We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America

The remarkable truth is this: America is no longer a white, Christian country. And that’s going to have profound implications. In the early 1990s, fewer than one in ten Americans said that they were religiously unaffiliated. That number today is nearly a quarter. It’s 23%. About two-thirds of seniors identify as white and Christian. But if we go down to the youngest Americans, those under the age of 30, only 29% of that group identify as white and Christian. Today, we have zero Protestants on the U.S. Supreme Court, and if Merrick Garland is confirmed, we will have five Catholics and four Jews. The 2012 election with Romney versus Obama is a good illustration of just how quickly the power of white Christian America has declined. Romney actually did pretty well with white Evangelical voters. He had all his basic marks his campaign should have hit. If he had run the same campaign he ran at the same kind of support he got in 2004, he would’ve won. But what had changed between 2004 and 2012 was that the religious and racial landscape had shifted just enough that it wasn’t enough to put him over the top. Now obviously, we’re seeing Donald Trump running with this playbook. We may have a real test case on our hands about whether or not there are in fact enough white Christian voters out there for a Republican candidate to win, relying on those super majorities. One key question is what does it mean to be an American? What is the image of America that comes to people’s minds when they even hear the word America? I think that’s one of the things we’re struggling over in the country today. For many white Evangelicals, I mean they see something that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting – a white Protestant family gathered around a Thanksgiving table – and I think for many that evokes this era of the 1950s, where white conservative Christian values really hold sway. Compare that to the Coca Cola commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. We had all kinds of families, you know. They were black. They were white. They were Latino. They were Asian. And they were Muslim. And they were Christian. And it set off a firestorm of controversy. You know many conservative white Christians saying like this is not at all the America we ought to be celebrating. In fact, it’s a departure from this image that we have. People fight like that when they are losing a sense of place, a sense of belonging, and a sense of the country that they understand and love. So thinking about the descendants of white Christian America that are still with us today, and again it’s still 45% of the country. It’s a lot of people. How do they re-engage in public life when they can’t be the majority? On the one hand, their are leaders I think such as Rusell Moore at the Southern Baptist Convention, who is really trying to take these issues really seriously and to figure out how to engage in a way where they’re taking one seat at the table and not pretending that they own the whole table. On the other hand, I think we’re seeing some real reactions against this. And we’re seeing it with the Evangelical leaders who are really supporting Trump. calling for Christians to kind of turn out and reclaim their dominant space in public life. There just aren’t the numbers out there for that to happen. America is no longer a majority white Christian country.

100 thoughts on “We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America

  1. If white people disappeared (died) off then blacks will suffocate in each others poverty and start looking for white people around the world to blame it on for free $.

  2. Christian people are too soft and easy and weak, they all project either weakness or mental illness, perversion.. USA IS DEAD.

  3. Trump got all the white Christians and the white agnostics. Killary got all the Hispanics and the few blacks who turned out to vote for her.

  4. Whites in my opinion have always never really wanted anyone else to be a part of their Christian family it always seemed like they have to so they can get a reward or something and I've believed in christ all my life just an observation

  5. All I can say is thank God we have had too much Christians down holding us as slaves making laws that govern our country based on their belief system

  6. Wow whites thinks that America is white. Damn you. You invaded here you fuckin brits. Go back to Britain. This land belongs to people of colour. And take your fuckin cking Relegion with you too

  7. The America I grew up in was awesome, being a white male and Catholic, it was such a great time. Born 1964 Philadelphia. What the hell happened to the America I once knew!!! Damn my kids will never enjoy the freedoms I had growing up. What ashame!!!! Too much PC.

