Wednesday Evening | Kevin Pestke

the family environments all were
to do different to be so the
whole whole family can come to
church will be messages though
be f on am thinking about doing the
couple’s picnic in the church
are in the in the park and the
like dates and likened the
little cl youth tackle kickball stuff
little sand volleyball that
notice some fun stuff audio some
people said you might write many
some p on who’s interested in anything
like anybody interested in
something like that so would be like you know we
would grill some hot dogs and
then be salad and dessert and blue wall that confronts the OK nissans again wrote that
people are interesting and
someone who can that seem
significant would give a shot to
June 23 mark B so in Seoul and I’m glad you’re
here today ready set go awry that’s underway back , and you’re in a nonleague in a
missile , Orion let’s find their way back
to our seats summary and go very far Cindy
hard so others just aren’t differently up : rhino and rise to the cert single
people connect the seats on its
home loan whom have the one you can store some work in the arena near them
and you you mean a right or write to Jane PDT to ask if
understates to those exceptional
rules, over your school OK
galatians chapter three were to
be in were to take it will slow
tonight and snow no need to burn to running once we get
through this chapter review of the next happen after
that will finish up collation
eventually and your indirect a four to open up another section
of the bible and go through that
so you say Wallace get through
it with skin throughout my thick what’s the point you know the
point is that no way not to say
we got through its OK and
Laotians chapter three now that
are seen , help you keep your heart of first 19 is where we’re starting
with a wall in verse 25 he says gleason’s chapter three verse 19
were for them cervical off it
was added because of
transgressions till the scene
should come to know mediators not a mediator of
one but god is one is a law that
against the promise of god god forbid forth there had been
a long given which could have
given life verily righteousness
should have been by the law but the scripture has concluded
that all understand the promise
by fate of Jesus Christ might be
given to them that believe but that we might be justified by
faith first 25 but after that fake this come we are no
longer under a schoolmaster was
particular father we thank you
for a longer you have given to
us t that this law guides us and directs us and is
wholly in good in so many ways
order to give us a proper
understanding of the law in its
purpose forgiveness years to hear me
your spirit god we invite your
spirit of work in all of our
lives this evening for we pray
to you i a few of the little bible and
you wish you had one we do have
some available over a near the
stairs or free charge you can
take last couple weeks we of a
heartily tried to discuss the
log we’ve said yet we have
looked at multiple scriptures
we’ve seen from doesn’t have a value in the
transaction the salvation
transaction if you will owe 1.
by the news last week we discuss
that a bef salvation Abraham had no logs
other than the law of his
conscience I want to look and
romans chapter two out tonight’s
a little pull something out there and
then everyone on slight so makes
me feel like you’re there OK
romans to see a brings it all on
as a will romans to first 15 says it
this way he says which show the workable
all written in their hearts
their conscience also bearing
witness and their thoughts the
meanwhi for justice we all have up a
sense of grandeur are to this
world around us on and on I realize much of what
we know about the law does need
to be caught mottled and
understood but there is
something ingr that has a sort of a moral
compass of guide that tells us
what is rights and log wrong and
Paul cause this calls this the
law of there’s something in us that
tells us now we can see are that whole
thing we can we cannot we can walk away from
that whole thing but it’s
ingrained in who we are kids it
is foolish to believe there is
no god what your conscience is actually
trying to speak to songs chapter 14
inverse won the bible says the
fool has said in his heart there
is no god they are corrupt
they’ve as we go one was some or the
conclusion of what of what David
seven songs chapter 14 see when
we begin to deny that moral
compas of foolishness romans chapter one he says
inverse 19 because that which was that
which may be known of god is
manifest in them for god has
shown it onto them first 20 for the invisible
things of him from the creation
of the world are clearly seen
being under stood that by the
things th godhead so that they are with
out excuse because that when
they knew god a glorified and
not as god need or thankful but
became professing themselves to be wise
they became pulls and change the
Glory of young crackle god into
an image made like to corrupt that their hearts and became
darkened and essence that moral
compass got off track their
conscience becomes the file and
humanit we lived at just about the same
place in history it feels like
that Paul was writing as it does
not seem like our community or o at all anymore the things are
going on is it is crazy we will
live in a time or moral reason
is devoid of intelligence when the things of nature are no
longer natural OK literally
literally everything is being
pushed out of bounds to the to
the fr which is traditional in true and
Biblical see our moral guide has
been deteriorating to the point
where we no longer can feel the spirit working in our life
and up to say you know what
that’s right and that’s wrong
nothing is wrong to them to the
vast am is that everything is relative it’s crazy yet call had not
given up on the people of his
day and does not seem like a
good idea for us to give up on
the people were all in need of god’s mercy
are weak and it is the church of
Jesus Christ that is rightly equipped to bring the lights of
the gospel to a world that is in
darkness the light is the only
force in the universe that can c of the church of Jesus Christ is
the only force that can push the
works of Satan himself brac back
then bring lights and guidanc as a whole but still good the
captain of a of a ship looked
into the dark night and saw a
light in the distance a mealy he
told alter your course 10° S he promptly received a reply alter your course 10° N the fear is captain sent another
message alter your course 10° S
