week in my life – church, Princess Polly party & work! ⚡️Georgia Richards

good morning I am upper wheeler and I don't want to get out of bed look what I always crazy I need to get out of bed and get ready for work so let's do that I have so many gone to some flowers that I don't know where to put them anymore Happy's beautiful ones from my parents these beautiful ones from my friend back and then I have another two bunches out in the living room a house smells incredible at the moment a lot like a circle out of bed what do you mean I'm in trouble hair and jewelry makeup no checked you out dog it's just also 9 a.m. and I am on my way to work my work today from at 9:30 until 6:00 we're on that grind our 7:30 the 6 yesterday so I'm still pretty exhausted from that shift but after work tonight I am going out to dinner with my family which I'm really excited about I like my birthday it's been stretched over like three days finally birthday dinner on Sunday night and I had my actual birthday on Monday and now going into dinner again for my birthday with my family to put on all the you need me part I'm really working four days this week which I am very very excited about what he Monday Thursday I'm already halfway through you have the weekend off because I'm going to a priest learn the party on Friday with princess Polly which is so exciting you know definitely talked about it more but that's why I have Friday off and then I have Saturday and Sunday ofso which is so great that's pretty much that rundown and what my week is going to be welcome to the vlog from pure excited about it I think we're finally back to snow hole every day I've missed that little walk I feel like it was Melvin and then it was maybe well and then it was my birthday and now we just got to know that is when I feel most at peace like I am looking in my elements are very excited and I hope you guys aren't Oh sir if you're wondering why I have such a good angle for my camera in my car at the moment it's because my older brother Brian got me a camera tripod for my car and it is literally awesome it is the best thing that has ever happened to my youtube channel so Chad out to Brian religion but anyway I'm gonna continue driving to work I mean so much Pisa and then I went and wanted another Pedro had a bolo it's 9:30 on Thursday night and I just finished work for the week which is very exciting today customers were just extra rude and I just want to come on here and just give you a daily reminder to be nice to people every day in my job it blows my mind how rude and entitled people think that they are especially when you're going into somewhere asking for something and we are giving you that service just because we are serving you doesn't mean that we are any less than you doesn't mean that we are not human doesn't mean that we don't make mistakes it never gives you the right to verbally abuse someone as you tell my work night was a little bit not great I pride myself and how hard I work at my job I really put in a hundred percent and sometimes it's just really draining when you're giving 100 percent five days a week 38 hours a week and customers literally treat you like trash it's ridiculous and I just want to remind you to just go out of your way to be extra nice to anyone that serves you anywhere just be nice to people I'm gonna drive home and I have a lot to do not really a lot but my room is an absolute mess and I have to get up kind of early tomorrow to get ready for the princess Polly splendor party I also need to put my outfit it is currently quarter past 10:00 p.m. but this is one of the outfit options that I could wear to slender tomorrow I have my dogs and my top ends got it but obviously from vincent's Polly I don't know this is what the longest cut looks like with this outfit on I don't know how I feel about my dogs I feel like I look like a cowgirl and that's not my aesthetic I love this guy there's so much material it's literally huge I just tried on my last outfit choice this is it I'm definitely not wearing this ain't Sookie maybe not fit to marry we need to leave by early 8:45 if we want to get coffee on the way which means I'm gonna have to get up a like seven okay good night I'm all dressed ready to go and I quickly just wanted to talk about this blonde ice and Stan this is skies because I was very unorganized last-minute and forgot that I'd to tan but this is a Bono since Matt one day tan it is incredible which I was sponsored but I'm not you apply it on the day that you need to be 10:00 to 4:00 and then that night you wash it off and there's no Chan left it's incredible scale used it for my breath agent the other night my life has been changed oh all dressed ready to go this is the final outfit that I went with I also have a bag packed full of clothes that we might take some photos of after the party we have some spare time around Byron we're gonna go get some coffee get some breakfast and then we're gonna be on our way to virus we have it being at the party for a little while and honestly this is Kitty's so crazy I just have no words Hannah Montana to the man who literally was scrubbing floors at the cafe last night and now we're here I think we're gonna chill for a little bit really first my Instagram story and then we're gonna go into the silent disco I think have a little bit of a party in there having so much fun thank you so much for inviting good morning friends it is Saturday I woke up this morning and my friend was on 2% so my phone cord literally broke last night while I was sleeping so I had to charge my phone before I could leave my house and my laptop was dead and then I wanted to clean my room there's just a whole mess of a morning but it is 10:00 a.m. and I'm back to head in just Rafi's and get a couple of hours of editing in I'm gonna try get this vlog smashed out before I need to leave for soccer my game is at 1:00 today so I have a fair amount of time but we'll have to see how we got it good morning friends it is Sunday today I can't even turn it to show you I'm Alex and I are heading off to church we both have the morning off so we've popped over to a different church really excited about Alex brought me coffee we're gonna go in please Jesus catch you later weak little update for you it is currently on a pasta 5 p.m. I've been on the guard old day and I am so exhausted I just had to be so like on all day and because I am such an introvert it's taking so much out of me I've know if I explained it properly this morning but Alex and I went and visited one of his friends churches for the mornings we both had the morning off and it was really really fun I really enjoyed it and then after that we went out to lunch with a bunch of the dogs from there and that was really good as well had a good ovary door and then straight from lunch we went to my grandma's house and a little bit has some flowers because it was the best day yesterday we just chatted with my grandma for a little while then out to my grandma's I would hurt got changed to put some of your adrenaline and now I am off material work you know one of our marriages and a left just a little while ago as you know that is why my life is being sore hectic it's her daily but we haven't like a going-away farewell dinner tonight so I'm going to now I'm so exhausted I almost the Mikey 10 hours Monday and Tuesday so I'd love to get herman headley and I came tonight and I would probably talk to you I am literally such a gay mom and I'm the person who left first but to be fair I went from 7:30 until 6:00 tomorrow so I think I deserve to be the first to leave I had really really good time but I'm exhausted so I'm gonna have to the bed I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog if you did that give it a thumbs up but subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I will see you all in my next video in the future I