  8. The founding fathers built this country for a people of faith. The roots of American values are destroyed and it has lots to do with the media medaling with the culture

  9. I wish the title was correct.. Christians have destroyed this country and they keep at it. If we had left zombie carpenters behind and followed common sense, we might have had a chance. Get ready for China to be the world super power. It’s going to take so much money to get America back on track, it will never happen. I don’t know why we care about color. Keeping the country going was and is more important, but people care more about this shit. We are done

  10. When people let go of god, they try to become the God of their own lives, this has profound social implications, the US constitution would have never been interfered with historically as even the amendments within the document were biblical so seen as god given rights, now people have made the Government their God, whereas the constitution was seen above the government, now it is the other way round and the same freedoms that made America prosper are now slowly being torn away to make room for Agenda 2030.
    Aint progress great?

  11. Not ttue as e white says usa will.become very religious again but in.a.bad way they wil pass the sunday law

  12. atlantic Mag is dumber than dogchit…. theyre so racist they make up racial assertions that aren't true….."hispanic" or "latino" isn't a race,,it's an ETHNICITY… they're every bit as "caucasian" as an ethnic Swede is… to show my point,,,, compare your avg. SPANIARD with your average SICILIAN OR TUNISIAN ,, OR EGYPTIAN,,, ETC. ETC. .. ALL THIS "no longer white" chit is just a half-wit effort to foment separation, disunity… to BALKANIZE US FROM ONE ANOTHER …. AS IF THE MEASURE OF A MAN AMOUNTS TO HOW MUCH M ELANIN ONE MIGHT HAVE IN THEIRT SKIN,,, IT'S HALF-WIT RACISM



  14. They(White conservative “christians”) Show their true color, yellow bellied crying bitches when things don’t go their way.

  15. The Lord Jesus said that this time would come and there would be a great falling away. This is a spiritual war,the Anti-Christ will have his throne for a short season. Jesus will return and the world will go back into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Narrator gave a short version, and now I tell you the other short version of what WILL and is happening right now. For just as in the days of Noah and Lot show shall be the coming of the Son of Man.

  16. Americans bullshit a lot about Jesus and God and the Bible, but we all know they worship the all mighty Dollar! Trump might be the last stand, the last crazy ride of the "bible belt"crusaders and the white masters as political overlords. . Before you attack me you should know that my name is not Ike Turner or Muhammed and I am a white European!!

  17. What´s wrong with Catholics huh? Not everyone has to be protestant to be Christian. Now, I understand the sense of belonging and for the most part I would support this video 100% if u didn´t mention the white part. There´s nothing wrong with being white neither of being asian, mulatto, mestizo, or black and i don´t think how more variation in ethnic background would do any difference as long as the values and principles of what makes great AMERICA still hold.

  18. Maybe those aren't the right categories anyway. Can't people choose the groups they identify with without being told their skin color is the most important thing about them, only to have every analysis and judgment under the sun based on the faulty assumption of "race" as the most important/dominant factor dictating behavior? If these kinds of analysis were performed without reference to skin categories (which assume a false sort of kinship), how would the percentages change in a category like religion, or class, or values?

  19. Good. Let's diversify more. There is no way a decline in this majority is even a problem. WASPs just like to think it is.

  20. Just to get it straight, western countries haven't been CONSERVATIVE christian since at least the end of the 18th century. The 20th century in america is just an illusion of christianity where people praise and embrace Liberal /secular values without knowing about it.

  21. Im a direct descendant from the mayflower. We are not going in the right direction. I dont hate but once you mix everything together you have nothing original and pure.

  22. The world needs Christianity. The world needs Jesus. If you look at the colonial history, the people interested in money who didn't care about God only enslaved, and looted. But the Christians built schools, orphanages, ended slavery, promoted civil discourses and changed the world for the good. Biblical teaching have changed the world. Turn to God.

  23. Oh goodness is this what made some trump supporters go crazy and the racists and white supremacists came out of hiding? I bet this is a part of it. Smdh

  24. Yes now america confuse, drugged up, violent, hat-full deceived ignoring history true facts morals and true freedom or not learning form there past., don't know how good we got it.becoming third world. history show most great country fall in there prime. thank God he never changes.

