We're probably the worst people to get relationship advice from?…..

hey we're live okay so we're probably the worst people's last relationship with my su cos we're single but we're here I mean anything but people that like once I say goodnight arises a horse yes no that's you know how many times I've heard that I'm like shut the fuck but it's like I've heard so many bitches say that and then they're literally going back to exactly what they advised against I'm like you're so fucking stupid including myself okay someone sent my son's father not the same fucking person no no there's more my son's father knocked me everything is guacamole yeah my son's father knocked me to the floor and is making jokes about on IG okay sounds like a police matter yeah even weak ass bitch and I say that was love because somebody is to give her tough love I was there and no one was like get the fuck off the floor and go to the police get the fuck off to her when there's a kid involved I know it's not that should be even more motivation to go to the cops um then he's gonna hurt you and the child you just need to get so huh City and cut that dude off cuz he doesn't have it oh he needs to go to jail yeah I understand how many people have brought their baby daddies or stalkers or whatever to the police department and only got a restraining order and then they end up dead it's like you need to make sure that dude ends up in jail for a long time and away from you and your family so you can move to another country and start over what are the first things you say to a guy when you're trying to shoot your shot I say hey what's up can I take you on a date I don't know I don't should I pick you up Sunday at 8:00 or I mean I'm not meeting you I didn't do that cuz you asked me what to say to somebody shoeshine I told you what to saying you gave them my response oh the last dude you know I'm the one who gave you what's a saying you said it and he responded so it's not again I asked to know cuz I said to do that okay so I still did it you didn't do it I did it yeah so why you sitting there saying I don't know what to say you know I see if it was in my own position I don't think I'd shoot my shot and I would accept lat last year I was like when I said her fucking with someone I was like literally tweeting like yo wassup like sign into my DMS though that's the only thing I said like slide in my dams okay let's see how do you know when it's time to propose this is a guy asking I don't fucking know I mean are you in love because if you're not in love in love with her and see yourself with it for the rest of your life then you probably should I mean are you willing to drop that that money on a ring that's really what it comes down to like is that the bitch you want to drop all that money for it to possibly for her to write either say yes or no or say yes and keep the ring cuz if a motherfucker gave me a ring and then it didn't work out guess what mother fucka I'm keeping it and I'm pawning it I'm gonna get at least why would I want to keep it I'm gonna go take this ring and shove it up your air and give it to another visitor guys money back no I'm gonna keep your money cuz you just fucking ruined my entire view on love that's terrible okay um when do you know to let go I don't so I'm the wrong business and I hold on for dear life like like jacking this I cannae I'm literally like I'll never let go Sam oh never letting go ten years from now I'm suddenly thinking of you so no I will never sure it might be a bad thought but I'm still thinking of you which means I never let the situation go no definitely that's your problem I know I'm 12 I know it Isis like once I'm over a situation I'm literally over and those people never existed to me like I'm I'm sorry I never fuck with you alright those air maxes look like Feliz I don't know I think that's the point or feel a bit off B's I don't know somebody I was on Instagram the other day and it was like hot girls summer is over it's over until you guys stop wearing those monster stompers talking about the feelings because they oh they do look they do make everybody's feet look WAY big no I have a size 3 and they make me look mad no your feet look actually big right now that's why I'm looking at them like why do they look like Feliz really yeah I guess I 6 instead of it and why is it yellow no it's supposed to be beige Danny that's a point beige and white hmm are we done hating on me now I'm just saying the sneakers the like monster shoppers that's wonderful now someone and then someone else called them dinosaur stompers okay let me look at another question should you put out we all know what Danny thanks no I said it all depends it varies from situation to situation if you're not having a good time never if you're having the time having a good time you should just throw the pussy on us on the score head okay first of all I've never thrown a posting on anyone's forehead so no Tony it's me being facetious likes I hate when you fucking say that I literally hate when you say always have to remind you because you'd be taking shit literal so I just feel like you should wait like we're going out tomorrow and dude was probably gonna think oh I'm smashing and he's deaf not so I'm sure everybody that I talked to thinks a tomb like no wait hashtag we don't do three songs and that's another thing like dude let's really be thinking because you're a twin like you and if you guys might stock the same day yeah if you link up together that means it's gonna be like some kinky shit and I know there's some twins that are in zetsu but I will never be in the same room I never never I would never want to see a dick go into your vagina I never want to hear you moan nothing trash you know I heard you sucking dick once and I really wanted that dude who had a girl you what was his fuck what was it geeky it doesn't matter you know when he came down trying to say hi to me and I was so fucking he were so rude I was literally you don't even know what I was so wasted because I went to that bodega and not a nut cracker I know