on a captain sulu another reply was received
alter your course 10° N I am a
seaman third class Jones the captain said a final message alter your course 10° self I am
a battleship the reply was alter your course
10° N I am a lighthouse see the lighthouse is supposed to be
the church and the lighthouse doesn’t know it shines the gospel it shines a light of the truth it awaits the conscience and
there are those battleships out
there that are trying to use
their authority rights and their
then I’m the lighthouse I’m not in
the wrong right here it’s you do
that are in danger of death and
destruction if you don’t need
tha are holding god’s word in our
hands and is god’s word is true
that is the revelation of his
character in his will for this
world to this world I know it’s a little bit of a
corny story but it is us that’s
posted direct lost in stumbling
those people that are in the
darkn he gets to the text rocket
attacks and verse 19 were for
them what’s the purpose of the
will of all the law if the law does not bring
salvation, and really what we
need it for others up a 400 year
span and if and if they were
handed nee any egos on this Texan ace is no
there there is value to me was
added because of transgressions
tell the seeds should come till the long restrains the vanity of humanity meeting because there is a law
in this world off a tee it keeps
people from from been rampant
criminals if you will it
restrains for we know humanly speaking if
we meander outside of our Lanes
that there is a repercussion
there is a penalty for breaking
the you have to make a choice of
whether you’re gonna follow that
their signals and their signs
and if you don’t follow those
correc you can you can be penalized and
punished for those for breaking
those law then the reality is it
when you see someone as weavin what they’re doing is although
they feel like they have liberty
to drive any way they want they
are causing chaos and they are r on the on a Saturday believe
roses Lassiter there’s up a
local Rochester man he sold
pickup truck led police on a
chase and then influence of alcohol sea of the doubt to the end of that
whole thing and then he had his
liberty removed in and everybody
that was in his path he remove
the nobody wants to live in a state
of chaos worn a continual place
of uncertainty there’s nothing that restrains
the natural man and sofa law
does not step in to provide
boundaries we end up harming our
self if and maybe a little bit more
biblically in tune with the
stacks it was added because of
transgressions Alicia Turner
omens chapte and this might be news to you
the point of the law is two MB
not permit magnify Z depravity of our humanity the point of law
is to bring us to what our
conscience number our conscience
exposed to protest the law of
our c from what our world tells us
that much more Wells says today
is your good everything’s good
you just need of all you just
need t the law is there to break us into the bears to put a weight
on our shoulders that we can not
bear alone roman chapter seven is
well it lets but see how the
balata lumina eights this rights
he says in inverse seven what shall we say them is a Las
in god forbid may I had not known
sin as Paul the apostle speaking
right I did not announce in but
by the law for I had not known lost except
the one it said the shall not
covets butts in taking occasion
of commander brought in me all
man in the commandment which was our
danes like I found to be on to
death for sin taking dictation
by the command that deceive me
an they better whole have no need
of a Physician they either hold don’t need it
to repent so off I stand up here
and preach in message about the
gospel if I say who wants to go rights but if I say will before you can
get that you need to admits that you are full amount totals gab here
low broken is there but you are
wholly broken, about the time I
see a pretty decent person will guess we’re not ready for
them have an is the only people and get to go
to heaven are those that have repainted a of their sin those that have
turned away and you know the law
does losses may not a lot of Canada
summit keep along to do this and
Lockheed crushing me and forcing
me to understand that I am a si that there’s darkness and
depravity why would I want
that’s because that’s the only time
that god can bring forth and medicine of
the gospel when we know that were broken
that’s when salvation comes he
says inverse 20 at a mediator is
not a mere one but god is one
scen Joel the main the law, came as a
secondary it didn’t come
directly from Ghana came through
the angels and came through a
mediato of the law of Moses only say
listen we don’t need that the 10
commandments we don’t need to
know the law of god or the best things you can teach
or children is the commandments
for through the commandments is
the knowledge of sin if always we’ve done everybody and
injustice everybody first 21 he says is a law that
against the promise and other
ways of god forbid that for their battle a given which
could have given life verily
righteousness should have been
that by the law see the law was
not d OK it was designed to show death
to illuminate my sickness to
Loma made my depravity the law
has no ability on to bring life
it the scripture has concluded that
all understand that the promise
of faith of Jesus Christ might
be given to them that believe tu romans chapter three a familiar
text for many may be a newer verse first for
some inverse 23 pulses for all have sin income short of the Glory of god would follow saying is every
single one of us has amassed the mark we we haven’t we
haven’t met the than the we have
and that’s what god is put
before us we have fallen short
because we romans chapter fibers 12 says wherefore as by one man Singh enter the
world hand death by Nissan and
so deaf past upon that was says
there all men for that all have
sending you know this if you
have children you don’t need to
train a child to tell you alive
you don’t DNA and they get better and
better and better at singing and
tell the day of their salvation
in which hopefully that is canceled when I get this
message feels heavy the
scripture does bring us to the to the conclusion that we are
all sinners and I hope if you’re
here today then you feel that weight I hope
that you will give your life to
Jesus Christ he is an inspector
doesn’t want any of us to hold see we don’t think we don’t think it’s condemning
if we were to go to wood Dr. and
say Dr. Otto feel good
something’s wrong, that Dr.
