We can’t solve the problem if emotions are driving our decisions.

Hey so don’t leave yet
it’s just me Artem had some things come up his wife
had an injury so he’s responsible for all the dogs and there’s a bunch of dogs
and so today as Artem says Gary just freestyle so that’s what I’m going to do
today we have a topic that we were going to do which was about muzzles but I
would love to have Artem here to do that so today we’re gonna have Artem here
in spirit there he is my friend Artem and yeah so today I’m going to be
taking my own little spin here on human behavior emotion rationalization and my
experiences from the last 12 years and the travels I’ve done recently as I’m
talking to right now I just realized I did not put a description in there
because I’m a little I was a little flustered it kind of happened last
minute but this is what I was going to put their human behavior flows from
three main sources desire emotion and knowledge
I think that’s powerful hi Jackie so some little tidbits I see I’ve read a
lot of articles in Psychology Today and in different other publications and I
like some of these so I’m just going to blast through these really quick and
then get into the meat and potatoes of the topic
emotions can be an obstruction to knowledge as it may influence our
perception and reasoning emotions is necessary for people to justify the
reasoning process but limits our experience Jana I’m going to be talking
about you a little today – hi Jana emotion can influence our pursuit of
knowledge but when a awareness is brought to our emotion power is brought
to our life and I think that to me is a huge huge thing emotions are something
we need to be aware of because then it affects our actions emotions our
subjective experiences that induce you to act they emerge basically from our
perception of the world our perception of the world doesn’t mean it’s reality
our perception instead of what instead of from an actual reasoning put quite
simply something we perceive as beneficial unleash ins unleashes
emotions of pleasure the same applies for the opposite so these are the topics
I’m going to be talking briefly about today and for me what it comes down to
is it just it helps us judge the risks worth taking and how emotion plays into
that so where did this topic come from today well just recently I was on the
road for six weeks with my three dogs we traveled to 26 States met dozens of
people stayed at wonderful Janis house I always loved hanging out with Jana and
her husband and her mom amazing people in Wisconsin yeah it’s a lot of time to be with
different people from all facets of animal professions I was with trainers I
was with rescues and shelters and owners and vets and vet techs and all kinds of
different you know all different types of professions some of the other
information I’m going to go from today was the sole role that I did earlier
last summer I did a 500-mile electric skateboard ride I spent time with a lot
of friends again trainers but I also went to nine
different shelters and that’s something I’m going to be talking about today and
most of all from 12 years of listening and listening and listening to people
and trying to put together the pieces of the emotions they’re feeling and how
they rationalized the behavior that they’re doing with their animals and I
guess the unawareness that comes along with that and the last piece was from I
just want to bite her I love I love her so much a dear friend of mine who I’ll
leave out of it for right now she knows who she is but a couple weeks
ago we had a date together we took all the dogs swimming and we had a really
deep conversation about her experiences and what she’s doing now and what I’m
doing now and where where society’s going where society’s going with these
and if it’s getting better and I think the most important one of the most
important pieces I’m seeing something one of my biggest teachers recently has
said is it’s more important what we have to be for our dogs than what we do for
our dogs and that’s where emotion comes in we’re doing so much that’s being a
certain way for our dogs that’s confusing them and making a lot of our
lives more stressful and if we can become aware of why we’re doing these
emotional things with our animals we’re gonna live a much more peaceful life and
one of the studies I had recently read it was I love this what’s happening
right now is a lot of us are falling victim to the and the aim right now as
society is to find increasingly effective ways to convince consumers
that’s us that buying into the world of dog
commodities and services guarantees a better relationship with our dog the
bones the treats the organic food the toys the daycares the dog walkers these
commodities some of them are necessities but some of these commodities are they
really making a better relationship with our dog so I’ll back up a little bit
here and again I traveled to I’ll start even farther back when a few months ago
when I did the 500-mile electric skateboard ride talk about how I saw a
lot of emotion a visit I think was eight or nine different shelters and one of my
stops was in a shelter in like wine the central wine coast in California
and he is doing amazing things at his facility when you walk in it’s quiet I
was one of the things I noticed that was way different about his facility versus
everyone else there wasn’t dogs jumping at you at the fences the people that
were volunteering were walking in and out the dogs were being the dogs had a
purpose they understood they were getting life skills that helped them get