  25. One must wonder if so many of you have read the bible. It is called a great falling away, just as it was written. Why so surprised? These will be the most wicked and selfish people to ever walk the earth. Lovers of themselves. Like Trump said, you let them in and like I had said, they come for your children. They say to one another, "give them anything but Jesus, anything but the truth, raise them to despise and oppose Jesus and the truth". This is now the America you have.

  26. American people has never been christian. There were some cults invented by jews a couple centuries ago. Now people don't give a shit about them.

  27. There's nothing shameful about admitting that you are a white Christian and that it makes you sad to see your country changing so much. It doesn't mean that you don't welcome people of all different culture into your country it just means that you don't want to lose the Christian Foundation from which you where raised in two. We have to accept it but it doesn't mean we have to like it and it doesn't mean you were racist if you don't like it it just means you like things to be regimented and the way you used to. For a person to admit they're proud of being white and Christian seems to be a topic of persecution nowadays and it can't be any more far from racist as it is. I would think any country you go to anybody would feel proud of who they are and what they've accomplished. Doesn't mean you're proud of the things that we're not so great.

  28. The greatest Christian Revival is at dawn… just like no one saw Trumps Victory coming, the sleepwalkers will be shocked when they see how the love of Christ fills America more and more.. It has been a spiritual battle, and the Light is winning.

    There are surely many Fake Christians, and we need to Wake Up our dear brothers and sisters too as well as the people who are unaware of the Spirit which is always here, but only reveals Himself to the humble.

    Time to get real with a Christ like moral standard, which create such genuine joy, to inspired people with

    With great new art and music

    We will be stronger than ever before

    Remember, stay in the love of Elohim, and then you can judge righteously without letting your speech blend with the wicked tactics of the world. If these comments and social media in general making you sin, stop, pray, get into the right state, then continue

  29. Anyone who has read the Bible, knows that mystery Babylon is America, and that mystery Babylon was to fall !!!! This country is out of here lol Lmaooooo which means white ppl will be the minority very soon lol good luck to y’all

  30. The US made itself the forefront nation of western civilisation. More scholars are saying, like this video does: we are witnessing the decline of the west. Unfortunately, in the case of a decline, the US shall will have to go down too. It’s history, it’s in the books. It’s like looking at your childhood bully and realising that he was just just hurt, and was acting out. And then realising you were just poor, that is why you accepted being bullied. It’s all OKAY! I hope we can transition peacefully to the next arrangement, without unnecessary suffering.

  31. I wasn't shocked to see there were more dislikes than likes on this video.

    A lot of people viewed America as a "melting pot" that mixed cultures together back then. The concept of diversity isn't new.

    This video made me lol 😂

  32. Hey, "White Christian Americans"? Have you heard anything about Native Americans? You now, nice guys with feathers on their heads, you kinda live on their land. Stop fucking complaining. You stole their country from them, and now complain that other people are stealing your land which you stole from them. That's retribution.

  33. evangalical christians are nutcases that support genocidal apartheid regime because of it being mentioned in their fairy book,so i think this is a good thing.

  34. I'm either Christian or Agnostic
    Like, I believe there is no way we can prove god exists but I still believe that there is a higher being.

  35. So, my grandchildren get to grow up a despised and hated minority in the nation that was built for them..? Something's wrong here…

  36. People who refer to themselves as "White Christians" are not real Christians, there is no White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue Christians, there is only Christians.

  37. One good thing will come from this when America was majority white Christian it prospered and became strong when other races with different beliefs and culture America fell to white Christian Russia it will serve as an example for future generations

  38. There has been an aggressive campaign against white Christian Americans, on behalf of THE DEMOCRATIC party, 2 turn minorities into a force for destructive power against freedom, antifa being the byproducts of an uneducated youth with no direction. People being attacked 4 supporting Trump or anything the far left disagrees with, then they try 2 erase history by removing statues of historical value. Now if you are white and or Christians you r seen as a threat 2 thier movement because they can say your opinion on tv

  39. White is not something you “identify as.” It’s your race, it’s finite. Also, it a foolish mistake to assume all Republicans are religious Christians. Latinos at Catholic, Christian…blacks are Christian, too. This is a silly video, as if white people are dying out.