Examined me i I would look at the doctrine put
my finger and say don’t you can bet me like that’s I would say will do what is it
that I need to urinate some external
intervention you can eat some in
a box to get that out you may
need a medal ever something to
get some is seen a Dr. How dare you how dare you tell me I’m sick as the bears and theirs and
there’s a role did sell going
through your body trying to
destroy until you know what’s
gonna happen and end of that radiation and
chemotherapy skeletal offices to
go in there and it’s gonna begin
to straighten things out it’s go saying that does not mean that
every single cell that we have
is damaged and means that we are
full of saying we’re guilty
befor with that sickness and we need
intervention or we will never be
healthy again there some sickness is that we
simply cannot queue or on our
own when it comes to our
spiritual body we have no menace
in Turkis of the gospel medicine is one so we understand is bad
news that we can finally understand the good news on to
look and john chapter three with
me all OK OK he tells inhalation to the
promise of faith of Jesus Christ
might be to them up that believe
see Jesus he does a one to leave
us are you flip and they just use
why can still don’t get lazy me
now if that says the inverse of
the necklace or believe them
when should not perish would have
eternal life for god so loved
the world body Davis on begun
some of the several place as
believer t but that that the world through
him might be saved purse 18 he
that believed on him is not
condemn but he that believed not
is c of the only begotten son of god
we see in that text for five
times the word believed believed
believe comes up with god is
wanti John 12 1st 46 Jesus the time come a lights into the world only
says that hugh’s over believe
it’s on me should not abide in
the darkness and all the captain
of th and that and that seeming class
the race said a captain of a
destroyer guess what you can do
you can overcome this year by
crash to guide you that’s what Jesus
is saying, john chapter 20 with
reverse 31 john 21st 31 40 into this bookies Jesus and
says that these things are
written that you might believe
that she does is the Christ the son of god
meant believing if you might
have life through his name see
what the purpose of believing is
that w all the way towards the end of
the new testament first john
chat with three of the first jump reverse 23 the bible reads and this is his
commandments that we should this
income and musings of that but
here’s my command to you that we in love one another as he gave
us commandment and he they keep
of his commands dwell off in him
and he and women here by we know and what is wrong now in first
23 to end to the end of this
section is gonna give us two
examples he says inverse 23 glacially
said but before faith came we are kept under the law shot up unto the faith what should after
words be revealed I am not allowed to
say shot up to people but I just
said shop UK shut up unto faith now what Paul
was describing here if you will
is a prison ward the doors of
captivity are closed OK if it is on OK so we have this prison
ward and the present awards job
is to make sure what that we serve the fullness of
our sentiments the prison ward
he would be a bad guy if he does
open that door and said that a
Dol until they have served the
fullness of their sentence and
tell what they understand that
what has really taken place in
our live and alcohol they provide a
sentence gambling sexual addiction anger greed
pride even fear all of these
come with a prison sentence
because all of these keep us
from true lib everything would be better and
they keep lying and deceiving to
us and so that prison ward he’s
job is to keep us in that cell u wants our sentences serve then
we are liberated we are the
prison ward he opens the door
for a suite of a breakup he
opens the d found a couple people online one
guy’s name was Mrs. Amos show on he of the guns opened some troubles
and decided not to show for a
score case and so on and not
shown up for a score case there
was a a and off he was living with his
parents at the time he decided
to to to ago in his dad’s clause
and put his dad’s close onto
that nobody will receive only
was the walk down the street
walked awa he said life was so boring
because he he was allowed to go
on social media a match and
right end all the of things that
he restr but in reality and fine liberty
felt not even a greater all
oppression there’s another guy
named Josh Josh also gotten so often
troubled end of so he ran away
to his family with them and he
said word I were to go over to
run from so he found he took as much cash
as he could east of them as
pockets and a suitcase and they
went away he can use an ATM we can use a
credit card can get online is
the current a good job he can do
anything on the books and solely
f or always looking over our
shoulder always panic and you
always worry we can even see our
family are the people we love you have the freedom in the no free whatsoever although he
was not in a prison cell he was