adopted and stay adopted and what was fascinating for me is this one shelter
that he runs is right next to two other shelters or humane societies the places
where you could adopt animals and they were all being run differently and that
kind of made me like hmm it’s fascinating because I’m going from
shelter to shelter to shelter but to have three right next to each other
literally some of them were sharing the same fence so there’s a metal fence
humane society on this side his dogs on this side no space just a fence and it
just made me curious of do they notice the difference do they notice that their
shelter is erupting and his is quiet that the dogs that are walking with the
volunteers aren’t pulling that they’re passing and having experiences in the
world that aren’t stressful they’re not they’re not seeing a kid and getting all
excited or seeing another dog on the leash they’re doing play groups so
multiple dogs are together and it started to make me think why I always
like to uh try to understand why and well one was funded by the state
government County County I’m guessing and let’s face it they don’t know shit
about dogs City Councilmembers people that are doing the budget they don’t
have shit about dogs so they’re doing just what the political pressure puts on
them which is sad because those people don’t know shit about dogs either the
other one was privately funded so whatever gets their donations the
information so instead of being a leader in providing resources again they’re
just responding to what gets donations for them which I agree needs to be done
but those people don’t know shit about dogs either so are you supposed to be
coddling to them or are you supposed to be an industry leader who was trying to
understand the problem and make sure dogs don’t end up in your shelter
because your goal is to get the shelter empty just so we all know the goal is to
walk in and have no dogs there that’s the goal so again a lot of emotion not
actually a rationalized plan of why what I’m supposed to be doing every day with
these animals and then you have my friend who also works as a privately
funded shelter who is doing that when people come in they educate them that’s
why this isn’t the right dog for you and no he’s not going to adopt that dog
today not gonna happen sorry and that’s responsible that’s a
lot of responsibility and I think it’s beautiful
because there is no emotion there doesn’t need to be and yeah I was like
very eye-opening to me I think so that’s one of the other one of the experiences
that I had that really showed me how emotion is driving what’s going on in
our world with dogs and the lack of awareness and even understanding our I
think our responsibility the travel I did recently
26 states a lot of people a lot of dog owners some people knew me some people
didn’t know me and I always like that my plan is to go into the shelters and
rescues and take pictures that’s part of what Soul mutt our responsibility as a
nonprofit that is providing marketing services for people is it’s not about
dog behavior that’s what the dog side is for so it’s two separate companies the
dog side is to provide behavior to be able to provide information for the
people that are hands-on with the animals so much responsibility is to
educate people how to scale resources they have how to get more shares how to
get more engagement in their content how to create content how did how to get all
of this done and I like that because when I go in these shelters and rescues
act like how they would normally act I’m just the photographer coming in to take
pictures and it’s eye-opening because it’s what well you know I just had it
happen recently I’m staying with a friend and when I got here she said to
her dogs yep the cops are here right so they’re gonna act differently knowing
Gary from the dog side versus Gary the photographer so I had some people that
were picking my brain about dogs and some people had just wanted content
either way for me it’s just I’m a computer and I’m just sucking up the
resources and the part that and this kind of goes into my 12 years of
experience too a lot of the people that I’m seeing pick and choose what they
want to do if we do that I can’t help you because if you ask me for a solution
I can only give you what I’ve done I can’t if you want to try things try them
that’s what experiments are for but if you’re picking and choosing based
on emotion and not understanding why then there’s nothing I can do and I run
into this a lot trying to think of because I I don’t judge I’m not judging
people I’m not so I’ve got to be careful with I don’t want anybody to feel
offended because I don’t want you to feel offended we’re all doing the best
we can at the information with the information we have at the time but
we’ll just say you know over the over the trip I was with someone and they
were getting ready to do something we’ll just say travel and before this
situation occurred called the dog over giving the dog lots of affection then
penalizing the dog for doing things that that affection confused them so the
question came up well how do I stop this other behavior and my question was why
did you just call the dog on the couch and pet them for 10 minutes number one
have I ever told you to do that yeah number two why did you do that because
that’s what the dog is living with not your best intentions that you’re going
to be away for a week or two dog doesn’t know that it just knows how you feel
right now and how they feel right now and whether it’s weak or powerful that’s
