Welcome to the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School!

Hi! Good morning! Diane? Yes! Ok. Good morning. What's your name? Isabella. We've just landed at JFK Airport and
we're just going to the Training School. I'm just feeling happy because I'm here,
and I've always dreamt about it! So we have a couple more people and then we're going to hop on a bus to go to the school. Yeah? You're on the first floor as well. One twenty-two. Ok, thank you! The cultural differences is the best thing
you can do with Cultural Care because socialize with different people from different countries. Bonding with friends—it's awesome. Hello everybody. Welcome to New York City! Ok guys, follow me! Over to the left is the Statue of Liberty of course. Wow. America's so huge!
I've never seen such high buildings! This is amazing—we are in Central Park! Yay! We're in a New York cab! Today we are learning CPR and First Aid. Because we're gonna be taking care of little kids— If they need our help, we need to know how to do that. One breath. Two breaths. What does it really mean to be an au pair? And that's what we're going to cover in this chapter. In class today we learned so much. My teacher was great and she helped us a lot today. So how can you guys be good role models? Amongst yourselves, talk about
what it means to take initiative. Right now we're at the International
Candy Picnic and every au pair brought something from his country. And it's fun! This is good, I swear! This is your Safety and Law workshop. We hope to give you at least a little bit of information that you can take forward. Dance Party! Yeah baby! Best week ever. We're gonna have to see each other again!

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