What ASHRAE Membership Grade is Right for You?

All right, so you’re ready to join ASHRAE, the organization for students and professionals in the HVAC&R and built environment industry. But what membership grade is right for you? Hi, I’m Devin and in this video we’re gonna cover the four main membership grades offered by ASHRAE. Now the first grade we’re going to cover is member. That’s member with a capital M. ASHRAE members are the quintessential industry experts and having that designation can open all kinds of professional doors. To earn full membership Members must have the equivalent of twelve years of society-approved industry experience. Now twelve years may sound like a lot, but there are different ways you can meet this requirement. For starters, you get one and a half years of credit for each year you attend if you graduate from an accredited college or university. So earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited university would mean you already have six years of credit. You’re halfway there! A professional engineering license or registration from a legally authorized body gets you three more years of experience. Annual Society dues for Members is about four dollars a week. Four dollars! That’s less than the cost of one of those fancy coffee drinks are always buying. So, what do you get for four dollars a week? You get the ASHRAE Handbook subscriptions to ASHRAE Journal, Insights, and High Performng Buildings Magazine, and discounts on ASHRAE publications events and services. But more than that, I think, it’s the opportunity to be part of this dynamic community comprised of the brightest minds, all working together to find better ways to design, build, and operate buildings that are more comfortable safe, energy efficient and sustainable. Now, let’s say you don’t quite have the 12 years of experience yet. That’s okay. You can still join as an associate member. Associate members pay the same annual society view s and get most of the same benefits as full members. Keep in mind that there are certain regional and society level volunteer positions that do require the candidate to hold a Member grade for at least three years, so if you join as an associate, you’ll want to make sure that you advance up to full Member as soon as you meet eligibility requirements. The next grade we’re going to cover is the affiliate grade. Affiliate grade is intended for those who are new to the industry that are not quite sure if ASHRAE membership is right for them. To become an affiliate member, you must be younger than 30 or have been honorably discharged from the military within the past five years. This introductory grade is limited to three years and the annual Society dues are graded based on how long you’ve been an affiliate member. It’s important to remember that affiliate members do not receive the ASHRAE Handbook or have access to insurance, but they do receive subscriptions to the periodicals and are eligible for discounts on publications, events and services. Affiliate members who want to vote or hold office at the chapter regional or Society level will need to upgrade their membership. The last membership grade we’re going to cover in this video is the student grade. All students enrolled in an approved course of study are eligible for this grade. Now, ASHRAE knows how much ramen you’re eating so annual Society dues for student members is a fraction of full membership. Now, like affiliate members student members do not receive the ASHRAE Handbook nor do they have access to insurance, but they do receive subscriptions to the periodicals and are eligible for discounts on publications, events and services. When student members graduate, ASHRAE encourages them to take advantage of ASHRAe’s Smartstart program, which allows graduates to advance directly to associate member with all the aforementioned benefits including the Handbook at a reduced annual rate. So those are the four main membership grades for ASHRAE. If you have any questions at all, Please contact your local chapter membership promotion chair or reache out to ASHRAE’s membership staff. If you’re ready to join now, well making your dreams true is easy! Just go to ASHRAE.org and click on the upper right hand corner. If you’re still unsure, Well, I think my friend Shia has a few words for you.

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