Watch live: President Trump to pardon turkeys “Bread” and “Butter” in Thanksgiving tradition

100 thoughts on “Watch live: President Trump to pardon turkeys “Bread” and “Butter” in Thanksgiving tradition

  1. Wow! I can't believe that turkey! Seriously, he's a liar, whose giblets did he have to gobble to live in the White House?

  2. I'm saving room for that good old American presidential impeachment pie….. God bless America, and have a good Thanksgiving, amen! 🇻🇮🇺🇸🇦🇹🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🇻🇮🇻🇦🇮🇹🇺🇳

  3. The best president America ever had, it's unexpected gift for America, strict emigration rules! Best economy! More high-paid jobs! God bless Trump and his family!

  4. I can't even finish watching this….Melania must be getting a lot if money to be with him and getting to stay in the U.S…..this is a joke….and that isn't funny….

  5. Things liberals do:

    Hear the word “I”


    Look at his mouth and complain about him slurring his words when it has nothing to do with anything just so they can be against him.

    Get mad when he makes a political statement/joke even tho every president before made one

    Smash a Starbucks window down and burn a car because trump said 1 bad thing about something or someone

    Try to waste an impeachment on him because it is the only way for them to win a election against him.

  6. President Trump should Pardon that chick who watched 55 episodes of 'Friends' while working for Robert Deniro.. That would be a good way to shut him up, or at least give him the finger!

  7. This turkey is not going to get a pardon for Christmas impeach lock him up dirty criminal.
    Best candidate Bernie Sanders 2020💕 get the love back

  8. This was all about him as usual total disaster , hate ro hear when he lighting the WH Christmas tree , its not our fault you a fraud and pathological Lier ,just ruined it

  9. You Americans are so entertaining. Stop insulting your leaders, have some dignity for once. Trump isn’t opposing or killing you yet you’re reeeeeeing life morons. HAVE SOME DIGNITY!

  10. It's a turkey pardoning as a vegan try pardoning the turkey on your table this week 🦃. Dam hating on Schiff promoting his failed efforts. And taking credit that he might have a family. Which God is his Almighty? He called on him twice. WOW. Trump looks terrible like he hasn't slept and been crying 🦃 feathers.

  11. Turkeys never did anything so they don't need to be pardoned. His friends are another thing. He's just practicing for what he thinks he's going to get to do later.

  12. I thought it was hilarious. I give more credit to the turkeys than I do the vultures who appeared as "witnesses" in the mock impeachment hearing that wasted millions of our tax dollars. The rest of you haters need to go to work and stop complaining that the economy is better than it has been in decades and the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in decades. But wait, maybe that's the problem. Without the unemployed, who are the Democrats going to promise all those social programs we can't afford?

  13. Melania should pardon the turkey, too. She just stands there and looks pretty. I bet she would like to be more involved.

  14. It is so great to have a Real First Lady taht is the Most Beautiful First Lady this country has ever had. Melanie is class and such a outstanding person. Unlike the Obama's where 2 parents have a Pe-nis and are garbage beyond all recognition. Also have the the family used corruption to get what they have now and all the taxpayers dollars for their evil deeds. Way To Go Obama's 2 Pe-nis endeavors

  15. One must keep in mind that a Presidential pardon only applies to the Federal Government. Those turkeys are still subject to being cooked and eaten at the State level.

  16. Beautiful Lincoln was greatest man that started this beautiful tradition. He was one of the few true Christians that ever lived. Incredible beautiful birds. Thank you for tradition and fun with animals. So funny lighthearted.

  17. i thought trump would break tradition and be the first president to not pardon the turkey and have it for dinner instead now that would be a sight

  18. What were you doing, again? I tuned out. The Ice Queen's expression made me think we were trying to "Be Best" or some nonsense.

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