite that spreads disease. So idk seems like less of a loss if ticks were gone-

    inb4 someones says "I would get rid of humans"/"Every animal is important"

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  38. Lyme disease is the goto cover-up story for the outward signs of poor health with drug addicts. Or whenever a celebrity enters rehab, they claim to be suffering from Lyme disease or lupus. Why is that? No one will get mad at you if you fake these diseases like if you lied about having cancer or AIDS?

  39. I had Lyme Disease for five years (2000-2005). In the summer of 2000 I got bitten by a deer tick and it gave me Lyme Disease. It bit me on my right inner bicep about three inches below my armpit. When I pulled the tick off he spat in my skin and it left a target bruise. The next day I went to my doctor and when he saw the target bruise he yelled "Damn! You have Lyme Disease!" He gave me an antibiotic shot and a prescription for the strongest antibiotic known to man (his words). After about three weeks I quit taking the antibiotic pills because they made me so sick at my stomach that I couldn't stand it. Along about that time I found out about the Hulda Clark zapper so I bought one and I used it to keep the Lyme Disease in remission. But when the symptoms would abate I'd stop using it. Then a couple of months later the symptoms would return, so I'd start using it again, and so on. I went back and forth like that for five years. But gradually the symptoms were getting worse.

    Then in the summer of 2005 friend told me about the hydrogen peroxide cure for cancer and he suggested that I try it to see if it would kill the Lyme Disease. I was a little scared to try it, but I was feeling so shitty that I was willing to try anything. I did the three week procedure and it completely killed the Lyme Disease, and it never returned (doctors say that cancer is curable but that Lyme Disease is incurable. I proved them wrong about the Lyme Disease). The hydrogen peroxide cure for cancer will kill just about any disease (including AIDS). The only disease I know of that it won't kill is herpes, because herpes mixes with your DNA and becomes a part of you (so that in order to kill it you'd have to kill yourself).The procedure I followed is at this link:


    I bought a pint bottle of the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide at a healthfood store in Huntsville Alabama (Nature's Apothecary). You can probably find it at any big healthfood store. The brand I bought was Oxy-Tech brand, made by Eagle Enterprises in Whitney Texas. They have a website. So if you can't find it at a healthfood store you can order it online from them. I bought the Hulda Clark zapper from Tools For Healing in Chattanooga Tennessee. They have a website. There are several YouTube videos telling about zappers and how to use one. If I was going to buy another zapper I'd buy the one with the gold plated contacts because you don't have to clean them before each use (the copper contacts get tarnished by your sweat and have to be cleaned off before each use). Tools For Healing has some pretty good info about zappers. There have been some testimonies by people who said that they killed their Lyme Disease with a zapper, but that they had to have it in contact with their skin all day and all night for a month. The zapper will also kill all of your intestinal parasites if you use it for a month like that. I think you may have to replace the battery after two weeks.

  40. Some people in Australia claim they got Lyme disease in Australia, but doctor's say there isn't Lyme disease in Australia. Is it some other disease?

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