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Welcome to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and congratulations on your new job. My name is Barbie Pearson, and I’m the Chief Benefit Officer. For more than 75 years TRS has served the needs of Texas public education employees like you. By contributing to TRS, you are participating in a retirement program that provides retirement disability and survivor benefits to public school employees and their families. The TRS retirement plan is a defined benefit plan. This means that the amount of the benefit you are paid is determined by a formula established by law. Your monthly benefit is defined by the formula. It is not limited by the amount of your accumulated member contributions in your TRS member account. Generally, the longer you work the more significant your retirement benefit will be. When you become eligible and choose to retire, with TRS you can count on a monthly annuity payment for life. TRS’ service credit is an important part of determining eligibility for TRS benefits. You can receive service credit in two ways earn membership service credit through eligible employment in Texas public education or purchase service credit when eligible to do so Service credit counts for your retirement eligibility and is earned in one-year increments Only one year of service may be credited in any one school year The most common way to earn a year of service credit is working or receiving paid leave for 90 days between September 1st and August 31st in a TRS eligible position. The advantages of your membership with TRS begin on day one. The first thing we will send you is a welcome to membership letter and a designation of beneficiary form. Please visit our website to view our other member educational videos as well as our financial awareness videos. We are here to answer all of your questions. Please call 800-­223‐8778 to speak with a TRS benefits counselor. Thanks for watching.

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