Wellbeing in later life

I'm Philip I'm Monica my name is Patricia start getting an interest early on doctor continued three rounds your older years I love nature and that that's that's why I love my garden that's why I love where I am now I've been a Christian all my life and when I was older I joined the Methodist Church and wherever I lived I always joined the local church and through the church you make friends and through the church and friends I've found out about the crafts class and that's like how I've come to you know be a member here at the crafts classroom which I I thoroughly enjoy and made a lot of friends you know feeling that you know you are now in old age and you just need somebody to help you because you know they're so close to it and all your friends seem to be ok there it's almost like no one like energy advice here but when you start looking underneath there's lots of things that could they could be I didn't getting or or doing or differently and make their lives better you know just just so that people don't sleep soon enough I should get older perhaps maybe you get a little more tired and you might think oh do I really want to go out today but I think you know to get yourself out of the house and to do things but even if you go out for an hour it's just a break from the four walls well my son and my daughter's oh they're all well do you mad you know they've got to get to the gym you know two or three times a week well I don't bother with the gym I just walk it's cheaper as well because some of these gyms are quite expensive aren't they and I do litter picking which is easy it's not strenuous we're all volunteers most the people are retired and have a very nice get-together really go to the pub once a month very nice I would love to build to do a lot more I mean the kitchen I put in four years ago I could do that four years ago I couldn't do it today no way I just couldn't do it it takes me yep if I vacuumed the sitting-room floor it takes me five attempts because I can only do maybe a square metre then I have to sit down my back so that's what frustrates me it really does I can tell you frustrates me enormously that I've got to go and sit down and relax before I can continue heigh-ho old age doesn't have to be huge but as long we got a nice little place to live and you've got a regular pension coming in I mean that's yeah it'll be fabulously rich or anything but as long as you've got that security you know savings wise I would say it's it's not what I would call that insuring you know we've never gone all sorts of stuff it is what it is you know I mean probably couldn't see myself working a lot more working until I'm much older you could nothing you know between us we'll make it no we won't make it just wish I was a millionaire I'd still live here those are photographs of my husband on all our various trips different holidays with being on yes unfortunately he it wasn't ill at all he just just dropped dead with a massive heart attack yes you know but as you said comes as a terrible shock the time yeah so I was up there on my own and more my children live down here so they said you know why don't you move down to London which is what I did and I think it was the best thing I ever did I have a daughter who lives in Brixton and my other daughter lives in Peckham and so we decided this was a good area because I can be both places within half an hour on the train so it's perfect and of course I thought then let you know the London Freedom Pass so it's brilliant free travel so I can go in and out town as many times as I want to we were working so hard and business abroad and I've lost a lot of friends because you just cannot do people get tired of you not being available you know and eventually people just disappear there's you know a lot of people I've loved say the ones that I have now really treasure that are just absolutely my my life to fun sometimes really worry about I mean now for example if I'm with the girls with the duties we have massive fun and we alex is three friends together and I keep thinking is it because I'm still the way I am now I mean how is it gonna be you know when when I am you know how how would they be with me when I made yeah they're gonna be like really patient because and I was thinking have fun because I really can't imagine is what I do on a Sunday night even on a day like today I can do it people pass by and they chat a lot of them to be honest is mainly younger people you know you'd be surprised you know you can chat about anything by Mohammed hey how are you doing it means a lot because the people around here are very friendly I meet my next-door neighbors yeah you know it's a Bangla family and the head of the family he has said fill it if you need help just ask my brother is 15 year old brother he will do anything you want yeah and yes I say well I've got to pay him no no no you don't need to pain we're here to help ya and this is that's the way people are here that that's what society should be about helping each other and that's what that's what they've done yeah and I'll knock up pots of kompot and all sorts of things give them something they give me some little it's all give and take that's what it's all about and I think as you get older you need more of it a lot more of it

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