what the book was in that I know it has to be drugs I think I think it was a crack or cocaine or something I was like this is not Planet Earth give me your wiener [Laughter] this missile has tagged Nutcracker guys hashtag that shop is probably shut down for sure now it's not a private a private detective is probably I'm gonna report it to the cops next time alone just cuz that night gives me chills it was it night it was eat early after dad skip College reset the college cross yeah like so I got home oh my god no he's not son Danny's daughter to tell her something all I heard was a Dean you and you know you know know like yo I lose a yo fuck you so good when they were done doing this shit he comes down on his fuckin beanie on cuz his hairline was hideous oh yeah he was not good-looking yeah I just didn't understand it I just didn't I just um you know what I have like this weird fascination with guys I have girlfriends it's really good I know it's so bad like I'm like I want him I'm gonna have him I'm not fuck this shit up it's like I'm unhappy so early on I think yeah so he comes down with ugly-ass beanie on and I'm like you know why I stopped talking to him no Danny because we weren't cool at the time that I can stand yeah but you want to know why I know oh he made a comment we were hanging out and he was like what if I have a daughter one day and she like comes down into the kitchen and I find her attractive never saw him again you creep you fucking weirdo hope he never has children when what did you respond I wanted I said why the fuck would you be attracted to your fucking own daughter and he was like I'm just saying I'm like no I I don't understand what the fuck you're saying my just like suck your dick really me showing you they are as music did I see you can motherfucker cuz now five years ago I'll tell everybody your business Michael Michael are you gonna put your last name out there is he going to jail oh here molesting your child up to felt molested your children and shit fucking Michael you're going to jail trash I forgot about with you oh maybe he's like you hook up with these people and then like after your like I don't even know who that is and you don't exist that's never happened to me cuz I'm such a small like know if you're pretty long list but you know it's like some of them I'm like I don't even you don't count you don't count you know ki no means gonna be going through a list and then I'm like what about this guy she's like oh yeah well no I came second whose outside I'm at 13 yeah no that's if you've had sex with 13 people yeah and you've just sucked random penises no I haven't sex ran of white way from North Andover what random white guy from North Andover what was his name oh my god [Laughter] marker Matt something within something within him like a white boy name and I was like why wouldn't you just like he's doing oh you're so young and you were like cuz why not and I was like I didn't like his sticky there there's like there's dicks I likes a second latex I don't I did not like second yes I'm gonna get Devon as I know my videos are getting paid like I'm sad then he look like a cereal oh he was cute back in the day you didn't look like a cereal no no even at Lexi's house all the girls were like obsessed with him and I have this competition I like this competition mindset so I'm like all y'all bitches one handbag and guess who hated it his name was mark I can't for the life of me remember his last name um I don't remember you there I just I don't even think his first name is Margot definitely it's definitely started with a Matt maybe who's Matt no I wasn't mad maybe it was mine no you're thinking of Matt no you had sex with him mmm-hmm yeah he had a little dick too right it wasn't there but he was just like so good-looking back in the day he was so he was like the hottest guy I've ever seen I so I had sex with him is so ugly now no looks exactly the fucking same looks exactly the fuck inside sometimes I like just type his name and he got married to some ugly fat bit and I have a kid I think they have more than one kid but at this mine but yeah he got my eyes did some ugly fat bitch it's so random like I can't believe he looks the same so he's good-looking alright let's answer another question yeah he's gonna age well obviously cuz he's like 40 I love to yeah I would say that's one of the dudes I was like I love him no yeah I know he's Marquesas friend I have to do a whole story telling I forgot about the fucker I know you're an all-star game um ago hey it was great he just had like a really shitty how do you guys feel about hooking up with celebrities I've been learning and that I don't feel any type away it's like people do it for Chloe or just like why even talk about if it went nowhere I'm not gonna brag about a one-night stand what if it was more than a one-night soon I'm not gonna brag about a weekend stand or anything like that it's like what did you do what did this man do to provide anything beneficial for my life except for a little bit of his day no I blessed you with this pussy goodbye yeah Danny's born to shooting her shots with celebrities I'm not and something I'm specifically doing that I just I'm tract its people and I know that I'm attracted to them because I've seen them on like whatever it is that they're doing like IG and stuff ya know tiny now who are you girl checking myself in the mirror just looking Bob I'm like I don't like my hair right now though yeah my hair's not short so it's okay it's okay no look my hair's gonna grow so fast that it smell pretty good out smell anything so okay okay why are you guys trying to give relation vite when you're single why can't I give really good advice but I just haven't really given any advice in this video so no probably not my advice to you and shut the fuck up but I really do give good advice so I give pretty good advice as I've had such shitty relationships it's like just if you don't want to go through I would I'm through listen to me then why do we continue doing the same shit I guess that's kind of