it so while I was with the animals I had none of those same behavior problems
that they were experiencing the barking it sounds they’re just generally
chirping at nothing somebody would walk somebody would pull up the driveway burr
and that’s because we’re not aware of our emotions what was what was really
being accomplished in those few minutes that we spent with that dog and that
does affect future behavior we can rationalize it this is how we started
this emotions and rationalization we can justify it but it doesn’t mean it’s
going to change the dog’s behavior because they don’t know that they don’t
understand your best intentions mom’s leaving dad’s leaving for two weeks have
a great time they just know you feel really weak
right now I feel bold because I’m climbing on you you’re giving me
affection which makes me remember and roommate makes it proves to me where I
stand in this pack so when things happen I have the right to bark I have the
right to charge the front door that’s all me and then when you try to come and
interject your week I’m allowed to go into your personal space all the time so
you can’t stop me then you get frustrated then you do something you
don’t want to do then you feel guilty and you feel weak again and the cycle
continues I sew my biological father struggled with alcohol addiction and as
I was like in my mid-20s I was trying to get a little bit more understanding of
how that affects me in my life and one of the things they were talking about is
that addictive cycle of extreme reaction followed by guilt and I see that a lot
we have the weakness which then creates the boldness and we do something that is
emotional angry frustrated fearful and then later on we without saying it
tell the animal we’re sorry but again we have no idea what they’re thinking and
we’re sharing weakness so yeah so it’s always eye-opening that that’s to me is
why I love to travel is because I want to actually I’ve been doing this 12
years I’ve talked to a lot of people in a lot of countries a lot of people and
sitting on their couches friends cousins sisters brothers everybody lots of
people so I feel like I have a good e pretty good understanding but I had to
go out and taste it I had to go out and feel it again just to remember yep we’re
on the right path here I’ve tried to make humans more accountable because
they’re a byproduct of the reality we create and if we aren’t in control and
aware and understand the reality we’re creating it’s gonna be tough it’s gonna
be tough I see some questions here I’ll come back to them so yeah I mean I that
last piece was just the years of experience again where people pick and
choose what emotionally feels good to them and that’s this one quote that I
had you know started with again people justify the reasoning process but it
limits our experience so it’s easy to justify well you know I’m this I’m that
why what was that interaction that actually happened a friend were staying
with right now has a friend who’s a therapist who actually ironically is a
who’s been educated by another therapist that I study a lot dr. Gabor Mate and
she said she sees everybody as their childhood trauma so when she meets
somebody she says oh you’re 7 oh you’re 13 oh you’re a 21 year old oh
you’re a 4 year and that’s you know whether you believe
it don’t believe it I don’t know I’m not a therapist but I feel like a lot of the
emotions that we have unconsciously are being driven by things that we haven’t
quite dealt with that’s why I think it’s it’s tough especially for me hanging out
in this other world of trying to say don’t dog train because it doesn’t mean
anything to dogs it’s hard for people because they’re not aware of why that
triggers feelings in them and then it becomes that endless cycle of you ask
them a question they get defensive don’t ask the question try to prove you wrong
versus actually answering the question when really if they just understood why
that’s triggering to them we’d be able to have a dialogue and actually move the
progression of society to making dogs that don’t get killed in shelters every
day but because we’re so unaware of our own pain and we do all of these things
to make the pain go away by judging people hugging art all of those things
it just stops it impedes the process of what we all say we really want which is
for dogs to be in a better place but our actions our actions or what’s going to
do that not not that that’s the beauty of humans no we can make up these
stories and talk and finally that conversation I had with my friend so she
was talking about we both have a strong feeling you know because we’ve learned
it from brand and how difficult it can be with certain with aggression
especially how hard it can be to get a read on an animal when you’re just going
to do an in-home and what we’ve found before doing it the way we do it now is
most dogs need socialization they don’t need dog training and if you really dig
in a lot of dogs have problems because of dog training
because you’re asking them to do something that they’re not emotionally
connected to so that causes them to have behavior problems you know my example
that Brandon always says that I love of the example I give that Brandon says is
if you woke up first thing in the morning and then I told you to lay back
down how would you feel no go lay down but I’m not tired no no
go lay down you’d get frustrated you might even
start to erupt physically verbally because you’re not connected to what
what lay down means at that moment lay down means rest so a lot of times if
you stay open minded again this is that part we’re talking about if you really
