What Does a Freelance Social Media Manager Do? Freelance Friday Ep. 7

hello everyone welcome back to freelance Friday my name is LJ and today we're going to be talking about what the heck a social media manager actually even does this video is obviously aimed towards freelance social media managers because that's the whole purpose of this series but if you are looking to become a social media manager like in the corporate world working 9 to 5 that kind of thing I'd also be helpful for you too so stick around so number one the first thing that a streetlamp social media manager does is consult and work on the social media strategy with the client so what I do would have a prospective client is I have a type form sheet that I have typed up and ready to go for prospects and I'll email that over so that I'm asked them to fill it out and pretty much what they type form asks for is links to all of their existing social media profiles um kind of like their goals what they want to do with social do they want to increase sales which is usually number one but beyond that do they want to you know increase brand awareness do they want to increase brand awareness in specific area or specific market specific demographic and other things like budget and you know any other ideas common questions that kind of thing once I have that information I take a few days to go through and do a full audit for them so I'll look through all their social profiles kind of identify what some big opportunities are for them what some things are that they're doing really well that I'd like to continue and come up with a roadmap for them and then once we decide that yes we want to work together if this sounds good we'll together work on a full-fledged strategy based on the roadmap that I provided them another thing that's important to look at when you're coming up with a strategy and you're consulting with the client is make sure to take a look at what some of their competitors are doing in the space I'm not saying copy with their competitors are doing but sometimes you want to see what they're doing to not do it you know if they're doing something wrong or just to kind of get engaged for what other people in the industry are doing you also want to look at what some of the key influencers in that industry are doing so most of my clients are small beauty brands individuals small fashion brands like brands luxury brands and so there are definitely influencers in those spaces so I like to look at what the influencers are paying attention to to see if there's any you know platforms that we're missing out on any opportunities or missing out on any social media trends that we should be participating in that kind of thing so that leads me to the next point which is account setup so a lot of times like I said with beauty fashion like soullow Jerry most of those influencers right now are on Instagram as I'm sure you can imagine and a lot of small businesses and brands actually are on Instagram I think more and more I'm seeing clients that are on it which is nice but yeah a lot of people come to me and they don't have an Instagram they've kind of been putting all their eggs in the faceless basket or Twitter or whatever which is great but a lot of times I do recommend that they jump on another platform now I'm not saying that you should tell every client that they should be on every single platform because that's like absolutely not right you know you should definitely be encouraging your clients to be on the platforms that are right for them so you know Instagram does it make sense for a law firm like I just don't ever see that making sense ever and then vice versa I mean some companies are just so young and so niche down that like other platforms like more traditional platforms like Facebook doesn't really make sense now it will say I pretty much recommend every client has a Facebook page if for no other reason than just search ability and Facebook's kind of like a Yellow Pages of yesterday you know but I digress if I think that they should be on another platform and we decide this a good option a good move it's feasible it's realistic for everyone involved then I go ahead and get them set up with one you know that August involves a little bit of copywriting coming up with the information into bio and coming up with the profile picture coming up with sort of a launch plan so using Instagram again as an example you know I wouldn't want to just say okay just start an Instagram and post like a random picture today we want to have like a good Bank of images that we can start with and you know post those kind of all at once or in batches so we have like some content to get started it might include identifying an budget to get started with again look if you're starting from zero it might be a good idea to just throw a $50 page likes budget behind a Facebook page or something like that that's up to you to decide you're the expert you know but those are all things I get to consider with a account setup plan with outside you know Facebook is probably the most complex platform start with Facebook and LinkedIn they're the most detailed heavy there's a lot of different layouts you can choose from for facebook that kind of thing so just keep that in mind when you look pricing this when you're setting aside time in your schedule that you know if they don't have a Facebook page that's going to take a little bit of time that might be a different cost for you depending next way is account management and this was probably like what most people think of when they think of a social media manager is like a social media account manager so that involves actually scheduling the posts planning the posts optimizing the post you know finding images for the post you know posting videos re-sharing retweeting liking responding to comments customer concerns all of that stuff so that's what how management is in a nutshell so I always recommend I mean if you have a business you're freelancer you should definitely have some kind of social media management tool that you use especially if you're managing multiple clients which you know most of us do or at least that's a goal that we will so there's a few different tools out there a lot of them are very affordable for small businesses so I'll briefly go over a couple of them that I have used do use but I will do a video if you guys are interested in my favorite tools for social media managers or for freelancers in general if that's something you're interested in because I could talk about tools all day long one tool that I actually learned how to schedule social media posts on with HootSuite I use that way back in the day I still use it today but I really don't use it to schedule posts I use it to listen so the cool thing about this way is that you can add different streams to your dashboard so let's just say use this really bad example of hash tag Beauty if I want to follow the beauty hashtag which is very