still serving a sentence you
know that’s what send us to us
we so were actually you can is that law is still holding us still got us if you here today and you’re
trying to get away with these
things you know that that laws
bring a sense of guilt and shame
are two you want to look and john
chapter 16 with me that the john chapter 16 inverse 33 Jesus
said this these things have I spoken unto
you then we might have peace in the
world you shall tribulation but
be of good cheer I have overcome the world I love
that Jesus says that see what
god wants is to do is to be
overcome ers’ of this world he
doesn’ and we continue to be handcuffed
by the things and to follow the
course of this world we’re not
overcome ers’ but we continue in Ted to block this in god says
that’s not what I want to do I
want to have peace for soul I
want you to overcome first john
chapt from john to first john chapter
41 flip and tonight he says year of god and verse
for little children and have
overcome down because greater is
he that is in you then he that
is in he’s talking about the presence
of god that comes to a believer see one when a person repents
other salmon and by faith calls
on the name of Jesus Christ the
presence of god in tours that
pers you are able to overcome not
because Kevin you’ve got within
you not because boy Uganda
college not because you’re good
American the spirit of Jesus Christ now
dwells in me and I am now able
to overcome the world and place a man they keep revelation chapter 12
is still baptist church in the
low response every so often revelation 12 this one is another good one
because in a can of vs. 10
relish and 12 1st 10 and heard a loud voice saying in
heaven now weighs come salvation and
strengthen the kingdom Argonne
the power of his cries for the
accuser of our brother has cast
down first 11 and they overcame him
by the blood of the lamb and by
the word of their testimony and
they love not their lives unto
de is that we would serve our
sentence at the power of the
lull would be abdicated the law
ceases its power when faith is found when true faith in Jesus Christ
is born the prison warden is no longer needed I want to see inverse 24
if the same principle again
where for the laws are
schoolmaster to bring this to
Christ that we in paul’s time this schoolmaster was kind of
like a a righteous nanny day is
good that this schoolmaster is
job was to bring this person
ought he ends this schoolmaster or
this nanny if you will was
designed to discipline from time
to time as necessary OK if sort
of like now we don’t do chaperons all
that much anymore but the idea of a chaperone is this you have a you have a boy and a
girl that, like each other they
wanna go on a date we don’t trust them so what to
do is you you take the unbiased
person that’s gonna hang out with them
and ruin all their fun OK that’s
the idea of the chaperone so
that the good that kids can they
c on righteous OK want some point
if those two if they continue in
that relationship and they
decide they get the blessings of
par goes away there’s no longer need
for a chaperone because they
have come to the place with a
chaperone is no longer needed
that’s and is what happens is no longer
the need for a schoolmaster
because there are no longer
child they’ve outgrown that the
schoolm to the law is intended to be
with us to convict us to bring
this to the place of of sin in
transgression but once we come
to the of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ the power of the
law is the sin and the
conviction looking here as
chapter seven verse in 19 Hebrews chapter seven Versailles
king up on screen a log off
their butts up their vs. the law made nothing perfect but the bringing and resumes of
the law made nothing that
perfect but the bringer and
bring in a better hope did by
which we dra that path to righteousness a
cannot make this righteous only
the rogues of Jesus Christ can
make is righteous along brings
is to only lost people need somebody
to save them that’s where Jesus stepson that’s where the good news is
see what’s the point is standing up
and fun of people and say when
the tie a god the father resend
his only son he nailed into the
c we are forgiven a verse in IE
what’s the point of of telling
that to people we don’t tell
them what are sending in this in fact it would seem very cool
that god sent his perfect symbol
assigned to be nailed a
crucified to across what kind of
father if all I had to do was keep from
Las fun to do is be a decent
person infected file a real good
person I just have to believe a
m the news is that we’re talking
about how we’re talking about the route
fool I am I’m broken and I need divine intervention that I would be brought to
Christ and I would be justified
week, saying a little bit about
that first year chapter three
says fo being put to death and the flesh
but quick and may Allies by the
spirits Paul Thomsen II
Corinthians he has made him to
be sent in him in Christ see that is
what we believe our that Jesus Christ became the
scapegoat the substitutes for my
transgression that just for the unjust that we
would be saved it from my sin
