Webinar: Holistic Health Practitioner July 2019 | Strongest Minds | Amy D Cohen

hello my friends Amy Cohen from strongest minds I just want to tell you about a webinar for webinars that I am holding if you are interested in becoming an alternative health practitioner this is going to be a comprehensive cutting edge online course taught at night once a month for eight months you will learn everything from how to use plant-based medicine to how to take consultations how to work with your family how to even work with animals if you have always wanted to be an alternative health practitioner in alternative medicine and you want to be certified and you want to specialize in something because that is so important then come and join our webinar our are Dave's all listed below I will answer all of your questions and please know that you are not stuck where you are if it's not what you want to be if it's time for you to progress then start researching and start investigating what truly would make your heart filled with passion and enthusiasm so if this is something you're interested in I will talk to you soon and I look forward

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