care about the animals it’s not about us the dogs need socialization they don’t
need dog training and what we were both talking about is you know having a
facility providing the safe environment where dogs can interact is exhausting
every single day bringing dogs in who need a hundred percent attention because
something very damaging could happen to either them or another dog or to me is
it’s a lot and the sad part is we have resources in society to be able to help
that so that doesn’t just have to be me it doesn’t just have to be her it
doesn’t just have to be Artem right it doesn’t have to be my friend Kimberly
who are taking dogs in and socializing them doesn’t have to just be us we can
all work together to help those dogs the problem is everybody’s doing it
different and that’s what confuses me we’re all dealing with the same creature
it’s an animal do we raise giraffes differently do we raise whale
differently but for some reason we think we know best when it comes to animals or
started to dogs but my hunch is we know best of what we need not what they need
so when I was in Utah one of my many stops there was a freaking dog utopia
there oh my god I mean a dog park as big as a football
field then the size of a half half a football field was a fenced-in Lagoon
Lake area that was also a dog park separate so we had the swim part we had
the dog walk by the dog park which just was a grass field and what I mean by us
all working together imagine if you’re driving down the road and everybody’s
doing something different oh no my car’s a Porsche so I can drive faster that
doesn’t make me feel safe yeah but the suspensions really good my brake serves
ceramic they’re $15,000 a piece I got $16,000 tires I have 0 to 60 you
know in point 2 seconds so I can you know Juke around traffic doesn’t make me
feel any safer oh well a yellow light when it’s almost pink I can just go
through it doesn’t make me feel any safer what makes people feel safe
somewhat when we’re driving is that we can usually predict what everyone’s
going to do because we understand as a society makes us feel safe red light
stop that means it’s your turn to go but yet when we get involved with dogs we
all think we know best so here I am just finishing up a 16 hour drive my amazing
friend Alicia who lives in Utah tells me go to this place and I’m like
oh my god yeah I’m going there I’m like looking it
up on my maps and they’re like the blow up thing I’m like this is
gonna be amazing and I get there I and I I think I did I definitely did a live
video maybe I can piece together the archives
I really wish Instagram would let me save the the live videos but I always
forget to hit save because I’m always like fired up when I do and I forget to
hit save to my phone my phone’s maxed out on storage pretty
much anyway but there I’ll see if I can dig up the archives I’m not exaggerating
at all every single dog there had something in their mouth every single
one not one single dog so for me the purpose of a dog park and maybe I’m an
idiot and that’s okay the purpose of a dog park is socialization it’s to have
dogs go be with other dogs and do dog shit because they live with humans if we
take our dogs to a dog park to a dog beach and all we do is do then it loses
the purpose of the dog park let’s not make this about whether we should or
shouldn’t throw toys let’s make this about what the purpose of a dog park is
and how to keep it safe so I go I look and I’m like I’m going in there because
it felt unsafe to me I had no idea what everybody was gonna do and that sucks
because it goes back to the conversation that my friend had with me the other day
those would be an absolute amazing resource for dogs to socialize to give
dogs the experience that are having behavior problems a chance to be to
rewind back to what they actually need and man it really sucked because I was
really looking forward to going there and having my dogs be with other dogs
instead of saying oh god I’m staying away from that dog oh my god I’m staying
away from that dog I don’t know what that feels like that’s weird which is
what they should do because what those dogs are feeling isn’t healthy and my
friend my friend Jana who’s I don’t know if she’s still on here but she says and
I love this analogy it’s like taking a kid to a birthday party and giving him
an iPad that’s not the point of a birthday party the point of the birthday
party is to be social socializing with other kids and that’s what you’re doing
and that’s what people are doing when they take their dogs to the dog park
supposed to be socialization but people are bringing their iPads so their dogs
aren’t doing the whole purpose of the dog park and then that makes it unsafe
for other people and unfair to other people who are actually going there to
have that purpose so it would be way better if those people just went to a
football field threw the ball for their dog because that’s all they want to do
and not interfere with everybody else that has a different purpose there
because then what happened was you actually saw the people that were there
for socialization in another spot that wasn’t fenced in and that’s where we
went we walked down and I was like oh there’s dogs over there those people are
like us they’re just chilling so I went and took unclip the leashes they had
their own experience but we had to go seek out another place which was the not
the intended purpose of what’s the dog park and yeah it’s just a super bummer
and and what Theresa and I were talking sorry Theresa what we were talking about