26 thoughts on “week in my life – church, Princess Polly party & work! ⚡️Georgia Richards

  1. ily and your personality, Georgia. i agree, tho- i always go out of my way to be kind to strangers, and my wiatresses or bartenders at a resturant, etc. some people are just childish but being nice to them might change their day/attitude, too.

  2. rude customers kill me!!! i work in a luxury retail store and the people who shop there are so entitled it amazes me. girl you are not the only one! dont let them get to you , you are doing an amazing job

  3. Yes thank you for saying what you said about rude customers! I worked at a supermarket for nearly 3 years and oh my the amount of abuse i received i couldn't believe

  4. I watched this vid while having breakfast with my son this morning haha! Your vlogs give me such good vibes, and your reminder to treat everyone with kindness was beautiful 💗💗

  5. Haven't finished the video yet… loving it so far! I just wanted to let you know that I also work in customer service in hospitality and the amount of customers that just feel like we are their slaves is ridiculous so I feel you gal. Don't let them get to you! At the end of the day, you're in there doing an amazing job and getting paid for it. Life will catch up to them eventually but just imagine how many people's days could have been made by your kindness and hard work x

  6. Who could EVER skip your life updates? Who WOULD ever. I guess I just can’t relate to the fake fans since I would naturally watch you even if you were just breathing 😂😂

  7. preach it girl. customer service providers are literally what keeps this world running and I feel your frustrations everyday!

  8. omg the rude customer talk thankyouuuu. I'm 18 and i work in fast food and people can be so rude it is so hard to just smile and say ok argggg!!!

  9. I used to work in McCafe and actually had a breakdown and quit in the middle of a shift one day after a year of customers (and management) being rude to me. I don’t understand how people are so terrible.

  10. I LOVE watching rachel and georgias vlogs from the same day and seeing the different perspectives 🙈🌸
    small youtuber here 💗

  11. heyy georgia !! loved the vous church podcast you recommended like woahhh it was so good !! you should defs check out the relationship goals series by transformation church too !! ily sm xx

  12. I totally agree!! Seriously, I don’t understand why people are so rude to people who work in a cafe or something! I mean we are humans too! I work at a cafe too btw

  13. Girl I used to work in hospitality and I just remember how rude customers were and sometimes for no reason!! It still shocks me how people can act that way

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