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well hello there how are you no seriously how are you how do you think your well-being is you know there are six kinds of well-being and in this episode I'll tell you all about all six types of well-being and I'll also tell you how they can give you superpowers I'm not even kidding superpowers you're gonna love this my name is Tim tamashiro author of the book how to iki guy this is a book that can help you figure out what your life's worth is and well-being is an important part of life's worth and heck if it gives you superpowers why not put some work into it I'm gonna tell you all about it coming up you see this this is something really cool this is something so useful you could print off a copy of it and stick it to your fridge to refer to every day this is called the wheel of well-being now I'm a lifelong learner so when I was researching for my book I came across so many fascinating insights about things that I wanted to learn more about and well-being kept on popping up over and over again it was kind of like the universe was saying here's more stuff for you to learn and to share this wheel of well-being captured my imagination because I remember thinking to myself as they looked at it I went hey I could do all of that today this was created by a consortium of health care organizations in the United Kingdom they wanted to address and promote the idea of enhanced mental health throughout the country now you already know that what you eat and what you do every day physically is going to have a big effect on your physical health well it's also important to know that when you put effort into the way you think and feel everyday it will enhance your well-being as well how much of an impact can greater mental well-being have well there a growing body of evidence that shows that individuals with higher levels of well-being have superpowers what kind you might be wondering well you can fight off a cold better for one you're more creative you have better problem solving skills heck you have the superpower of greater pain tolerance as well and in the event that you have a surgery you can heal faster but perhaps the best one of all is the one that I'm going to tell you about right now greater mental well-being can contribute to up to an extra seven years of life for you now if those aren't superpowers I don't know what are now you might be thinking to yourself well what about my genetics and the way that I was raised and my circumstances right now well yeah all of those factors certainly do have an impact on your mental and physical well-being but I have really good news for you though they only account for 60% of your well-being the other 40% you have control over you have control over your attitude and your actions and your choices it's kind of like life is the car but you have the driver's wheel and the acceleration pedal and the brake now there are six sections to the wheel of wellness each section gives you a job to do and an action to take every single day or as often as possible the first portion is the body now your job for the body is pretty obvious be active now this does not mean that you have to go and buy a gym membership no what it means is that you go for a walk or a hike every day get your dog outside to play play with the kids mow the lawn you know some of the oldest people in the world have never been to a gym in their lives instead they just include vigorous work and movement as part of their daily activities so they garden or they walk for their grow they are active people who just keep on moving because they have built activity into how they live so when it comes to your body make sure you're active the second part of the wheel of well-being is the mind keep learning that's your job according to the Pew Research Center personal learners in other words people who learn just for themselves because it's interesting 87 percent of personal learners feel more well-rounded and capable in their lives 69 percent feel like learning has opened up new perspectives about their lives so this puts lifelong learners into a fascinating mindset category called growth mindset and it feels good to grow so work on your mind keep learning and you'll keep on growing we love well-being section number three is the spirit your action every day is to give everybody has so much to give it doesn't have to be money you have time to give kindness to give you have support in encouragement enthusiasm you have smiles together when you give you reduce a lot of stress in your body and best of all when you give it just feels freaking great and that's why a league ibin is essential to your well-being the fourth slice of the old wheel of wellness is people connect with people psychologists have long said that connections with others is a basic human need in other words you need to connect with people every day it's just as important as eating drinking and breathing don't believe me well try spending a day without connecting with anybody don't talk to your friends or family or colleagues don't converse with the waitress at the restaurant don't call or text anybody don't pet your dog in less than a day you will start feeling lethargic and numb you'll feel kind SiC it feels like you're the loneliest person in the world and it feels awful so connect openly with the people that you know everyday and even with strangers and you will feel glorious section number five is place your daily job with place every day is to just take notice of it now one of my favorite exercises in the world to do is to go for something that I call a walking meditation so what happens is I just head out the door specifically to just walk around their neighborhood and notice the trees and the birds when they sing I notice if there's a little breeze on my face or if the sun's on my shoulders I just go out and I look for beauty and it's everywhere it's incredibly relaxing to go for a walking meditation and it's important as well because it helps you recharge your superpowers so section number five is place get out and notice it the last portion of the wheel of well-being is the planet and your action is to care for the planet or even your street or your neighborhood taking care of our environment is part of everybody's responsibility so try to do something every day that can make a difference or maybe even a change anyway the final piece of the wheel of well-being is the planet it's all just care for it your well-being is something that only you can make the decision to work on and when you do you get superpowers from it so why not do it so to recap the wheel of well-being there are six portions body-mind-spirit there are people place and planet so what's not to love I hope that you've enjoyed this video click on that subscribe button below and hit the bell for notifications for when new how-to iki guide videos are available speaking of the next video it's all about how iki guy is the ultimate life hack yeah in the meantime you can pick up a copy of my book how to inky guy and the link is in the description below I'm Tim tamashiro thanks so much for watching Owen a reminder to do more you

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  1. Thanks for watching Wellbeing Tips and Tricks (that give you superpowers)! I hope you find benefits in this video. Wellbeing is an important part of everyday. What are you doing each day to help in your wellbeing?

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