that day was we feel kind of powerless because we can only help one dog at a
time when these facilities these creations the whole purpose was for
socialization could be helping much more at a bigger scale and it’s a bummer it’s
really a bummer and I look at when we go in there again it comes back to emotion
well my dog will your dog and all of these things are rationalized but
nothing is actually based on knowledge why should my dog understand that when
you’re throwing the ball for your dog my dog shouldn’t run after that because you
said so how about just go outside the fence and throw the ball and then we
don’t have to worry about it Oh your dog runs away maybe don’t throw the ball for
your dog and they won’t run away from you so if you want to go back and watch
those episodes that are Tim and I did about toys and games and we can see that
what causes these behaviors hi Teresa I love your face so again it comes back to
me the emotions and the lack of knowledge and though I guess the
unwillingness to even ask the questions so again I’m just kind of freestyling so
I’m just gonna look at my notes real quick yeah so anytime you know again
while I was traveling and been traveling anytime I I’ve been doing everything you
said comma but I still have this problem I can always observe emotions in play
always always always always some type of emotion in play had somebody recently
they were you know talking about the dogs following I’m embarking
and I brought it up to the person and they didn’t even realize they were doing
it they were walking from room to room and they would say come on yet when they
went outside to get a package from the FedEx person the dogs were barking at
the window they literally did not even realize that
was coming out of their mouth the encouragement why do you need your dog
to follow you everywhere hmm interesting see what else I think I pretty much
covered everything I just I think we would be if we could just understand our
own emotions and really work on that’s why I love this quote I don’t remember
where I saw it but it was something like dog people think dog training is a bunch
of secret tips and tricks but for me it’s really a way to take an integer
knee within myself and if we could start looking at we hate that dog dog
ownership sharing I hate saying this but sharing time with our dogs or sharing
space with our dogs if we could just be a little bit more aware and less
emotional about it I think a lot of us would see the changes it’s not about
doing it’s just becoming more aware let’s see anything else oh yeah real
quick I’ll just jump back when I saw those three shelters what other also was
what was very interesting to me is if I walked in i was only invited to go to
one and that’s really all I had time for but what I would really love is to have
a dialogue with those three shelters and try to understand why they’re doing
things differently and again this is not my opinion it’s based on my experiences
that I’ve shared with other shelters and sanctuaries and government institutions
and private rescues not these three in particular but something that I’ve
experienced a lot they don’t know why they’re doing it no idea there is no
data collection there is no one that’s oh yeah the reason why we’re doing X is
because it’s affected in Y the reason why we spend so much time working with
leashes and doing dog socials is it because it’s decreased it’s increased
our adoption rates and decreased our return rates it’s based on money where
the fundings coming from the volunteers I actually had a rescue that I that I
visited and they wanted some help with a dog so I helped the old Gary would have
shown them how to solve the problem the new Gary tried to bring awareness of why
they have this problem in the first place which is a more powerful you know
teach them how to fish and they can fish forever so it wasn’t about stopping the
behavior it was about educating them of how they’re not realizing how the
behaviors created why the dog became homeless in the first place which is the
most important thing and why the dog was in there while the dogs in their care
how they’re exacerbating that problem how they’re intensifying it a dog was
barking at another dog through a fence and it couldn’t get there
obviously on a leash other dog was behind a fence the dog that was on a
leash spun around and started to dig into a squirrel hole a ground squirrel
hole and I said to the person I said that’s your problem and they were like
what do you mean because they couldn’t get to that thing they decided to put
pressure on a smaller object this dog plays with toys correct correct there’s
your problem the toys that this dog is playing with in his mind is teaching him
to put pressure on smaller animals that that’s okay and it’s something you enjoy I didn’t even have to give a
hypothetical it happened in front of us there is no more truth I wish I had it
on video but my video camera was like a hundred yards away because we were doing
something and then we kept walking and kept walking and it got farther and
farther away but I could not it had nothing to do with my opinion it was
right in front of me and taking the time to put those pieces together from years
of experience saying well why would a dog decide to then chase a squirrel it’s
because they can’t get to that thing why can’t they get to that thing because of
the leash so maybe that’s why putting the pieces together being able to
understand that so then we look at well if we stop doing something like that is
