WEIRD FAMILY MEMBERS #3 | Reddit Stories

From collecting dust bunnies to eating crayons
with ketchup, the Planet Dolan Crew re-enacts some of the best true stories from our subreddit
about weird things our family members do. I’m Pringle/Doopie, and today, I’ll be
your narrator. Number 8 was Submitted by Readerweirdo19 Mimi_Up
Mimi’s little brother collects dust bunnies. One day when he was 4, he was playing with
some action figures when a dust bunny rolled by. He instantly put down the toys and picked
up the ball of grossness, proceeding to play with it as if it was one of the action figures
he had so readily abandoned. He is now 17 and has a collection of over
300 dust bunnies. He added googly eyes to some of them and gives
them names like Link and Bulbasaur. Mimi’s mom is completely beside herself
and my dad sometimes questions the sanity of Mimi’s brother over a glass of bourbon. Number 7 was Submitted by Lord_Snax Grgak
Grgak’s uncle always ate strange things, or ate normal things in a strange way. When Grgak would eat an orange or banana,
and was about to throw out the peel, his uncle would say, “Hey! Don’t throw that out! That’s the best part!” and he would take
the peelings and eat them. When Grgak’s uncle wanted to eat a hot dog,
he would first take a bite of the hot dog, then follow it with a spoon full of ketchup
and a spoon full of mustard. He also always likes his toast burnt to a
blackened crisp. Grgak has lost count of how many times he
set off the smoke detector. Number 6 was Submitted by Doomshade2292 Dolan
Dolan’s brother Zaraganba loves Oreos, but the way he eats them is a bit weird. Zaraganba doesn’t like the cream inside, so
he removes it and throws it behind the couch. Then he puts ketchup and mustard between the
two cookie pieces. After that, he still dunks it in milk before
eating it. Number 5 was Submitted by huggalumpmcwoozle
Snewpee Snewpee’s uncle collects Barbie dolls and
gives them “accurate” body parts. He brought his dolls to a family dinner to
show the other adults. But he left them sitting around, and Snewpee
and her young cousins found them and started playing with them. When Snewpee’s mom found them with the dolls,
she was pissed. Snewpee’s uncle never brought the dolls
to a family gathering again. Number 4 was Submitted by Arch00Angel SaltySquid
SaltySquid’s little sister does some pretty creepy things. One night, SaltySquid woke up from having
a strange dream where a Russian woman was whispering at him to eat his peas and carrots. When he woke up, it turned out his little
sister had snuck into his room in the middle of the night and was whispering to him to
affect his dreams. SaltySquid’s sister now does this fairly
often, and sadly, he does not have a lock on his door. Number 3 was Submitted by Vulcan105 JamesShark
JamesShark’s older brother had an eating disorder that made him eat bizarre things,
like paper dunked in pickle juice or crayons with ketchup. He got a job at an auto repair shop, which
was great, because he likes cars. But one day JamesShark went to visit him at
work and just saw him going ham on a truck tire trying to eat it. He was surrounded by ketchup packs and sugar
packs. JamesShark asked him, “What the hell are
you doing?” His brother responded, “Well, he ain’t
gonna use it anymore,” as if that explained it. Several months later, JamesShark’s family
got a call from his brother’s boss, telling them that the shop was missing a few tires. His family knew it was JamesShark’s brother,
and when they went to talk to him about it, they found him curled over puking his stomach
out. Apparently he thought that since the tire
tasted fine, he’d wash it down with gasoline. Number 2 was Submitted by MacyMirandaC53 Melissa
The weirdest thing Melissa’s 10-year-old sister does is bark at everyone and everything. At the store she will run up to strangers
to bark and growl at them. She won’t answer to her real name, so Melissa
has to call her by her “dog name,” Scarlet. She uses “Scarlet” the dog, as her username
for everything online. Melissa’s sister even barks at Melissa’s
dog and claims she understands her, then chews on the dog toys. Number 1 – What’s the weirdest thing one
of my family members does?

100 thoughts on “WEIRD FAMILY MEMBERS #3 | Reddit Stories

  1. You use the “call to adventure” music do you like BFDI or something because if you do i do too I LOVE THAT SHOW!

  2. the weirdest thing about me is i like brocilli and dont like chocolate and dont like sweets, im a spicy swour, chesse kinda guy

  3. I HATE the number 7. I absolutely despise it!!!! And I don’t know why…..
    I also don’t like the numbers 21 and 69… another thing I do is eat ketchup on my grilled cheese sandwiches and on chicken quesadillas… along with mashed avocados on grilled cheese sandwiches….. I also go through small phases where I don’t want to draw at all. But I will still animate… it’s really weird… I don’t like it

  4. 2:52 i feel like if that happened to me
    Everyday since then I would barricade my door every night before bed

  5. Am I the only one who didn't see a penis in the thumbnail
    I knew they were talking about the bone but I didn't see it as a penis

  6. 4:58 doopie, if you think green beans and ketchup is kinda weird, its nothing to my weird food habit of vinegar and pizza…

  7. I have one,

    I have two sisters. They both side woth eachother and gang up against me and one day, sister 1 trapped our dog in my room while i was sleeping because she didn't want to deal with her, and the dog left 2 large sh*ts under my desk.

    My parents and my sister was downstairs, and when i told my mom what Sister 1 did, sister 2 started "defending" her.

    Sister 2 called me spoiled because i wanted sister 1 to pick up the crap, so as revenge i put one piece of sh*t in my sister's room.

    I'm probably the weird one.

  8. For those who who say “EVERY HOUSE HAS A LOCK ON EVERY ROOM”

    Funny enough, my house was made in 2016 and it only has one lock inside the house. The bathroom

  9. im weird cause of my social talk cause im very scared too talk to people but when im with my friends I have friends cause I was social but then I moved and I was not the same cause I hated talking unless I knew you when I talk to my friends I go crazy =~= idk what the heck goes in my mind idk if this makes sensens XXD I CAN'T SPELL NOW T^T

  10. One time I ate the lunchable pizzas with the mini crunch bar on top for a dare. My friends are told me its gross but its now my favorite food.

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