Watch Tom Hanks Perfectly Embody Every Aspect Of Mister Rogers

it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine could you interview you it is so nice to meet you okay fulfilling mr. Rogers would please don't ruin my childhood this piece will be for an issue about heroes do you consider yourself a hero to get the world positive ways of dealing with it feelings yeah like what many things you can do you can play all the lowest keys on a pin at the same time if you love that video you're gonna love everything on the access YouTube channel so hit the subscribe button you can thank me later hit now Thanks

4 thoughts on “Watch Tom Hanks Perfectly Embody Every Aspect Of Mister Rogers

  1. Gump as Mr. Rogers, Maga Hat addition– "I am not a smart man, I vote for Trump. Ginny said he ought not to grab women and children by the P***y but he is on a mission from God. Liberals eat babies for dinner, thats what they say on Fox."

  2. can you stop putting this idiot at the end of every video. Tired of him saying if you love that….

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