  40. The face is Whites built this country and non Whites who flock here come for an opportunity or the wealth that this nation built…….that their native countries did not build……………. The assumption is the system in America makes people successful and prosperous without consideration of the demographic that built that…………but once the demographic shift of the US resembles not the demographic that built this country but that of those who are immigrating then why would one think that this country would remain the same and not turn into the country of where those immigrants came from?I' don't see the US surviving intact as it has been over the next 40 years..

  41. nothing will change. it's not like the Christians really believed anything anyway. they'll just come up with other reasons to feel superior and attack other people for not sharing their "values". they really can't engage in public life without wrapping themselves in Jesus? sure they can. the whining won't quiet down any time soon, either.

  42. A rather bullshit argument when those who don't vote at all are more than any other candidate. How do you get highest voter turnout? Fear-mongering and hate of the other apparently?

  43. White is racists ward. Because Anglo Caucasian Saxons use this word White to alienate the rest of the world. Fair-skinned people turn America into a plantation killing biological Terror smallpox and bubonic plague. Rotting Christ Dogma God guilt-free Sunday All Is Forgiven you fucking white piece of shit go fuck yourself

  44. Meanwhile- National tragedies taking place in our communities, schools, and workplace are on the rise. Hmm… I wonder why.

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  46. It's a shithole, with crime run rampant, and cops killing their own citizen, soon to have Russian nukes hit the soil.. pure shithole..

  47. Every Christian please get down on your knees and pray that the devil don’t destroy our world, the devil wants to win if we pray and trust GOD that will not happen the devil wants us to believe that this world is a White world and trying to put racism into the takeover and destroy America but Christians know that GOD made man in his image, he did not make man and say the white people was over the world or the people of color, (HE SAID HE MAD MAN IN HIS IMAGE , ) if we give our heart to him and believe in him he will forgive us of our sins, he is the ruler of all, everything that you see , hear, feel, taste, thank you (JESUS FOR DIEING ON THE CROSS FOR ALL THAT BELIEVE IN HIM WOULD HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE ,AND GOD WE THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE AND GIVEN TO US , I AM ASKING EVERYONE THAT READS THIS TO PRAY FOR CHRISTIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD WE DON’T SEE THE COLOR OF PEOPLE SKIN WE SEE A BROTHER OR SISTER STANDING SIDE OF US THAT WAS MADE IN HIS IMAGE ) 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  48. I find it ironic! So called Christian people…You didn't think God watched what your fore fathers/mothers did to other people? You read where God watched Pharaoh act a damn fool with the Jews (You did read that didn't you?) God watched you come to this land, he saw you kill the natives and steal all they owned! He watched the French and English fight over Africa! The Spanish come to Brazil and take over South America! He watched as you went to China, India, and Alaska…He saw you force yourselves, you're religion, food, language, and beauty standards on anyone non white! He saw you make laws to disenfranchise them! He saw you commit atrocities transcending his laws as you claimed to do them in the name of Jesus… He saw you!!
    You have the audacity to be mad you're not the majority after all the evil you've allowed to transpire?
    God has given you time to make things right, but so many are so damn evil they don't believe God will hold them accountable.
    That's OK, Pharaoh thought that too.

  49. Perhaps you should add an addendum to this video, letting the listener know that your prediction was wrong, even though your concern is sill relevant.

  50. America is a WASP-nest. But maybe a den of lizard-brains. I was born here, raised here, educated here, yet am surrounded by some of the most embarrassing humans alive in an industrialized nation. A most embarrassing time to be an American.

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