Welcome to the UW School of Veterinary Medicine with Dean Mark D. Markel

There are a number things to be proud of
about the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We
provide the best education of veterinary medical students in the country, and I’m
extremely proud of the fact that we provide a broad array of educational
experiences that allow students to pursue all that veterinary medicine can
offer not only to individuals in the state of Wisconsin but also globally to
individuals worldwide. I’m Dr. mark Markel Dean of the School of Veterinary at the
University Wisconsin-Madison. I’m also professor in the department of medical
sciences and board certified in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. What inspires me every day when I come to work are the exceptional people that I
work with. Really, my perception of what my role is is to provide the resources
and to provide to some extent the impetus for people to really think about
how can we do things better. Whether it’s the education that we provide. Whether
it’s the clinical service that we provide whether it’s the research that
we pursue. It’s really me trying to figure out pathways to allow them to
succeed, because in the end what that will mean is that we’re going to benefit
both animals and humans with the things that we do here in the building. One of
the principal reasons that potential future veterinary medical students pursue
UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine is that we provide a broad array of
career opportunities and educational opportunities that typically aren’t
available to add many other schools and colleges. One of the distinct differences
from our school than many others is that we don’t just create future small animal
practitioners. All of that still is an important component of what we do that
might be in academics might be an industry it might be to pursue a
graduate degree. We are consistently ranked in the top five and research
productivity because we remained focused over the course of our 30 years on
recruiting and retaining the most outstanding faculty that we can. In
addition, I think the research that’s conducted to the school is amazing. For
example, one of our researchers and influenza research is quoted in the New
York Times on a regular basis, but he’s just one
many that pursue outstanding research that’s benefiting not only the animals
that we treat but also humans too. And, I think that concept of one medicine that
we’re able to do here probably different than many other places is really
something to be proud of. And last is the clinical service that we provide in our
hospital benefits 20,000 people a year who bring their animals tour to our
school. They’re people that really benefit benefited from the idea that we
had multiple specialties more than any other hospital in the state and really
enabled us to kind of bring those minds together to pursue whatever the best
treatment is for that particular individual animal and hopefully result
in a positive outcome. I define success for the School of Veterinary Medicine in
the faces of the people that work here and the faces the students that go to
school here, and it’s really all about trying to marry making a place that’s
incredible to come work in or be educated in combined with pursuing the
most exceptional research teaching and clinical service that we can.

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