What are my Female Empowerment Events like?

hey YouTube it's your homegirl angel and I get asked all the time what our workshops are about well this is a video that's going to show you exactly what our workshops are all about enjoy my name is Eric came in and it was a really awesome event I got to learn about time management how to release any negative emotions so I can get past five years and live the life that I deserve different actors that we didn't actually were very motivating and what I got out of you know how to be a business owner got it want to do better be better be surrounded by better they're feeling actually a lot better than when I walked in and I was able to also walk away with getting to know other women that are ready to empower themselves and to create a tribe together women Athena is empowering each other from everything one such a powerful space so thankful to sparkles and angels for creating so I'm pretty excited and I'm more than positive obvious the future is and I urge all of you to come join it was amazing very empowering very open for everybody could pick them up each other and amazing been a great day so thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this little video that I put together if you want to know more about how you can come to one of our workshops please check out living feedom at comm make sure you sign up for our email list newsletter because you never know where in the world we will be popping up to do a workshop near you ciao

6 thoughts on “What are my Female Empowerment Events like?

  1. Hello, and greetings from Houston, TX, an honor to write you, Ms. Angel Aviles, please continue the empowerment, I do meditation, which also helps me lucid dream, I'm a big fan and a friend, really I am, how can i purchase an autograph pic of you?, If you are ever in town, let me know, I would love to purchase a pic with you, from a hardcore lowrider, thank you for you attention and time. Mi Vida Loca………..por vida

  2. It's great that you doing this. Power to you. Thanks for the empowerment. AAAAAMMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGGG!!!!

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