it changing anything so even take three or four of those dogs
and stop doing that and do you know what there’s you know what their response was
the volunteers that come here every day will be sad they’ll be sad because they won’t get to
throw things for the dogs they’ll be sad because they can’t play tug-of-war with
the dogs they’ll be sad emotions not knowledge I don’t get if I
ran a shelter I don’t give a shit if my volunteers are sad if I want to make a
change and the facts are backing it up then that’s on you too you control
yourself what’s the main purpose of being here is to save dogs lives not so
that you aren’t sad they’re gonna be sad my my mouth dropped when I heard that I
couldn’t believe it and what was mostly set more even more
sad to me is how much harder those people are working when they don’t have
to because they don’t want humans to be sad more early mornings and more late
nights more stress keeping dogs separated more more more resources
because now that the dogs can’t socialize with each other they have to
buy toys so they’re wasting money on toys instead of medical care instead of
buying a new van so they can take the dogs to town to walk them because humans
would be sad so let me just poke through these questions real quick hi everybody
thank you so much I appreciate everybody’s patience I know it’s sad
that our thumbs not here he’s with us in spirit in the top left corner I love my
friend autumn so much I hope he’s managing I’m sure it’s can imagine he’s
got a lot of a lot of hats he’s wearing today expert husband vet dog daycare
owner business okay so we’ll send everybody send a thumbs up put a heart
out to Artem we love your art and we support you will see you in two weeks
my mother-in-law follows him every day so she probably messages with him so
she’s at least saying hi to art them hi Jana Oh shucks I love being with Jana I
love being with Jana and her family I what’s always so interesting when you
Travel is it kind of goes back to me where I’d rather not do something
because I don’t know where it’s gonna lead so I lived in New Jersey which
meant mostly the dogs walked and they’re in backyards too then moving to Napa
California where my dogs were never on leashes and ran around in the in the
farm then moving to Los Angeles which meant always on leash walking around a
neighborhood with dogs that want to kill you behind fences because people use
them for protection and to keep bad people out of their home to now being on
the road not really having a home living in my van traveling spending time with
friends so it’s so important to me that my dogs have a really clear education of
number-one most important thing what I like and what I don’t like and most
people that aren’t them and I deal with their dogs really understand what they
like and it usually then is something that they don’t like later I like when
you go chase the ball I like when you run away from me I like when you put your mouth on things why are you chasing that jogger I can’t believe you
just scared the shit out of me by lunging at them that’s why for me I’m
always looking at the bigger picture I might need my dogs my dogs were in so
many my friend Kimberly I never thought about it this way she had this really
great when we were sitting down talking one of the mornings she had this really
great perspective of my journey she said your dogs are in a new place all the
time it’s always new rules it’s a new house they’re meeting new dogs meeting
you new humans new expectations and I thought to myself shit yeah some houses
they’re not allowed on the couch sometimes they’re allowed on the couch
sometimes that people would pet them sometimes the people didn’t pet them
Kimberly had two cats Kimberly had a boarding facility has a does boarding
and daycare so there were new dogs every day we had to walk
because it was at 7 a.m. because it was 92 thousand degrees in Atlanta then
walking in the evening then we had to have people there was so much going on
and I’m so thankful that I listened to Brandon when he says that all the time
it’s more important that your dogs know what you don’t like if your dogs know
what you don’t like they can live amazing lives because when you take them
places and if they do something that you don’t like you have a way to communicate
their honor so I don’t spend my time teaching my dogs what I don’t like or
what I do like because there’s five dogs here and they’re all doing something
that means I like it because I’m not saying anything and that’s beautiful for
them because they get to make their own choices so when I was with Janice she
has six horses she has ten dogs a rabbit sheep again boarding facility people in
and out people walking past the van people coming towards the van and it was
it’s always eye-opening it’s a great reminder and a temperature taker I would
say I don’t know thermometer thermometer of where my dogs are when they were in
giant their giant socialization field and they weren’t expecting six that
horses to come around I get to see where their mind is are they predators or are
they social creatures saying oh shit what’s that I’m not sure stay away from
things I’m apprehensive of and then as I feel more comfortable I can get curious and walk over versus a predator eyes
have a feeling go forward very important so thank you always Jana whenever I’m
driving around the country I always make time to stop at Jenna’s house I haven’t
been doing it enough and I will be doing it more because I love them and just
being there and it’s just such a great feeling to be on a farm and watching my
