Wellbeing Budget 2019: Minister of Finance Budget Statement

2 thoughts on “Wellbeing Budget 2019: Minister of Finance Budget Statement

  1. Grant Robertson, to me you are in a diffiCULT predicament understand The Truth is in the word and sometimes words can be misused, for instance there are no trade offs lest ye mean yourself and your face and your off spring. the speech from the throne came from the sewez for cone head bloodlines thinking to keep slave stock with enlightened glow bug bright spark glow plug die sels to feed off. Subtil nails on 22 33 77 back to me. unregistered to your coloneye soul trading for tamaki East regenerates. DHB and pit in hospital to me. 🙂 What have you got except copies off an absolute and tickets for a car park to a shakespear biscuit?

  2. Well done to the entire coalition Government for the excellent budget. Well done Mark Robertson for well spoken budget speech.

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