and so now when I look across I
believe that god took my place
an transaction up a reconciliation
that takes place I no longer
need a prison warden I no longer
needed the schoolmaster so we
unde my name is Kevin pesky and I have seen just like all of us but until I admit my
sin and my guilt I am not eligible for salvation are you eligible have you come to the place where
you know you’re darkness your
depravity uses a struggle like why I
cautioned parents stood to not
just leave their kids in the
center’s prayer because releasing a fiver 6 to 7
year old to to to love god to
say I wanna be with god in
heaven is really easy to get
them buil that I needed but the struggle is 6 to 708
year old has understanding , center and dark to my core until we can do that there is no salvation so we get
to the commandments one of the
commandments Moses gave us these
commandments on the mountain the the first one is that we should
have no other gods nine old that
the IQ the the Biblical aptitude
in this church is quite high s of teaching them to your
children at the first one is
that you would have no other
gods mean there would be nothing
that in the OK now there are some churches
that would say be careful with a
cross on your wall OK be careful
that cross because it’s an imag make no graven images the bible
tells us of whom god is a third one is to
not take the name of lord our
god in vain we would you know
when you hear somebody cursor or
or the life of a believer to four
not reflecting that life than
we’re taking the name of Jesus
Christ in vain the fourth one is
to is that we should honor our
mother and father OK which of
course in this country we are
very good at doing that the 61
anybody k data 61 that we should not kill
jesus’ reiterates this on the
sermon them out and says if any
of you have anger you are has a
mu adultery Jesus like this one
till he says if you’ve ever
looked a woman with lost in your
eyes you’ve already committed
adultery because see the point of the law
that this private affairs you
ought never commit adultery
check on good on this one she said Nicole was a race that
because the issue is your
heart’s not your body butcher
heart the eight commander of shall not steal seems pretty
simple to nine commandment thou
shall not bear false witness to lie and
then the 10th one is don’t covet
your you know your neighbors box
and cattle and stuff like that w so when you say let’s remove the
law out of our schools that are
moved a lot of our courts and
people say what’s the big deal
an by just stick to the gospel
let’s take the love of god peace and Paul says no one does have
value god forbid that we would get rid
of law because by the law we know that we are transgressor
is that we had missed the mark
and the only hope that I have is
that I would fall down and call out for god’s grace and
mercy and that’s what I understand
that he has more than Greece
mercy buddy of love for me as well whereby you maybe this
lesson was just a lesson on
theology the jury eyes are so the data to
paul’s writers mainly about they’re trying to bring people
under the under the bondage of
law and for some to be
circumcised to force them to
continue in th know that’s not the point along
the law never brings as the
place of righteousness maybe you’re struggling with
legalism and you wanna you wanna
walk a tight mayoral life in
unit goddess to be well please
that y Paul challenge the people and
and then the church of glacier
just like he’s challenged me
over the years to to realize I can’t keep my
salvation it’s not mine its fans and stop by any law that I do
was by his grace that he has given it to us see god is at
work and everyone of us should be
able to turn him in Colton him
knowing that he will bring that
only he only he will bring
forgivene that makes sense as the Palos is teaching us in
this lesson schoolmaster brings us that
that’s net nanny NetGuide brings
as we don’t need a schoolmaster
once we want to get out child that the
prison warden once the sentences
finished with a mean a prison
warden now we have liberty in Christman
liberty is there that we would live our lives on
purpose for the cause of Christ to be
followers to be disciples of
Jesus was particular father we’re grateful for these few words that you’ve
spoken into our lives, pray that
if there’s anyone under the
weight of a balata CD and god
you s a take a light beer trade like the
upon your grace got help us
that’s all we would be a
lighthouse to this world that we
would be that allows our lights shine
before all men that god made
that this world would be the one
that would change its course and
turn may you shine brightly in our
souls this evening that we go forth from this place
encouraged filled with your
spirit and bold and to live for you for
we pray in jesus’ name a man a write thank you all for being
here it offered at the camp of
the company compass care walk
for life is on Saturday on if you have not signed up you
can still sign up or you can
show up for that don’t forget to
go on the first bible face book

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