dogs be dogs making choices and it’s kind of a good again thermometer for
what I’ve been doing with them and seeing you know what’s what have I been
putting in their minds and then I get to see how good of a job I’m dealing we’re
not doing wasn’t all perfect but it was but when we had a problem we could stop
it okay Jackie the difference between mine and my neighbor’s my dogs calm and
quiet and they’re unlocked dogs on the other side kicking off behind the fence
barking and fighting between themselves out of frustration and compounded energy
yeah and again it just comes down to what we’ve what we’ve talked in a lot of
these previous episodes is bound of boundaries whether it’s mental or
physical when I travel I put my dogs in the place
that they’re supposed to be with the door open not the door closed because
when the door is closed they don’t have a choice they have to stay in there and
when they take when you take choices away from animals you will see stress
they have to be part of the process so as Jenna’s mom says you make the easy
choice the hard choice make the wrong choice hard and the right choice easy
and that’s about setting up the environment Artem says
hi everybody the next episode about muzzles it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be
good how’s Shobha hope you’re doing wonderful
sent me some amazing videos Shobha volunteers at a sanctuary in my
Orca Spain and man they have a ton of dogs and they’re living the life they’re
free they’re socializing they’re walking and it’s beautiful to watch there’s not
this frustration of separation there’s an inclusive inclusivity that happens so
I appreciate you sharing me those videos well thanks Michelle I appreciate it I
try to really be thoughtful with my examples I do a lot of always I’m always
a student so I really appreciate reading and learning and seeing different pieces
of information Teresa yeah yeah it’s hard just talking
about avoiding local parks it’s sad it’s really sad because it just makes our
dogs live smaller but when we can’t but it’s safer to do what you need to do
when it’s unpredictable and you know I can’t predict everything that’s going to
happen we go hike up and down these roads and in the things where we’re in
Santa Barbara right now but when I go to a dog park and I can see a bunch of
neurotic predators I stay away no matter even knowing how good of a resource that
could potentially be it’s it’s a bummer okay
Oh Becca wait till you come to Oregon I’ll take you in thousand-acre dog park
I can’t wait maybe if you call me back we could plan it
now I can’t wait to see you I’m gonna be I told everybody I’m in Santa Barbara
for these two weeks so if anybody here wants to get together message me I’ll be
back in LA for the month of July and then I’m going to be an organ in
Washington for the month of August so if you’re around hit me up then I’m going
to Colorado and Wyoming so I’ll be around there’s a good chance that we
could probably meet up somewhere but I’d love to meet up with some people I’ll
definitely be in Oregon for the first week week and a half possibly at Becca’s
or I’ll definitely be in Washington my wife and I are talking about getting a
place there so we Scout all around I don’t know what boo hoo means who are
they there for then damn yep yeah a lot of people are in the rescue
world for themselves and not the dogs and that’s okay
you know it is what it is because they’re doing the best they can with the
information they have at the time you know they’re not aware of it but once
you become aware of it what do they say a mistake is when you make it more than
once until then you’re just learning so there’s a lot of people you go in and
you tell them something they’re like yep that won’t happen again
and then there’s people you tell them and they keep making the you know they
keep making the same choice um playing fetch yeah yeah that’s a popular and
Jenna fucking about her other friend her clients you know validate the things
that they do by saying my dog loves it and yeah you know a lot of people love
smoking doesn’t make it good for you a lot of people like eating bad things
doesn’t make it good for you so if we’re just doing it because they love it
then you’re gonna get what you get and some people it’s okay some dogs are
perfect I have one of those dogs that I’ll never be a problem but then if you
go to any shelter go to any shelter and if you understand what’s involved with
being a predator and what the behavior is at a shelter
those two things are directly correlated meant jumping mouthing barking is all
predatory behavior then if it’s so great all of these games wired the dogs
homeless if every single dog could go home with a tennis ball and which is
super easy I mean what’s a tennis ball ten cents you could even get used ones
for free go to it go to any tennis court and just look in the trash can they’re
there three then why do we have dogs that are homeless and it’s not because
they don’t know how to out no no yeah all right I’m gonna log off thank you
everybody for tuning in we’re thinking about your art and as always if you need
anything you can follow I hit the wrong button say bye to art and by Artem if you need
anything from me or Artem you can follow us on Instagram here you can sign up for
my newsletter at the dog side comm up there and I hope everybody has a
wonderful day and we will see you in two weeks
where will we will be discussing muscles muscles muscles and the emotion the
emotion that they queuing people have a wonderful day bye Donna

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