Webkinz Brown Cow Adoption

Welcome to the adoption of my Webkinz Brown
Cow. I named him Milka after the chocolate. He’s a very cute Webkinz. The Brown Cow is a retired pet. His fur is fluffy and soft. He has two little horns here, and he’s got
different shades of brown throughout his body. His W is over here as you can see. I hope you enjoy Milka’s adoption. This is what he looks like online. Here is his certificate of adoption. Well done! Now you’re ready to start playing
and having fun in Webkinz World! Hi, I’m Milka! I’m so happy you’re my friend. I’ve been told that I’m outgoing and a good
artist. I think traveling is the best. One of my best friends is an Airdale Terrier. If it was my birthday, I’d love to eat marshmallows
and get a Ms. Birdy plush toy. Here is his gift box. I got a green welcome balloon, a bonus gift box, and his PSI. Now let’s open the bonus gift box. I got a big city streetcar. His Pet Special Food is the Brown Cow Float. His Pet Special Item is the Chocolate Milk
Fridge. It can hold up to six food items.

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