Welcome to Rockville kicks off

welcome to Rockville returns to the River City this weekend thousands of people it’s at the three-day Music Festival every year before it kicks off News Rejects reporter Jennifer already looked at what goes into planning the big event good morning the roads are closed here this morning on Gator Bowl Boulevard and they’ve been like this for several days now that’s because crews have been here in Lock J getting ready for this weekend’s festival organizers say this year it’s gonna be bigger and better than before and a lot has gone into planning this event this weekend welcome to Rockville is back on thousands of music fans downtown to watch dozens of bands perform including tool’ Incubus and flogging.molly for days crews have been on site setting up building the stage putting up tents making sure everything is in place for festival goers to enjoy organizers say every year the festival continues to grow and this year it’s expected to be one of the largest yet it is our biggest selling year we’ve ever had in Rockville history so just expect the party to be bigger and even better Lindsey Medina travels across the country helping produce several music festivals including welcome to Rockville she says they start planning for the three-day event more than a year in advance starting with the branding and figuring out which acts to book then the focus shifts to selling tickets and making sure people know about the event in the final days before the festival crews start building the site they come in they’ve got an incredible team of people who come in and build this it takes we can have two weeks to build and it’s pretty much 24/7 for us to be able to open doors a festival more than a year in the making eager to open its doors on Friday on top of getting to see a lot of music acts perform this weekend there will also be several food vendors and it’s a little bit difficult to see because of the trees behind me but there is also a ferris wheel here in lot J the first act kicks off tomorrow just around noon Jennifer ready channel 4 the local station

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