broad like that's a bad example but it's kind of a beauty company that client and they want to follow the beauty hashtag I didn't see everything that's going on in that space by adding it as a stream in my dashboard and from there I can go ahead and like things retweet things reply to things you know engage with influencers potential clients customers that kind of base so that's really how I use to tweet I really don't use it for anything more I just like the view of it and it's a nice way to listen in but you can schedule on there you can pull reports on there there's a lot that you can do with it the tool that I personally use to schedule is buffer and this is a really really user fun they kind of basic entry level scheduling tool it's so easy and that's why I've been using it for years you can just queue up post one after another it automatically pulls in an image for you which is nice automatically gives you short links it's just really really user friendly and easy to use so they're really affordable there's a free plan which is amazing I just use a free plan for my own personal accounts for years and years and then there's an awesome plan which i think is ten dollars month and then I think the plan that I pay for is like fifty dollars a month so it's not too bad when you think about you know your profits and all of that such your business expenses and all that good stuff and then one tool that I am testing out right now is social toilet and I'm really just in the entry stages of testing it out so I don't have like a full analysis of it for you guys but like I said I plan to do a video on tools in the future but this is really nice because it's kind of similar to you can schedule things you can listen in but one of the main reasons I chose it was for reporting purposes which I'll touch on later and also because I can add my team members I can add my assistant I can add other people who are helping news campaigns like fencing and they can get in through a separate account where I don't have to share my own account password to this little you know complicated and sketchy and all that stuff and they can also separate my clients so I can go into different dashboards for different clients as opposed having everything just like listed out so it's really cool it seems really cool it's really affordable but I don't have a full like review on it quite yet in addition to the scheduling post which is a job in itself I'm picks a lot of research takes off I then you also will need to engage and respond so I always ask my clients for kind of like a customer service 101 like what are some common questions that you get what are some what answers do you want me to provide people what links drive me to provide people is there like a number like all of those details you want to have documented somewhere so you can easily reference those people have questions like you know my mascara broke or you know I didn't get my shipment what do I do because I'm not a shipment person so I need a response to provide them even if it's just something as simple as FEMA send an email to this email address all of those be tells me to be worked out because customer service is really important it's something that I think is becoming more and more important social media used to be more marketing focused I think but now it's really a customer service tool and a marketing tool so unfortunately for us that means that we become like customer service agents and in some some regards you know please come up with a plan for that and then going back to the whole consulting and strategy piece you also need to figure out like what else do you want to do like yeah I want to be responsive and reactive but you also want to be proactive as you know listening on certain conversations target certain influencers or markets and get involved in that conversation because of the huge piece of it like you did post all day long but people aren't just going to come to you like that's not how social media works you need to really be reaching out to different people they don't mean spamming accounts or anything like that but you know engaging with different accounts liking things getting in on Twitter traffic whatever it is so just prove with that plan with them and make sure that you're posting out as well like that you're not just posting stuff where people couldn't zoom but you're also responding to stuff and reacting things and all that good stuff so that's just a little bit of account management means that also includes like advertising but something but not every client will want to do and that not everybody knows how to do that but I do encourage you to learn at least like Facebook ads and Twitter ads and Instagram ads because a lot of clients are going to want that and it's really helpful to be able to say hey I can do it for you as it was having to outsource it I feel like I'm definitely missing things in account management but that's kind of like the gist like the 101 level of what the cop management is it's a lot it probably sounds like a lot because because it is next thing is content creation so this is something that a lot of people forget about as well but we need to help clients come up with images suppose videos to post you know channel or banner our Facebook cover art all of that kind of stuff is so important social media is not just like words anymore I mean that was nice back in the early days of Twitter when I had to do is like post one-liners and you can get a million followers but now you really have to be innovative and you have to not only I mean pictures are like 101 level but you know pictures you need to do videos you need to do gifs you need to do this all kinds of different things live streams it is all goes into content creation and that looks different for every client for me I mean some of my clients I actually get on video and do this for them like the beauty of some beauty brands and stuff I like apply my makeup and everything for them some brands I'll be behind the scenes that we still make something else okay filming you know an event that they're having some people I will just be creating images for that like it really varies on what your plan is again this should all be outlined in like your roadmap and your scope of your project and your contract and all that and I'm not ever going to pretend like I am a substitute for a graphic designer videographer or anything on that because those people have very specific skills that they spent years and years probably learning I am lucky that I do have a film background I do have a degree in film and video so I do know how to do that stuff but I know its design and everything is not like what I'm great at but there are plenty of tools that help the social media manager kind of at least tone it on their skills a little bit and have fake it so they make it I guess canva is a good one PicMonkey it's another good one there's lots of tools out there somebody who I