what they're asking um I think if I have like a little bit of xanax and some mental help and I was more calm with people like in the beginning I think it's the beginning is in the beginning I have to agree that when I step back in this situation you don't really know where what a relationship is until I succeed suffocating my pussy so fat that like literally if I'm in shorts sitting on for long periods ends I let's wrap this up because I have to put my guard right back on yeah so anyways shit well just we're won't even read questions anywhere we're gonna just customize this if you don't abuse of relationship get out mm-hmm and he mentally abuses you it's just as abusive getting punched in the face get out if he literally makes you emotionally unstable emotionally can't ride home if you don't trust what he's doing where he's going you feel like he when I figure out his passcode to his phone you should not be in that relationship you should be with someone that when you're with them you don't even want to touch your phone like literally I never touch my phone when I was with him never honest I didn't work out well for you so did he why are you gonna jab me right now I'm so jamming I'm saying it didn't work out well for you okay but it didn't work out cuz of me yeah I would have hole I would have held that motherfucker down cabbie I'm saying I'm not because of you I'm saying because you were like that doesn't mean he is so if the motherfucker is always on his phone see yeah yeah but I always thought he wasn't on his phone it doesn't matter but at this second you were when you hit the following tab on Instagram and all you see is that motherfucker commenting on a pic from 2015 by literally if you're fucking with the dude that makes you feel good but then when you're not with him he's like thirsting over attention from other women it's not worth your time no it's just not because he's insecure that's what it is he's insecure as fuck cuz you could be the baddest bitch you could treat that motherfucker better than his own mama and he'll if he's out there liking shit commenting on shit looking for the next fucking thing after you walk out the door then you thought you it's him and you shouldn't feel bad about it most Jews that need pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy are really insecure yeah and therefore they're mentally unstable like their bipolars and their dicks are always wrong so okay and also um and you could be with it could be a woman and woman man with man if you guys are on any type of those relationships get the fuck out you should be with someone that you don't need you want if you need somebody that means you don't really love yourself and you shouldn't be in a relationship you gotta love yourself first and then you can start fucking with people yeah don't be going for no Michael's can't believe you ever did that like let me know it does some shit and don't be the side bitch cuz he gets you nowhere I mean I would be I would be I would be down to be a side bitch if it was the beginning of somebody's relationship like if he'd just started talking to a chicken even know where I was going I'll come and like fuck that shit up but if they're like 2 years deep I'm good so basically like Oh any one of me with this year met me so I'm gonna make you realize yeah like if he's not talking to someone for 30 days I'm gonna say so you're single that's what you're calling me I don't I don't I think I don't think a guy would tell you that one some guys are really honest there's a few honest people out there I don't know it's hard to believe it but um – I don't know if I would be cool with that I don't know what I see with this line it's like new he had an old bitch I know that's never used to be there I'm out yeah don't forget to subscribe to my youtube youtube.com slash Daniel Victor buy my book on Amazon don't be that big really didn't answer like and follow my Instagram xxo Daniel doesn't matter of 20 minutes I have to put my garment back on yeah so basically at the end of the day we're just saying to love yourselves and when you do the right person will come around and if you feel like being a hoe than be a hoe just make sure you're using protection and it really shouldn't be a hoe but whatever to you Jenny you literally just said if you feel like fucking someone the fight if the date is poppin don't just fuck someone from the collector but what if there is going on multiple days oh but every date is poppin okay but that sucks they're probably gonna catch something really terrible haze um just be happy love yourself and then I feel like once you love yourself love will just come rushing in and then you're like whoa what is this and then you're gonna be like it's amazing and that's all I got for you and we're probably the worst people just get take relationship advice from but um I feel like I can give it I just can't take it that that makes sense anyway she's not fit so I'm gonna be off it and I love you and I'll see you in my next video that will be team on designs like every other video shout out to you too for fucking up my bag my

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  1. This was literally fuckn hilarious! Gabi move to LA already so we can see more of this omg ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Ok you guys are literally the worse at relationship advice๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ but dammit all I'd still listen cause you guys are hilarious๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. I love ya'll!! I have never had a man disrespect me! I have never allowed it! I'm married to a wonderful man! My advice to young women is the first sign of a man being no good you let him know you will leave him in a heart beat! I have always said i can be happy with you and without you!! Ladies let these men know!!!

  4. Yes you are and Iโ€™d never ever take your dating advice. I love yโ€™all but yโ€™all suck at the game, ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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