like to watch on here I just discovered Berwick a week ago if you're into these videos you might like her channel on her channel code just creative she's a designer I just I saw her on Twitter and I just thought she posted something today that was talking about how canva is not a substitute for graphic designer and I absolutely agree with her but you know it is a good tool to use and you're kind of in a pinch and if your client has a smaller budget and you can't afford to outsource so obviously the ideal situation is for me to go request them from them be able to outsource it to an actual creative professional and get everything looking like 100% but sometimes it's just not an option sometimes I just need to brighten up a photo really quick resize something really quickly you are the expert so you know the ideal sizes for all these platforms you know a client doesn't always know that so they might just send you like a quick cell phone picture a square image something like that so yeah being able to do all that stuff great slideshows but there's so many different things picked content and you know you really have to be innovative nowadays in social media it's not just about posting boards or posting links anymore and then the last thing well I mean we do a million other things in between these five points but this last critical point in my opinion is reporting and analytics so this is again one of the reasons that I am choosing to try out social pilot because they do have built-in analytics that look really good buffer kind of lacks in that area actually really less in that area good suite their reporting is okay but it's expensive and I don't really like it reporting is really important what I have been doing for my clients before is I just created a PDF with the metrics that I think are the most important to most any business and just leave blanks for them and I pull all those metrics like every Monday and send them out and it's really tedious going into the analytics features of each platform one by one and all that stuff so it's good to choose a tool that has built in analytics so it makes your job a little bit easier and then how often you choose to report on those analytics is really up to you in the client so sometimes like to hear from you every week some kind of like to hear from you every month it's really up to you and it depends on a number of things you know what the budget is what the timeline is with the length of the contract is all that will go into Hostin your report but I personally like to touch base in my clients at least once a week know whether or not that's like the full PDF report or not is a different story it really does but I do like that ways touch base and say like hey here's how this campaign is going that kind of thing honestly some clients don't care some clients do not care to hear metrics and numbers in analytics you know my opinion as a business owner I think they're super important I would want to hear them but if for nothing else it's good to pull analytics so you know how you're doing because at the end of the day the point of your jobs help them build their business and you know obviously increase revenue and sales and all that stuff and awareness and so how are you ever going to know how you're doing if you're not like pulling numbers and actually seeing yourself how you're doing and what types of content is working what kind of you know hashtags are working what all that kind of stuff those digital analytics make you best tabs on analytics that occurred recently on various podcasts number one don't underestimate the power of being native analytics so for facebook is called Facebook Insights Twitter's twittering Twitter analytics I believe instagrams just Instagram analytics YouTube analytics that kinds of like whatever the platform analytics are I know that I just said choose a tool that pulls them for you and yes you should but I also recommend getting in and looking at the need of analytics once in a while as well because you know things can get lost like tools don't always communicate so well to each other so you can lose post you know tools can mess up I've had analytics tools mess up a lot from each and give me like wacky numbers that are absolutely false so looking at the native analytics or like the most reliable source also building onto that the second tabs that I heard recently was pay attention to what those native analytics shows you like when you first click into them so like when you first put in it Facebook Insights what kind of information is it giving you because think about it like why would the platform put it out there as the first page if they didn't think it was important you know if you want to kind of beat the algorithm of all these different social platforms it's important to pay attention to what they're displaying on those first pages because you would think logically that they're showing you the information that you know it's really going to be make the most impact on your channel or your account or whatever it is that might not be true this kind of is the theory but I do think that's important they're put like the most important information out there on those first pages so make sure to get in there regularly and check out the need of analytics just make sure that everything looks okay and you know just going to get to know the native analytics features as well all right guys so that is it for today's free last Friday episode you know that I've been a little bit late with these I have filmed a few different episodes and I just scrapped them because I really love this series to be helpful for you guys I don't want it to just be like regurgitating random tips that I've heard on the internet they really want them to be unique and helpful so if you guys have any suggestions on topics that you would like to know more about I've already heard a ton of you guys want more YouTube advice and tips I'd definitely have those on the horizon and then I also have really fun exciting episodes that will be filming this weekend hopefully about love and business and entrepreneurship so I'm excited to share that with you give any other topics please leave them and comment below I'd love to explore your suggestions yeah thanks so much for watching if this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up it does help me out a lot you can also subscribe a lot of people have been letting you know that my subscriptions are not making it into their sub feeds which isn't that a surprise so if that is the case or if you want to be sure that you don't miss my videos please click on the bell next to the subscribe button that will help enable notifications whenever I do upload I try to upload a few times a week and I think that's all I have to say I've been rambling on enough so yeah I did appreciate you guys watching have a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye

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